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topics on this year's agenda at davos actually had little to do with economics at all author and editor gerald celente is think thinks the world economic forum has shifted its focus from the central word and its name the davos big to the zero point one percent of the people they have very little concern about or what the rest of the people are getting it's one big club and it's to deal making club again all those other little things about you know gay rights equal pay oh that's just a lot of nonsense and it's for the media to write about when they don't want to write about the hard facts of how the so few own so much or how so many own so little. on saturday a taliban suicide bomber killed one hundred three people and injured two hundred thirty five others in the afghan capital those are the latest figures from the country's interior ministry.
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the bombing in kabul is the deadliest acts of terrorism in afghanistan since the truck blast in may last year which claimed one hundred fifty lives and the latest attack follows a recent surge in violence earlier this week on to militants attacked a save the children office in the city of jalalabad shortly after a car bomb exploded outside the premises six people were reportedly killed and dozens more injured i still claims responsibility for the attack we spoke to. an
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eyewitness until i learned who lost his son in the atrocity should be shut up it's like you does this for the world first i heard a few shots then we saw a man running and we lost more that happened he told us about the attack so we left the area and when we were one hundred meters away a big explosion went off i was wounded in the eye as you can see when i got back i saw that my car was on fire one hour later there were more explosions and the fire started again. the most before one of my son who worked as a volunteer at the save the children our first was killed in the incident his body is still inside the building my son was an educated man he was our financial provider it was only six months ago that my son got engaged. the german media has revealed that the number of islamic extremists in southeastern europe is being under reported by the federal government that's based on classified documents obtained by germany's left party artie's peter all of a has
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a story there's a growing threat from islamic extremism in europe based in the balkans and the german government is keeping it to itself and that's according to a highly classified report that's being seen by some left party m.p.'s the media. the german federal government cannot discount the basic threat posed by individuals and splinter groups in the islamist scene in bosnia-herzegovina. the hush hush document goes as far as to claim that there is a direct link between radical islamic groups in bosnia herzegovina and people in germany the true nature of what this heavily classified report says doesn't come out parts of it were redacted from the copy that was shown to the left party the federal government has been trying to downplay the growing islamist threat in public furthermore it's entirely unacceptable that the government continues to cover up the role of the gulf states my colleague charlotte dubin ski travel to bosnia herzegovina back in december she witnessed firsthand the situation on the
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ground there regarding islamic radicalization the local a mom is telling me that some of the residents have joined islamic state and it's one minute of the road and there are people who went to syria and forty on the side of i still but who tried to stop them. it looks like an ordinary sleepy village a few houses nestled between the hills not how you might imagine a cradle of terror. a look at the mom says he fears for his life after speaking out against those who joined eisel we do this in a positive with these radical elements are always unpredictable and these people breed with me the aid at the same table as me and they want to shoot me this has been edited version of the report issued by the government raises a lot of questions over what exactly germany knows about islamic radicalization in
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the balkans and how bad the situation actually is as we see in the answer to our parliamentarian question the german government gives the extra time its expertize that it doesn't explicitly in the gate the possibility that single persons or groups be longing to the islamistic scene of bosnia or else the governor could be a threat to germany and europe but in the same time the government in the eyes to speak about it financial transactions that are provided for example by the group states or turkey to the bike and states as well as the sending of the mumps by the states and contrary to the german secret service just now fish the german government tries to hide the fact of growing danger coming from islam is that groups from the public rallies are taking place across russia best sunday will be taking you live to thank all moscow to find out why after this short break they were both.
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but i don't want to leave you on the idea that dropping bombs brings leads to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles to go. to sox credit so you will be gossiping i would like for you. guys you tell me you are not full enough like. all the hawks that
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we along the border want. welcome back now supporters of russian opposition figure alexina valmy are gathering in a number of cities to protest russia's upcoming presidential elections as he goes down of joins me now live from one of those rallies taking place in central moscow right now eagle good to see you can you tell us more about what these people are unhappy about. well make it looks like just over a thousand people have already gathered here in central moscow and morkie flocking in now they are calling for the boy code only twenty eight seen presidential election this march they are saying that the election of these elections are
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illegitimate since their candidate alexina volley has not been allowed to run now that's because he's still serving a five year long suspended sentence and you can see obviously there are people who are very passionate about their cause and they are trying to make their point as obvious as possible now as as i was saying alexina volleys serving a five year long suspended sentence after he had been found guilty of embezzlement and russian law prohibits a man like that a person with the sentence like that to hold public office now in terms of arrests there haven't been any here no rest no detentions although the most cool authorities the city authorities have not approved this location of the demonstration they had no problem with the protesters itself will be offered a different place for it but election of ali supporters decided to carry on with this place literally hundreds of meters away from the kremlin and now also election
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of ali himself he has been detained on his way here apparently this is what we're getting from his camp from his supporters you know also also with this is this action is a russia wide thing and in other cities a site we do know that some people have been arrested but the scale of those detentions i should rather say those detentions is not clear yet we're still yet waiting for the figures while here in moscow the offices on the lights in the valleys anticorruption around have been raided apparently by the police so that's what he has been saying on his twitter page now we are following this protest in moscow and i will be bringing you the latest as we get it. so that i thought is that you go. don of there thank you very much. and there was a fiery exchange between russia and america at the united nations on tuesday over who's to blame for chemical attacks in syria and how they should be investigated mosco suggested that future probes should require independent experts to visit the
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sites of suspected incidents but that idea was rejected russia is complicit in the assad regime's atrocities but you are acting as judge and prosecutor russia is running from the facts your behavior exposes your true motives russia has the audacity to lecture this security council this is a long political spectacle for not going to accept any russian proposal that undermines our ability to get to the truth we should at least have taken a look at the draft before rejecting it russia all on its own killed the mechanism we had specific tasks to identify those responsible q what do you need an investigative mechanism for before an investigation you have been accused the syrian government of using chemical weapons. the emergency meeting was summoned following claims that another chemical attack took place in syria on monday the reports were produced by controversial program militants sourses but that didn't
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stop the u.s. secretary of state saying that russia should shoulder the blame for that were conducted. russia ultimately burrs responsibility for the victims and the countless other syrian targeted with chemical weapons since russia became involved in syria. in essence a massive propaganda attack was conducted with the purpose of slandering russia on the world stage and undermining efforts for a peaceful settlement in syria but joint investigation mechanism or doom was a therapist in two thousand and fifteen is accused the syrian government of carrying out several chemical attacks. and khalid shaikh hoon in april last year even though no gym investigators ever visited that site let him monday to has now expired and moscow is requesting that changes are made in particular it once signed
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to visit to be part of any future investigations russia also stresses the importance of eyewitness accounts for u.k. on vasudev to syria peter ford say's standards need to improve there's no independent corroboration of these reports and pull reasons to disbelieve the now discredited white helmet had chlorine gas being used it would have been a cloud which would have been visible and photographable so the report. very hard to credit what was said simply not logical it's almost comical in its absurdity regardless who used them grotesque it's not serious the americans are not serious at all they just want to score points in their wrestling the big power game with russia. and
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someone asks where are you from should you be offended that very question has stirred a debate about racism after a social media campaign was launched in sweden hellacious that they explained. well from sounds like an innocent enough question doesn't it but it could land you in trouble here's what i actually had to explain that i first need to tell you about an online campaign launched in sweden to help expose racism hash tag no stranger we hope to raise awareness regarding the extensive issue of racism that actually does exist in sweden although many want to believe that we live in the world's most tolerant country there dearest shakespearean says of being subjected to racism and tens out asking why me from rob some people up the wrong way even though i was born here people always ask me where i'm from i hate it when they do that nobody put on a decide where my home is where i come from doesn't concern you and it shouldn't
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matter i say shouldn't we ever ask people about their country of origin to be on the safe side. well here's some advice from a man behind the hashtag no stranger campaign you can also question just make sure you do it right it's ok to wonder about someone's country of origin but it should not be the very first thing to ask a stranger about because the reaction that follows is usually very stereotypical and racist like oh you're from viet nam i think it's quite terrible that you guys eat dogs. so its name first originated and no follow up questions got it.
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and finally everyday household chores can actually be fun when you're floating in zero gravity here's all favorite video of the week right from the international space station. and you can have your say on all stories by following us on social media i'll be back in about thirty minutes with the latest headlines i'll see you. back geysers financial survival guide liquid those that you can convert music as
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yes it was pretty wild card it's getting wild card with abuse to me sure are. you sure you know the old system on. which i will little bit of something that you know towards that c.b.s. show is. extreme . you. should. assume he's taking. pictures to put. your. record to. go read my work while i get the more i started with almost all of. this to get
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a preview of the. meaning would you and then one thing is all creation which is trash now it's just going to take you. nothing you as was not what. she can even you knew you would you just don't know what it's like the cost. is ever present. just a little short of the. bills much all over this just a little one in which i hope of course but i just i'm showing no muscle so six year olds little story is that we feel sure for years just will still cool one of the novels it's also a. source for source. of so much as for why it sure is unwise to know what you want to. sell out when the purple was the full text or while. you were putting the filmmakers with the old girl. for.
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school stuff was a. was a genius with. this issue of i'm just going to make her go for the interview austin rules are just grows good even if it was last week and it's this is already owned by those girls it's only as good as you. will do my. just for the first time yeah you know more from school for young people to see markers of when you're full of the ice which also sins of the ocean or the. glue should that's what they'll tell you george but they go such a. stuck record the women you know so was diminished it was a society or lost interest of joy a couple tells me was a. video which is you know when you go through story seals would you please to learn the fall for which is today's silk will soon do it more some one of the.
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people to him is a lawyer but when you tell us that you did in a soft touch or nelson myself better now has made it. much easier for you now before you. term scores can you merit your point many of them were. some. the from. the. tributes today to.
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the motion for. those amazing if. not. yes show up.
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for some i sent you my friend of george. bush we. just should. do you. like. you for you. see. the infantile pseudo son. it's stunning to use similar shoes for the. yellow was the moment she chose for the i'm the mom. of the only one youngster with
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three pneumonia just the most of what me choice that's. pretty awful they're all strive to be in your life when the social source not really mommy or. bushnell there and if there were. promises there more through partial choice on the part of the social and cultural slide for those last year the government in the seventies or the player yelling or someone. else and it's just the most prestigious of those photos because wholesomeness going to assume. the fullest will come from the following you must deal with the crucial
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role of the fall. is in the door just wish that one of them is a must in this lazing plus there was. no bush willingness to this and no one would feel the full risk when those two poll shows they need to get in on which to fulfill boys bush will be the day that we will build also ahead oh yeah. any good then lead to one british man using the button to press the right button and sit over the. exchange so many sway. banks it is a goody in this business sense to see this week on just shoot up. everybody.


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