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piece in the media. the german federal government cannot discount the basic threat posed by individuals and splinter groups in the islamist scene in bosnia herzegovina the hush hush document goes as far as to claim that there's a direct link between radical islamic groups in bosnia herzegovina and people in germany the true nature of what these heavily classified report says hasn't come out parts of it were redacted from the copy that was shown to the left party the federal government has been trying to downplay the growing islamist threat in public furthermore it's entirely unacceptable that the government continues to cover up the role of the gulf states my colleague charlotta been schooled travel to bosnia herzegovina back in december she witnessed firsthand the situation on the ground there regarding islamic radicalization the local and mom is telling me that some of the residents have joined islamic state and this one lord of the road and there are people who went to syria and forty on the side of i still but who tried
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to stop them and. it looks like an ordinary sleepy village a few houses nestled between the hills not how you might imagine a cradle of terror. a local a man says he fears for his life after speaking out against those who joined eisel we would do with these radical elements are always unpredictable and these people breed with me the aid at the same table as me and they want to shoot me this has been edited version of the report issued by the government raises a lot of questions over what exactly germany knows about islamic radicalization in the balkans and how bad the situation actually is as we see in the arts or to our parliamentarian question the german government gives the extra time it's expertize that it doesn't explicitly in the gate the possibility that single persons or
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groups who are belonging to the islamistic seen or bosnia or else the governor could be a threat to germany and europe but in the same time the government indicts to speak about it financial transactions that are provided for example by the growth states or target of the bike and states as well as the sending of the moms by this it's in contrary to the german secret service is now fished the german government tries to hide the fact of growing danger coming from islam is that groups from the public. has been a blast from the past for britain's foreign secretary scientists have discovered that by chance and if the distant relative a well preserved centuries old money and with an earth insect and.
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top stories of the day show you look it up on twitter you tube or our website that's you know neil will be here at the top of the hour with more news so do stay with us. we're told a secret society existed within the f.b.i. with the sole intent to undermine kennedy and then later president donald trump
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also we're told the last text messages from members of the secret society which russia gave the rapidly losing steam f.b.i. get. prescribe medication is widespread on the us market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life i just felt like everything was ashes my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit suicide watch all who has made antidepressants so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do we were being responsible and what the real side effects . was is generally all to what i did was done on a cocktail of lethal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's saying. is america as it actually is
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a bomb it was a fantasy is reality and he's doing what you'd expect a seasoned businessman to do cut all the nonsense out of the mix bring jobs back. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to get off of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. this is the book and we're here at the world economic forum in davos switzerland coming up i can't say how great a show is i'm very excited we've got the c.e.o.
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of old big old one who was a rock star and one of the animals here today alex gordon brander plus we've got the best selling author don tapscott wrote the book walk chain revolution but first let's check out some headlines in business and finance back in the studio in washington. u.s. treasury secretary steve menuhin speaking at the world economic forum in davos embraced a weak dollar and the nugent told reporters quote obviously a weaker dollar is good for us as it relates to trade and opportunities and weaker dollar generally favors domestic production by making imports more expensive blackrock chief executive lawrence fink also played down the dollar slide and said investors and the media overreacted to me and statements i.m.f. managing director christine lagarde however said she hoped menuhin would quote clarify his comments and suggested that the recent trouble tax cuts would push the dollar's value higher. as puerto rico struggles to recover from
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hurricane maria the island's leaders announced late wednesday that they won't be able to pay back any portion of that seventy billion dollars debt for at least five years their original plan for puerto rico to pay creditors three point six billion dollars through two thousand and twenty two in order to start paying off their massive debt but now puerto rico's governor ricardo rosello says that the budget is expected to go into deficit by two to three billion dollars annually for five years the details are outlined in a plan submitted to the federal oversight board that congress gave control over the u.s. territory the government also estimates more than two hundred sixty two thousand people will leave the island in twenty eighteen an estimated population loss of about seven point seven percent. bank of america customers took to protesting after the banking giant made a change to a number of accounts customers found themselves studied only transferred from eventing accounts into ones that required eight twelve dollars monthly fee unless
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they had a monthly deposit of two hundred fifty dollars or a minimum balance of fifteen hundred dollars irate customers took to the internet and launched a petition on change dot org saying that the changes were going to hurt lower income families and individuals this comes as other banks in the us examine charges on checking accounts with meekness costs which also provide additional income through overdraft fees. there are military and sitting in for bart chilton who is on assignment in davos at the world economic forum the future of cryptocurrency is a big topic their part manage to catch up with one c.e.o. in davos who says that kryptos future could be the same as the internet here's bart with alex gordon brand new or a mega one. and we're back here in davos at the world economic forum and we've got
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a real treat for you when they have all these panels here in davos there are some standouts and we have a standout rockstar for you here today with us right on boom bust and he's the c.e.o. of omega one alex gordon bender who used to work with the largest hedge fund in the world bridgewater alex thank you for being with us it's a pleasure to have you here thank you so much for having me alex you reached out to me last year because one of the things that some porton to you at omega one and you personally is to do things in a transparent aboveboard way and you want to ensure that you abide by all the rules and regulations and you actually do more than is needed and disclosure for our viewers advising omega one in that regard but tell me how and why that is so important to you why you feel that in your bones well the book chain is the most
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transformative technology to hit finance possibly ever and there's such a huge amount of potential in digital assets and yet most of the noise and fury at the moment in the space is highly speculative a lot of scam artists promising instant millions and riches and this is a massive distraction firm the promise of digital asset technology. we are very committed to the future sort of institutional institutionalization of plot change technology as it truly transforms financial markets and this can only happen hand in hand with regulators and hand in hand with consumer and investor protection and so we started a conversation because the. the space was still. very open in terms of regulations and
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a lot of people were taking advantage of that and i wanted to make sure that we had an offering the was in line with base in line with regulations and protected to the people who are going to participate in the space people do need to be careful out there and be careful where you invest your money but you know it makes me think alex that. there is all this distrust in general in the block chain and digital economy about the stinking government and sort of a libertarian view but i view you a mega one and others in this space as really the professionalization in the maturation of the digital economy that you do need to have certain sideboard certain basic rules of the road now on your panel today where you really were the standout person here in davos you talked about how to build the financial future how you build financial systems going forward and explain what the main takeaways
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were there what were your messages today to the audience. so it was a great conversation i was fortunate to be with some of the luminaries in the space including joe lubin who is the co-founder of the theory i'm the founder of consensus who have some forty or fifty different projects going at the moment each of which is going to significantly disrupt a different industry or a different area of people's life so. you know we the conversation ranged from the role of block chain in banking beyond banks and brief an actual services to the world's financial service deserts and in the same way the mobile to laugh anie can leapfrog through landlines in parts of the world it's quite possible that the decentralized financial system sort of internet three
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point zero sitting sitting on mobile devices is going to bring sophisticated banking services to part of the world currently don't even have access to simple bank accounts so what we owe it blocked chain right now is kind of roughly where we were with the internet in the late ninety's so it was pretty obvious by then that you could do things like record a video on your computer and send it to somebody you could created these are things which we forget were radical only a couple decades ago create a piece of text send it to everybody in the world without having to photocopy the thing and fedex it and these things were clearly transformative but it was hard to actually predict facebook or google back in one thousand nine hundred five one six there were pets dot com and a million other things so we're at
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a similar kind of. place in block chain. where we are instead of disrupting sort of the world of media with disrupting the world value and transactions of value it is all of us that there is this profound a change coming as there was in that world. where half an inflection point or actually a couple of inflection points in the digital asset story we have this kind of future that we're heading towards where. you know everything is tokenized and you know your self driving car is going to be negotiating with a eyeball on the market to buy right of way to get into the fost lane on the freeway this sort of saif i stuff is maybe five ten years away from us at this pace of change right now we just at the point where the market infrastructure
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is starting to get solid enough to be attracting major institutions into the space the. we've seen in the last year. there was a flash crash on one of the major exchanges where the price of ether dropped from three hundred dollars down to ten cents in the space of fifteen seconds we've seen exchanges including that fanatics the the most the largest most liquid exchange got hacked to this day on current prices they've been over twelve billion dollars stolen firm crypto exchanges which if you look at the list of heists in history that's pretty high up on the list so there's clear and there's . massive fragmentation in the market it's very hard to get transparency huge job persisting in the market so you you've got
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a market which is suddenly getting a lot of attention major players in zero two billion dollars of institutional capital flowed in the last few months and the infrastructure is still a mess and so our job is essentially to mid-wife the. mainstreaming of this asset class in a way which enables it to not blow up and pop because you know the wave the lack of liquidity in fragmentation comes months of volatility and did enables you know pension funds institutions to lend to the space in a way that is safe and in a way that is aligned with their fiduciary responsibilities and just tell me from your perspective for omega one in particular is it your goal to have liquidity not
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just your own liquidity at omega one as an exchange but then too i think the word you use is harvest liquidity from veriest a digital currency exchanges around the world so ultimately you'll have unparalleled liquidity which will create a better price discovery that is better actual prices for investors and that's how it's going to work yes so the way i make a one works is exactly that we're going to be. liquidity pull ourselves for all of the members on a major one will be a a hybrid decentralized exchange and say well those words man and then it but if someone comes to trade as a member on our exchange and they don't find matching liquidity in the exchange immediately.


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