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tv   Sophie Co  RT  January 26, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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take a listen to what the foreign secretary boris johnson had to say about alleged russian meddling. is another of your. i. think. so with no facts and no evidence this was a topic that had still really snowballed into public consciousness it had drawn a lot of column inches and everybody very interested in it so the government launched an official inquiry into fake news and they are asked the big social media platforms twitter and facebook to provide evidence to them late last year when twitter and facebook came back to them the government said they weren't happy with what they had come back with
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a q's twitter of stonewalling them and even threatened them with sanctions if they didn't cooperate properly well facebook has agreed to carry out a broad investigation into whether the kremlin's hand was really at work in influencing the brakes at debate social media giants initial findings show that less than one pound was spent on labs that may have affected voting author and journalist marx blumenthal thinks however some continue repeating the claims regardless in order to advance a political agenda. this whole saga of russia gate it really represents an attempt to export russia gate to other countries during the run up to the breaks that vote we heard nothing about russian influence but once russia gate exploded in washington opponents of bragg's it seized on the concept of russian meddling gets enough toxicity in the political bloodstream that it damages their opponents and they don't have time to push back and by the time they disprove the narrative the
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damage is already done. there's been a blast from the pasta britain's foreign secretary scientists have discovered that boris johnson is the distant relative of a well preserved centuries old mummy that was unearthed in switzerland. with a roundup of the top stories of the day make sure you check us out on twitter you tube website that's all to help come back at the top of the hour with money so do
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stay with us. if the security m and political polarization comes but if they come back then that will. provide the right circumstances that i can vitamin d. or ice just go to get. a match kaiser one for my guide to financial survival this is on it's a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hedge
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funds are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more to the. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed that's guys would. rather stand. up for what. i know that i know are more trustworthy rather than tough it out before for them because. i'm going to let compatible i don't touch and then you can keep an eye on what i don't think is a channel for all that it. was. on the show. other than the only and lot of them. members that i would hate for no nice little doing.
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good for its whole fool bush choice the i knew you had an inferiority time in syria since the late eighty's movies she ought to give up someone else for the name after a couple fronts around the mr hate that for jim and then for her fall for that are fairly new for. me for the. yes it has. how. has it already tell us how huge.
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yes prejudice which. is true. for you why this. is. why mr dudgeon israel's the same issue still to. see just then you know with the new reopening of the membership new measures. that we have seen that your own voice can tell still in them when you know the pope. was more of his focus as you move the oval office those were sort of. the in
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you know were true. you know see my eyes you see i'm. just appalled your compass three. songs nobleness number three on our watch them and it feels miles under. sixty. two on the way and we did all the. beliefs the most to get a few. of the. social emotional i'm not finished with the pitch and of course for the whole was it worth the money with if. you're still with a you know you've tried enough of on it one more time for the miami but in the process just a couple have a couple. of all sorts of them these are and yes you may use a feel for a lot of technical stuff when those in the west indies were. pushed.
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and i assumed that the. style but also what it's more does not. mean you should be the one doing. is that you might settle for the salt that suggests. yes it was pretty wild card it's a wild card with abuse we sure are. you sure. you know the monocle which are moveable so the money you know towards that c.b.s. show is. extreme. you know we still speak. truth. to this assumes. you can. choose to quote.
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go your. record. or go read my work. almost our home but almost all of. this to get a preview would shorten the meaning would you and then watch as commanding is a clean channel which is trash now it's just going to take you. nothing you as was not what. she can even you knew you would you just don't see what it's like that to say to post. it is ever present. just a little closer look at. this much all over this just a little boy i don't wish i hope of course but i do feel such as the showing of muscle the city of people's little story is the peripherals sure for years just to cool one of the novels it's also one of the. source. of so much as the lights are
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missing why was that a what you want to. know when the purple was the full text and while. you could possibly get a mix with the old girl. for. the school bus that was. the deal with. this issue or i'm just going. to do what you are lost on rules are just good those good even if it was lost it's this is going to be owned by those girls it's only as good as you . will do my. just so the first time yeah you do more than still be identical to schumacher so well when you're full of the four such also sins of the ocean or the . glue should that's what they'll tell you
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george but if you're such a. stuck record or him your so was diminished or was a study or lost interest of joy a couple tells me was a. video which is you know you need with the story seals would you please to learn the wealth which is today's sylph will soon do it much to my knowledge. he will stay on as a lawyer but when you tell my boss leave you did him a soft touch and yells and myself threaten our boss very. much as you are now before you. term scores can you merit your point most of them were. right. if.
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the. tribute to. the muscle force. was a missing or. not.


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