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tv   News  RT  January 28, 2018 12:00am-12:30am EST

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sting change and adaptation the opposite peace and cooperation is never considered because it is excess central threat to the pentagon the weapons contractors the think tanks and the people filling the seats of congress and the white house. break out of this fog kerry comes down. thank you. cam ellis take the news from behind it let's start with the most important news story of the week this is clearly the story that has everyone talking so
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i feel like if i didn't mention to you all would be a lie why isn't he talking about has he been compromised. so i will have carly generous cover her stunning calvin klein underwear ad investigations are still under way. some say she might again wait others say she's covering the scar from where an alien infant ripped out of her over overexposed under talented midsection and still others are saying what a. shut up job. that makes nonsense all over my computer screen the put the planet will be unlivable in twenty years twelve put a thirty percent tariff on solar panels were falling into a spiral of fascism but you're talking about what seriously. now. trump really did announce
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a thirty percent tariff on solar panels it makes sense because if we switch to renewable energy you know he's worried he won't be the final president. i think that's been something he's pretty excited about or maybe he did it because the c.e.o. of exxon mobil is his secretary of state you know why why does the big oil love sunshine energy that's so odd i don't get it you can't you can't be surprised at that it's like being surprised that the president you know put huge regulations on band-aid brand bandages and then finding out his right hand man of the c.e.o. of the last dope last. scene had common point is we subsidize big oil to the tune of millions of dollars an hour we then d. incentivize clean energy like solar panels this is the continued strangulation of our society by neal liberal corporate rule you can see it happening right now in puerto rico as many had predicted last was the governor of puerto rico announced
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the privatization of the power supply this is exactly in line with naomi klein's shock doctrine in which corporations wait for a disaster and then pounce like a like a like a kid kitten on a confused mouse you know unfortunately corporations are just like the cat they don't realize the mouse will die soon and then their playtime will be over. you know just bad around a corpse at that point speaking of that corporate health insurance companies are draining the life out of americans and this week bernie sanders held a medicare for all online town hall the drool over. the million lies you are he did it this way to circumvent the mainstream media which refused to basically have any discussions about medicare for all well let me rephrase that they'll have a discussion about it as long as it's bernie sanders to. rounded by ann coulter ted cruz and neil's whole goal the german nurse serial killer who was just. who was
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just charged with ninety seven murders but at least that nurse said he murdered those patients out of boredom our health insurance companies murdered thousands for profit which is much worse really you know. the point is saving lives and profit should have nothing to do with each other. again it should be if you like saying does the words romantic and harry told not goals in the same sentence. speaking of germany this week germany's foreign minister stated the u.s. no longer sees the world as a global community but as a fighting arena where everyone has to seek their own advantage even after trump leaves the white house relations with the us will never be the same oh good yes.
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finally done trusting us. for so long del a lot of the world seem to believe the things our president would say and that was scary as it was really they were just nodding along while we were like this for our freedom or or wealth will trickle down to the poor or. down to ten doctors prefer a camel cigarette ads. were or were just pieces of dust on a grain of sand in the middle of a cold empty universe that doesn't give a shit about our existence and we'll just toil here meeting was loyal to we have never totally self destruct due to our own hubris but until that time the part of the grains of sand that we named america is on quite a bit of a long. people always get along with that stuff but that being said i still think we need to get to the. bottom of the kylie jenner thing why would you convert are starving we've got to figure out where to go to
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a quick break but don't miss the pod cast we have which is the audio version of all of our shows plus web exclusive content you can get nowhere else it's called moment of clarity and it's free every week on i tunes and stitcher will be back in ninety seconds. that's right the sound he has from us. from what i saw. i know that i know are true but there are rather you know i thought for a kid that. only let people out of the next question then you can keep an eye on what i have to lose a child. is not good and. then i'm all in my machine little subtle and. in their own mind that lend themselves
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well i hate. to leave. because they told bush choice you say you have to pay on time and terry has said. somewhere else for that then after that it will fuck around to say hey it's right jim and lawyer but i hope that our friends in the. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else on a because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played
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great so one more transfer. and thinks this minute. thank you. welcome back to the two thousand hells in crisis where millions of people lost their homes wall street decided they weren't done screwing people out of the american dream the federal government including fannie mae and freddie mac. sold underwater mortgages to wall street investors who bought those same holds and turned them into rental properties having wall street as your landlord what could go wrong. it's like heaven when no i says your life coach. we're on this we turn to our senior housing expert now let me know. what's going on here what's going on here is you think landlords are somehow worse now
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that wall street's involved show me one person who has a good relationship with their land. right there was a ferret trapped in my walls for tooth. and when i told my landlord he tried to charge me a monthly pet owner fee. at least these wall street back companies like invitation homes are doing something about housing they pumped an average of twenty two thousand dollars each into what would otherwise be eyesores the only thing my landlords post recently is brought chicken. what into the walls to learn to ferret out. ok ok now it twenty two thousand dollars house is not really much for wall street and doesn't include regular maintenance and you can at least yell at your landlord in person having wall street as your landlord takes the human element out of its good i don't want to see my landlord in person. just know i was like
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a broken dream. and if he can't even fix my toilet he definitely can't fix my dreams. i'd rather be spared the human interaction and the growth of these rentals will help since wall street investors now own a quarter of the country's. single family rentals and just nine of these firms are renting out two hundred thousand houses in thirteen states now actually you're going to have to pay a little bit more and rent to satisfy these investors to find a little bit more well one woman in california saw invitation homes raise her rent by eight hundred dollars after husband stroke and there may have been some invitation homes residents who got three day of action notices only two days after rent was due but think of invitation holmes as the driver who concert you one millisecond after a traffic light turns. right want to leave your car and get their goodwill for resting lug wrench but you don't because you don't have any other option.
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and the detention center you stayed at the last time you did that has a very thorough cavity search. that's a good point they don't have another option because wall street destroyed affordable housing that the same people who got screwed by sub prime mortgages got screwed by rent increases the line investors pockets these families have any recourse so you've been low yes that same woman from california actually rallied with other renters for rent freeze with help from housing justice groups like the alliance of californians for community empowerment turns out the wall street backed companies don't buy bad publicity. so maybe if more of us call out local and state governments for failing to protect these renters they'll want to avoid bad publicity to. get the little girl and same thing with their new include congress and i would have congress actually gave
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a shit about bad publicity. maybe i'll try putting ferrets in the walls of congress. who are going to the only way to have. or in our country there's also the return of debtors prisons we sent my only caravan to get to the bottom of this raging controversy here's what you found. i'm here at the county courthouse and even though debtors prison was outlawed nationally and in thirty three we still keep the poor in jail if they can't afford bail and when i told my indentured servant that she can't believe it but at least some states are starting to take bail reform seriously new jersey nearly completely eliminated bail wound and then new jersey. i'm still little ashamed of growing up there because of stuff like this disturbing accusations at
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a new jersey daycare two women accused of creating and filming a fight club made. on the other hand judges in the lone star state are the worst offenders six poor inmates with the help of four nonprofit groups are suing dallas county because more people are locked up longer than the rich violating the national and texas state constitutions i was shocked to hear that texas has a constitution. they copied from arkansas who's not exactly a model student it's just texas happened to be sitting next to when the constitution was do people say that's backwards but once month of dallas county courts did those which trials the. harris county courts which includes the city of houston were forced to change their caging the poor ways
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a federal judge has ruled that the county's bail system is unfair to the poor the judge ordered the county and this ruling here that you're looking at to begin releasing inmates considered indigent by may fifteenth the judge said when he passed down the decision that. county's bail practices were a violation of due process equal protection the constitutions of texas and the us common sense because it's a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and come back tomorrow to hear the rest of the violations thank you i'll be here all week what interests you to know a major opponent to bail reform is the bail bond industry who contribute to political campaigns in texas the most compared to any other state these cutthroat businesses own for to pay your bail for a fee which you don't get back even if you're found not guilty and there were making millions selling people a chance to get out of jail and they sell hard like it's an infomercial for oxi
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clean they use compelling stories like two inmates creative plan to tunnel out of a prison where will they tell from. where. there's an easier way to get out of jail just call all access bail bonds to below yep those are pretty much your choices and pretrial detention you either deal with the exploitative local system of government which is in the hands of the bail bond industry or you can flush yourself down the toilet like a turd let's just hope you're not a floater the dallas county lawsuit like the harris county lawsuit alleges that the judges never asked about their ability to pay before setting bail and the arraignments lasted less than a minute you know let's see what this drive through bail situation is like if you're caught with say two ounces of marijuana is probable cause both of us. are
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you requesting a court appointed lawyer. give me a yes or no. give me a yes or no. yeah i asked a question that calls for a yes or a no i don't expect anything but a yes or a no not a maybe so or a yell or anything else or something that i've heard which you said you bought just went up to two thousand dollars. if you're not outrage please check your pulse and go to the nearest we are and if you are there's a number of things you can do there's alps that automatically allow you to contribute to bail out the or called mail block and apple is reporting from washington naomi cara bonnie. thank you. but i am in the eyes of those coming up in salt lake city austin houston pittsburgh washington d.c. and other cities go to redacted tor dot com for details or to vote for your city to
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be added until next time goodnight ok. yes it was pretty good with. marco for your. help in the last election the billboards was mostly we don't then we will soon will put you know one of the on the stuff and we push it out show. you can't you. understand and you can go on the scouts more we believe that you could still be. easy should reason if you look good. you will know that.
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the secret is the one which you can you get other qualities but when you tell us what you did to mr old wheels in motion the president. about your sudden passing i phone lee just learned you were yourself and taken your last wrong turn. to us we all do it but i tell you i'm sorry. so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each other. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like him it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with the death of this
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one to. speak to now because there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker. dollar job is america as it actually is a bomb over the fantasy is reality and he's doing what beauty expect a seasoned businessman to do cut all the nonsense out of the mix bring jobs back. in the young lady down one who was clearly. what is now a little. one
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hundred sixty nine russian athletes are cleared to compete in next month's winter games by the international olympic committee but some top medal hopefuls are not on the list. a massive explosion rocks the differ. mattick district in the afghan capital kabul killing at least ninety five people and injuring one hundred sixty. and the u.k. confirms donald trump will visit the country this year after business are already ready to greet the president with big protests. thank you for watching the news headlines here at r.t.
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international broadcasting live from moscow i'm kate partridge the international olympic committee has announced one hundred sixty nine russian athletes will be able to take part in next month's winter games in south korea the i.o.c. hasn't published the names of the athletes but the number matches the size of the team announced by russia earlier this week and it's already known some of the country's top medal hopefuls will be unable to compete. well it was tough to get him much of pakistani politician of a biocide surely in my belly is which is a pretty good of much of the. yes that was just the house accommodating health care hurry up and eat here again for all that time paschal the past one that he has yet or at least yet believe that he
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leaves i do things we have i am glad to see it's yeah with which was that i asked which was which was capital at that flannel i think before me that is that dog was not going to ask us to buy and i think in. my thoughts are leaving everything behind and returning home it was my dream to competed in pigs and i was working towards the go through hundreds and thousands of difficulties through sweat and blood. of a such a minimum of service for us to fight for. most of the
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it might have him leave the service with his cousin that's when the production of the. issue for survivors of the authorities restored. the truth of the muslim. well russia was banned from participating in the winter games almost two months ago due to allegations of state sponsored don't train but clean athletes are being given the chance to compete as neutrals only those without any previous doping violations are allowed to take part and they will have to undergo additional tests the i.o.c. says the final decision is based on an in-depth individual review artie's has been looking at the criteria weeks after russia had come to terms with no team russia in korea anyone with even the slightest interest in sport in this country was baffled
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dozens of clean wash and star athletes never got their olympic invitations those who'd never been under any suspicion by the sporting federations or even the i.o.c. when they had everyone with a russian passport under the microscope forget about your dream end of story no explanation that could have been the case but the international olympic committee then let us know the seventeen criteria they used if you don't match at least one or rather if there's even doubt about at least one of them you're out. there could be suspicion that could even be an ongoing procedure that could be many factors which did not lead to the satisfaction of the panel the purpose is to invite clean russian athletes for which this panel has been and has not the slightest doubt or suspicion again seventeen boxes to be taked to get the all clear there's all kinds of things on the list from the infamous scratches on sample bottles to that obscure
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final segment additional confidential information provided by wada even one of those gets you a red light but the criteria set by the i.o.c. itself might well race suspicion not only in russia take the first two which essentially unite all the rest by the way being sanctioned by the i.o.c. investigators or any anti-doping rule violation in the past the latest group of russian athletes who found out they're not go and were never involved in any of that another box to take issues revealed by the moscow anti-doping lab database well it's the whistleblower and his team who used to be in charge of it. it was created by the pursuit grigori which includes and had several levels of access until the summer of twenty sixteen it was possible to change any of the data there the world anti-doping agency coincide with this back in twenty thirteen it cannot
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serve as evidence i've mentioned scratches and marks on sample bottles arguably the most solid proof that however was never shown to the public just like the visual results of the bottle flaw experiments back to the water's mysterious additional data that amounts to intelligence extracted from its whistleblower program and other sources many people in russia would like to know who these sources are and why they should be trusted one more segment additional intelligence provided by the international winter federations i'll tell you what the association that unites these federation said the i.o.c. our request to qualify what is going on some federation official seem to have been racking their brains while the president of the international biathlon union was particularly outspoken it is very sad if there is no direct proof of should pull into guilt the i.b.u.
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tested human numerous occasions and never tested positive for a banned substance so apparently it's all down to the criteria of choosing the right criteria well russians who compete at the games will have to follow strict rules according to the latest i.o.c. guidelines they must not display the russian flag in public nor sing the national anthem and the posting of official symbols is forbidden on social media russian athletes are also prohibited from participating in alternative victory ceremonies including any organized by the russian olympic committee but russian competitors can display their national flag in their bedrooms. well the president of the russian cross-country skiing federation and lance the finalist of her team while training in austria and elaina p.l.d. has expressed her frustration over the i.o.c. use decision usually. doesn't but before i was encouraging everyone to go to the
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games and stand your ground law or can see the same because i have major concerns over how cynical of the russian athletics have been treated to some panel decides who will be invited and who will be not even if that person did not take part in the saatchi games and was not mentioned in any reports and this is not just our team i'm talking about maybe now is the time for you to perform stronger than ever before hold her as high and prove that the where we have been punished is unfair and cynical and against the spirit of sport. these kate has announced donald trump will visit britain in the second half of this year activists are vying to stage a widescale protest when he arrives but the president seems unfazed i think a lot of the people in your country like what i stand for they respect what i and those who voted for tough border are gonna come to those who don't what do you say to them i don't care i don't care it's just one of those things i don't i don't say
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anything you know why because i don't care well thomas visit had originally been planned for next month so he could open the new u.s. embassy in london however the president canceled the trip claiming he wasn't happy about the location and the cost of the new building artie's isa ali has been looking at how the u.k. and the u.s. failed to find common ground in twenty seventeen. the u.k. prime minister to reason may has invited u.s. president donald trump to visit the united kingdom later this year it comes as the two leaders met at the world economic forum in davos and also comes amid rumors of a breakdown in the relationship between the two countries if you. like you a lot closer with a thank you for sure this was a great. question for getting into the whether or not what is real is that twenty seventeen saw a real strain in the so-called special relationship on the. injuries.
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was the only way. to reason made don't focus on me focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom we're doing just fine and perhaps a change of heart by president trump in order to repair that relationship he's indicated that he's willing to apologize for retreating britain first if you're telling me that the harpy people horrible racist people i would certainly apologize if you'd like me to do that i know nothing about them previous announcement of a potential visit by trump have provoked a backlash amongst british politicians i would not wish to issue. a way to speak in the royal gallery. previous report suggests that mr trump himself.


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