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you're. never going to hit one out. on. this clip appears to show one of the militants taking a selfie next to the victim after they had shot down his plane using what was believed to be a surface to air missile others are also taking pictures and chanting the russian su twenty five bamma was shot down by syrian rebel find his enabling province on saturday reminding for the past manage to eject from his plane a seemingly took his own life after he realized he was in further danger more hopeful nothing if. not salt roundup of all top stories for now don hawkins will take over at the top of the hour with more so do stay with us. the u.s. is losing into a summer one the climate denying is precluding them from the dissipating of this
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new economy number one and number two the effects of the climate change and why the catastrophes the global you know migrants that are the result of it all these other problems are hurting the u.s. economy on the other side of the trade so you've got a double by. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last long term. care act up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry finally i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some more fun to view those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised. never feel like it said one does not need
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a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death for this one quite different speech because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. to everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just struck washing in our view to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru well just a little bit different i'm out of the internet or no no no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have to meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. the.
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book. which. has. all come to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze a new sanctions loom in the u.s. russia stand off what is a spat mean for the world and is terror on amps to it my guest today is matthew borrows a cia veteran alice and a former national intelligence councilor. chaos in the middle east the nuclear threat in korea the trade war between russia and the west the world order is being tested a multiple for. yes and without a clear bipolar
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a system or sole superpower good well we'll all be on the verge of collapse will and lead in this world that once itself and find ways to move forward was a doomed to descend into chaos and anarchy. dr matthew burris a cia veteran analyst and a former national intelligence council who welcomed to the show it's really great to have you on our program so matthew the world is no longer split into one during the cold war and clearly u.s. isn't leading the world like it's tried to in the ninety's so she will be bracing ourselves for a cast in this new lateral reality chaos may be a strong word certainly instability because i don't think we have really achieved some sort of equilibrium the us is trying to find a new role for itself other powers as well so why though why it
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why is it so bad i mean we've had it leaderless world for nanny centuries before and we were find well that leaderless world had quite a few wars in it and obviously i think you know our own. advertise to mean for conflict is very very low these days and public server much more eager to see economic improvement than they are to. actually get into a fight with a neighbor or or with other powers in the world how volatile is to current state of u.s. russia relations i mean do you see more a sort of a stability within this confrontation or is it teetering on they are predictable and dangerous. it's it's certainly is unpredictable i would say it's potentially dangerous if it keeps. at this
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low level of of non cooperation. you know we've had differences before but we've also been able to to talk to one another and we also add those channels of communication and at the moment even between you know non-governmental bodies there seems to be a very low. low communication between between the two so is it a sad as to cold warrior out or even worse in a way well it's worse in the sense that there isn't that communication i think it is different to the u.s. really sees its peer competitor is china so in some ways you know is not is concerned i i don't share that that belief but is not as concerned
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about russia they see russia as a declining power and therefore a power that in their minds should we shouldn't have to pay that much attention to so that is a very dangerous situation. donald trump who looked like it could be a blessing for a moscow washington relations cheering as companion is now conducting their washing business in an even more adversarial manner than barack obama why such a huge turn first well i. i think he is hemmed in with finished yet i mean i am not sure that he has changed his views i mean his views were always that we should be trying to cooperate together but he is a weakened president there's an ongoing investigation is i'm sure you know about whether there was collusion between his campaign and and russian authorities
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so he can voice and he sort of. argument for better relations but i mean he's the president of the united states who can hammy then if you want to have a good relationship with russia you should have a good relationship with russia doesn't his word mean anything when i'm president is that. i. mean this is the definition of a weakened president. you know has congress who is passed sanctions almost unanimously he couldn't veto it. and so he asked still by by that legislation and he can actually voice much sentiment for better relations without implicating him him selfie in some sort of conspiracy with russia or collusion with russia can give the russian missed
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a geisha and coupled with possible democratic gains that the twenty eight ten midterm elections in the u.s. bring matters to a crisis point and impeachment trial even well. i mean it depends if the democratic party wins both houses because it is it can impeach in the house of representatives so with a majority if it wins a majority after the november elections it could bring in pietschmann proceedings but in order to. convict a president and throw him out of office us have to have a trial in the senate. and it's not clear if the democrats can win the senate. i mean you know bill clinton was impeached as well but he wasn't convicted i think when it comes to it
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a lot of legislators both on the republican and democratic side may actually hold back from going through particularly with a conviction not so much the impeachment now it's been done against bill clinton so there's a precedent so they were on dail and some progress in syria shows russia and the united states can sit down and tackle global problems successfully if they need arises is this how it's going to be for the foreseeable future sanctions and hostility mixed with pragmatic operation. you know that is certainly. i mean it's a step maybe in the right direction where you can get more cooperation on different issues. you know hopefully at some point that cooperation improves there are a lot of east shoes like arms control where we need to be talking with one another
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so yes i mean fully it doesn't stay there and minimal cooperation but moves up so more more cooperation the u.s. and russia managed to deal with it on issue together and now we have another nuclear crisis with north korea can the two countries go again and sit down involved china get the koreans to work things out pull this off one more time. it will be it would be easier for the u.s. to deal with russia as part of a group of countries along with china japan south korea and others it is very difficult to at the moment to have those bilateral talks. at least openly and even if you have them behind doors there are so many leaks from this administration that it's very hard to carry on diplomacy. you know with russia
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without that leaking so yes i think you could see in a. in a broader setting where you have other powers you could actually see improvement in the cooperation and that may build some trust back into the relationship. now during the john kerry years so lost hope that this approach of working on some issues while clashing over others will actually lead to a comprehensive amending the russia u.s. relationship but that hasn't materialized why doesn't taylor send continue working this line. well there has been you know a sea change and nobody saw this exactly coming but you know obviously there are dead there difference here is on the interpretation but most americans believe that there was russian interference in the elections so and they
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see that as an attack on american values so during the kerry years and even before that during the clinton years there was more of a willingness to in their mind reset relations after they had. deteriorated on one issue or the other host ukraine crisis and certainly. particularly now with with still the investigations on what happened in the elections going on it's very hard for tillerson or any or trump as we've discussed to make the case to the american public that we should have better relations now despite the hostility if the americans and the russians so i see why when it came to fighting isis and now the terrorist state is all but defeated i mean should we expect the u.s. to distance itself from problems like syria and play out well. i
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would say under the trump administration there is been more disengagement. although there are as efforts now in the state department elsewhere to begin thinking about reconstruction in syria i would say in my own mind i think you know both russia and the u.s. have big interests and share big interests. in syria i mean both of us don't want to see more instability or terrorism but there is a huge disagreement on tactics you know u.s. is not. making it a condition anymore that assad leaves office but nevertheless there's still strong anti a sawed sentiment all right matthew we're going to take a short break right now and when we're back we'll continue talking with dr massey
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a bar i have that iran analyst and a former national intelligence counselor and we'll talk more about the challenges they today's world order facing state with us. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies who p.m.a. thousands of people this is the simple song alone even some company against else with a clean.


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