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russian ministers now in total there are one hundred fourteen politicians and ninety six a businessman those businessman whose fortune is all for one billion dollars and they've got business and europe or the united states are also according to the u.s. treasury department and the inner circle of the russian president now the publication as. saying sions bill which was signed by u.s. president donald trump back in august last year but the u.s. treasury department denies that it is a sanctions list it is not a sanctions list and the inclusion of individuals or entities in this report does not and in no we should be interpreted to impose sanctions on those individuals or entities the u.s. ambassador to russia has already called for the russian side not to react emotionally to this publication the kremlin spokesperson said that this list does not represent anything in particular but they will still look into it a possible impact on the russian companies some other russian politicians have
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reacted quite certain sickly to this list they say that the u.s. intelligence is simply decided to include everyone from the kremlin phone book and want one high ranking official even said that this list is essentially a book of who is who and the russian politics so the u.s. says it is not saying sions list but what could be the aim of such a move otherwise. the list includes the names of ninety six russian businessman who happens to be exactly the same at ninety six billionaires on russia's richest criminal list was drawn up as part of a new sanctions law signed by donald trump in the summer of last year however the us president now says he doesn't intend to apply any new sanctions against russia this has angered many democrats congress voted almost unanimously for the package of restrictions last year. but this legislation and its implementation are
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deterring russian defense. really didn't come into power with a burning desire for some reason to help russia out by easing up on the sanctions against them sanctions on specific entities were individuals will not need to be imposed. presidents talk about russia is. joining me live to discuss this further now is chris bambery political analyst mr bambery welcome to the program good to see you as always now the kremlin list why do you think washington decided to create such a list. well i think there's clearly a split president trump only sign this off with ten minutes to the midnight deadline and he signed it off because it contains sanctions against both north korea and iran which are dear to his heart but he made it clear that he didn't really favor sanctions against these individuals so let's see if this actually goes through the however i think it's clear that sections of the united states military
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intelligence want to impose sanctions and as your report says this is literally a list of the a week of russian society both in terms of business and in terms of a poll of politicians and it doesn't seem to involve much imagination i mean for instance i'm speaking from london the owner of a chelsea football club roman abramovich is on that list which is slightly puzzling because i don't see him as being one of the key allies of putin maybe i've got that wrong but there is clear divide when president trump as i say signed it off literally minutes ago with no enthusiasm for the sanctions forward but sections of the u.s. military is actually u.s. intelligence the democrats very much in favor imposing need sanctions and this is part of what has been developing into a cold war in sections of the west and russia the russian president spokesperson has dismissed this list as meaning less they do you think we might see an
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escalation here. i think this is just ratcheting things up and i think there has to be some questioning of what is going on here because iran i switch on the radio and i hear the chief of the british military saying russia is the biggest threat to britain now you know if you look at russia and i don't insult own in moscow it's a it's a medium power it's probably good enough that it's so true on in syria and in its own backyards not to want to get involved in a military adventures but here we are the chief of the british army seem bring us up its defense spending to deal with this russian threat you know this is a fantasy land as far as i'm concerned as far as i'm concerned and again what we're talk about the sanctions are but suppose that russia interference in the u.s. presidential election and we've had a rash of stuff about interference by the russians in the breaks that referendum here in britain in the french presidential elections and catalonia and sawn and yet there doesn't seem to be a shred of any meaningful evidence ever brought forward so i really thought that
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there will be some anxiety about this waste because it could preclude sanctions at the same time people look at it and i think and say this is a piece of lazy intelligence as a package said you were treaty can a who's who of who's the rich and powerful in russia and copied down the names and it doesn't seem to have much substance to it but the real question i repeat is why is russia the main threat at the moment the united states of america and the west i think the answer has to be no what china did say that he wouldn't impose any further sanctions on russia do you not think we should take his word for it. well i don't think the white house is keen to impose further sanctions on russia but he's under pressure is under pressure i say from his own intelligence from the military and from the democrats and we know that under pressure pressure presidents can buckle so there are two two forces coming together a bit of caution here there is strong but this promise of no more sanctions the promise of attempting to do business with president putin in russia and that
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section of the miller american establishment determined to pursue this cold war as pursued under the obama minister administration and something is going to have to give here and. as i say you would have thought that given what is happening around the world north korea what's happening in syria we're told the other issues the islamic state afghanistan which your package before that report on the americans have got a rather a lot on of play it without wanting to go pick a fight with russia chris bambery a political analyst thank you for your time. and the last half an hour president putin has reacted to the so-called kremlin list he said he didn't really understand the aim of compiling it but that russia will not be preparing any counter measures he also said such measures worsen u.s. russia relations even further but the moscow still wants to mend those ties.
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with tensions are high in the russian city of sochi where peace talks over the syrian crisis have got under way during the opening speech of russia's foreign minister some in the audience became quite emotional and that is more advanced the ever reports. it's been a busy and unpredictable start to the sochi peace conference first there's a deal for hours and hours while last minute arrivals couldn't quite make their minds up on whether to attend or not and when foreign minister lavrov finally got around to making the opening speech well this which is different i want to say. the only difference thank you very much. difference we have to continue working
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you will have a chance to participate in the discussion. as for myself. released the results and once express my sincere is christian colleagues. friends again i would like you know. going to see does that if it's long live the let me speak please. organize this tell us more than a thousand one thousand six hundred delegates most of them syrians have come to attend to attend this peace conference but those last arrivals we mentioned are the hard core opposition the real power the rebel power on the ground formerly the
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the voted to all but boycott the sochi conference nevertheless turkey convinced them to get on board a plane and fly over once they got here they had their own preconditions they were also upset with the syrian government flags being put up. around sochi they demanded that those be taken down fortunately the turks the turkish foreign minister they couldn't convince them to stay to attend and they then boarded the jet and after spending ten or so hours at the airport flew back to turkey nevertheless the congress the syria peace conference went on went ahead it would have been great to have that opposition here to have that diversity here to see them sit down with the syrian government perhaps other factions other denominations and the cities who are represented here and to talk about their differences not try to necessarily resolve them here and now you know that's expecting
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a lot but at least get the ball rolling at least wish their concerns voiced their positions which is what this vent this venue this space is entirely about getting everyone. to sit down and to establish a precedent where they can talk to each other because the syrian civil war has dragged on and on people tired of it internationally in syria we re of the fighting and does of well it isn't going the way that the rebels wanted it to go so there's more incentive here to sit down and talk nevertheless not this time around but sochi wooll happen again and we have yet to see what these the session in particular will result that. and not say interfere with the russian presidential candidate because any a subject gets heated culminating in threats of legal action again right now after this short break.
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but the politicians do you suppose. they put themselves on the line. they did accept it over checked. so you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be close this is what the four three of the people. interested always in the why it's. sick.
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welcome back with russia's presidential elections not far off now r.t. spoke to one of the more colorful candidates because the new year's love jack now she's famous in russia for being a t.v. host her father was the merest in petersburg and the man who introduced a lot of their putin to the world of politics she enjoyed a gilded youth but got into politics herself in two thousand and twelve joining russia's opposition movement this year she decided to run for president under the slogan a vote for me is a vote against everyone artie's oksana boyko interviewed her on the chant ended up getting rather tetchy with chalk at one point even threatening to sue this channel . i have one last question i don't want you to take it as
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a personal attack i think it's an important one a few years ago you were. having a conversation with your neighbors about the repair work on your part i don't think it's correct to discuss criminal cases because this was a private talk on telephone which was what was it has gone by fayez be so it's a criminal case and it was criminal reported see you are my old driver waiting it out i think it was a criminal case and you know this it's unconstitutional to do this to discuss it and even to report it if you would show this on your t.v. i was knighted only in the store and they will closely cause it's a lawful i won't do that but i'm just saying we can discuss our lawful things the tape that oksana boyko was talking about is a recorded phone call allegedly from because the nearest to the management of the building she lives in about ongoing refer bushman works because many children also live in the building the works were rescheduled to an earlier time of day
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apparently infuriating sobchak during the expletive laden recordings you swear words to describe the children when it first appeared online subchapter claimed it had been illegally obtained and heavily edited my colleague chatted to our teens arks on a boy about her interview with the presidential hopeful. before that we had twenty five minutes discussing various things about russia its past its future its present she has a fairly critical take on the state of affairs in russia and we came to that point because i personally think that the way you behave in private in people around you the neighbors your friends people you don't know is relevant to what kind of a present day you may be and that's why i decided to ask her about that conversation i think perhaps her argument is that you maybe crossed the line because you took the if you want to a post no level no talking about politics with socialism claiming that she's
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entitled to some degree of privacy which she is just such an extreme because when she crosses into a more public domain and that conversation is why they have a liberal on the russian social media that's more exciting everybody is discussing it and i think it is relevant because she's running for public office and people want to see the politicians not only how they present themselves in front of the cameras when they're comfortable questions but also they want to see the. take and i think that have to was not the case talking about a woman who's running for the russian presidency you know which one i think what's lacking here is maybe politics speak or diplomatic behavior perhaps you know i've heard world leaders. world leaders works on it so you about putin that love him or hate him you've got to respect him because even under the highest pressure putin does seem on a public that will to stay cool calm and collected but it's not even about staying
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cool calm and collected i mean imagine if you taped putin having a conversation let's say ukrainian f.s.b. security service is having a conversation with somebody and saying you know i have to consider this law that will save lives of the children but i couldn't care less about what you consider that a genuine topic worthy of attention i will have because i think that person is in the public limelight he claims to represent the people and those kind of questions here the questions about how much do you really care about people in this country. sunniest of jackie is one of a number of candidates competing for the russian presidency but current president vladimir putin is running for what would be his fourth term russia's communist party presented a new face this year have a good dean in is that candidates however the candidates from the liberal democratic party and the more liberal leaning yabloko party vladimir zhirinovsky and grigori yavlinsky all the same as in the previous election. well to get in
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touch and that is now you'll both on a day stories by following guys on social media i'll be back at the top of the hour with older they just had line southie about. all to see we have a great scheme we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so i took it back. in ninety ninety two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best form since my last will come from that group. of the old joke goes oh you.
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know the left left left more left ok stuff that's really good. runs of the low to the best out of the jaws of. the concepts that i was playing to perform i had to actually prepare myself to die i. don't know said he'd well. sorry trust me. as most of. you. in the home of. time. this country was. good. so we'll see if you think. what. was it he could would. die. yes get more clear to me she also told
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me she called a couple. b.s. i mean. here's what people have been saying about redacted the night it was sent to the lawn awesome the only show i go out of my way to lunch you know a lot of the really packs a punch to sleep yeah mr john oliver a hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than. some i see people you've never heard of love right down to the night i'm president of the world bank you know very. well i mean seriously send us an e-mail.
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this is the kaiser report on max kaiser what the frick is growing on a flower. pluckers not here will bring pocky back to what's going on upstairs. if you go on totally mad. i love the flowers and the trees and the bee is it's nature it's a forest right here in the middle of los angeles fantastic oh yes we're in a tropical jungle here in the middle of los angeles so you will hear the birds because we're in the tropical forest within los angeles where the sunset marquis but you will hear many sirens because many bad people live in los angeles as well as people like kevin spacey harvey weinstein on the police are chasing but you know is doing very well not only are these plants and trees doing very well but max the
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stock market is doing well as we've covered it keeps on going up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up trump has had the best you know one year performance of any president since f.d.r. remember f.d.r. of course came in when it was at all time low and then the stock market after the great crash sort well jumps had a great year and you know who is now actually piling into the market who at the all time high the millennia was finally fearful millennial is are finally ready to take a chance on the stock market they interviewed jared smith a thirty one year old old millennial who used to be afraid of the markets but not anymore the markets becoming a little more insulated he said i'm hoping that we learned our lesson from the crisis have gotten better as a society especially in the financial and banking world that we will not allow that again certain measures have been put in place since then and the market is not insulated in any way. the discounting mechanism for risk and the
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risk is the moment i hear that it has been for quite some time but i understand reading the financial press that the millennialists are piling into companies that are involved in the marijuana industry. they mentioned in particular that he was he had bought nvidia so a lot of them are into that whole gaming space and all the chips and stuff like that and some of the fang shares you know the tech shares he's piling into that he is also dabbling in some of the cryptocurrency stuff but he said he was mostly afraid of the risk but really the most shocking thing that this kid said this thirty one year old guy jared smith said from new york city by the way lives in the or probably in brooklyn this is for the twenty twenty elections to look forward to because listen to what he says about why he's piling into the stock markets and why he has faith in the future of the u.s. economy one factor influencing his appetite for risk president donald trump trump
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does seem to be much more pro a condom e and pro american stock market than other past presidents smith said while he's in office i believe there is an extra layer of insulation there from something drastic and catastrophic from happening like. this is a well let me i'll say this from new york right well i remember before the dotcom crash in two thousand you had an enormous amount of money flowing into america online because people got online and they said i'm online i'm going to buy stock in america online so it's a form of what i call stock market narcissism where you're buying what it is that you are doing at that moment so here you have people who are on social media they're buying social media stocks and so it's stock market narcissism and donald trump is very pro jobs and he's trying to bring back jobs but ultimately the
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decision of whether or not this market is expensive or cheap is that of the federal reserve bank who controls interest rates so interest rates are at historic lows at this time but if in fact the economy starts to heat up as this millennial is suggesting that means that wages will also start to heat up which is inflationary which means bonds will have to start trading down which means interest rates would go up and therefore you'd have a correction. however if you look at what has also happened this week. i was jeff bezos made two point eight billion dollars in one day and he made two point eight billion dollars in one day after his company introduced technology that eliminates the need for cashiers all cashiers and in america make an average of two hundred ten million dollars a day combined cashiers is the number two job in america number one i believe his truck driver number two is cashier so jeff bezos of amazon introduced that amazon go we don't need cashiers you just walk out so you know whether or not inflation
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will ever appear in wages it's hard to not write so i think is that we're at this now tops one hundred thirteen billion dollars this is interesting that the internet of course was financed by the government and then you have private cheers able to cash in on what was billed by the government i've often said that social security for example should have a component that invests in the stock market so that people can participate in the things that they're financing it could be the infrastructure projects that it projects the technology projects remember there would be no technology structure without nasa nasa is a government program there would be no google there would be no apple there would be no microsoft without nasa the u.s. government so why should the u.s. government nasa and i say d.o.d. all of them. yeah so why should there be an element in our collective ownership of this country owning these particular entities not why is it concentrated in
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just one individual that's a very poorly designed system in my view now i have another tweet and this was from january twenty third your birthday somebody tweeted this about jeff bezos just to put into context when you're looking at how the wealth affected everybody feels great because the stock market keeps on going up a thousand points faster than all you know all time new highs faster for. as it seems like inflation is really kicking off after all the central bank interference in printing money but jeff bezos how much he made from january first to january twenty third jeff bezos has made another fifteen point two billion dollars just so far this year yes it's january twenty third the average american has made three thousand one hundred twenty eight dollars so far this year. jeff bezos made four million eight hundred fifty nine thousand three hundred thirty five times more than the average american this is the hyperinflation and billionaire class for sure yeah
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there's a billionaire created every other day. from the latest a to stick so every two days there's a new billionaire which is ok fine i mean the system produces a great wealth and we should encourage the pursuit of great wealth pro-capitalism but when you have the underlying architecture of the system as such where individuals like they are aggregating wealth. vast magnitudes a multitude of the underlying inflation rate shows that the architecture of the system the design of the system is flawed is broken and will result in catastrophic failure or market failure we've seen that market failure many times we saw in two thousand and eight we saw in one nine hundred ninety seven we saw in one thousand nine hundred seven and we're going to see it again probably in the very near future because the underlying design of this capital system has not been modified to account for changes in technology over the past fifty sixty seventy years and we
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keep having these catastrophic failures. speaking of catastrophic failure i want to point out once again before i move on to the next headline this money will the millennial are supposed to be the one with her sort of crowd these are supposed to be the ones that all the democrats are counting on to come out in twenty eighteen in the midterm elections and vote for them and here's a millennial from brooklyn i'm only he's in new. they say but i'm assuming brooke ok i might be stereotyping him but you know here's a guy who you would think is naturally going to vote for the democrats and he doesn't mention putin but he mentions president as a reason why he himself is invested in the stock market and if the markets continue to go crazy and you never know markets can stay irrational for longer than anybody could stay solvent trying to bet against them but here here's a kid that you would think everything if if he's watching rachel maddow how he's supposed to be scared he's supposed to be hiding under his bed you know in fear of
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some nuclear attack instead he's he's he's took a third of his trust but he has of course like most when else in brooklyn are going to have a trust well he's taken a third of it and he's going long stock markets in e.t.f. for the first time since the financial crisis lots of curious timing on that you know the post-crisis the dow got down to nine thousand now it's flirting with twenty six thousand and these will any of us are piling in now at this level but they hated it at nine thousand that's the way markets are there despise the lows when people should be buying and they're loved at the top when people should be cautious so this is a classic kind of contrarian indicator that if you've got the an educated now piling in at all time highs i think the professionals will start to ease out for the exits before the mad rush well this is a dangerous sign that this next tweet because of course many of these millennial
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he'll be buying by an online discount brokerage and here's one of them a tweet about one of them t.d. ameritrade c.e.o. says he has never seen client cash levels this low clients highly active in markets again another contrarian indicator so when you have low cash levels in accounts and. people are fully committed that's typically a market top when you have great bullishness that's generally on a market top when the pull call ratio is extended level more bullish bets than negative bets that's generally a market top so all these contrarian indicators are telling us that the market is at nosebleed territory and but that's when most people you know pile in because the euphoria generates irrational choices yeah well i know that even ray dahlia who's that i guess one of the richest hedge fund or.


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