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majority of political parties in ireland the victims commissioner herself and belfast who spoke very strongly against this proposal and all the victims organizations out there who give great expression i think to the feelings of the families who have suffered at the hands of these british soldiers think prime minister tourism a who is only prime minister of the united kingdom because of her deal with the d u p will ever respond to your calls regarding or the cause of those people that we just spoke to about the belly movie massacre well we haven't a deal of course the british prime minister has the par and the international legal obligation to fund inquests into a lot of these legacy cases and they're currently as they have been doing for a number of years no holding back fighting funds to be able to do that we know they have a policy of slow waltz the slow disclosure of information to families over decades hoping the families will simply die off when no longer be interested in these cases but as we've seen today with the families that's not the kiss their campaigns go on stronger and stronger on toller day where they have the truth and the justice the
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bizarrely you have an ally in ali and fall said of the do you be in defacto coalition with drazen may because she doesn't want to them misty for british soldiers say you know the d.p. are very mixed in this you know you hear one thing and belfast but they speak out of a different set of the most when they're in london some of their m.p.'s of course have signed up to this proposal. i have no doubt that in their heart of hearts they would love to see anonymously for british forces but as i say it simply doesn't work and i think when they're at home in belfast that's when their attitude changes why should we take you seriously if early in foster as i say in defacto alliance to keep tories away the prime minister of the united kingdom says your party glorifies terrorism well we don't say we stand with victims and and say i want to give expression and voice to the victims who stand in parliament score and talking about their kids you know this isn't a vote in free and you know we stand up you know we long call for a truth and reconciliation process to be able to deal with the conflict in the
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facts of legacy and our political process. the british government doesn't want british government to hide behind national security who want to hide behind reduction of documents when it comes to these inquests i want to start of these inquests of funds we know for example in the five year period sixty nine to seventy four were the real the absolution of the military process in ireland the british armed forces responsible for two thirds of civilians killed on armed on armed civilians killed but the military police controlled investigations that's why of a situation where families are looking for some sort of truth and justice when it comes to the murder of their loved ones so it's like we're going through the whole good friday agreement all over again will she informed consent ever to resuming the parliament in northern ireland in stormont as long as the government refuses an inquiry into the valley were a few months ago and the northern ireland government refused to fund the inquest which starts in september we would be back into the evolution tomorrow if the
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british government and other parties lived up to compromises and implemented deals already made and we were talking here about british orders who shot dead and it's been civilians on the streets of london and then wanted arms in front of the courts it absolutely would not be tolerated so why would why should it be tolerated in belfast and just very briefly and then you get more information rather like an island massacre on eighteenth june one thousand nine hundred four is what really curious were british military agents imported weapons from the party so the africa n.p.r. learned military agents fired the weapons on the native killed six innocent man who were watching a world cup football match and then as a police almost no report has revealed last year the police think colluded to cover up what happened these paramilitaries links to ali involved as well again there has been linked. resistance which many do you remember have been stood on platforms worth that's why our path is so contested and that's the one and i give again the julian has to say look it's not great to set and they've retired in london and
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trained for eighty years past projects on to the very delicate p.h.p. . yes in ireland you need to become involved need to travel to ireland and speak to victims' families enough with them chris hasn't thank you after the break elementary affairs. and xenophobia we speak to margaret thatcher's head of the diplomatic service about the i and they do support for apartheid in south africa but zionism for risking the lives of seventy thousand vietnamese boat people over the more coming up about to have going on the ground. many can then lead to one goodish men using the button to press the right button and sit over again. so that the sway. of accidents oh goody in this consensus here this week we've done just enough.
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welcome back we're plans for margaret thatcher's statue alongside alleged war criminal winston churchill on parliament square rejected because the revelations in our next guest book maybe not but there's no doubt that britain's former diplomatic service chief has created waves with this month's publication of his diaries behind diplomatic lines relations with ministers lord wright former ambassador to syria and saudi arabia service permanent undersecretary of state for foreign affairs and as head of the u.k. diplomatic service he joins me now thanks a lot right regarding on the show what exactly was misses that has a view of the emancipation of the black majority in south africa well i've recorded
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the conversation with me before i became p. us about the us stands for a permanent under-secretary. but i have recorded the conversations i had when i was invited to lunch for my predecessor who is going to washington. and my clear recollection of the conversation was that mrs thatcher shared a very marked preference for maintaining a. white majority. land in southern africa. it's not that surprising given they were having wilson mandela t. shirts on i don't really own conservatives but it was a view which was. contested by the foreign secretary of the zone by geoffrey howe i'm not from moment suggesting that it was southern africa that was the main difference or difficulty between the prime minister and geoffrey there also
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personality differences. with margaret thatcher is quoted in the book i've been over there is correct as describing jeffrey as a new bumbler but i think in fact her treatment of geoffrey was frankly questionable. there's a story again recorded in the doris of how i think mrs thatcher was receiving and is and when told to jeffrey was waiting to see her she said he can wait well i mean think that that is merely an example of the way in which frankly she treated him quite on happily deliver the murdoch editor well this. you know description in the doris of a meeting are following the. the sort of exception meeting in london of the of the commonwealth. when geoffrey howe invited me to go with him
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to the international scene and mrs thatcher started to attack geoffrey howe who opened his box and pulled out some signatures and sat doing some signatures which considerably put margaret thatcher out so she turned her far on to me. but it's great if i don't or remember what she said because she clearly she clearly said what she would have said geoffrey. is no longer with us without say geoffrey our lord how he got his own back in effect i said to closing this is just one. criticism of my daria's which i read in the press and that is why attack some more criticize somebody who has long since stated the answer is that these diaries record events twenty seven years ago indeed actually they could have been they could have been clear through the twenty year rule but i received another seven
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years to read it. but i think that's why. they. are being printed now that mrs thatcher has long since did geoffrey howard's long since the douglas heard is sadly in the home and john major is there to read the book as he will douglas heard quoted in this book seems to back up your recall recollections here saying in a cabinet of a cabinet meeting three items parliamentary affairs home affairs and xenophobia this was not just hurts coming in the you know was she was lady thatcher xenophobic as douglas heard a bit later thatcher had i mean i don't i don't i don't want to you know was he a racist or whatever they think of him pretty or politic they want to give the impression that i'm universally critical of lady thatcher who is wrong no it doesn't come out with was you raise the mark was right minister but one thing that
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did disturb us in the foreign office numbers i think of considerable. a considerable problem in our foreign affairs was her dislike of germans. now germany was and is now even more so a very very important member of the european union but then it was extremely important on the chancellor co margaret thatcher never quad a relationship the chancellor merkel which could remove being called so possible and could changing relations within what was it was the european union it was after the indeed indeed she also was very critical of germans i mean of german speakers and this led her to be very queen's that of her range in a few big in the sense that when when austria was considered to be a member of the european union which was very small in those days. margaret
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thatcher was very much against the idea she thought that it was going all going to be wrong from germany but about racism was she saw south africa as a geopolitical no i wouldn't say she was racist certain but and i think this is a case where i would prefer margaret thatcher to be transferred my criticisms come for me to make from an ounce of ok but you say that one of her worst she was at her worst when in your experience over the vietnam boat people that seventy thousand refugees of course were in danger of drowning there was a danger of disagreement between geoffrey a margaret thatcher on the treatment of vietnamese people i should say that that was during my time as permanent under-secretary that was probably the one case where we had a significant difference from the united states but memories of palestinians
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not being allowed into palestine into israel. the very very sensitive question in your book very aware. all through it that the foreign office had a reputation win when you were in it to being pro arab and anti israel particularly in the context of it is that you're having a constituency in north london with a lot of jewish constituents right well as an arab east and having been towards arabic when i joined the foreign office i was very conscious of this. myth if i may consider that the foreign office was totally biased on the side of the arabs we were not anti israel but we were considerably so we were aware of what was going on in the arab world because we serve them. and in order to try and correct this when i was head of the foreign office i made it very very careful i was very careful to
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develop relations with the jewish community a number i visited israel during my time as peiris and i really worked quite hard at it i think my diaries reveal that i attended the ceremony in the albert hall to celebrate the anniversary was the anniversary of israel's foundation and although i perhaps took exception of a hat that we talked about reese sang i think about the return of there to jews to an empty course on empty. i never this was very kind of you to emphasize to the rabbi chief rabbi who is that by design to improve relations with you he was convinced some of us zionist view is probably still around convincingly has the reputation come from that i think i probably did convince him but if not i may be a first for it but where did the reputation come from. reputation i think is
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largely invented by the by the media but also i think you know when when the large number of people served in the middle east they tend to give the impression that they're reflecting a corporate view and the president that i want to try to correct and it was not for jewish community also helped me is try to correct because one foreign office minister during your tenure david mellor. people people they remember. he was moved out because of saying a few things that many people who are listed in would say are quite minor i think of your bio it's a bit far to say he was moved out but certainly he did get into trouble over remarks he made to israeli officers do you do a jewish mind as of others as well he went on a visit to israel and quite early on sol some met some
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jewish officers who were in charge of a camp a camp a palestinian camp and he spoke perhaps in rather lurid language of the way in which they were treating their palestinian community and he got into great trouble for this did you feel when you visited the british embassy and in israel the plight of the palestinians you saw you know i also visited the consul general in jerusalem who of course was our diplomatic contact because we didn't recognize israel withdrew from the like washington by crossing them and i was. i was. introduced to a large number of palestinians during my visits truth to them and that actually on both sides the relationship was good she still is still a diplomat but you say israel was impeding the reunification of families certainly
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i don't i mean i think there were a lot of problems with israeli behavior. some of which i think margaret thatcher as the m.p. for finchley. took to heart and in fact there's a story in my diary is of how she sent a message to geoffrey howe in. knox or i think then foreign secretary foreign secretary telling him to calm his. call me to stop talking about a palestinian solution. how difficult is it to get a book like this cleared in the book you seem to advise david. i did. and i thought he probably ought to submit it for clearance.
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but there we all that's his reference is no references to it because i did i did. not draw it. to the foreign office in fact i think the cabinet office are responsible for clearing drafts of the source but. foreign office. before they go to it. next time you'll have to come on as a. lord right talking about syria. over the opposition look forward to his people that's wrong lloyd wright thank you for the show and. the house of lords will be back on wednesday this week in the form of. the treasury flight about why bricks it could be for the city of london until the. social media will feel wednesday fifteen years to the day that according to a secret memo tony blair allegedly plotted the iraq war with u.s. president george w. bush in the white house with or without a u.n.
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resolution. saying that market failure many times we saw in two thousand and nineteen ninety seven in one nine hundred eighty seven and we're going to see it again probably in the very near future because the underlying design. has not been modified to account for changes in technology over the past fifty sixty seventy years and we keep having these catastrophic failure. release the memo russia gate morse into the f.b.i. gates also are the u.s.
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and turkey on the path the confrontation in syria and the great debate jordan peterson has called one army and is taking the internet by storm. zia's says harlan kentucky. boys you go three families leave. a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the promises that there was a lot of to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how
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it's happened. international paralympic committee holds its ban on team russia despite admitting the country's anti doping system is no longer corrupt but also says that only half of russian athletes who are proven to be clean may be allowed to compete as neutral . islamic state says that it's behind an attack on a military academy kabul which left eleven servicemen dead and another sixteen injured is just the latest in a string of terrorist atrocities in afghanistan that the claimed more than one hundred lives. has come to light that fitness bracelets not only revealing the secrets of your health but also the secret locations around the world where soldiers have been training.
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good to have you with us this hour you're watching r.t. international. the international paralympic committee has upheld its ban on team russia for the upcoming twenty eight hundred winter games some clean athletes but not all of them will be allowed to compete in south korea in march under a neutral flag the i.p.c. president said that moscow hasn't met all of the criteria for lifting the suspension but he confirmed that russia's anti-doping system has made great progress russian police are regularly tested and they are amongst the most scrutinized by our affiliates in the world. and they disappear vision of while we now have greater confidence that the anti doping system in russia is no longer a compromise and corrupt the competitors from russia who will be allowed to take part in the games will do so under the name of a neutral paralympic athlete means not only national symbols such as anthem and
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flag will be banned but also even attribution to a country international paralympic committee says the decisions meant to send a message to russia we hold our decision here announced today it will influence russia for the regime to have a different approach on that because they haven't met the criteria and the grittiest stays for restatement of. by a while they're all sore in their criteria a fully acknowledgement of what happened that there was a systematic dropping scheme in place in russia. since the accusations of systematic doping first emerged russia has overhauled its anti doping institutions still not all of the clean athletes will be able to go to the punch and games of those sixty seven tested and cleared of having taken any banned substances only thirty to thirty five will actually be allowed to compete that is if they meet a list of criteria that most confirm none of them was ever implicated in the doping
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scheme knowingly or unknowingly are the more host of capital sports on moscow's capital f.m. radio station believes that all clean athletes should be allowed to take part. everything that they said today i mean it. is a little bit of given that they are low so mass leads between thirty to thirty five to compete a lot of a still doesn't make sense because ultimately as we all know this decisions are based on informants kind of wish to get away from russia so i mean did this is based on roger and i think we have to be very very careful in how we deal just for special deals astley to power our streets they are already presumed guilty before you have a chance to prove your innocence you've been testing clean in the last twelve or seventeen months as mr parsons brought up they should be allowed to compete we go back to thirty to thirty five athletes real goal right now we believe but i do believe just more twists introject to calling this tale. early today the world
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anti-doping agency opened a new investigation over claims a glitch makes it possible to manually open its new sample bottles revelations are likely to raise concerns over the integrity of the testing system be to all of us more now what's come out from a laboratory in cologne in germany is that when these particular bottles the supposed to be impossible to open without the correct tools are frozen while they become quite easy to open why is that important you may ask well the whole reason is that whereas our fleet gives a sample that actually gives two samples they given a sample and a based on pull the a samples are tested immediately the base samples are frozen and nuts used to either back up the findings of the a sample or to cast doubt over whether it was a false positive or not what this resulted in is an investigation by the world anti-doping agency into just how valid these b. samples are and they're also investigating the company. the swiss manufacturer that
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makes these bottles that are supposed to be impossible to open well it's interesting that these bottles although i've only been in place since since september of last. it's the same company that made the bottles that were used in back in twenty fourteen and those bottles of course that were at the very heart of all of the scandal surrounding russia in the olympics and the bombs that have been handed out for doping. of the ban on the russian paralympic team was first imposed in twenty sixteen when it was barred from the rio games just weeks before the competition got underway dan of looks back at how that scandal unfolded. all of them have a disability but each and every one of them have proven themselves very able they spent years defying the odds training for the rio twenty sixteen paralympics they had a dream but what they got instead was reality. delivered from
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the word of. the you don't want on totals war in the. world to. believe in all. my using smoke not all his loyalists even if. you will of pipes to post but it is all that many of them had there in your skull stormiest to start with now but only when there's a target look. these people are cheats apparently by the standards of the international paralympic committee at least weeks before the games in brazil the whole russian team was hit with a blanket ban not a single athlete allowed to participate the decision was based on a report its evidence and key witness still suspicious to those named and shamed the mclaren investigation accused russia of running a labrador open scheme orchestrated by the kremlin store brass according to the
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report a key russian lab routinely swapped dirty samples for clean ones resealing the bottles how did the russians do it a lot of people would love to hear mclaren's take on this mclaren says his word is evidence enough i've seen it i've seen it done in i've instructed it and it can be done it can be reinserted we don't know how the russians did it but we know they can be done the report revolves around the eyewitness account of grigori watch uncovered he is the former head of moscow's anti doping lab and says he was one of the cogs in the doping conspiracy in russia he's a want. man facing charges for destroying doping samples and abusing authority dece is a clear violation of the burden of proof and assumption of innocence it eight equally and legally not acceptable in doping cases it is
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a well established rule you have to prove as a doping agency that for ninety nine point nine percent somebody has doped mclaren report is not proven after to make a collective ban on all at leeds there must be something else and d. cells is politics presumption of innocence out of the window guilty by association these people have been stripped of everything their flag national anthem and colors. we care about how the finns competing again until they got it the right policy but sure they are a clean nation never mind cleaned out they are to be a clean nation in the wake of the scandal russia admitted to having a doping problem and has since tightened the legal screws only a handful of countries across europe consider dropping a criminal offense russia now does yet the paralympic committees decision has been
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to ban and those guilty by association good sports capital punishment it has done of r.t. . islamic state says that it carried out an attack on a military academy in the afghan capital of kabul killing eleven servicemen and injuring sixteen local journalists reports from the ground. there were five suicide attackers two of them killed by afghan national security forces and another two of them detonated their explosives and one of them was detained sue said jacket a rocket propelled grenade in for a k forty seven s were seized the attack almost to about four hours residence in that area reported hearing loud explosions there was the use of having small weapons so the fact that these militant groups
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can really strike a world in target these key military institutions as well as. security areas in kabul remains a serious source of concern for people living here in kabul at today's attack. anyone for the afghan national security forces remember they were killed not on the front line somewhere in some remote district or in a province where this is every day fighting i think that alone tells you that cities including kabul is becoming another. front in the afghan government just continues to struggle to prevent these militants from carrying out these attacks. on a country seen a wave of deadly terrorist attacks of late with three of them in just the past ten days.


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