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conservatives he is willing to go down the road of a path to citizenship that's big and. it's not just for congress to deliver how about when he brought up infrastructure and played on his own resume he called us a nation of builders i just heard fifty governors faint when he talked about what was that a trillion and a half dollars on top of the tax cut trillion and a half that's twelve zeros and a lot of this money is going to fall to the states so there's a lot out there that we have to digest between immigration and infrastructure. you know as mitch said talk is cheap here's the president on immigration. the first pillar of our framework generously offers a path to citizenship. for one point eight million illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents at a young age that covers almost three times more people than the
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previous administration comfort thank you our plan those who meet education and work requirements and show good moral character will be able to become full citizens of the united states over a twelve year period thank. the second pillar fully secures the border thank you that means building a great wall on the southern border and it means hiring more heroes like c.j. to keep our communities safe thank you crucially our plant closes the terrible loopholes exploited by criminals and terrorists to enter our country and it finally ends the horrible and dangerous practice of catch and release
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thanks steve moore berg what's going to happen will the conservatives give the president what he's asking for tonight on immigration because if he can get a enough support on the on the republican side to go down the road a citizenship there's no reason why the democrats wouldn't go along with it as i see it i think it's going to be a tough sell on the house. you know the conservative caucus and the people who just don't believe that illegals should have a patent citizenship let alone more than almost three times and then the doc a number that we've all heard however i think that if democrats truly care about the dreamers as they say they do. they'll be more than enough democrats to get it passed in the house and then it's up to the senate but you know when you have a kirsten gillibrand today saying that chain migration she added e.d. is an offensive term if you can't even talk about it without being accused of being a racist what is the future in the senate mitch cesar there were groans coming from
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the democratic side tonight when he was talking about chain migration well there's no question that's a big issue with democrats i think the other issue is twelve years baby perceived by democrats is an extraordinarily long time i think schumer has shown his hand that he wants to give them the wall but i think they may ask for a deal where it's not twelve years or it's a shorter term time period you have the migration issue was well but the bottom line is there's going to be a lot of horse trading seat no this at the beginning of our coverage tonight i said this was the issue that i had with the democratic response the president put a lot of meat and potatoes on the table tonight with immigration this was the reason why the government was shut down just a few weeks ago this is the next big deadline coming to the congress which is in march when daca has to be dealt with i want to hear from schumer and i don't know i don't feel like the democrats have really given their party the kind of leadership because there is enough here tonight scottie nell for the democrats to respond to
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what's going to fly and what's not going to fly which one of these pillars are you going to stand on absolutely let me give them a little hint right now it's not coming out that's going to be a twenty billion dollar trust to build the wall that is what the white house is now saying it's a trust that's a lot different from the campaign trail and mexico will pay for it it doesn't sound as good of a chance i guess for a crowd that right there alone to the democrats can use to stir the pot amongst trump's base because they still believe that is not something taxpayers should be funding and another thing hala cook is that the president connected crime the gangs immigration was not a smart ploy here we are tougher than they are i think that that was him reaching out to the bases scottie nell says but to your point about schumer and the wall. i'll believe it when i see it schumer can sign off on it for his part of the deal but who actually thinks that there's a physical wall that's going to get built maybe schumer's k.g. or than the c he's already signed up but that's what's so interesting about this is
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something the republicans and democrats agreed on for the last twenty years and signed off on so let's just actually put the money and behind it i think that's what trump is holding out for and make no mistake the reason why the government was shut down i agree about immigration but it was more about democrats panicking about a positive economy going to twenty and republicans have lost the debate of the shutdown every single time and this time i think this is kind of why the hell marys and it didn't work for me the president back in september did set a deadline he did give a window of closure and we're coming towards that so we had to fund the government again of the democrats say hey what about this this really being in the minority this is the way it is mitch this is the only card that the democrats really had to play at that time well remember this can has been kicked down the road in so many different years it has dents everywhere the bottom line is it's coming up in a week or two i don't see any difference between now and a few weeks back i see no difference no deals have been made and frankly as we go
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forward again i have a real problem with that's just you know governing that way but you know the poll showed by here and nauseum that everybody in the country wants to help the docket people but not at the expense of shutting down the government the c.n.n. poll showed that yes we love daca but not if it means shutting down the government that's why it's a lose lose for the democrats and holland you made the comment about when the president said we're all dreamers or something to the right americans or dreamers to you know what i find fascinating is that president trump is not doing what every president does after the state of the union and it's something he does really well in arenas he's not doing a tour to slam congress a tweet i've got so i think you're going to have a right i'm waiting for that one as as much. not only that are going to happen but every president goes on a tour after the state of the union and while he's got the big mo and the white house has already said it's not going to happen i find that curial that tour probably should be connected to infrastructure or chilton good to have you back
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with us host of boom bust here on our team america the president went right into his wheel house tonight talking about jobs give it out numbers play and strong and then he asked for one point five trillion dollars and now it's not going to work he did he gave up you know and all my stuff on the jobs of me talked about two million jobs being created talked about rising wages low unemployment which is at four point one percent and the lowest african-american and hispanic unemployment rates ever talked about small business confidence about increased investment for a one k.'s college savings account he of course touted the tax cuts gave a couple of examples of good corporate citizens apple exxon mobil and chrysler and even talked about fair and reset perkel trade and then as you say ed he really went into infrastructure and i'd be you have a couple of very good lines there actually he said that he called on the congress to build safe fast reliable infrastructure that the economy needs in our people
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deserve so the question is really whether we call the infrastructure deficit the question is whether or not the real budget deficit can actually afford to fill this infrastructure deficit hole and that's the whatever one point five trillion dollars question congress will have to grow i was waiting for him to quote dick cheney deficits don't matter but there are you know this is a big picture if there was a big picture tonight it was about infrastructure asking for that kind of money. and there's another issue that came up tonight i guess i did not expect donald trump to talk about job training here it is. we can lift our citizens from welfare to work from dependence to independence and from poverty to prosperity the i.r.s. tax cuts create new jobs let's invest in workforce development and let's invest in job training. let's open great vocational schools
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so our future workers can learn to craft their realize their full potential. i'd like to get your take on that how did you feel about what the president said about job training. you know i really am excited about that idea i think if we invest money into solar and wind job training that would be a really great opportunity to capitalize on an industry that's growing seventeen times faster than the u.s. economy i think we also need to also look at just transition for our coal miner communities in appalachia who have been powering our our country for generations and who deserve an opportunity to learn new skills so that they to compete to be a part of a future where we are embracing clean renewable z. and also thinking about automation so i'm really excited that he do the greens that that's something that we should do as a nation we've got a lot of young people who need to get skills and coding and so that's
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a really great opportunity to make sure that there's equity there as well we have a lot of opportunities that deserve funding and so vocational schools community colleges historically black black colleges can all benefit from this really great idea that he shared with us tonight bar children there was one thing missing tonight and that was passion. there there there were with all these good numbers. you know minority unemployment numbers. jobs being created the stock market where it is i just didn't get any punch out of this president tonight and that surprises me your thoughts on that i think you're right but look he's clearly not the order that either clinton or obama was although he came close i think to maybe matching clinton's length. who tweets with such if you have other. i mean does this guy actually who are these he's really tweets well i you know to me they really do not go and even i noticed you know john kelly sitting there
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general kelly and i thought he's there sort of don't go off script stay right to that but i give the president great kudos for doing it the question is rather for me is whether or not there will be some residual residents and that will last. on work that may be to something that can last of the sunday programs i think he will had a good run here if he goes back to the white house that he is all psyched up for getting high fives ready for everybody and tweet something and then somebody tweet something derogatory in the morning and he said to a battle you know that that will wash a lot of the good performance away as important as what he said tonight is the follow up and that's what democrats are going to be looking for on this big infrastructure program and all the other things that he discussed and the i wasn't ok going to the dogs an election or to go off here and we talked about call you call it standard joe during it i mean i felt joe manchin standing up as much and i thought if i can stand you know who's to caucusing with that well it is twenty
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eight t.v. license here and all the district tackling these are nothing and it was a funny send of the look around you guys didn't manage me are you aware of the other nine a red state democrats who are running for reelection why weren't they say i didn't see how do you know that i was kind of soft to the side and also donnelly from room indiana as well so they all right outstanding he did make the now down he did make a point to say we do stand for the pledge of allegiance he had and i have you know that he had a take at that to get there and he we had to get that dick and there will be compared to the actions of a young kid who went out in the flag put a flag zone veterans cemetery decides that how you how you had the guys had it all everybody gets too excited let me say that i don't think tonight will change anybody's mind no i think this is a very divided country a new a.p. poll came out with sixty seven percent of the people surveyed said they believe he's been divisive and made the country more divisive then any other previous
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president by polling standards the bottom line is it played to his base some of the things he said sounded great we'll see if they happen within a republican congress or deals can be made the other issue is some of the things he talked about economically simply are not true he said this was the greatest tax bill that's. never card that's not true false the greatest what happened in two thousand in the reagan administration the next biggest one happened in bush forty three and the tax cuts became permanent god forbid i should say that in two thousand and ten with barack obama in fact there were seven other tax bills that were better than this one same goes for black unemployment it started in two thousand and ten this was a mere continuation and not to be a totally magic level that you got to give him credit for when he only point no one more and more it's been going or it's really going up the eakin make believe like it happened overnight that's the problem all the platitudes of fact checkers will come out tomorrow we'll see how much is true or not it sounds great i hope somebody is know the road appeals occur i'm not convinced they will i think the polls will
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stay with the way they are and dats because of the first year we've gone through all right we've got to talk about foreign policy now jim chatteris is with us but this is what the president tonight had to say about north korea like no regime has oppressed its own citizens more totally brutally than the cruel dictatorship in north korea. north korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homeland we are waging a campaign of maximum pressure. to prevent that from ever happening past experience has taught us that complacency and concessions only invite aggression and provocation i will not repeat the mistakes of past administrations that got us into this very dangerous position. we need only look at the
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deprived character of the north korean regime to understand the nature of the nuclear threat it could pose to america and to our allies jim gentry's did we get anything new out of the president tonight from the way you said absolutely not last indefinitely least on this program this was not a foreign policy speech you have to check a box that's the state of the you do you have to say something about it but other than china and russia are horrible dangers north korea and iran bad and we're in syria iraq to fight isis i guess we can leave with that's over with although that doesn't seem to be the policy this was the this was an also ran this was america focused speech and maybe that's a good thing well the president also said tonight that he had just signed an order directing secretary mabus to re-examine our military detention policy and to keep open detention facilities at guantanamo bay does that surprise you not particularly although it is odd right after secretary about us downgraded from fighting
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terrorism to the number one priority of u.s. foreign policy security policy to opposing russia and china so i get i just think that's a way to sound kind of hairy chested i'm going to be tough and i need your reaction i'm asking congress tonight to pass legislation to help ensure american foreign assistance dollars always serve american interests and only go to american friends what's that mean so i think he's talking about trying to tie assistance dollars to how they vote in the u.n. maybe they'll be some success with that but i don't expect a lot all right jim jeffords great to have you with us scotty no use how is the conservative base going to accept this tonight is this the cheerleading moment i think that congress itself is the cheerleading moment i think they were the ones they they clapped more they laughed more they stood out more of course the public and congress you know like i said it's like everything else i think more people are waiting for that first tweet see the response and does this have the track record to get us to sunday in the sunday morning says steve where is the focus of the president now i think the focus of the president at. he talked and spoke like he
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had something else on his mind i thought he delivered it well but as you said no passion i think we're going to have the memo the talk is going to be about the memo in the next few days and by sunday that's going to be the focus f.b.i. justice department memo holland where do the democrats go quickly fact checking and how are we going to pay for all this and that's a good question from. what we're going to figure it out with they can work if they can to operate in a cooperative fashion you know and they can do it once in a while and the state of the union it is the place where just for that moment when the president comes into the house chamber the democrats the republicans are all standing up together with the supreme court justices the cabinet members it's that moment we should all hope for and if they keep that alive just a little bit maybe they can get some of these good things like infrastructure done where is the democratic leadership quickly i think they have to make a deal i don't think they're going to cave just automatically i think the american people want to deal but by the same token the democratic base wants a fair deal all of you have been fantastic tonight we should just stand here with
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our coverage on our team america reporting tonight from washington d.c. thanks for watching see you back here tomorrow night on the news and five and you know. how much. this little bundle of joy would have no chance of surviving in the one month this can only win one come at a time but usually good business just to. china puts a lot of effort into making up for this cruel mistake of nature. it was you had. china's penned the breathing has become something of a production. it's almost as though they've been copied three d. printed and put on shows for the public. several cups of bill and hillary cheese.
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but only. would buy dedicated scientists will be fit enough and if panda love can't be encouraged in captivity it's not as though they don't practice until but in the same lazy way they do everything else this proud mom a gay best to twins and has no idea that a special love potion was formulated just for the. hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru where he's a little bit different i'm not a abraham lincoln or not you know with no doubt with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun every day americans come home and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which.
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donald trump's first state of the union address goes in strong on immigration in north korea and produced in the nation's wealth in his aim to make america great again. representatives from most syrian groups including the government opposition and tribes agree to form a committee on a new constitution despite heated discussions during peace talks in the russian resort of sochi. and in an unprecedented move the pentagon bans a us watchdog overseeing the situation in afghanistan from publishing information on who controls what on the ground and made a string of deadly terror attacks in the country.
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this is r.t. international coming to you live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. president donald trump has delivered his first state of the union address on capitol hill although his speech centered on the country's economy and immigration policy he also touched upon a number of international issues a correspondent r.t. samir khan joins us live now with the details hi there samir so a lengthy first official address so what were the highlights. well like you said trump went into both domestic and foreign policy but mostly domestic policy bragging about his that trickle down economic policies celebrating police and veterans and exporting on clean energy to the world he also brought up infrastructure proposing one point five million dollars to improve infrastructure
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in the u.s. but he focused quite heavily on immigration let's take a look at what he said. predict kids open borders have allowed drugs and gangs to pour into our most vulnerable communities they've allowed medians of low wage workers to compete for jobs and wages against the poorest americans most tragically they have caused the loss of many innocent lives tonight i am calling on congress to finally produce the deadly loopholes that have allowed m.-s. thirteen and other criminal gangs to break into our country. trouble also announced a bipartisan immigration reform plan that will ensure a path to citizenship for one point eight million illegal immigrants and find his border wall he didn't really spend too much time on foreign policy but he introduced the subject naming every so-called threat to the u.s.
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and included on his list were china and russia. around the world we face rogue regimes terrorist groups and rivals like china and russia that challenge our interests our economy and out of badness in controlling these horrible dangers we know that weakness is the surest path to conflict and on match power is the surest means to our true and great defects for this reason i am asking congress to end the dangerous defense sequester and fully fund our great military. he had all that to say but countering china and russia has been one of washington's key policies for decades but now with trumpets finally in the open and arguably one of the most important announcements of the night keeping guantanamo bay open. in
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the past we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous terrorists. only to meet them again on the battlefield including the isis leader al baghdadi who we captured who we had who we released. so today i'm keeping another promise i just signed prior to walking in an order directing secretary mabus who is doing a great thanks. to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo bay.
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beyond that trump took credit for eliminating isis truthfully that credit should go to the syrian army the iraqi army hezbollah kurdish forces and of course russia and iran but then he said we will continue our fight until isis is defeated what does that mean exactly who knows then he boasted about recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and then raided the quote dozens of countries that a vote that voted against what he called america's sovereign right but it wasn't dozens it was actually one hundred twenty eight countries i don't know if that qualifies dozens or not but he then reiterated his support for iranian protesters who. rose up against the crimes of their quote corrupt dictatorship and then he bragged about increasing sanctions on the quote communist and socialist dictatorships in cuba and venezuela he ended it with north korea calling it the worst of all cruel dictatorships saying that their pursuit of nuclear weapons could
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quote very soon in our homeland even though north korea has never attacked another country before but now after hearing all this i'm interested in interested in hearing the democratic party's response to see if they criticize his foreign policy at all i did why don't we wait for the reaction to this column in washington thank you very much thank you. i want to discuss this initial address further we're now joined live by jennifer britton an attorney specializing in foreign policy international and religious terrorism jennifer thank you very much indeed for joining us well after that quite lengthy speech a time one hour and twenty minutes i mean what are your overall thoughts and what are you surprised by anything that you heard. you know i was i was and i wasn't because we kind of expect to see this thing where you're going to tout some of the victories of your presidency over the past year and there have been some successes as tax reform bill and things like that on the domestic front as you saw it was it
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was rather lengthy but that was good you know the attention of the world and wanted to wanted to celebrate a lot of things wanted to address a lot of issues i'm a couple things that surprised me rather more presently i know that we you know have had seen a little bit and there it's been so much talk out of us mainstream media outlets you know russia dossier all these other things and he didn't really focus too much on that which i thought was good he didn't mention china and russia as one of the threats but i think one of the better parts of it was that he moved on from that and he didn't so much even refer to china russia as a threat he referred to it as rivals so what not even so much as going into this kind of conflict the aggressive stance but just says hey they're their power players and we need to rejoin that power player here because this passive ministration has not done that more talking about building up the nuclear arsenal and things like that modernizing the nuclear arsenal. but almost as a matter of deterrence and so that was a little surprising to hear about i mean whether that's good or bad you know we'll see it wasn't really an aggressive stance which i think is good it's
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a positive move. and you know we saw him take a little bit of a shift away even from the statements of general mattis who came out basically saying that the biggest threat from the defense department was going to be china and russia and that terrorism was no longer a big threat and trump seemed to kind of sidestep that and say no terrorism is a very big threat we're going to continue to battle isis as you said there are many other groups that have continued to combat isis and isis supporters and sympathizers not only in iraq but in syria so i that is something that needs to still be combated so it was good to see that as well as the pledge to continue to enforce the rule of law and to help out the situation going on in afghanistan to make sure that this is billions are safe. there with the recent string of terrorist attacks so some of these things were good a little bit surprising he talked about cutting funding from the countries that voted in this un deal against the us go to recognize the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and so some of that
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funding cuts were probably going to see some backlash from that from the democrats as well as some of the immigration bills but all in all something that could be pretty well it's back to where you touch on a lot of points that gentleman that's. a little more deeply now i mean immigration was given a lot of time absolutely perhaps no shock there as we know i mean just saying double trouble we had to follow through on all that he promised something he mentioned those four pillars didn't make you didn't mention poor pillars and he talked about wanting something that both sides could agree to but frankly in the four pillars i didn't see a lot where there would be reconciliation or a lot of what the democrats would want they're going to want which is the first point he made of his four pillars that the minor children of illegal aliens that have come in and been living in the united states so that was kind of the one all of branch to offer them there but everything else really seemed to say securing the borders cutting down certain things even cutting down one of the longstanding immigration plans that the u.s. has of allowing your brothers and sisters your siblings to come in that would stop
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you know i know personally that there are people that are waiting on visas because they have a brother or sister living in the u.s. that would be stopped so i think you know in terms of reaching a deal on this the democrats are not going to allow something like that to pass through the four pillars as they stand unless there is a lot more conciliatory tone and chomps part though so i mean he made the link by allowing people into the country and talking about the impacts of terrorism and so forth and then of course he said we made this declaration he signed the order to keep guantanamo bay detention center open i mean do you expect much opposition to that. you know it's funny because i really don't you think you think that i do because that was actually a big promise that barack obama ran on direct his campaign and that was that one of his great things that had been eight years to start shutting that down and begin the steps to shutting it down as one of the last things he did as president. and so he really wanted to stand up to that that was a big thing but even during his campaign it didn't come out much media but a lot of democrats were kind of opposed to that it wasn't really this democratic unity all behind barack obama wanting to shut down and.


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