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tv   The Great American Pilgrimage  RT  January 28, 2018 1:30am-2:00am EST

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whether rumor or not what is real is that twenty seventeen saw a real strain in the so-called special relationship. this is the only way. to reason made don't focus on me focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom we're doing just fine and perhaps a change of heart by president trant in order to repair that relationship he's indicated that he's willing to apologize for retreating britain first if you're telling me that a horrible people horrible racist people i would certainly apologize if you'd like me to do that i know nothing about their previous announcement of a potential visit by trump have provoked a backlash amongst british politicians i would not wish to issue any british to speak in the royal gallery.
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previous report suggests that mr trump himself postponed a potential visit to the u.k. because he didn't want to be greeted by huge protests and attitudes he really changed a recent poll suggests that more than half fifty six percent of brits don't want president trump to visit if donald trump comes to the u.k. he will hold the biggest protest in british history he will be mad by a million of us at times in a citizen's arrest of him for incitement of racial hatred we spoke to one of the anti trump protest organizers it's a bit disappointing that trump will be visiting and the prime minister tracy may has has agreed to meet with him it's not completely surprising to be honest but it's disappointing you know and he's accountable to the electorate and i think the population of britain has more than made it clear in the fact that we don't want trump to visit we cannot stand his views he's no racist tweets that he's come out with his. racist policies he's going to come here that that's going to happen we
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can't do anything about that but whilst he's here we know we will ensure that we hand him you know every step he takes in this country we will be there telling him what we think of him and telling him what we think of his policies should president trump visit go ahead britain's security agencies could be getting ready for some of the biggest protests to rock this city since the visit of george w. bush in the wake of the iraq war a sally r.t. in london. how the u.s. government is taking aim at one of russia's key energy projects the nord stream two pipeline linking russia to europe this week president trampin secretary of state rex tillerson both describe the gas pipeline as a stretch to european energy security. my administration is also taking swift action in other ways to restore american confidence and independence we are lifting self-imposed restrictions on energy production to provide affordable power to our
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citizens and businesses and to promote energy security for our friends all around the world no country should be held hostage to a single provider of energy like fall in the united states opposes the north stream to pipeline we say it is undermining your overall energy security and stability and provide russia yet another two to politicize it or g. as a political tool well north stream sale is a major extension to our gas supply network running around the baltic sea poland and other countries argue that once completed it will give russia too much control over european energy supplies but germany and austria support the project and the need for cheaper gas political analyst mathias dorn felt thinks the u.s. is simply trying to boost its share of the european market. in the america first
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policy of president travel in so far as the united states wants to export their. conventional. elegy liquefied natural gas to the european market the european market is also one of there could a big targets in energy security is not in danger when we have the second string of not street that's for sure you know i mean russia pipeline system and the whole you know infrastructure is more dependent on europe that europe is headed toward russia so we already reached energy security it's only the question who has you know the biggest chair in the market almost one hundred people have been killed in afghanistan's worst terrorist attack eight months more on that after the break.
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welcome back a taliban suicide bomber has killed at least ninety five people and injured more than one hundred sixty in the afghan capital kabul local journalist bill are so ari reports. we understand at this stage that the attacker was in an ambulance he had said he had a patient and that he was stopped at the second checkpoint by the police force the attack took place right in the heart of kabul this is not very far from the swedish embassy from the european union from the in the nation embassy and from the high peace council which is down the road the attack shows this constant issue of security and intelligence breaches the area where the attack took place is less than one hundred meters from the office of the police chief of kabul less than
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twenty meters away from the afghan intelligence facilities once the area is cleared in once the dust settles unfortunately we will be hearing that a lot of those killed ordinary people who are simply the only breadwinners for their families and the people of afghanistan continue to suffer the continue to bear the brunt of this conflict at a time when we also see all sides intensifying the war. or the bombing in kabul is the deadliest act of terrorism in afghanistan since a truck blast in may last year which claimed one hundred fifty lives and the latest attack follows a recent surge in violence earlier this week armed militants attacked a save the children office in the city of jalalabad and shortly after a car bomb exploded outside the premises six people were reportedly killed and dozens more injured myself claimed responsibility for the attack and last saturday
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a group of terrorists targeted a luxury hotel in kabul killing at least twenty two people. the taliban said it was behind the atrocity and political analyst abdullah says the afghan security forces lack a coherent strategy in fighting numerous terror groups the situation is getting you from bad to worse the security in the afghan security forces are unable you know to have a proper strategy or plan for curbing total resume not only in kabul city but all over afghanistan and now that we are heading towards a spring. in the next two three months probably insurgent attacks will increase in afghanistan and you might end up losing a few provinces to the hands of taliban the international community. headed by the us government and the failed strategies we have seen incidents in iraq we have seen you know the source of the situation in libya in other countries and for the past
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sixteen seventeen years we have been witnessing these food strategies in afghanistan i don't thing you know they have a strategy for afghanistan. turkey is ramping up its military offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria the operation has already claimed dozens of civilian lives and caused global along with antiwar rallies held in several countries the latest was in the german city of cologne. assassins of people showed up at the demonstration demanding ankara's withdraw from the african region of syria there turkey is carrying out what it calls an anti terror operation police moved in to break up the gathering after found kurdish militia flags appeared and a similar demonstration was held in london the protests come after seven civilians were reportedly killed in a turkish airstrike. well these are the pictures from on the ground showing the
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aftermath of the attack it's fear the airstrikes may have claimed even more lives with people believed to be trapped under the rubble witnesses claim the turkish aerial bombardments are targeting residential areas. as assad said about you there are no military zones here all of them are civilian areas and the civilians were sleeping it was nothing they bombed even though there were no soldiers here we are all civilians. a lot michel fell about twenty five meters away shrapnel landed on my hand and once it's now why they were shelling civilians. well the turkish defensive is being supported by several anti government militia groups in syria the areas they hold a mock here in green well the turkish military claims almost four hundred kurdish and i saw fighters have been killed since the start of the operation but the un has raised concerns claiming five thousand people have fled the area since the conflict
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started one of the less the turkish leader has repeatedly vowed to expand the operation began you do you know you don't we're going to continue the olive branch operation until we achieve our goals and then as promised to clear mandate of terrorists after that we will continue i was trying to go up to the iraqi border until no terrorists are left. well as you just heard president vowed to advance his troops to the syrian city of man beach which you can see here on the map and the operation will then be expanded to the east up to the border with iraq well the move would not only mean an all out offensive against the syrian kurds but could also threaten u.s. personnel stationed in the area well the turkish foreign minister has urged the u.s. to immediately withdraw from man beach where american troops have been assisting the local codes in there and he only saw operation b. c. the very media that got him is that we want the united states to cut its ties with
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terrorist groups and stop supplying them with weapons the should make them lay down their arms and also take back the weapons that have already been provided to the americans should a lot of money bitch immediately you know we have what appears to be a somewhat intractable contradiction between the u.s. interest in syria and the u.s. interest in nato and so this is something that they're trying to find a way out of but it's very difficult given the fact that it was the united states along with turkey saudi arabia france britain which caused the destabilization of syria and led to the present circumstances and the united states on the other hand is tied in with the y.p. g. forces inside syria who have been the main fighting forces that the u.s. has been allied with in the battle against isis but more than that to maintain a u.s. presence inside syria which the u.s. military has been declaring is there for indefinitely. violent
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clashes have broken out in the central american country of honduras after president and this was sworn in for a second term riot police fired tear gas at a crowd of opposition supporters in the capital. i. i was i was up. the opponents have accused president and those of rigging the election held last november and international observers have cited numerous irregularities since the election at least thirty one people have been killed in street riots and
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well for more on all of these and plenty of other stories that go to our web site r.t. dot com otherwise i'll be back with the latest headlines at the top of the hour see them.
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when lawmakers manufacture them sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round certainly the one percent. nor middle of the room signals. the real news is real. pay everybody i'm stephen baldwin task hollywood guy the suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. news story this is my buddy max famous financial guru well she's a little bit different. though no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road have some fun meet everyday americans come calling and
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my old son is still full of the most prestigious of those photos with footballs from the school with the foolish new novel jewels of polish comfort in a fairly new for california school with the bushelful of the fall. and soon the dollars just for the goldfish one of them is a mushroom just lazing plus there was. no bush willingness to assume you know muslim would be all of the old if one is to follow also they need to go to the more truthful for you while your bush will be the way that we would also but i'd call you up bush was a nose or. if i were of public opinion i would seek to have myself and all of my friends in my family of leaders at the local level the national level be arrested by israel what you need to do is hold a mirror up to the israeli people and say this is what you're creating this is the
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reality on the ground we're not using violence we will not cooperate with the occupation and more i plead with the public students who do turn a nonviolent struggle because if you use violence you will never get the support of the israelis or the world. about your sudden passing iphone leaches learned you worry yourself in taking your last bang turn. to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each parent . but then my feeling started change you talked about more like it was a cave plz tell some my fondest.


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