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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  January 27, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EST

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the americans haven't kept their promise since man page lately trump statement saying that they won't give any way to the white genie mail and then saying that we are not giving them any during last night's telephone conversation it created a crisis of trust. all that telephone call mentioned by turkey's foreign minister has also become a source of dispute ankara and washington have given different accounts of what was actually discussed president trump relayed concerns the escalating violence in africa syria risks undercutting our shared goals in syria here to turkey to deescalate limited military actions and avoid civilian casualties. the white house statement about the content of the phone call between trump an article and were probably drafted before the conversation took place because it did not reflect the truth well earlier the us secretary of state denied washington was sending a thirty thousand strong security force to the border between syria and turkey u.s. officials were quoted as saying the force would include kurdish fighters but
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according to rex tillerson those officials misspoke and the plans were misrepresented antiwar activist richard becker says the turkish military advance in syria has created a difficult situation for the u.s. . of course the nato alliance is not a defensive alliance it's an office of alliance that's headed by the united states and which so many more countries now belong to since the fall of the soviet union but turkey despite that expansion continues to occupy a very important place in nato and so again here we have what appears to be a somewhat intractable contradiction between the u.s. interest in syria and the u.s. interest in nato and so this is something that they're trying to find a way out of but it's very difficult given the fact that it was the united states along with turkey saudi arabia france britain which caused the destabilization of syria and led to the present circumstances. conflicts between turkey and kurdish
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forces in northern syria has caused global loam and triggered mass protests in several countries on friday a large rally took place in the german capital in solidarity with the kurds and tensions spilled over when they were confronted by a crowd of protests demonstrators clashes broke out and riot police were deployed to separate groups and in washington d.c. and to miss gathered outside the state department waving kurdish flags and denouncing president to do and. well as he's washington correspondent american takes a closer look at the highly charged situation between the u.s. and. no matter how many times washington says on car its ally the reality is far from it as distrust between the two grows stronger u.s. turkish relations are headed south. turkey is an important nato ally we understand fully understand turkey's concerns should go to.
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america is in the process of creating a terrorist. america do not encroach on a border do not provoke cos we will run out of patience. this has led to consequences on the ground in monday if the turks and the kurds came so close to each other they were almost at each other's throats and then washington literally had to step in to prevent them providing but no lessons learned clearly especially considering the turkish campaign against the kurds in a free right now. don't be friends of hers if you want to keep good relations isn't the only signal washington missed. the coup attempt back in twenty sixteen made things worse the local way and turkish cleric living in exile in the us and grow things glenn orchestrated and demands that the us extradite him. and recognizing jerusalem as
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israel's capital didn't do it their relations any good either and even created an opening for air to want to grab the throne as leader of the muslim world to assistance to watch. to look good out of the. why are you backing israel whether it's ok patient terrorism is that what you were defending one would think that the us would take the theory of their ally into consideration before making any rash decisions but instead of treading carefully washington to cut aid to all of the countries opposed to the jerusalem solution the most important problem between that states and turkey is that is that there is no you know nobody you know trusts their other one this is the main problem for tricky especially talking people and government never rely on never trust in. you not to states and especially in middle. issues. so whether this is all been delivered or not washington has only been tangling this not further and further. the twenty
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simple really simple. just inspired by. real short they look really fantastic thank you thank you saw moche wish you all the very best in the future i'm going to send you some black plentiful full fruits and see will be playing with . journalists in the u.s. have noticed a significant change to the online mission statement of the national security agency apparently the words honesty trust and openness and now gone the old core values used to begin with the word honesty you saying the american people have placed a great trust in the n.s.a. and the agency promise to all of that with openness but now it starts with the phrase commitment to service and here's how the n.s.a.
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explain the changes it's nothing more than a website update that's all it is the effort to delete words that are that mean a lot to americans such as honesty and transparency and what have you has is something that. is important but if if the national security agency's deleting it i think that that means that they're getting more according to reality as to just how these intelligence agencies work they are they're not called the deep state for nothing and and the only thing that they did agree that it did keep was the provision of. respect in the law and but but even there they fudge on that. a sin the law in most code has been raided by police after it showed the newly released british satire the death of stalin the venue decided to screen the film despite it being banned in russia. wow.
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that. cop. should be arrested this is a british movie follows the last days and death of joseph stalin as well as the political infighting that ensued so why is it having a problem here in russia it's not about style in themselves but it is about the timing the showing of this movie was supposed to coincide with the anniversary of the battle of stalingrad it was one of the most decisive moments in the second world war and it's bloodiest battle and since this movie is dark comedy it is showing in a rather satirical way some of the people that made this victory for russia in that war possible so some are saying that this movies is a bit insensitive for the veterans and those who cherish the memories of the great
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patriotic war many elderly people will perceive it as an offensive mockery of the soviet past the country that conquered fascism and most disgusting the victims of stalinism we don't have censorship we're not afraid of critical assessment of our history. such movies shouldn't even get into russia they shouldn't be discussed don't let them be shown. i'm ready to come to the cinemas where they feel will be shown to speak to those who bought tickets the film is a provocation that might add fuel to the fire so the russian ministry of culture decided to revoke the license of the movie when it comes to public opinion while it's played some agree that some may find the timing a bit insensitive others are saying it's art it's not intended to be story accurate and that people probably shouldn't be taking it too seriously it's just a black comedy distortion in songs or people talking about. it is brilliant i think
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sash. films should be shown on prime time t.v. prime time this film is from the tragic fast protest genre and shouldn't see it from the viewpoint of historical accuracy a few months ago a russian movie found itself in an identical situation the film called matilda was telling the story of the last russian tsar nicholas the second and his love affair with a ballerina and the reason that movie face so much opposition both from the politicians and from ordinary people in the street is because according to the russian orthodox church nicholas the second is a saint so some details of his personal abuse love life could be disturbing to a religious person in russia the outcome of that story was the movie was allowed to be shown and people had a chance to make up their own mind while the fate of the death of darwin remains in limbo because diana r.t. . the u.k.'s defense secretary has accused russia of
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a plot to damage the british economy and kill thousands of people gathering williamson made those comments in an interview with british newspaper the daily telegraph what they're looking at doing is they're going to be thinking how can we just cause so much pain to britain damage its economy ribot's infrastructure apart actually cause thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths but actually have an element of creating total chaos within the country russia's defense ministry has responded to those claims saying they belong in a comic book or monte place and sketch well williamson's remarks appeared in the same week the u.k.'s military called for more funding to tackle the alleged russian threat there's also been media speculation about possible russian cyber attacks even nuclear war but it's unclear what these claims are based on international affairs commentator jonathan steele says the u.k.'s defense secretary is just scaremongering. sure to create is scary like this out of that salinas thing but i
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have to distinguish between military capabilities and political intentions just because russia has a fleet of force missiles an army that doesn't mean that russia is suddenly going to attack just just your reviews the fact that unfortunately as a result of this increasingly billick terrorist so political atmosphere between nato countries the russia is taking extra precautions and testing its own reserves and the possibility is what we need is common sense we need dialogue we didn't gauge went on to discuss the differences that there are between us rather than assuming because there are differences in some of the other countries and only. a teenage boy has been shot dead by masked gunmen in central amsterdam at least two other people were injured in the shooting outside a community center police say the incident does not appear to be terrorism according to eyewitnesses the gunman came looking for the victim and manhunt for
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the killers is on their way. facebook says it is unable to prove or disprove claims of russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election the social media giant made the statement in response to a request from the senate intelligence committee researches who said that facebook has the ability to search for content that could substantiate or disprove allegations of possible collusion between the russian disinflation operation and the trump campaign's own social media efforts. does not believe it is in position to substantiate or disprove a legations or possible collusion well that written exchange was made public on service day as a follow up to a senate hearing in november back then facebook revealed only a tiny fraction of news feed content in the run up to the election came from russia human and labor rights lawyer dan kadlec says the meddling allegations are baseless
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. clearly we see again that accusations are me being made against russia with no basis in reality no basis in the fair. and we've seen this time and again we were told the us for example than in the recent french presidential elections we were told was certainly that russia had interfered in them and then france said no that wasn't true we were told that russia interfered in the german elections and the germans quickly said well no that's not true over and over we just see completely baseless allegations being made against russia. again in order to drum up hysteria cancer and then it turns out upon any type of inspection that there's simply no facts to back up those accusations. the european court of justice has condemned the use of sexual orientation tests for asylum seekers that's after hungry rejected in nigeria and when he failed such
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a test he claimed he would be persecuted in his homeland for being gay we had some contrasting views on the story from human rights campaigner peter tatchell and tony bugel from mothers against radical islam to get asylum based on a person's sexual orientation or gender identity requires far far greater levels of proof than for political religious or ethnic refugee so the hurdles that l.g. beauty refugees have to go through in britain and other countries is much higher much tighter much stricter than for other refugees number of people making a fortune cames is really really really tiny i think that people have got genuine concerns about their the mass immigration coming into their countries and i think what we're actually seeing the theocracy we're using a lot of asylum seekers are claiming that they're being fear of persecution in their country because they gave in order to get into the country though. has been
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a percentage of people who have lied about it in order to get access into this into certain countries including this country where is the evidence where is the evidence that all these people are making false claims can tony give me the figures on how many people in britain have made false claims of homosexuality but i don't need to give you specifics i'm telling you that it does happen and i'm saying to you that this is getting comes the european court of human rights come in poking your nose in where quite frankly this is why some people want out of myself because they are a dictatorship we have laws in this country we have experts in this country who have been dealing with this kind of thing for many many years the european called justice to solution has made in effect is a european wide ruling on what is generally agreed already by most european member states both inside and outside the european union what it saying
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today is really nothing new but it does i think be very helpful for some of those former communist states who don't have the same rigorous standards. britain and some other european countries it's not about whether it's one person twenty people fifty people or hundred people each should never be a case of we undermine a expert's opinion which is what you want to do peter look or for the people who are gay and homosexual in countries where they can be started to death i think is absolutely apparent that these people have to suffer the way that they do but i would suggest that actually the people of these countries stand up and start demanding that their governments address that very issue. are we back with the headlines in just over thirty minutes in the meantime for more on all of our new stories.
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thanks guys are fine it will survive ok save money the girl is. closer to the zoo this is a central plank supported by a good move to the cabin right now so stop. zia's says harlan kentucky. over all of this move the boys to the wall street families removing. a co money since she was almost no coal mines left. the job to grow all the bones of said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of
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a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. welcome to sophie and callum so ph ever not said that isis threat seems to have been dealt with in iraq but does that mean these will finally come to the war torn country or my guest today as well as i am member of the iraqi parliament and former national security advisor to the iraqi government. as the last islamic state fighters flee into the desert from the advancing iraqi forces. that is jubilant in
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claiming victory over the deadly threat but as bombs go off on the streets of the capital it's clear we haven't seen the last of the terror group how dangerous is the backlash from isis when will it finally be subdued and what can a rock do to make sure it never comes back. dr vrba yeah welcome to the show it's really great to have you on our program now iraqi prime minister all about he declared victory over islamic state in december but the u.n. says valid extremism can re-emerge the focus of an allowed analysis was an islamic states former strongholds in northern iraq which require urgent stabilization you're a member of the iraqi parliament what is the situation is it really all over all rosy brighter future and if so why is the u.n. fear mongering well it depends how do you define victory.
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victories mean. military victory yes we have inflicted. huge. defeat on isis in iraq and we got them driven out of iraq in the last three it took it took us three years to drive them out of iraq but it. is not the only military. the there is no security. the security need to be addressed in the motor broader. so this is the counterterrorism and intelligence led war. and we need to build up our intelligence agencies we need to built our human. intelligence our signal intelligence. surveillance and and so on and so forth so we need to do that to
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really declare security victory not only military victory and the threat to be quite honest with you the threat is not only military that is not only security threat is not an economy right. threat and the challenge is an ideological challenge. people are talking about political inclusion and so on so forth but it is. an ideological challenge and need to be addressed and it would take probably decades not years to declare victory on an ideological challenge of militancy of terrorism of for hundreds of bright because not only ideologically but the iraqi soldiers are fighting i.a.s. and provinces that have been declared liberated for a while there are spots near syrian borders that are under iraqi control at all now
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as claims to be behind regular bombs in iraq so is it too early to say that isis has been defeated militarily they may well be a search in that with the right in the right time if there is an intelligence gap if there is a security breach if there is a military if you like set back in the country or is it is the security him and political polarization that comes but if they come back then that will. provide the right circumstances that i think vitamin for the for isis to emerge again iraqi government's previous mistakes led to sunni's turning to extremism many times before can we count on the iraqi government not to get it right this time with it so to citizens i don't think
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honestly you can blame the iraqi government only probably some of the policies of the previous government and this government and the government before even before. you can blame that on these are these policies or these. might be blamed but i think it's all over simplification to blame one single factor. in all that my opinion of the union took that is so totally the i'm just sad that sectarian violence is something that actually can make us a strong again. that is what i mean well. i says it is as i said it's not a security phenomena is not a military phenomenon only as daughter of a group of people are this franchise or disenchanted economy cleo or politically so you do some you inject some political some some cash in the local economy of this
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province or that province and it will be sorted out or if you do political inclusion all some of the faction which he fears the marginalized and it will be sorted out no isis is global phenomena isis is an ideological challenge this is called salafism wahhabism jihadism you call it whatever you you'd like to call it this is this one of the manifestation of this is in iraq called isis and in syria called out and in nigeria called book iran and in pakistan and afghanistan called taliban or al qaida or in south yemen for example it's called something else and in somalia called out shabab so this is money to stay shipment of. of the.
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behind as jihadism is. and these are physical manifestation of the same ideology i understand your point and i tend to agree with that but since i'm talking to you we can't talk about for the whole world so let's talk about what's going on iraq iraq a parliamentary committee saying that isis smuggled hundreds of millions of dollars when it retreated from the country moreover the terror group even invest directly into the iraq economy laundering its money and taking cuts from legitimate business profits. what i have to say about that why is the iraqi government allowing this to happen while i think the iraqi government need to tighten the news and tighten this. the screw on on the fund then on the financial. transfer from one bank to another they
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need to apply a lot of international rules of the i.m.f. and world bank and and and european union. how they have to apply this on the iraqi banking system and the iraqi financing sit financial financial system a to stop blackmailing for example that the isis used to take a margin of all the government contracts given to the private sector and still some what some of the militias some of the mafia some of the of going to criminals are still using you doing this see you have you hit. a very important point terrorism seed. corruption and corruption feeds terrorism and this is a vicious circle that's why the fighting terrorism need to go hand in hand with
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fighting corruption with the with fighting corruption well you've just hit it on the nose i'm sure you know this politician a mission algebra or e he's your colleague iraqi politician from the parliamentary anti-corruption committee now he says everyone in the government is corrupt even admitting to taking rice's bribes himself how can the rocky government go after isis isis finances if they can all be so easily bright. this is very unfortunate mom this is this is the really depressing i don't agree with the fun with it with the with what what was the with the gentleman you mentioned his name said the old iraqi government old a member of parliament are corrupt that is totally untrue i can tell you the there are so many several member of parliament several of government officials who are honest nationalist iraqi parts of it and we are proud of them center of not
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just at several of them but that makes a whole lot other politicians who can be easily bribed right i can't deny that corruption has been institutionalized if you like in the in the ministries. that are said that are. corrupts ministers that are seven a corrupt member of parliament that are several government officials are corrupt. and the the corruption is how does one tell as well as vertical and the government of iraq and the prime minister need to declare. that the real fight to be a war against corruption and fighting corruption need to you need to have a strong political will well it's because it and it has wronged honest justice system because trust airstrikes how's are going to happen because troops in
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airstrikes they can be defeated they can they they can defeat an enemy but co-option inefficiency is that is actually what makes the enemy reappear like you said right in either the americans nor the iranians can make sure iraq does a good job governing itself it has to take care of itself is the country doomed to see another uprising in the future with such an inefficient government or isn't miracle going to happen i mean when you say prime minister has to be strong. official start doing their jobs and stop stealing money what has to happen for that while i think get out of things you need to provide. to fight corruption one is a strong political will second this is strong leader. on the top of the government you need a very strong good honest legal system. and also executive system.


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