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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  January 31, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EST

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although the value of bitcoin has been noticeably volatile the positives seem to sit with the technology underlying the crypto currency in russia's capital for example one businessman has turned a former soviet car factory into a crypto currency farm in the hope of benefiting the local economy auntie's that miguel of frost santiago has the details in his new segment krypto due. welcome to our digital digest on everything exciting in the world of block change i mean your practice and thiago this is parties can tell you soviet ciphering technology may just be what the world needs for a global pollution in mining we're about to speak to the founder of the russian mining company and see what the multi-cell mind is all about big news from moscow as the russian mining company cone by dmitri marine shiv one of president vladimir putin's internet buds men plan to raise as much as one hundred million dollars in
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bitcoin and a theory i'm for their i c.e.o. the result was only forty three million but it was more than needed to go on with the production of the multi-cell minor c. with mining it's simple machine takes part in every day crypto currency exchange operations and gains the owner eight percent for each shands action the latest chinese bit main mining machine at twenty three hundred dollars will produce you around twenty five dollars worth of bitcoin daily r m c s two miners in the works the sixteen hundred dollars sunrise bitcoin miner that has more mining power than the mains machine that's producing thirty to forty percent more daily revenue and the multi-cell alternative coin miner that will be a breakthrough for the world's mining machinery but speak with himself and get the latest on the progress so you had a tough launch some deadlines were blown but everyone is eager to see the miner what's the progress so far the progress is good the sunrise mine is ready and as we
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speak we're beginning mass production of the factory while the multi-cell should be ready by august twenty eighth multi-cell is a microprocessor which routes deep into the soviet past when the multi-celled processing philosophy was created it was used for in space communication and it is still used but it is basically a ciphering technology for communication channels using minimal energy consumption and at the same time. extremely failsafe because several cells allow the processor to keep working even if one or two cells have malfunctioned in orbit for example when we did the mathematical equations and experiments the results were sounding as they were radically better and higher than for example the usual alternative corina mining through video cards by our calculations one multi-celled will produce up to four thousand dollars in revenue a day and that's where we got the idea to do an i.c.a.o. for the production of such unique products what's your take on the future of crypto in russia i think the russian government overall sees cryptocurrency is something
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positive there in outs that have yet to be established steps are being taken to govern cryptocurrency but overall the drift i'm getting is that even with future laws in place russia will be a very habitable country for cryptocurrency it is really mind boggling a machine that will produce four thousand dollars a day is that even possible well let's wait and see you can watch the full episode of our teas on our you tube channel stay tuned meanwhile a canadian based on japan europe has found an alternative u.s. for crypto currency mining he's recycling the heat generated through bitcoin mining for agricultural years the waste heat generated from over one hundred bitcoin mining computers is being recycled to grow edible plants and maintain it fish tank temperatures and currently around eight hundred arctic char being raised in the warehouse the founder of the food technology firm explains how recycling waste heat
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can bring economic benefits to the local community. recycling that waste heat from data centers or bitcoin miners that's going to have a huge economic impact to your wallet whether it's from strawberries or even nutraceuticals from growing very specific plants under tight environmental conditions the benefit is going to be felt by everyone what we do know is that the digital economy has a huge ecological footprint whether you're searching on amazon or on facebook even doing a google search that's equivalent to driving a car fifty kilometers that's a big carbon footprint now if you can take that waste and then converted into facilities where we're growing food and that food addresses real humanitarian needs like food security and being able to have fresh produce throughout the year we might have a shot it was there well headlines here were not too international still to come on this program we take a look at the hopefuls competing for the russian presidency that will be right
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after the. cold war hawks sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings the chicken hawks wants you to fight the battles. for you socks for the tell you that every couple of those files for your. eyes and tell you all and i
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like. that we all have all the walking. i. mean with us today russia is getting ready for presidential elections the incumbent of lot of mir putin is running for what would be his fourth. two parties the socially conservative and the more liberal leaning in fielding the same kind of roots as last time around respectively of lot of major enough ski and grigory yavlinsky there are also some new faces and russia's communist party is now represented by dean and known as the king thanks to his collective farms and then
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there is the t.v. host. who says that a vote for her is a vote against everyone else he stalks on a boy caught up with. i want to show people russia but there is another point of view this is the goal of my complaint i know you can't win on the elections where only putin always wins but in himself on many occasions that russia needs more competition both political question that would give six i didn't know all the facts you are so so out of joint here forty two years i'm just a little blond girl you know coming from going to shows and how to balance with me . i've never said that a president should be you know one fields expert. the
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only good way for us is along the way i know that many people want to foster change but change only happens as the revolution i am against. i want to educate people i want to bring them truth and i want together all their problems to make them it's the same old russian paternalism waiting for the officials to fix the problem don't you think that you are essentially playing the very same kremlin tactic no i'm not i am the change people want to see. in the united states the debate over what to do with the children of illegal immigrants who grew up in the country no doubt dream as is heating up an article in the new york times has triggered a backlash for proposing a compromise between liberals of the trump administration on this issue the author of the piece suggested that trump's senior policy adviser stephen miller should be
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included in negotiations about immigration as he represents the views of a wide spectrum of society is an advocate of increased restrictions on immigration the idea prompted people to take to twitter to brown the new york times a white supremacist paper. this is a town but i am a sahm to normalise this regime grabs politicians fascism and nazis is insane and must be stopped still furious at the new york times for normalising white supremacist steven miller new york times do you have any distance you left i guess printing this mash notes to a white supremacist on whole course memorial day is the answer to that question shame on you profound and utter shame on you. new york times is not why supreme uscis paper is a multiple nonce above basis on some pro trump b.r. and praise for me long today of all days is not exceptional john griffin
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a conservative commentator in texas things that is difficult to reach a compromise when both the far right and the far left dictating terms right now to our next story to northwestern iraq locals are livid after a u.s. led coalition air strike reportedly hit civilians and local police instead of terrorists the incident took place on saturday reports suggest at least eight people were killed and twenty injured here's what i witnesses had to say. we have to say ok when we arrived by car to find people killed or wounded the officer carried a wounded woman and laid her down in the car after that the same car was hit by a missile they were killed fifteen seconds later they opened fire on the people and their houses with a machine gun shortly after this a missile hit
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a police car and officers were killed. iraqi officials have confirmed that they called for a u.s. led air strike but insists that they are asked for a target a terrorist cell the u.s. military also says that's exactly how things unfolded adding that an investigation is now underway. iraqi security forces conducted a raid and apprehended a high value dash leader during extraction of the dash later a dash member reportedly initiated an exchange of ground fire and iraqi leaders called for coalition air support several people were killed and wounded during the exchange and the incident is under investigation by iraqi and coalition officials the coalition operates by permission and in direct coordination with the government of iraq and its security forces with an investigation underway the head of iraqi security and defense committee called on the government to adopt measures that will
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were strained the u.s. led coalition's actions in iraq and after much anticipation now here on r.t. international the english club leeds united unveiled a new batch only to receive floods of criticism the club quickly caved into the outcry and is now letting support his shoes the club's new badge and the public vote.
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your wednesday world headlines continue at the top of the hour. it didn't look. that. was. going to do any good. i. was. an amateur was.
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the release the memo moment this upon us republicans are billing it as some kind of silver bullet revealing political corruption at the highest levels of the department of justice and f.b.i. the democrats on the other hand and their supporters in the liberal media call it a distraction finally the public will decide. this is holland kentucky. boys. very funny is. a co money since he was no co mines left. his job to grow the food was said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened.
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this little bundle of joy he would have of civilizing in the woods mother this can only will one come about to tell him but you. to. china puts a lot of effort into making up for this cruel mistake of nature. it was. china's penda breeding has become something of a production line. it's almost as though they've been copied three d. printed and put on shows for the public and. several come here each year to. the left by dedicated scientists will be for nothing if and of can't be encouraged in captivity it's not as though they don't practice a tool but in the same lazy way they do everything else this proud to twins and
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his new idea that a special love potion was formulated just for the. greetings and salutations well hock watchers i think it's safe to say that from seed us shining sea here in the united states of america the state of the surveillance state is great i mean so what we've got an economy now built on wealth inequality or that our deep loss rate of infrastructures falling to pieces all around us and well most of the time on top of us all those issues can check themselves at the door because what really matters in this country is fear and what better way to
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protect us from fear is by handing over our constitutional rights to the police state take the good folks in detroit michigan for example in a town devastated by thirty to forty years of neo liberal comic anomic policies the city fathers are now patting themselves. in the back for their perceived success of their exciting new layer of big brother crime fighting dubbed project green lights not to be confused with matt damon and ben affleck's a little movie thing they did the detroit news explains that local businesses are now paying somewhere between four thousand and six thousand to allow police to monitor businesses video surveillance speeds in real time the cost covers installation of high definition cameras and lighting in exchange participating companies are given priority one status sun police dispatch of detroit mayor mike doogan has been doing back flips over this bizarre public private partnership
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stating carjackings are down forty percent in two years there is just no other explanation besides green light and while i'm infinitely happy that you've seen a drop in carjacking mr mayor that's a good thing i'm i'm a tad concerned about the constitutional tight rope you're walking right now not to mention the very disturbing pay to play policing quake mire you've gotten himself into which means i think it's time for the people of detroit and the rest of the surveillance states of america to start watching honks. as an example to. you that i got. this.
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week. well aware of all the watching the harks i am tired robot and i'm having a lot of tragically. yeah yeah it's this this project greenlight seems about as useful as matt damon and ben affleck's movie project greenlight it's not good it's merilahti battling it reminds me here with more it a little bit of fry and laurie sketch in which the joke at the center was this idea that they had privatized the police department in the u.k. and well you have to pay are you for the police to shop or the fire department it was the joe yeah well sure now it's the reality in detroit because this is really interesting since launching in twenty sixteen there are now two hundred thirty one businesses and rolled in this project greenlight and detroit and the like i said earlier the businesses pay anywhere between you know four thousand to six thousand for cameras signage lighting plus an additional ninety to one hundred fifty
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a month to be you know have the video images stored in the cloud so police can access them from the police station and all of that all of this is done but you have to pay comcast or a local company to do this you know to install these cameras bring them in here create the you know the structure to do all this and then like you said you're i could you could put on this like kind of priority one on the list of police response times which is really ridiculous and horrible i shouldn't the police be responding to every crime ridden by. as fast as possible not who has this you know security system installed enough but i really you would think that but i guess that doesn't exist now in the you know kind of weird oligarchies we live under you know no this is one of the maoists. i came by the word that describes it as
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a horrible offensive way about how silly this thing is i mean it's pay to play you know if you want our protection you have to pay for it so after paying seven thousand dollars to get this green light and sell the news gas station one detroit resident by the name of village awad told the metro times that after using the system he realized quote it's more of a pay and will come or don't pay and we're not coming we used to call detroit police and sometimes they wouldn't come till the next day the longest they take now is ten to fifteen minutes so you know we've had we've seen pay to be a deputy and you can you know shoot people and do whatever. you can pay to be a cop and now how you can pay to be productive whether it's going to ridiculous because i believe detroit already has something that says you have to have you know close circuit video and this is specifically for places that are open to wait for you know this is like your overnight stores convenience stores that were like that
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are gas stations places that are open twenty four seventh's and yeah i understand surveillance cameras are great because they do help in solving a crime after it happens but there's no guarantee that a cop are sitting there watching this twenty four hours a day you know making sure that something bad is not happening you know the thing they're just trying to say oh it's easier if we have access to that information or that video or that will get there quicker but yes the first they can say yes but looking at numbers like carjacking hard times xander gone down because the numbers the the the. punishment more for car theft has is so exponentially much higher and violent crimes if you have a gun while you're carjacking are become so big that people don't do it so when talking is are just down the first few it was the first eight businesses sign up did see a fifty percent drop but that's good probably because they made a big deal out of. the cops were watching the next two hundred fifty businesses have only seen an eleven percent reduction of violent crime but it's what the mayor
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said well that disturbs me the most is that. let me let me read you what the mayor said when facing criticism obviously there's a lot of people who you know are criticizing this civil a you know a.c.l.u. kind of thing and all that saying like you know constitutional level where mike doogan basically says there's no doubt there's businesses in the city that are in partnership with the drug dealers out in their parking lots who don't want the green light i'm letting the neighbors deal with that i mean what what a complete ignorance of what goes on on the streets of detroit and what the people who live there and what really goes on it's pretty well you have drug dealers and you're in your parking lot the cops won't do anything about it now it's your fault but you could pay us i will deal with it or you're in cahoots with the drug dealers and your partner is pretty ridiculous and they're talking about mandating this now and making it like a like every business that's up to like four thousand businesses would have to get
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this if they mandate this and to me that's crazy because how then can you promise awesome policing like i will be there in ten to fifteen if every store in the city that has it there goes back to the old. me for work or the way you want it to work in the first place not to mention we don't need more cameras you don't need more cameras anymore we need a better economy that's a good sort of crime. while multinational at tronics manufacturing company foxconn contends that they have quote a very good environmental record in china and in all other locations where we do business and quote research has shown that the areas surrounding their factories in china are contributing to a major environmental crisis which researchers say anywhere between eight percent and twenty percent of china's arable land some twenty five to sixty million acres may now be contaminated with heavy metals heavy metals used in the production of electronic equipment like the liquid crystal display. foxconn is saying they will produce at its proposed ten billion dollar wisconsin factory
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a process that uses high levels of zinc mercury cadmium chromium copper and benzene heavy metals that the chinese ministry of environmental protection found has contaminated surface souls in china and which threatens food safety and public health in the country now foxconn has applied for permission to drain over seven million gallons of water from lake michigan every day to support the factory and its production process water that will be used to watch the toxic heavy metals from each layer of those beautiful liquid crystal screens and about sixty percent of that water the company claims will be clean and a water treatment plant and returned to lake michigan while close to thirty nine percent of the water polled would be consumed in the evaporation process in their cooling towers however the area in which the factory is proposed to be built is right in the heart of the state's radium belt and an area in eastern part of wisconsin in which large amounts of radium have been found in well water the town
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of walkinshaw for instance has been on an over have to long quest to perform permission to divert water from lake michigan while foxconn seems to have in fact strapped to drain lake michigan and pollute so as clean water becomes more scarce will the push for environmentally unfriendly factories price out average citizens from clean water well of course to our globe the didn't do was story to teachers and now is the era of folks coming through saying look if we're big good rich or were you know we paid off enough politicians or were your you know big brother watching you if you paid us money will pay attention to you if you don't we go and if you pay politicians money we give priority over you everyday citizens because they serve they just don't pay enough in tax dollars even though technically they do but they really don't know the politicians who don't they would get as much money why they will give as many freebies and welfare to companies like fox. and. and at the same time go all cash we can't give another five million and even though
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you guys pay our salaries we can't we can't we can't do that because these guys get a selective these guys work because your politics is a mile above us and you know what's interesting about all this is we have actually a member looking into the water and in back and conspiracy theory was going to show my dad and we we found that it's illegal to take water directly out of the lakes or the great lakes because they're you know the great lakes everybody knows of rushing in from space. but what companies were doing like massively in those water companies were trying to they were sinking wells into the feeder system to the great lakes this is the complete opposite this is like no we're going to go take seven million nouns from the lake and brought up china and what they've dealt with in this is chinese company this is what they've done with the china national survey of pollution levels of cadmium nicole arsenic copper mercury lead chromium zinc and all the wonderful alphabets of helping us that those things bring severely
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exceeded legal limits in their country in two thousand and sixteen the chinese government started investigating heavy industries and what they found led them to shut down eighty thousand mills and factories in addition they're investing heavily now in the remediation of poison soul and soil and that they think that that could turn into a thirty billion dollar a year industry by two thousand and twenty five just cleaning up the ones left over from actors like this exactly because they're looking at anywhere from it could be twenty fifty before they've made some of these areas usable it at which is why these companies are moving out because now places like china are putting in stricter regulations now the idea of sucking this water out of the great lakes this one factory would not put this particular area and how much there's a cap for each specific township or county that pulls water of the great lakes there's a cap to how much they can pull out per day so the one that they're pulling out of which is receiving him in their watershed they. i have a sixty gallon sixty million gallon per day ok so they have seventy their pull out
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about seventeen million a day now you add the seven which will clearly not be seven it'll be way more seven million so now you're getting higher up there and when i talk about the radium issue this is i'm thinking five ten fifteen years in the future you can do that with politicians and businesses that so i'm not all that is if that's what you think you know there's world's not very strong long term i don't want to enter you crazy i am short term gain you know i am never going to be a terrible politician i think about this so we have the radio issue and if you look at a map you see where the rain we have this map this is the radium bubble in wisconsin is that a wall along that eastern the eastern coast of it along the lake and what you're seeing is some of the some of the except percent of wisconsin residents get their water from the well either it's a city while that pulls it up and cleans it or their own home wells so when those wells because we keep having to dig deeper and deeper and deeper the more water we take a groundwater they eventually start hitting all of these rocks from radium it's a naturally occurring radioactive and as it goes through it falls in the water you
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can't use that water so more and more cities like walkers shop which i said one of this very long. track just to get approval for this water one more and more companies like foxconn come in and scott walker is going to keep making these deals eventually there isn't going to be enough water for everybody and you're not going to be able to pull more water out of the wells out of out of wells eventually it's going to be into the watershed and everybody is going to hit their caps and i tell you they will sell those politicians will side on the side of factories and they will not care what happens to the people yelling about this law that water demand is a major issue and i just want to start it up so the overthrow of the cape town not having any water left you know let me just out of nothing this is ridiculous we've got to we've got to get control of this because for all you know it's a little thing like fresh water we only needed to live as we go to break or quarters don't forget to let us know where you grew topics to cover these words your poll shows that r.t.g. dot com coming up we are talking president donald trump of the state of the.


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