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for air to want to grab the throne as leader of the muslim world with this insane watching. why are you backing israel whether it's ok patient terrorism is that what you would defend one would think that the u.s. would take the theory of their ally into consideration before making any rash decisions but instead of treading carefully washington and to cut aid to all of the countries opposed to the jerusalem seems the most important problem between that states and turkey is that is that there is not you know nobody you know trusts this is the main problem for tricky especially people on government never. ever trust in. the united states and especially in middle. issues so whether this is all been delivered or not washington has only been tangling this not further and further. journalists in the us notice they
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quietly made it online to the official mission statement of the national security agency it turns out the words honesty trust and open this are not all gone the old core values used to begin with the word on the state seeing the american people are placed great trust in me and they say therefore the agency promised to honor that with openness well now it instead starts with the phrase commitment to service your side of the n.s.a. explain the changes it's nothing more than a website that's all it is. the effort to delete words that are that mean a lot to americans such as honesty and transparency and what have you has is something that. is important but if if the national security agency's deleting it i think that that means that they're getting more according to reality as to just how these intelligence agencies work they are they're not called the deep state for
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nothing and and the only thing that they did agree that they did keep was the provision of. respect in the law and and but but even there they fudge on that. a moscow cinema was being raided by police after it showed the newly released british film the death of stalin the theatre the phone despite it being bound in russia oh wow. fantastic this is a british movie and it is following the last days and the death of joseph stalin but also the political infight that ensued late and the reason it is having some troubles here in russia doesn't really have anything to do with the figure of joseph stalin hands himself it is mostly about the timing really because the
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showing of this movie was supposed to coincide with the anniversary of the battle of stalingrad now this was one of the most decisive moments of the second world war and the bloodiest battle really and the movie and it is a dark comedy it is a satire and in this man a portrays some of the people that made this victory for russia the victory in this war possible for example marshall zuko who's now who's known here as the marshal of victory so the russian ministry of culture decided that maybe some people may find the timing of the release of the movie a bit insensitive have a listen many elderly people will perceive it as an offensive mockery of the soviet past the country that conquered fascism and most disgusting the victims of stalinism we don't have censorship we're not afraid of critical assessment of our history the license for it was called off at the last moment so it can be shown
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here in russia but some cinemas like the one behind me decided to you can nor they sold together because this one for example has tickets sold out for days ahead really now when it comes to the public opinion it is played some agree with the position of the ministry of culture and that something like veterans and those who cherish the memories of the great patriotic war they may find this movie a bit offensive but others are saying that this is not and this is not intended to be sturrock accurate and shouldn't be taken too seriously i don't think they should have banned it whether one likes it or not is this person's business i leave during the time and i saw us terence funeral i was there and what i just showed. doesn't the found me you know well it's a terrifying film. i laughed as a comedy i think it would be well received in most countries i'm not sure it would be as funny for british canadian or american people or for those who know the historical context but for me it was interesting and it was a good comedy is very important to show the film and i'd like to thank the pioneer
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cinema for ignoring the ban on the film it's worth the risk months ago a russian made movie found itself in an identical situation the film called matilda followed the love affair of the last russian tsar nicholas the second with a ballerina now the reason the that film faced so much opposition both from the politicians and from people in the street was because nicolas the second was made a saint by the russian orthodox church so the details some of the details of his love life could be disturbing for deeply religious people in russia the outcome of that story was the movie was allowed to run in cinemas and people had a chance to make up the wrong mind while the case of this movie it remains in limbo . the greatest sporting show on earth gets under way in russia this summer and if you think the twentieth day in football world cup might inspire you to improve your game artie's very own star studded collymore meets the man who designs the boots of
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some of the game's greats. one guy came to me one day and said ok i need a crystal fluid crystal mooch yet for my regular weekly game with my friends who are. voting this sunday morning. choose the evening game yet you know. the stuff you don't want two thousand and six seven yet so we haven't twelve years later how many players and for some reviews in tennis shoes i mean. probably close to. five. well i think that what we're going to do is we're going to make some stan collymore special boots i would make it simple really simple. just inspired by. your show they look really fantastic thank you thank you saw moche wish you all the
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very best in the future i'm going to send you some black to live a full full fruits and see what people will. still to come in the program a growing extremist threat is being done played in germany according to the latest reports more and not in ninety seconds time. when the whole make its manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling class is to protect themselves. the final. lift certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the
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room sick. the warhawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battles. for you socks for the tell you that every gossip and helpless child support. has been telling you on the cool enough to buy your product. all the hawks that we along with our loved one. hello again german media has revealed a growing concern in berlin over the number of islamist extremists inside east
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europe those claims were based on classified documents obtained by germany's left party our europe correspondent peter all over the story. there's a growing threat from islamic extremism in europe based in the balkans and the german government is keeping it to itself that's according to a highly classified report that's being seen by some left party m.p.'s the media. the german federal government cannot discount the basic threat posed by individuals and splinter groups in the islamist scene in bosnia herzegovina the hush hush document goes as far as to claim that there's a direct link between radical islamic groups in bosnia herzegovina and people in germany the true nature of what this heavily classified report says doesn't come out parts of it were redacted from the copy that was shown to the left party the federal government has been trying to downplay the growing islamist threat in public furthermore it's entirely unacceptable that the government continues to
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cover up the role of the gulf states my colleague charlotta bin ski traveled to bosnia herzegovina back in december she witnessed firsthand the situation on the ground there regarding islamic radicalization the local imaam is telling me that some of the residents have joined islamic state in this when a lot of the you know that there are people who went to syria and forth on the side of the ice but who tried to stop them and. it looks like an ordinary sleepy fillets a few houses nestled between the hills not how you might imagine a cradle of terror. a local a man says he fears for his life after speaking out against those who joined eisel we would do with these radical elements are always unpredictable these people breed with me the aid at the same table as me and they want to shoot me this has been
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edited version of the report issued by the government raises a lot of questions over what exactly germany knows about islamic radicalization in the balkans and how bad the situation actually is as we see in the arts or to our parliamentarian question the german government gives the extra tight expertize that it doesn't explicitly in the gate the possibility that single persons or groups belonging to the islamist sixteen of bosnia or else they go in there could be a threat to germany and europe but in the same time the government denies to speak about it financial transactions that are provided for example by the govt states or target of the bike and states as well as the sending of the moms. in contrary to the german secret service want us now fish the german government tries to hide the fact of growing danger coming from islam is that groups from the public.
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a palestinian man who is attempting to have the right to remain in the u.k. is now getting the backing of british m.p.'s they are pressuring the home office to rethink so-called state lists asylum applications the man in question has been without legal status since he was a child and was rejected under british law. mr ferret to oz because he was destitute and on the streets for several years and he stayed in a family home for the first time in many many years. have
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told him to go bought policy. on repeated occasions and he said ok i'm willing to go bought he couldn't go bought he didn't have the people work and then the home office accused him of not being polished and. even if he had laughed palestine as a child you should be able to demonstrate knowledge of you heritage and culture having no identity documents does not make you stateless. that find somebody amongst our host who is willing to take him and it's also important because he is more likely to get the emotional human possible support that he needs.
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ok there's been a blast from the past for britain's foreign secretary scientists have discovered that boris johnson is the distant relative of a well preserved centuries old mummy that was on earth in switzerland. bojo and the moment could be a reality t.v. show england an liverpool legend john barnes sits down for
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a one on one with stun next plus some of the most rages football boots believe you me you'll ever see about sol in the latest edition. we're told a secret society existed within the f.b.i. with the sole intent to undermine kennedy and then later president donald trump also we're told the last text messages from members of this secret society with russia gave rapidly losing steam we now have f.b.i. kate. this is harlan kentucky. over all of this move the employees to go to st fanny's remove.
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a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners the said. that it was a laugh to see these people are survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. everybody i'm stephen both gosh i'm a task hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.'s to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru well just a little bit different i bought a abraham lincoln car no no no windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have fun every day americans call me and hopefully
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start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. the. book. shows seem wrong when all quotes just don't call. me lol yet to shape out of disdain comes to etiquette and in gains from it because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your
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last wrong turn. up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry suddenly i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with the death of this one to. speak to as there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. i. look.
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back at. welcome to the stone cold will show a welcome to our new studio this when we start the show in dallman germany when it comes to designing football boots for the world's oil polaroid the biggest simplest . doss piano for a is the leading man he makes some incredible custom designs the likes of the eyedropper. and man of the hour pierre obama young let's have
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a look. as an artist i'm free to do whatever i want one of their of. the. designers are obliged to follow some moves and doesn't it stand up just. you don't have any room for them and so you off we try to let your creativity speak. there's a discussion of people. from young people belief he's talking so well so a bad move from proceed to home and also to sixty million euros will let me move on be able to see him we don't know the piece in the conversation he might come and say hello. one guy came to me one day and said ok
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i need a pair of kristen flu crystal boots yet for my regular weekly game which my friend who wrote it goes like this sunday morning you. choose the evening game yeah you know if it was any use a book me a pillow fuku stud shoes just to play here is the classic game movies grin was the night. so here we waiting for a. young briton the main so i got some of your incredible creations i never use meshing to customize shoes so everything is an made in that it's truly important for me. because. you cannot say it's a piece of art if it's not ten made for me you know if it's made by a machine it's not a piece of cloth anymore and what players wear these would be for players to carry
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selves as a keepsake because yeah i always ask my clients to wear. the shoes because that's the first beauty need teed off to. the creation of the shoes itself you have to wear it and it's a part of the still real soul of the ship tell us about your sneakers plus it was a ghetto blaster it's a very straight c three says a lot of importance to you yet it's still very first pair of crystallised sneaker i made it was in two thousand and six and at the time nobody was doing it not. nobody wasn't in it and at the time i decided to do it for the. competition organized by ninety and this is where you want to get i see i mean by you're seeing they got i wanted to have some shoes link it to do to the city itself
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vegas you know. sparkles on these in it but you know at the time it was really really strange to put christos on a pair of men shoes so i decided to put to get to class to. design your book. to make it more then even if it's made we've christos and it worked. christoph didn't want two thousand and six seven so we left in twelve years like many pairs of what will vary some will be very soon time issues are you doing so for probably close to. five. and you have repeat clients players and prepare you coming back for good yeah even with more exotic ideas yeah yeah i got some clients regular clients some of ers come to me only once a year sometimes it takes
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a little bit longer three years five years but they always come back. she saw a. piano fall and sawing piano sometimes yes sometimes yes now i prefer to use my time to do things for all of us it's a question and need some must i must treat finally of course the world. i guess the hope present of the five six hundred players that are going to be at the world cup some of them will be wearing your designs hopefully. i work already with friends like for example we would prove the do something for the world cup you might close as well you know the pierre it's got some sort of crystals which you might also a stun calling them jacket for me you know if you want. to go
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solo. so i think that what we're going to do is we're going to make some stan collymore show special boots i would make it simple really simple. just inspired by . the way to the stalls we just took some details of the logo and try to put it on the on the on the shoes it's ok so we have to stand callie will show us the logo orange there with computer a little different colors how do you envisage this looking. to take the color ok the orange would also. yes i think it's to mention about a little not full exactly today mention of if he just do it. and made you know good on tuesdays with that it's a brush to go through the first turn on you know come on to the other one if you want i'm. going to do this because there's different because then the end of the
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painting is last longer so then we've got. here so this is the go look i'm calling will show logo. all range of grain we've got the goods. and we've always you could have the forms are already doing all right so the fact that it's a very special design then i use these first two days then. that was my guy you know quick because the price of one song. i put some special needs just to make it stronger to make it more flexible and to reinforce the painting itself everything i'm doing now and then and from myself and i think it's this is maybe you've never been trained formally it's you know no no
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arts school nothing i learned everything by myself so it means that most of the time you made mistakes but from the mistakes for me it's the best school possible to make you took the strongest you can so every issue when you are in front of a new shoe and new material then you have different way of thinking to solve the issue to find a way to do what you want to do on the show the key fact is not the painting on the mat it's depressing between so. give us an idea of what special request you obviously of the fashion you call the real. what you love about used to songs do you can do with what they want but what they mean. that's really really special and maybe i will remember. it was just a must if you did the issues. with grace with the with the same of most read
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that you can do everything that that's what i think such an important wife you would express yourself you know. so can we can we save something special if it's just a christmas but. it's like. wow. that is a serious piece of this kid so it's a little piece of what's inside so you want to. be a number seventeen and your favorite name but it's my. job so did you design the logo like it's ok fantastic i'm going to like. great. so you might use it to make sure she's well chris want us to because for the show is that when i played long to maybe before you were born just black football boots my dad and i thought we might be one strike will three strikes you can do whatever
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you want to tell us what you like when you bit naive every colleagues both because i'm so white something shiny. that's fantastic respect so you. think you think you guys think smile. the finished product when you type it through a client piano or d.d.r. intro for all joan terry don't know you're my friend and they say this is fantastic on the bridge that must be very intimate both yeah yeah yeah much more than having the money for it for me what is truly important to know that the client he's he's pleased by the creation. and that's the most important but. about i used to play
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number eight for the poll number going for austin but also in forest and i stuff number ten he's more personal favorite number so pierre is to study that as well they look out some lately fantastic. thank you thank you so much and pierre we close with the ses is that you have an incredible gift and talent for my kin for all boats something special royal duty odio drug. america obama young wish you all the very best in the future i'm going to send you some black leather full fruits and some of the planning for example for. us.


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