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russia would like to know who these sources are and why they should be trusted one more segment additional intelligence provided by the international winter federations i'll tell you what the association that unites these federation said the i.o.c. our request to clarify what's going on some federation official seem to have been racking their brains while the president of the international biathlon union was particularly outspoken it is very sad there is no direct proof of guilt. you tested human numerous occasions and you never tested positive for a banned substance so apparently it sold down to the criteria of choosing the right criteria russians who compete in the games will have to follow strict rules according to the latest i.o.c. guidelines they must not participate in any events and so she did it with russia's
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national symbols that is the flag all the national anthem the same goes for social media with the posting of official symbols for britain russian outlays are also prohibited from participating in alternative victory ceremonies including any organized by the russian olympic committee russian competitors condo display ban national flag in their bedrooms. we discuss the latest developments surrounding russia's the olympics dog out with all my champion alpine ski racer from austria and the president of the russian cross country ski federation. yes of. the which is a pretty. you should be my statistic in the posts that he's the. ears the wish that on the.
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right of the pressure to put things in there is loosely of the. stuff you have to pre-clear in but the russians are clean and if one is not clean then. supposed to be banned from the olympics but not the whole theme it's the first time the whole nation gets banned from the olympics and this is this is a very proud for the sport for sure but don't but. on the olympics then the olympics are. u.k. has announced donald trump will be visiting britain in the second half of the year despite activists vowing to stage a huge protest when here rives the president seems unfazed i think
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a lot of the people in your country like what i stand for they respect what i say and so those who voted for tough border are going to come to that number of those who don't what do you say to them i don't care i don't care it's just one of those things i don't i don't say anything you know why because i don't care or shams visit had originally been planned for next month so he can officially open the new u.s. embassy in london however the president canceled the trip claiming he was not happy about the embassies move is the ali has been looking at how the u.k. and the u.s. failed to can't find common ground in twenty seventeen. the u.k. prime minister to reason may has invited u.s. president donald trump to visit the united kingdom later this year it comes as the two leaders met at the world economic forum in davos and also comes amid rumors of a breakdown in the relationship between the two countries if you. like he. was the way they. were what
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a great. question for getting into. whether rumor or not what is real is that twenty seventeen saw a real strain in the so-called special relationship on the. interleave. was the only way. to reason made don't focus on me focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom we're doing just fine and perhaps a change of heart by president trump in order to repair that relationship he's indicated that he's willing to apologize for retreating britain first if you're telling me that the harpy people horrible racist people i would certainly apologize if you'd like me to do that i know nothing about them previous announcement of a potential visit by trump have provoked a backlash amongst british politicians i would not wish to issue.
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to speak in the royal gallery. previous report suggests that mr trump himself postponed a potential visit to the u.k. because he didn't want to be greeted by huge protests and attitudes have really changed a recent poll suggests that more than half fifty six percent of brits don't want president trump to visit if donald trump comes to the u.k. he will hold the biggest protest in british history he will be mad by a million of us at. in a citizen's arrest of him for incitement of racial hatred spoke to one of the anti trump protest organizers it's a bit disappointing that trump will be visiting and the prime minister trees in may has has agreed to meet with him it's not completely surprising to be honest but it's disappointing you know. she's accountable to the electorate and i think the population of britain has more than made its views clear in the fact that we don't
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want trump to visit we cannot stand his views he's no racist tweets that he's come out with his racist policies he's going to come here that that's going to happen we can't do anything about that but whilst he's here we will ensure that we have him you know every step he takes in this country we will be there telling him what we think of him and telling him what we think of his policies should president trump visit go ahead britain's security agencies could be getting ready for some of the biggest protests to rock this city since the visit of george w. bush in the wake of the iraq war a sally r.t. in london and u.s. billionaire has labelled facebook and google a menace to society find out why after this short break. all see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the free world cold and you're better
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than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will call him that three. thousand zero zero zero zero zero. rice drive. left left left more or less ok stopped that's really good.
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welcome back people's addiction to facebook along with their reliance on google for information is becoming a growing concern for some among them perhaps surprisingly is the billionaire george soros who's launched out of the platforms by branding them a menace so american house will. well people all across the spectrum are concerned about the impact facebook and google have on our daily lives but some of the unexpected has decided to chime in and that's the liberal billionaire george soros who's called them a menace to society and an obstacle to innovation. media companies. how people think and behave without them even be aware of it and his open society foundation praise social media for to still attaining the toppling of so-called evil regimes all in the name of social justice and human rights here's an
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example yeah social media and other information technology tools to say we're going to is ations need to learn how to adapt these tools to the other needs or they risk being left in the dark now soros may be falling out of love with facebook and google but business is business after all his hedge fund still owns shares worth millions in facebook as well as google's parent company alphabet he did however sell some of the back in november making a pretty nice profit so what should we make of his latest attacks but a little flashback might be able to provide answers i think that i've been played blamed for everything i am basically there to to make money i cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what i do i think that the problem with george soros today compared with george soros of yesterday is that before he had confidence that his message was taking root and that his narrative of his
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particular progressive politics was going to be popular with the people and that the social media channels would then be his ally now i think the problem that he realizes that he has is that his progress a vision of the world. isn't taking hold at all in fact it's the thing that a lot of people. revolting against and so now instead of worrying about the message or his case now he's trying to shut down the very channels that are competing against his message. and who convoy of turkish trucks have been seen crossing into syria as part of ankara's operation against kurds there the ground operation is being supported by an intense air bombardment which reports claim recently left seven civilians dead these are the latest pictures from the ground showing the aftermath of the attack and it's fear the as strikes may have claimed even more
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lives with people believed trapped under rubble witnesses claim the turkish aerial bombardments are targeting was that then szell areas. there are no military zones here all of them are civilian areas and the civilians were asleep it was nothing they bombed even though there were no soldiers here we were all civilians. a lot michel fell about twenty five meters away shrapnel landed up in my hand and once it's not why they were shelling civilians so he says it is conducting an anti terror operation in africa the offensive is supported by several anti syrian government groups the areas they hold a mock here in green the turkish military claims almost four hundred kurdish and i still fighters have been killed since the start of the operation and the u.n. though is raising concerns claiming five thousand people have fled the area since
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the conflict started nevertheless the turkish leader has repeatedly vowed to expand the operation and most recently claimed it would go all the way to the iraqi border . you know you know we're going to continue the olive branch operation until we achieve our goals and then as promised to clear man beach of terrorists after that we will continue i was trying to go up to the iraqi border until no terrorists are left. well present one says turkey will push on woods to the city of man beach and then push all the way east even towards the iraqi border right here the move would not only mean an all out offensive against the syrian kurds but would also first in u.s. personnel who are stationed in this area the turkish foreign minister as the u.s. to immediately withdraw from man beach american troops have been assisting the local kurds in that anti eisel operation with a pentagon official recently announcing the creation of
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a thirty thousand strong border security force in the region this was to be comprised launch the all of something that in fiore a to conquer and prompted it for launches that time on kurdish positions in syria the us secretary of state rex tillerson later backtracked on the idea saying officials misspoke on the plans had been misrepresented antiwar activist richard becker believes washington's behavior can be explained by the fact it's now caught between two allies but we have what appears to be a somewhat intractable contradiction between the u.s. interest in syria and the u.s. interest in nato and so this is something the trying to find a way out of but it's very difficult given the fact that it was the united states along with turkey saudi arabia france britain which caused the destabilisation of syria and led to the present circumstances and the united states on the other hand is tied in with the y.p. g.
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forces inside syria who have been the main fighting forces that the u.s. has been allied with in the battle against isis but more than that to maintain a u.s. presence inside syria which the u.s. military has been declaring is there for indefinitely. and the british satire the death of stalin has sparked much debate in russia with some claiming the film distorts history while others say it's just a comedy russia's culture ministry has bans the movie though one moscow cinema screened it anyway leading to a police raid on our reports from that very cinema. wow. cop. this british movie follows the last days and death of joseph stalin as well as the political infighting that ensued so why is it
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having a problem here in russia it's not about starving themselves but it is about the timing the showing of this movie was supposed to coincide with the anniversary of the battle of stalingrad it was one of the most decisive moments in the second world war and it's bloodiest battle and since this movie is dark comedy it is showing in a rather satirical way some of the people that made this victory for russia in that war possible so some are saying that this movies is a bit insensitive for the veterans and those who cherish the memories of the great patriotic war many elderly people will perceive it as an offensive mockery of the soviet past the country that conquered fascism and most disgusting the victims of stalinism we don't have censorship we're not afraid of critical assessment of our history. such movies shouldn't even get into russia they shouldn't be discussed
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just don't let them be shown. i'm ready to come to the cinemas where they feel will be shown to speak to those who but take hits the film is a provocation that might add fuel to the fire so the russian ministry of culture decided to revoke the license of the movie when it comes to public opinion while it's played some agree that some may find the timing a bit insensitive others are saying it's art it's not intended to be story accurate and that people probably shouldn't be taking it too seriously it's just a black comedy what distortion in songs are people talking about. it is brilliant i think sash. films should be shown on prime time t.v. . this film is from the tragic fost protest genre and shouldn't see it from the viewpoint of historical accuracy a few months ago a russian movie found itself in an identical situation the film called matilda was telling the story of the last russian tsar nicholas the second and his love affair
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with a ballerina and the reason that movie faced so much opposition both from the politicians and from ordinary people in the street is because according to the russian orthodox church nicholas the second is a saint so some details of his personal of his love life could be disturbing to a religious person in russia the outcome of that story was the movie was allowed to be shown and people had a chance to make up their own mind while the fate of the death of stalin remains in limbo it was done up to. well that with the latest headlines the top of the out joint is that. this is harlan kentucky. with all of this group the voices of the british three families are you.
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a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners the said. that it was a laugh to see these people the survivors of o'boyle disappearing before their eyes . i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. because there's survival guide ecstacy just like all the stars simply. listen let's . be sure it's still there are you going to get it back. public no. repatriations look at the last seven years. bill of the century you guys are in for. it's rather stand.
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out all over them white house. and our good armor and our run from a thief and our brother in a couple of hours before for america. i'm going to let him but i don't cut him then you cut them and kick and. i don't lose a child with a truffle not that i want it living. in the modern world then i want my michelle the downside of it does she know that the only a lot of the. members of the hate for not doing any. good this whole place choice were gone the i knew where you're from and hey i think the time in syria has said larry from the shiites a way of
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a. model for them after the couple for mr hates it for jim and then oil for hope that are fairly close. to the. this is boom bust at the world economic forum in davos switzerland i'm barred children coming up philip metzger the director general of the swiss communications office and a global leader on communication and other issues will join us plus we speak with phil who is the c.e.o. of smart valor a cutting edge global digital company based here in switzerland and we have a special report about how this tiny town of davos shape shifts every year for this event all of that and u.s.
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president donald trump makes his davos debut we'll have it all but first let's head back to washington with manila chan for some business and financial headlines topping today's news. good afternoon i'm military i'm sitting in for bart who as you just saw is on assignment in davos let's get to some of the day's top stories u.s. president donald trump struck a noticeably different tone today during his speech in davos but one message remained the same america first trump said america first does not mean america alone and his words to the world elite as president of the united states i will always put america first just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also but america first does not mean america alone when the united states grows so does the world he made his argument that focus on domestic policies such
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as tax reform for individuals and corporations have boosted the national economy citing companies like apple who plan to repatriate billions of dollars back stateside a sober trump state on script without any off the cuff remarks assuring the economic titans that a prospect a prosperous america is good for the world. and european central bank president mario draghi joined the critics of u.s. treasury secretary steve menuhin on thursday druggy pointed pointedly suggested that nugent's comments that a weak dollar is good for the u.s. economy was a violation of an agreement reached with washington in october to avoid competitive currency devaluations druggy went on to say several members of the e.c.b. governing council quote expressed concern that this was broader than simply the exchange rate it was about the overall status of international relations right now
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. in the us aid trump appointee is pushing a major change to the legal process for settling alleged labor law violations peter robb general counsel of the national labor relations board or n.l.r.b. outlined plans to affectively demote the regional directors who resolve about eighty five percent of n.l.r.b. cases by placing them in a new smaller tier of civil servants who could overrule the regional managers the changes expected to tilt the system toward ruling in favor of employers. all right let's head back now to davos with our children for reaction to the president's speech let's get bart's thoughts on this as well as those who are in attendance. monella present trump speech was warmly received by a polite audience most of the time was spent on what the president himself
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describes as being a cheerleader for the united states he told the crowd that the u.s. was open for business and competitive again he said the economy was strong and smashing one stock market record after another consumer and business confidence was high and unemployment was low since by election we've created two point four million jobs and that number is going up very very substantially small business optimism is at an all time high new unemployment claims are near the lowest we've seen in almost half a century on the international front the president said that america first does not mean america alone he said we cannot have peace without security and that other nations need to contribute their fair share to that security on trade he said he wants free open and reciprocal trade and made a declaration that he is open to re entering the transpacific partnership or in
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agreement with a subgroup of the proposed eleven nation pac we support free trade but it needs to be fair and it needs to be reciprocal. because in the end unfair trade undermines a so he also noted briefly about fighting terrorism together and mentioned his support for a merit based u.s. immigration system what was notable about the president's speech and his trip here to davos generally is it was absent of any major pope pause the president spoke from a teleprompter except for two questions at the end of his speech speech was on disrupted by any protest although there was a large protest earlier in the week in zurich the city where the president's plane air force one landed before departing to davos on several helicopters with the presidential entourage and during his davos trip the president met with several world leaders including british prime minister to resubmit he also met with many
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business leaders or when asked earlier today if he was bringing back any big deals from his visit here and how much those might be worth the president simply said the united states is doing fantastically well business is are coming back and then when pressed robert reporters on how much any business deals might be worth the president simply replied probably a lot so far there hasn't been any more specifics on any deal or deals manila that's the latest on the president but it boom bust as you know we're not all trump all the time over and over again so i'm pleased to tell our viewers that we are now joined by the bitcoin queen of switzerland olga feld meyer whose day job is c.e.o. of smart valor all good thank you for being with us thank you but have most part i have been here explained smart valor and what you call the smart valor network. or it's worked well or it's a decentralized marketplace for the tokenized alternative investments and flavia
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buddy who doesn't know what to can is a sin maybe if people heard about it i see oh it's so so can you see it on any public gluckstein you know backed by some kind of on the ship. if a company or real assets this is to can use ation rate and today we see the first examples of to can ization but actually anything can be two straight real estate infrastructure project diamonds so the ability. to market place for those two alternative investments or when we met a few months back at fin tech week in hong kong you spoke very eloquently about something near and dear to my heart as a former for natural regulator transparency and compliance explain your perspective for our viewers on that yeah you see a regulation this kind of legs the biggest toddle today on survey of adoption of plug chain technology in finance it started was based because you know i was very
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fortunate to be involved in one of the first major regulatory. cases for bitcoin in switzerland. we've made significant progress in switzerland and switzerland is developed in the crypt hop fine and straight it's been just last week. the president of switzerland proclaims a wish of establishing the crypto nation switzerland right so we hope you know that also swiss sort of financial regulator will continue this positive development and create in appropriate regulation a framework to enables us kind of technology and businesses although you have a background at u.b.s. working with high net worth individuals it seems they might have some roadblocks to investing in crypto currency i mean one there are so many out there how do you choose and to it's a really technical space how are they doing this so it's true actually you see
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there are a lot of exchanges for cryptocurrency spirit this is not the focus of business but you're absolutely right to. to to invest in crypt occurrences today in the. smart way you actually need a technical knowledge and pretty deep one you need to understand the difference and protocols or does it you know why advise they say this protocol is better than z. as avan and skill ability interoperability and so on so for most people this is not possible so most people just read what other people say and this is you know a lot of votes peculation rate good development you know stories of all of and we see some kind of institute in state institutions structures come into place like crypt. writers there are funds that that have teams that you know have a very deep technical understanding and they select in the proper investments so so
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is in the streets evolving the things that are a few interest and opportunity to get exposure to this industry so a larger question for you this is davos and the theme here is creating a shared vision in a fragmented world how does block change and or digital currencies play into that whole it's very good question bart i really saw a vial about it and then the start you know fraction world i mean there are so many aspects to say that look what we're talking about from the technology side knowledge side here is actually about this central ization and disinter mediation right so a blog chain this is a technological power that will be trying to central this zation even faster rate so the first example is of course bitcoins the first to sensual post national currency rate so that means you know.


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