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tv   Keiser Report  RT  January 27, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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first if you're telling me that a horrible people horrible racist people horribly i would certainly apologize if you'd like me to do that i know nothing about their previous announcement of a potential visit by trump provoked a backlash amongst british politicians i would not wish to issue a british. to speak in the royal gallery. previous report suggests that mr trump himself postponed a potential visit to the u.k. because he didn't want to be greeted by huge protests and attitudes here really changed in recent polls just stop more than half fifty six percent of brits don't want president trump to visit if donald trump comes to the uki will hold the biggest protest in british history he will be mad by a million of us attempt in a citizen's arrest of him for incitement of racial hatred we spoke to one of the anti trump protest organizers it's
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a bit disappointing that trump will be visiting and the prime minister traitor may has has agreed to meet with him it's not completely surprising to be honest but it's disappointing you know. he's accountable to the electorate and i think the population of britain has more than made its views clear in the fact that we don't want trump to visit we cannot stand his views he's no racist tweets that he's come out with his racist policies he's going to come here that that's going to happen we can't do anything about that but whilst he's here we know we will ensure that we hand him you know every step he takes in this country we will be there telling him what we think of him and telling him what we think of his policies should president trump's visit go ahead britain's security agencies could be getting ready for some of the biggest protests to rock this city since the visit of george w. bush in the wake of the iraq war a sally r.t. in london. facebook addiction and reliance on google for information is becoming
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a growing concern for some among them billionaire george soros whose lashed out of the platform is by branding them a menace so america has crossed the story. well people all across the spectrum are concerned about the impact facebook and google have on our daily lives but some of the unexpected has decided to chime in and that's the liberal billionaire george soros who's called the main menace to society and an obstacle to innovation. media companies. how people think and be without them even be aware of it and his open society foundation praise social media for to still attaining the toppling of so-called evil regimes all in the name of social justice and human rights here's an example you know social media and other information technology tools they need to stay organized ations need to learn how to adapt these tools to the other needs or they risk being left in the dark now soros may be falling out of love with facebook and google but business is business after all his
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hedge fund still owns shares worth millions in facebook as well as google's parent company alphabet he did however sell some of them back in november making a pretty nice profit so what should we make of his latest attacks a little flashback might be able to provide answers i think that i've been playing blame for everything i am basically there to to make money i cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what i do i think that the problem with george soros today compared with george soros of yesterday is that before he had confidence that his message was taking root and that his narrative of his particular progressive politics was going to be popular with the people and that the social media channels would then be his ally now i think the problem that he
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realizes that he has is that his progress a vision of the world. isn't taking hold at all in fact it's the thing that a lot of people. revolting against and so now instead of worrying about the message or his case now he's trying to shut down the very channels that are competing against his message. the new british soccer the death of stalin has heated debate in russia with some claiming the film to stuart's history and all those saying it's just a comedy rushers our culture ministry has banned the film by one moscow cinema went ahead with it sold out screening anyway led to a police raid on season goes down over ports from the cinema. well.
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she has to this british movie follows the last days and death of joseph stalin as well as the political infighting that ensued so why is it having a problem here in russia it's not about stalin themselves but it is about the timing the showing of this movie was supposed to coincide with the anniversary of the battle of stalingrad it was one of the most decisive moments in the second world war and it's bloodiest battle and since this movie is dark comedy it is showing in a rather satirical way some of the people that made this victory for russia in that war possible so some are saying that this movies is a bit insensitive for the veterans and those who cherish the memories of the great patriotic war many elderly people will perceive it as an offensive mockery of the soviet past the country that conquered fascism and most disgusting the victims of stalinism we don't have censorship we're not afraid of critical assessment of our
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history. such movies shouldn't even get into russia they shouldn't be discussed just don't let them be shown. i'm ready to come to the cinemas where they feel on the show to speak to those who bought tickets the film is a provocation that might add fuel to the fire so the russian ministry of culture decided to revoke the license of the movie when it comes to public opinion while it's played some agree that some may find the timing a bit insensitive others are saying it's art it's not intended to be story accurate and that people probably shouldn't be taking it too seriously it's just a black comedy like distortion an instance of people talking about. it is brilliant i think sash. this should be shown on primetime t.v. . this film is from the tragic past protests john and shouldn't see it from the viewpoint of historical accuracy a few months ago a russian movie found itself in an identical situation the film called matilda was
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telling the story of the last russian tsar nicholas the second and his love affair with a ballerina and the reason that movie faced so much opposition both from the politicians and from ordinary people in the street is because according to the russian orthodox church nicholas the second is a saint so some details of his personal of his love life could be disturbing to a religious person in russia the outcome of that story was the movie was allowed to be shown and people had a chance to make up their own mind while the fate of the death of starland remains in limbo it goes down the heart to. the european court of justice has condemned the use of sexual orientation tests for asylum seekers that's after hungary rejected the application of a nigerian man who claimed he was being persecuted in his home country for being gay on the account of the results of such a test we heard contrasting views on the story from she what rights campaigner
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peter tatchell and tony bugel from mothers against radical islam. to get asylum based on a person's sexual orientation or gender identity requires far far greater levels of proof than for political religious or ethnic refugees so the hurdles that l.g. bt refugees have to go through in britain and other countries is much higher much tighter much stricter than for other refugee number of people making fortunate cames is really really really tiny i think that people have got genuine concerns about their the mass immigration coming into their countries and i think what we're actually seeing the theocracy we're using a lot of asylum seekers are claiming that they're being fear of persecution in their country because they gave in order to get into the country there has been a percentage of people who have lied about being gang in order to get access into this into certain countries including this country where is the evidence where is
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the evidence that all these people are making false claims can tony give me the figures on how many people in britain have made false claims of homosexuality i don't need to get the six i'm telling you that it does happen and i'm saying to you that this is going come see european court of human rights coming in poking your nose in where quite frankly this is why some people want out of myself because they are a dictatorship we have laws in this country we have experts in this country who have been. on a thing for many many years the european court of justice to solution has made in effect is a european wide ruling on what is generally agreed already by most european member states both inside and outside the european union what it's saying today is really nothing new but it does i think be very helpful
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for some of those former communist states who don't have the same rigorous standards as say britain. and some other european countries it's not about whether it's one person twenty people fifty people one hundred people it should never be a case of my knee expert's opinion which is what you want to do pizza or for the people who are gay and homosexuals in countries where they can restart and i think . that these people have to suffer the way that they take but i would suggest that the people of these countries stand up and start demanding that they governments address that very issue. the crypto currency market is like a rollercoaster ride prices going up and down and with huge gains possible more investors are moving their money into the new high tech currencies. today crypto is unique. crypto is empowering. crypto is on the
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verge of a global financial revolution group that was a direct challenge to the world banking system allows you to be the bank and make the money win or lose in the end crypto was bound to be the world into the future let's give this bitcoin a try. welcome to our weekly digest on everything hot in the world of. this is hard to use crypto you know with your host perhaps some geography. but while the gains can be high so can the losses for example bitcoin lost half its value in the space of a month after reaching its all time high but currency fluctuations are the only way to lose out as one investor explain to r.t. is miguel francis santiago. but not all stories in the world of crypto have a happy ending make max. a young rich and daring
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crypto trader who started his fortune by getting a return of three hundred thousand dollars from a small investment of just a thousand into early stages of the second most powerful crypto currency the theory i'm becoming an active trader and publicly showcasing his success and sharing tips on his you tube channel he has made himself vulnerable to a new trend of crypto thieves last week as thailand residents the robbers caught up with him and stole one hundred thousand dollars worth of bitcoin i met with max to get the details of this truly eye opening incident for the block chain community musician recording them or signing me and i went home after having dinner with friends on the unlock the door and suddenly two scared dude's walked up to us as it turned out they entered through the back door that's why they weren't caught by the security cameras the robbers pushed a sin settles on the couch took away our i phones and covered our heads so we
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couldn't see anything a third person came in and started searching the place he took my debit card and later emptied my account took our three mac books to i phones all our documents including passports and even phone chargers they threaten to drug us in turn us into the thai police i knew it all sounded insane but even though they didn't do all that they were still ready to get physical with us so i decided not to be a hero and did what they told they stole about one hundred thousand bucks they could have stolen more but they were in a hurry my case is not unique not so long ago pawel national got beaten up in st petersburg and twenty million rubles were stolen i had just read about that and sure enough that kind of thing happened to me as well here's what i think of thieves used to steal money but now they realize that crypto currency is a better deal it's easier because you can't trace bitcoin transactions so yes i think this is a new trend max now regrets living such
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a public lifestyle flaunting his success and considers this a very expensive lesson well learned. by joining us our fall here on r.t. international we are back in half an hour with more of your world why piers. prescribe medication is widespread on the u.s. market and a frequent cause of death at that point in my life. like everything was as my family was literally coming unglued i had actually planned. to commit some sight was all who was made on to the presence so commonly used we were doing what the doctors told us to do you know we were being responsible and what the real side
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effects. was is generally all to what i did was done on a cocktail of legal drugs. just because something's legal doesn't mean it's saying. this is harlan kentucky. overboard this move them boys it was very funny to. me. a co money city it was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was said that. these people are survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how
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it's happened. hey everybody. stephen ball. hollywood guy suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. i'm going to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different. though no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm sure the brood have fun meet every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. closer to. when you don't. see the teachers who are. dead according. to what they mean not through only ten tests.
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let alone they. said. claiming to know. that to. you speak french. and send them floats new talk of. the council itself. heidi i'll tell you. how. this. group. has already tell us how huge.
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yes prejudice we. just had. for you. how. israel's the civil suit. is just and then you know with the new reopening of the membership new measures. you seem to have your own voice you could compose for in the wind and also since you felt. it was more of his focus as you
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move the oval office that is pursuit of. him in there with aplomb into the dump truck shall see if gore and bush knew mr palmer are there which. is did you consider it was deliberate or still briscoe i. mean as old as your initial say. you didn't go for sure you were there was just sixteen months bottles and you miles sort of. me and i was cooking. like your numbers are still on the. bushel assures you skewer . sure she's calls on the local mission already. why do you believe it was the whites of. their cars there. which
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is that you will drop them on the other two million. in the walls to be able. to support you in the. halls and you. know what. to do with the media on the loose. it will be a little and you will. be able. to host you. know more and. more your yes which will suit your period was a new. world
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order to mormons. just. a bit you could. suddenly see it. was you know up on that i wish i was a pos and young for my career. moreover the true purpose of the reefs nancy you would you eat your g.'s. you know true.
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you know see it's my own i just. don't stroke your pistol paul i'm all for compass three. songs. on the school board from when i was forced into it feels miles under. sixty. two on the way. to going to. social mission on the first with the fish and of course the philosopher working with it. goes through it all with a you know you try to justify it one more time for the young man for the next process just a couple of phone. calls which of them does when you know that you know you spoke before i was about it when those in the west indies you are. pushed.
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and i assume that will. stop but also what it's not is not. doing she did though mind you it. is that you might settle for this all time ah well that's it jeff. yes it was pretty wild card it's a mile circle with abuse to me. but you sure. you know the monocle which are moveable so that in my view no he wants to be as she is. extreme. you. should. assume he's looking for. the truth to quote.
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go your. record. go read my work. more starker but almost all of. this to get gravy would shorten the meaning would you and then one thing is a creation which is trash now it's just going to take you know. nothing you as well as no one gets it is but they didn't go she couldn't even you knew you would you just don't know what it's like that to post. is ever present but there's still a little short of. those much all over this just a little boy who was shot in the couple's but i just i'm showing no muscle so six year olds little story is that we feel sure for years just to cool one of the levels it's also one of the. wily shells of so much as polite it sure is unwise to
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know what you don't want to. sell out when the purple was the full text and while. you could possibly get a liquor store if you will go. to school with us that was. the deal with. this issue or i'm just missing all. the fun here the lost on rules that just goes good even if it was last week and if this is going to be by those girls it's no use crusade. will do my. just for the first time yeah you know more than school for young people for smokers or when you're full of the ice which i also think of the ocean or the.
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glue should that's what they'll tell you george but they go such a. stuck record to him you know so was diminished there was a study or lost interest of joy a couple tells me was a. video which is you know when you go through story seals would you please to learn the which is today's sure will soon deal with most of my knowledge of the. people to earn as a lawyer but when you tell us what you did in a still picture nelson my suspension of us made it. much easier but now provides. some scores can you merit your point many of them were. some. if. there are more.
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tributes to. the motion for. those are missing if. not.
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here show up. for some i sent you my friend of george. bush. just. for you. to. do you. know. you for you.
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since some. infantile pseudo son. to see if it's fun to use your more show for the. yellow was the moment she chose for zoom the money. only one million sold for pneumonia yes to most of what me stories. you must feel. fear for your overall structure in your life when the social source not really mommy or. bushnell there if there was. a promise to steer more through our young muscle showed on the part of the function of the muscles life was last year the government from the east or the part of young or someone.
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else and it's just the most prestigious for the most of these people. the few a few. are full of comfort in the morning but still what. will the fall. the of for just for the rich in this realm of washington just losing last year when i was. reading this message you know one would feel a little rich when this reply will feel when you got in the woods to fulfill boy bush will be. peter but i'm stephen.


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