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rings so this is part of the new generation a lot of people are saying the likes of queen they should be worried because this is a developed app that is already in existence this robin-hood app is what else i've been using to trade stocks now they're in it's or so it's already something they're using to trade stocks and now they could trade cryptocurrency s. but you know the news in the past week as well has been that this exchange in japan was hacked of some crypto currencies four hundred over four hundred million u.s. dollars worth of currency and then these three young guys these three young japanese guys came out and had the press conference and announce that they would give cash on hand back to these people four hundred million dollars or it was is a huge surprise because i hadn't even heard of the exchange we've been around in cryptocurrency sector for a long time and yet they made enough money to four hundred million dollars on hand to reimburse people who had cryptocurrency stolen or i want the other markets capital loans worth five to six hundred billion and that just happened the last few years and they bother a v.c.
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funded entities that are on the periphery are worth another half a billion to a trillion so there's a lot of cash out there there's a lot of cash out there and then i want to turn to this headline about those same sort of millennial is now pouring in to the stock market it's a tweet amazing retail trading activity is going parabolic explains a lot this is a chart showing trading activity at retail focused brokerages is skyrocketing the gray line on the top is the s. and p. five hundred but look at that blue line that's going parabolic even more than the market and that's each trade t. ameritrade and as a percentage of the new york stock exchange trade as you see those are all the young kids those are moneyless especially retail the dumb money pouring into the stock market at all time highs and you know well you know markets go to a sort of interesting to see how this generation deals with the correction and we could easily see a fifty percent correction in markets across the board and the. america looks
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pretty weak and we'll see how this group deals with that i'm curious to see how they handle it now in the second half we have a tremendous more amount of information to cover so don't go away stay right there we'll be right back after these words. seemed wrong. but. just don't. get to see a power. active. engagement because the trail. find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back to. put up but but hey max in the first half we ended with talking about the robin hood apps in the united states offering to five states within the united states mostly to their clients who are a millennial seventy eight percent of them are eighteen to thirty five years old they're signing up in the millions in order to get early access to crypto currency trading so this could see in evolution in the maturation of the crypto currency
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market people are going bonkers for crypto currency in the virtual space but also in the real world this is bleeding over into the real world this is an interesting story that hasn't got much attention in the cryptocurrency world which i suspect means that some of our friends are actually maybe behind this and this is the tesla effect taino industrial park only out of land after seventy four thousand acre sale the tallow reno industrial center billed as the largest industrial park in north america is nearly out of land about seventy four thousand acres which is one hundred fifteen square miles of the park east of sparks nevada was recently sold for about one hundred seventy five million dollars t r i partner broker lance gilman said on the vada news makers the biggest buyer was block chains
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l l c they say there's some block chain company they've bought one hundred fifty square miles in nevada right next to the line mosques five billion dollar tesla battery factory what's going on well according to the developers and sellers of this land of the biggest buyer was bought chains see which is at the forefront of one of the most revolutionary or innovations since the advent of the internet block chain distributor like what i'd be doing with all those less well. according to the developer gilman yeah he says quote locked chains will be a city within itself so right so they're creating a sovereign state within that state is their seceding from the world using their own currency it's going to be in their own world it's going to be block world we don't know nobody knows who these people are behind block chains l.l.c. it's a mystery it could just be one of these companies that adds block chains to its name in order to add value could just be like but it's
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a private company it's exactly they're not getting any halo effect there's no bump they're creating a mission within a mission unless it's next to tesla where they get the battery power they've got to go off the power grid to get at their own block chain their own governance it's going to be a nation within the nation what this is again it's in the bottom of ana and so according to gilman the property developer who sold this hundred fifteen square miles to a company called block chains l.l.c. he said so think of this in terms of residential project that could be four thousand housing units and apartments along with a shopping a full cybernetic community based on the block chain theory and technology they pick up a huge amount of property along the freeway interstate eighty for what i would call freeway visible retail and that would include everything from hotels truck stops to restaurants again all with a block chain technology foundation so ok so that is could be a development of like a whole community of all inputs and outputs the housing shopping health
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care and obviously nevada have gambling and whatnot so it's going to be an attempt to create a block chain enabled community nation within the state of nevada again it's one hundred percent speculation because all we have is as you can see from this guy he doesn't really know that much about walk chain and the fact that he thinks you're going to advertise it along the interstate freeway but i'm thinking it is either somebody trying to. sell flip condos and they think adding blotching to it will add premium just block chain to their name like kodak does or you know long island iced tea as blocks changed their name in their stock price stores it could be something like that or it could be the fact that it is next to tesla it could be a lot musky is always talking about a block chain and bit quick flame thrower as it could be nevada is a zero percent interest is zero percent income tax state it could be the
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libertarian sorts who are in nevada already somebody like me or huge as a broadway all these sort of people there are many many thousands of peter mares and of thousands and thousands of people within bitcoin are libertarian sorts perhaps it is a sovereign nation that they're building highlander land in the mata anyway nevertheless i thought it was interesting i don't interesting because it means the us government will be challenge from nevada i very much doubt it because even sovereign nations of like navajo nation or soon it look otoh a nation they have no sovereignty even though there can't drink their own money so try to look total recall in but this is like going to their own mint the nevada you know crypto coin new labor land in nevada next to the tax law battery factory can challenge just that a reserve bank nevertheless this new sort of world of dreamers from mosque dreaming of these teslas and hyperloop and going to the mars to the open
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possibility of what you can do with a crypto currency and create a new economy it seems to be driving some sort of investment and movement in the vada in this new world who knows they could be developing their own city within a city states yes you know many people say that's what the future is a city states we're going back to the city state which would of course make sense if we're in a neo feudal world to have city states. on top of that we have what the west is reverting maybe two city states i want to also call your attention to another story that while we were basking in the sun in miami and los angeles there was another story that happened that also got zero attention in the u.s. media in fact this headline is from the b.b.c. but this is a zero attention in the u.s. because of course they're focused on conspiracy theories and most of the news here and gossip so china to develop arctic shipping routes opened by global warming
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china has announced plans to develop shipping lanes through the arctic to become a polar silk route beijing said global warming meant viable shipping routes through the arctic would become increasingly important for international trade it's a china would work with russia and other arctic countries to develop the polar route so while china itself kind of stays part from the global warming protocols onto which all other nations sign up. and in the west we have many climate change deniers who are mostly eating tide pods i don't know if that goes hand in hand i don't know which comes first like are you a global warming denier first and then you start eating tide pods or was it eating the tide pods that caused you to become a global warming denier that maybe mess with your brain circuitry maybe basically what china has done is the opposite of the opium war is they've sent us these type
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pods probably i'm assuming they're made in china and they did something to it to entice. westerners consume and clearly that's happening and it's part of their initiative to conquer the globe by destroying this entire generation has become addicted now to place type and we see this really as a continuation of the jim jones call indiana remember he had everyone drink kool-aid and there was a mass die off here they just create pretty little candy like tide pods full of hallucinogenic carcinogenic chemicals and of course the millenniums find this irresistible because they were grown up on things like teletubbies i remember that t.v. show where it's like a walking type saying in a dribble on t.v. but hypnotizing the generation to buy into i phones and other consumer goods that bind them irreparably to the slave mentality of the electronic ghetto and that's
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where they live another type odds are really the drug of the electronic ghetto if you go into any prison system you'll find people getting high on lighter fluid or cleaning fluid or paint chips here this generation that list the electronic ghetto they actually see type as this generation's twinkie you know i had twinkies when i was a kid and that kind of messed us up with the saturated fat and lard and fake. food stuff that that was the synthetic food movement of the era of the seventy's we went not green but spleen and all the food became essentially rich so we started the show yes story about spoofing in the gold and silver futures markets. people who cared to look could see it right there on the screen happen because its leaders day it's plain as day a lot of people said it wasn't real regulators said it wasn't real everybody said
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it wasn't real nothing happened the same thing here you could see the ice melting by the fact that you could sail a ship through of course russia in the last year or two sailed a ship through for the first time without an icebreaker so you could see with your own two eyes that you could sail through but the same sort of people who compose our economy of tide pod the eating sort of consumers they will say that's not real so let's not look there in the meantime china of course which is denies its role in they never sign up to the sort of global protocols that we're going to call there and yet here we see them bill planning a polar silk road a lot of people say can happen can happen cat can happen could eat my cod pod i'm going to eat my thai pod i can do that but yes so what's your point there
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that in other words there's a climate change deniers and meanwhile there is a polar silk road being built through the melting icecaps so it's obvious that climate change is happening and the world's ecosystem is being irreparably damaged and transformed before our very eyes and the us is losing into a summer one the climate denying is precluding them from the dissipating in this new economy number one and number two the effects of the climate change the weather catastrophes the global you know migrants that are the result of it and all this other problems are hurting the us economy on the other side of the trade so you've got a double bind happening from the myopia that comes with failing to see what's in your fridge and face that the sea levels are rising the ice caps are melt. thing and the world economy is changing and it's favoring those that are not blindly to this blind so this is this is kind of what you're saying there yeah that the economy you
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can deny all you want that manipulation is happening in the futures market you can deny all you want that the ice is literally melting in front of your freaking ice and the ships are going through without ice breakers and you know if it if you need to i don't know how many type you need to eat to make that's what i thought reality was plucky. plucky i many times was do you need to eat to be a climate denier good question where. did that how many forty seven. for you. look like he's done help has the bird look at this only bird time part eating doesn't think it took you spoke in one way one bit pluck you worry about we haven't seen him for a while. oh my god that's quite a journey oh. well back to china and the arctic polar the silk road
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china hopes to work with all the parties to build a polar silk road through developing the arctic shipping routes china said in its first official policy paper on the polar region and said every country's right to use the arctic shipping routes should be ensured the new route could take twenty days off the forty eight days it currently takes to get to rotterdam from china via the suez canal so as you see the theme of the show is this notion that you can all the ignoring the proof and evidence ignoring the spoofing in the markets ignoring global warming ignoring the power and awesomeness of cryptocurrency doesn't make all the development happening in the real world go away people are going to take advantage and seize the opportunity. that you decide to ignore while playing with plucky or even type odds well said every empire kind of crests and then falls
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apart based on a certain imperial imperial narcissism well that's going to do it for this edition the cars are part of the most guys or states are but i think our guest plucky if you enter a just on twitter at kaiser report intellects on bio. run . the best out of the tool just. behind so it's a pain to perform i actually passed myself to die i. don't know sir he said well. sorry. as most of. you. in home will start turning her.
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scanty clothes. she had the good. fortune to show you was if you could with us to. yes get more machine. toilet p.s.k. . join me every thursday on the elec some i'm sure i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies. this is the simple song alone even some company elsewhere
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they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody. going to be. this is. for you. locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more the water it's about to hurt and the redistribution of. purpose. downwards we want to.
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know a. lot. of. headlines on off the international u.s. republicans allege that the infamous dossier this behind many of the pollution claims may have actually been based on information provided by the clinton campaign as well as partially funded by the clinton foundation. human rights watch has published a new report revealing how strong anti psychotic drugs are being misused in some us nothing how. are you so sleepy today. and formula one decides to. grid girls in
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a bid to keep up with the times some of the girls affected say they're losing perfectly good jobs for no good reason. to stay here in moscow you're watching r.t. international from all of us here thanks for joining. us that republicans have released a document alleging that the man behind the trump russia dossier was not only funded by the clinton campaign but was also fed information by it mr steele's memorandum states that the report was information that came from a foreign substance who is in touch with a friend of the clintons it is troubling enough that the clinton campaign funded mr steele's work but that these clinton associates were contemporaneously feeding mr steele allegations raises additional concerns about his credibility the so-called
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trump dossier was compiled by a former british intelligence officer that of chris steel in claims to establish strong links between russia and the. a during the twenty sixteen election now the steel dossier was criticized for containing flaws and being unverified but it was still allegedly used to secure surveillance on team trump and become an important part of the investigation earlier however it was revealed that the dossier could have been funded by the campaign of his rival hillary clinton and if the latest claims that clinton affiliates also fed information to its author chris steele turned out to be true it could potentially undermine the entire collusion probe. oh but did we catch them in the act or what you know what i'm talking did we catch them in the act they are very embarrassed they never thought through to get caught we caught them basically you have
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a opposition research which proves to be propaganda and not even factual information that led to the appointment of bob mahler to investigate trump for russian collusion that appears not only not to have happened but to have been invented by the democrats paid for by the democrat national committee and the clinton campaign and now they're investigating trump i still think the funniest part about this is they want to say trump well we couldn't find any collusion so it must be obstruction of justice that he fired the former f.b.i. director what was he obstructing if there was no justice to be served because what they were investigating wasn't even true i think that's laughable the republican party released a memo outlining a potential bias on the part of the f.b.i. and the popping of justice in that trump russia probe the document faced criticism from the democrats but republicans now say their investigation will proceed to encompass even more branches of the government yes so let me get to that so phase
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one of our investigation was just getting to getting at the pfizer b.s. what we're looking at now is the state department and some of the irregularities there and some of the most of critics of the memo have been out of the washington post and the new york times the journalism has become the subject of a new film but as auntie's american explains journalistic values sometimes change over time. the washington post and the new york times once established themselves as shining beacons of true journalism a brave group of reporters who would stop at nothing to find out as much as they can in their quest for truth but i'm actually talking about the seventy's back then new york times and poster as risk jail time by publishing classified documents on the vietnam war the new york times begins its explosive series based on the pentagon papers publication of a covert version of the war that recount due to much of the optimistic talk that permeated official statements for years now daniel ellsberg leaks the documents to
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the washington post you want to learn more go to the movies and check out the oscar nominated film the post seems like the perfect robot alter trump attacks on the media and according to the creators that was actually the intention one thing that both of these areas have in common that really attracted me also to tell this story is two presidents. declaring war on the news media i really feel that we shall overcome what all of us have been so subjected to over the past sixteen months while spielberg's political message is pretty difficult to miss even in the trailer you probably won't be discreet court. we don't. what are you going to do this is ok and what are those two newspapers up to these days well they're not exactly true to the idea of exposing the intelligence community the washington post was one of the loudest voices against the release of
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the newness memo why because this classified document which alleges misconduct by intelligence services quote in danger's national security and wa po published a number of articles predicting devastating consequences from the memos released and slamming donald trump while they were at it and media who are in favor of the memos released got bashed as well the clip on paid for fake news russian propaganda dot ca that of course was used by the obama administration to obtain pizer warrants to surveil members of the trauma campaign. and the new york times who exposed the pentagon papers back in the seventy's were also against it so the cia and f.b.i. went from bad guys hiding their secrets from the public to a pillar of society standing strong against the evil trump the irony today among many ironies is how the mainstream media forgotten their own history the new york times the washington post today when it comes to
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a songe and others call him the worst threat to our republic is that we've ever seen but just years ago decades ago this same behavior. now lauded in the movies seem to herald this particular type of behavior that is showing again the unmitigated unbelievable hypocrisy that astounds me daily so there you have it the same outlet that has democracy dies in the dark as its slogan would prefer its secret intelligence actions never see the light of day samir khan r. t. washington d.c. . the french island of corsica is receiving a manual and today the president's visit is first as president comes on the back of a large nationalist protest there at the weekend corsican or thora to say six thousand people took part rally organizers say twenty five thousand. yet it was yet.
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a. call from the. u.s. of course with fridge but with corsican and they should recognize that this is a. money first we are protesting because of course chris being held hostage by fronts because currently everything is being cited by officials in paris. these are the question in the press when you first of all would demand the transfer of corsican political prisoners to corsican prisons these families are suffering because currently political prisoners are located far away from their homeland this is the most important demand. the president's two day visit to the region whose population is just a percent of france's does come out at a time of rising separatist sentiment. the one nine hundred seventy s.
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corsica's fight for independence is at its height with a nationalist movement carrying out a series of bombings and shootings the deadly campaign will continue for decades in one thousand nine hundred eight the top official on the island florida and yack was killed becoming the night stay worker to be murdered by separatists in two thousand and fourteen the national liberation front of course lay down its arms declaring a permanent ceasefire opening a path for separatist and pro autonomy political parties to reach a compromise with the central government back in december and nationalist separatist alliance won an absolute majority in the course can assemble in leaving my home with. them. but their wish list is relatively modest at least for now the main cause official status for the course can languish control over the local budget and no
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more holiday homes for outsiders clogging up this paradise known as the island of d.c. of course can leaders warn parents should leave the schools some people are now telling if winning elections does not even get to stiffle talks would be gave you a mandate for means democracy is a dead end to go through that saying films are more effective than votes is something i don't agree with but which at some point could be validated by number of people. giving in could prove difficult for highly centralized france previous administrations have met corsica's demands with their attention and even refused to negotiate on hints he may be different to specific promises approving allusive so far. we can see the possible changes but these would come as elsewhere within the framework of the constitution first republican framework does not allow us to say yes to certain demands such as on residency rights or recognizing corsica as the official.


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