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and belfast but they speak of a different set of the most when they're in london some of their m.p.'s of course have signed up to this proposal. i have no doubt that in their heart of hearts they would love to see anonymously for british forces but as i say it simply doesn't work and i think when they're at home in belfast that's when their attitude changes why should we take you seriously if early involves to as i say in defacto alliance to keep the tories away the prime minister of united kingdom says your party glorifies terrorism well we don't say we stand with victims and and say i want to give expression and voice to the victims who stand in parliament score and talking about their kids you know this isn't a vocation for you and you know we stand up you know we long call for a truth and reconciliation process to be able to deal with the conflict in the facts of legacy and our political process. the british government doesn't want british government to hide behind national security they want to hide behind reduction of documents when it comes to these inquests i want to star these inquests of funds we know for example in the five year period sixty nine to seventy
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four were the real this absolution of the military process in ireland the british armed forces responsible for two thirds of civilians killed unarmed on armed civilians killed but the military police controlled investigations that's why the situation i were families are looking for some sort of truth and justice when it comes to the murder of their loved ones so it's like we're going through the good friday agreement all over again will she informed consent ever to resuming the parliament in northern ireland in stormont as long as the government refuses an inquiry into the valley where a few months ago and the northern ireland government refused to fund the inquest which starts in september we would be back into the evolution tomorrow if the british government and other parties lived up to compromises and implemented deals already made and we were talking here about it pretty sure she was shot dead and it's been civilians on the streets of london and then wanted arms in front of the courts it absolutely would not be tolerated so why would why should it be tolerated
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in belfast and just very briefly and then you got more information rather like an island massacre on eighteenth june one thousand nine hundred four as well we were british military agents imported weapons from the party so the african n.t.r. lindt military agents fired their weapons on the native killed six innocent man who were watching a world cup football match and then as the police almost no report has revealed last year the police think colluded to cover up what happened these paramilitaries links to ali and foster's apology well again there has been linked. resistance which many do you remember have been stood on platforms worth that's why our path is so contested and that's the one and i give again to julia nunes to say look it's not great to sit and they've retired in london and trained for eighty years past projects on to the very delicate ph d. . yes in ireland you need to become involved need to travel to ireland and speak to victims' families enough with hostile them present thank you after the break elementary affairs. and xenophobia we speak to margaret that is head of the
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diplomatic service about the i and they the support for apartheid in south africa but zionism and risking the lives of seventy thousand vietnamese boat people both civil coming up about to have going on the ground. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then . everybody i'm stephen both on the task hollywood guy you'll suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we're just a little bit different i'm not a. good one on the line no one knows about it with all the drama happening in our
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country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. released the memo russia gate morse into the f.b.i. gates also are the u.s. and turkey on the path to confrontation in syria and the great debate in jordan peterson is called a one man army and is taking the internet by storm. welcome back we're plans for margaret thatcher's statue alongside alleged war criminal winston churchill on parliament square rejected because the revelations in our next guest book maybe not but there's no doubt that britain's former diplomatic service
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chief has created waves with this month's publication of his diaries behind diplomatic lines relations with ministers lord right former ambassador to syria and saudi arabia service permanent undersecretary of state for foreign affairs and as head of the u.k. diplomatic service he joins me now thanks a lot right regarding on the show what exactly was misses that has a view of the emancipation of the black majority in south africa well i've recorded the conversation with me before i became p u s now about the u.s. stands for permanent under-secretary. but i have recorded the conversations i had when i was invited to lunch for my predecessor who was going to washington. and my clear recollection of the conversation was that mrs thatcher showed a very marked preference for maintaining a. white majority. land
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in southern africa. it's not that surprising given they were having wilson mandela t. shirts on i guess really on conservatives but it was a view which was. contested by the foreign secretary of the drawn by geoffrey howe i'm not from moment suggesting that it was southern africa that was the main difference or difficulty between the prime minister and geoffrey there were also personality differences. with margaret thatcher is quoted in the book i've done over there it's correct as describing geoffrey as a new bumbler but i think in fact her treatment of geoffrey was frankly questionable. there's a story again recorded in the doris of how i think mrs thatcher was receiving and is and when told to geoffrey was waiting to see her she said he can wait
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well i mean think that that is merely an example of the way in which frankly she treated him quite on happily deliver the murdoch editor well this. you know description in the doris of a meeting of following the. the sort of exception meeting in london of the of the commonwealth. when geoffrey howe invited me to go with him to an international scene and mrs thatcher started to attack geoffrey howe who opened his box and pulled out some signatures and sat doing some signatures which considerably put margaret thatcher out so she turned her far on to me. what it is that if i don't die remember what she said because she clearly she clearly said what she would have said geoffrey. is no longer with us without say geoffrey our
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lord how he got his own back in effect i should do so using just one. criticism of my daria's which i've read in the press and that is why attack someone criticize somebody who is long since dead the answer is that these diaries record events twenty seven years ago indeed actually they could have been they could have been clear through the twenty year rule but i received another seven years to read it. but i think that's why. they. are being printed now that mrs thatcher has long since did jeffrey howard's long since the douglas heard is sadly you know him and john major is there to read the book as he will douglas heard quoted in this book seems to back up your recall recollections here saying in a cabinet of
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a cabinet meeting three items parliamentary affairs home affairs and xenophobia this was not just hurts coming in the you know was she was lady thatcher xenophobic as douglas heard a bit later thatcher had i mean i don't i don't i don't want to you know was she a racist or did they think of him pretty or politic they want to give the impression that i'm universally critical of lady thatcher who is wrong no it doesn't come out with it was she a raise along with dr minister but one thing that did disturb us in the foreign office numbers i think of considerable. a considerable problem in our foreign affairs was her dislike of germans. now germany was and is now even more so a very very important member of the european union but then it was extremely important on the chancellor co margaret thatcher never quad a relationship the chancellor merkel which could remove being called so possible
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and could changing relations within what what was it was the european union it was after the indeed indeed she also was very critical of germans i mean of german speakers and this led her to be very green is that of her brains enough to be there in the sense that when when austria was considered to be a member of the european union which was very small in those days. margaret thatcher was very much against the idea she thought that it was going all going to be wrong from germany but about racism was she saw south africa as a geopolitical no i wouldn't say she was racist certainly but and i think this is a case where i would prefer margaret thatcher to be transfer my criticisms than for me to make from amounts ok but you say that one of her worst she was at her worst
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when in your experience over the vietnam boat people that seventy thousand refugees of course were in danger of drowning there was a danger of disagreement between geoffrey a margaret thatcher on the treatment of vietnamese people i should say that that was during my time as permanent under-secretary temple's probably the one case where we had a significant difference from the united states but memories of palestinians not being allowed into palestine into israel. the very very sensitive question in your book very aware. all through it that the foreign office had a reputation win when you were in it to being pro arab and anti israel particularly in the context of it is that you're having a constituency in north london with a lot of jewish constituents right well as an arab east and having been towards arabic when i joined the foreign office i was very conscious of this. myth if i may
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put it that way that the foreign office was totally biased on the side of the arabs we were not anti israel but we were considerably so we were aware of what was going on in the arab world because we serve them. and in order to try and correct this when i was head of the foreign office i made it very very careful i was very careful to develop relations with the jewish community a number i visited israel during my time as peiris and i really worked quite hard at it i think my diaries reveal that i attended the ceremony in the albert hall to celebrate the anniversary was the anniversary of israel's foundation and although i perhaps took exception of a hat that be talked about we sang i think about the return of the jews to an
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empty course on mt here earlier i never this was very kind of you to emphasize to the rabbi chief rabbi who is. my desire to improve relations with he was going of interest some of us zionist view is probably still won't convince me it was the reputation come from i think i probably did convince him but if not i may be a first for it but where did the reputation come from. reputation i think is largely invented by the by the media but also i think you know when when the large number of people served in the middle east they tend to give the impression that they're reflecting a corporate view and the president that i want to try to correct and it was not for jewish community also helped me is try to correct because one foreign office minister during your tenure david mellor. people people they remember. he was
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moved out because of saying a few things that many people who are listed in would say are quite minor i think of you by it's a bit far to say he was moved out but certainly he did get into trouble over remarks he made to israeli officers through doing jewish minders of officers well he went on a visit to israel and quite early on sol some met some jewish officers who were in charge of a camp a camp a palestinian temple and he spoke perhaps in rather lurid language of the way in which they were treating their palestinian community and he got into great trouble for this did you feel when you visited the british embassy and in israel the plight of the palestinians you saw you know i also visited the consul general in jerusalem who of course was our diplomatic contact because we didn't recognize israel
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withdrew from the like washington by crossing the hand i was. about i was. introduced to a large number of palestinians during my visits truth to them and that actually on both sides the relationship was good she still is still a diplomat but you say israel was impeding the reunification of families certainly i don't i mean i think there were a lot of problems with israeli behavior. some of which i think margaret thatcher as the m.p. for finchley. took to heart and in fact there's a story in my diary is of how she sent a message to geoffrey howe in. knox or i think then foreign secretary foreign secretary telling him to calm his. comment i have
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stopped talking about a palestinian solution. how difficult is it to get a book like this cleared in the book you seem to advise david owen. secretary of clearing any that memo was with i didn't personally basis in terms of day to day and i thought he probably ought to submit it for clearance he question that but there we are that's his reference is one way six then a reference to a secluded area which i did i did submit i don't draw it just address to the foreign office in fact i think the cabinet office are responsible for clearing drafts of the source but i you know i got foreign office clearance and it was a triple the size before they got to the things the next time you'll have to come on as as lord right talking about syria and perhaps i sort of an opposition look
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forward to his study but as well all right thank you for the show and does the bricks it bill passes allow into the house of lords we'll be back on wednesday to speak to the former secretary of the treasury lord flight about why brics it could be a win for the city of london until then you can buy social media will feel wednesday fifteen years to the day that according to a secret memo tony blair allegedly plotted the iraq war with us president george w. bush in the white house with or without a u.n. resolution. seemed wrong. but. just don't call. me. to shape out. come out. and engage me because betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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and then when you do a one hundred thirty she using the button to press the right button and sit over the. exchange so that is why this fax it is a lady in this descent to see this piece on just shoot up. the wall hard sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle for the dog. to stop to try to tell you that somebody gossiped a couple of my file for the most important day. off of advertising telling you on the cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks
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that we along with our audience will watch. it. this is harlan kentucky. overboard this move them places people were going street fanny's. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was just said that there was a lot of to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened.
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the international paralympic committee uphold its ban on team russia despite admitting the country's anti doping system is no longer corrupt and it also shows there is only half of the russian athletes who are proven clean may be allowed to compete as neutral. islamic states that is behind an attack on a military academy in cobol which left eleven servicemen dead and another sixteen injured is the latest in a string of terrorist atrocities in afghanistan that have claimed more than a hundred lives. high street fashion giants age and am isn't brought in another controversy of the shoppers claimed to see the word allah written on its new socks we round up some of the many other things that have offended the public plea the.
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very warm welcome to you you're watching r.t. international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and nicky at. the international paralympic committee has upheld its ban on team russia for the upcoming twenty eighteen winter games some clean athletes but not all of them will be allowed to compete in south korea in march and a neutral flag the i.p.c. president said moscow has not met all of the criteria for lifting the suspension however he confirmed russia's anti doping system has made great progress we now have greater confidence to doping system in russia is no longer a compromise and corrupt. the competitors from russia who will be allowed to take part in the games will do so under the name of neutral paralympic athlete it means not only the country's symbols such as the anthem the flag will be banned but also
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even attribution to a country the international paralympic committee says the decision is meant to send a message to russia. we hope that our decision here announced today it will influence russia for the ration to have a different approach on that because they haven't met the criteria and the grittiest stays for a statement of. by whether also have in their criteria a fully acknowledgement of what happened that there was a systematic doping scheme in place in russia sixty seven russian athletes were tested ahead of the pyong chang games all of them were cleared of having taken any banned substances the i.p.c. says that only thirty to thirty five will be allowed to compete after they meet a list of criteria that must confirm none of them was ever implicated in the doping scheme knowingly or unknowingly alan moore host of capital sports on moscow's
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capital f.m. radio station believes that all clean athletes should be allowed to compete everything that is said today i mean it. is a little bit of given that they are low so massively it's between thirty thirty five to compete a lot of a still doesn't make sense because ultimately as we all know this diseases are based on informants kind of wish to get away from russia so i mean did this is based on roger and i think we have to be very very careful in how we deal with this for. the power of astley's they are already presumed guilty before they have a chance to prove their innocence been testing clean and the last twelve or seventeen months as mr parsons brought up they should be allowed to compete we go back to thirty or thirty five athletes will go right now we believe but i do believe there's more twists introject to calling this tale. earlier today the world anti-doping agency opened a new investigation over claims the athlete sample bottles can easily be opened
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while frozen pizza all of a has more this comes almost same day is a new story broke regarding the sample bottles that he used to collect. samples from athletes that have been tested to see if they've taken performance enhancing drugs now this all took place a testing laboratory in cologne in germany where they found that when frozen these particular bottles were very easy to open why is that important you may ask well the whole reason is that when it's athlete gives a sample that actually give to some polls they given a sample in a based on poll the a samples are tested immediately b. samples are frozen and nuts used to either back up the findings of the a sample or to cast doubt over whether it was a false positive or not it's interesting that these bottles although we've only been in place since since september of last year the same company that made the bottles that were used in sochi back in twenty fourteen and those bottles of course
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that were at the very heart of all of the scandal surrounding russia in the olympics and the bombs that have been handed out for doping. i'm now joined live by john good body and sports news correspondent for the sunday times mr good body good to have you on the program with us now out of fix the seven paralympic athletes only thirty to thirty five will be allowed to take part even though none of them have ever tested positive for doping do you think the i.p.c. is right to set out such a system. yes because they're going on the evidence of gregory road turn call off the man who was in charge of the anti doping in russia and they've looked at his evidence which of course the russian or thora says do not except and that is why they have made the decision that they've done which is
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a compromise. certainly as far as russia is concerned in the sense that at least you've got thirty to thirty five competitors who are able to compete in the games in five of the six different disciplines which will be held in the winter games in p.r. on training what do you make of this time this latest revelation that the world anti-doping agency has opened this new investigation over the sample bottles which it turns out can be easily opened while frozen does that not a constant doubt thing your mind i think it touches down everyone's mind about. a large numbers of samples which have been stored but of course one has to go back to sochi and twenty fourteen and the allegations that were made at that was subsequently about how the russian state
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perverted the course of a limb picked justice in our allowing certain some pulls to be. the victim of mao practise let's talk about sir collective responsibility these athletes have been proven to be clean yet that being tarred with the same brush in the olympics the post to be about individual performances. yes but if you go back. thirty or forty years to the way in south africa was rightly banned rightly in my opinion right here in the russian government's opinion raan clear in the united kingdom's government permission. position they burned all south african athlete from competing in the games. nearly for nearly thirty years and those include you black athletes who are completely innocent they were allowed
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to compete in the games. and no one really rose nearly the fuss then the people are now doing as you are about the russian our streets who are believed to be in the moment. let's say again about collective responsibility from an outsider standpoint perhaps it makes sense but putting yourself in the shoes of these athletes we've been hearing some of that stories and you know they've been training their entire lives for this opportunity they've never used doping in that word since yet they've been banned from living out their dream perhaps and you're not looking at fund their point of view out you would feel if you were one of those athletes who had trained all your life for this opportunity. yeah i was so huge it's actually the same as with the black athletes in the nine hundred sixty seven two thousand natives who themselves were training and were unable to compete in the games because for very good reasons in my opinion because of the apartheid system
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which permeated the south african government system of apartheid. that they were. unable to take part in the guy in any in any international sport and certainly at the olympics for all that period just as your russian athlete and competitors at the moment are on able to compete. despite the fact that they may well be absolutely clean you say that you're in favor of this ban on the russian team and you're basing that on what ten calls and reports but the i.o.c. investigation that was announced back in december found no solid evidence of a state i think system well it depends what you mean by state doping system if you mean by state doping system something that has come from the very top of the
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russian government possibly not but nevertheless there was connivance by large numbers of members or ally legations. connivance of by large numbers of members of russian or for ashis who acting as officials at the games and that for the i.o.c. and for the international paralympic committee has become an acceptable. now the key criteria preventing the reinstatement of the russian olympic and paralympic committee is that most go has not accepted the findings of the mclaren report where the key witness were chen cove was himself part of the game however russia has made substantial progress in measures. do you think that policy violations should have a cloud over the future. of our two criteria are all.


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