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toward complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. and their anti brags that party is about to be launched in the u.k. and it's finding its first support across the channel french m.p.'s belonging to a manual macross on marsh movement not only back the idea but have reportedly been giving advice to the party's founders artist arwa damon has the details this is really a brand new political party that's a boat to launch in the k. its goals are quite ambitious pledging to transform british politics and reverse brigs it it wants a second referendum on it i think there's no chance of brakes it being reversed the brave people have spoken and that's an end of the matter they can bash their head against a brick wall but all the get is a sore head while the party is launching into the fray it's getting advice for of
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course we can all hear it from the helping her and coming from a manual much for his party the public wash with advisors said to me at a recent meeting consulting about tactics and it's normal each one of your girl friends was glad you came here like us and like many other countries looking for because it was feeling despair i think the danger increasing you can look at the future musical and i think that the movement that chris and others i meet with when you use the future you can embrace. burring the ideas of mark. which invited in every day people regardless of their experience in politics who knew also calls on everyone to join and those behind it hope it'll work for them to. we don't have much time the only way of winning is by the same miracle as michael
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the u.k. electoral commission says there is no issue with the british party receiving advice from a foreign political party providing it receives no funding from it so it's fair enough but what the reaction be if the advice was coming from a russian party will there be a great outcry as there would be if politicians from any political or from any other country were trying to advise politicians or tell them what to do but i mean what we should all be doing of course is talking to politicians from other countries not to get advice from them not to be told what to do but simply to find out what's going on in those countries we are streaming for an interview to discuss the party but they said they were too busy however they made their feelings about our clear saying that ot would look to undermine it also accused the channel of being a propaganda tool and suggested that russia had interfered in the brig's vote dividing
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the u.k. for europe this fight a lack of concrete evidence. really you clearly doesn't have a problem when it comes to seeking the advice of a foreign power such as france when it comes to reversing bragg's it a referendum in which the majority of voters or pleased to leave you so it seems that for a new meddling is ok it just depends on the country involved so that even ski r.t. paris. it's been a long five months but it looks like germany is finally getting itself a new government the country's two largest parties have put their differences aside to agree on a coalition the latest round of the talks started on tuesday and only wrapped up on wednesday morning after a four uninterrupted twenty four hours of negotiations. chief of staff peter omar
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joke as he left the talks that all of them needed a shower now the social democrats martin schultz has just announced that the subject is that subject to approval of the coalition and the new cabinet will become foreign minister if confirmed as the country's top diplomat he will step down as the party's leader and be forced to eat his words. mr schultz exclude the possibility of being a minister in the cabinet led by merkel all the c.d.u. c.s.u. . yes yes absolutely i would never be part of a government artie's peter all over looks at what we can expect after this long awaited deal. what is this painful compromise well the social democrats they will hold on to the foreign ministry the labor ministry the justice family and environment ministries that they held in the previous government but they will gain the very powerful german finance ministry so what happens next well it all goes
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down to a vote by the s.p.d. membership that's four hundred sixty thousand people that will be casting a vote by mail so are expecting a result from that ballot over the next few weeks trying to drum up support for the deal we saw the negotiating team sending a selfie out to a social democratic what's up chant saying they were tired but satisfied and encouraging their membership to get behind the vote it is going to be very tight though should the social democratic membership go vote yes well that means angle or merkel will have to go ahead to form a new government and we could expect to see that seems place by six months after the actual election in september if that is a no though from the social democrats then this whole deal well it all falls apart and all this negotiating has been for nothing and really the only option facing germany would be
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a brand new election well if that new election was to take place it's not entirely certain that the so-called roco or grand coalition can even happen again that's because the latest polls suggest support for the s.p.d. has dropped to a record low of only eighteen percent and there's even opposition to the coalition from within the s.p.d. itself around twenty five thousand new members have joined the party since the new year many of them reportedly within with the intention to vote against the deal with merkel. disturbing video has surfaced online showing children in libya who are reported to be under nine staging a mark execution. no. no. no. no no. no no no no. now to discuss this i'm joined by
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a panel of guests this evening we have first dr louis harrington who is a terrorism expert at left for a university then we have mohamed sir call a u.n. representative from the with also with the juice or youth organization and last but of course not least we have moved still islam international human rights advocate and chairman of the online bloggers association now if i steal things i got you last let's go ahead and start with you what did you make of this video when you thought. well this is probably not the first time we came across similar video if i recall a few years ago a sky news broadcast is just similar kind of situation where children where you know making. actions like that on social media and they were playful about terrorism acts so this is not something new for me i have been online as
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a social media activist for eleven years and i have seen many you know children in the water in areas acting up terrorist acts like that you know playful mood so this is nothing new to me. and also i don't think any new warning sign i apologize i apologize if we go ahead over to dr harrington. so i didn't quite catch the question sorry just what your initial reaction was to seeing this video is this something that you've also seen before. i've seen videos of young children reenacting the things that they that they see. i don't know when i when i reflect on this from of the long perspective. you know i think that these the children suffering the amount of trauma that a lot with with experience. we kind of look ahead to pathways you know if there's
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any concern about terrorism pathways the risk of substance misuse turning to deal with that trauma that ever encountered we know that a number of the individuals responsible for terrorism across europe have struggled with substance misuse and that pathways into sort of fundamentalist groups sort of begins at an early age through traumatic about. so the certainly if it concerns me but i don't think it's you know in any way something that can't be dealt with given sufficient trauma counseling to avoid them following the same footsteps as other young men who experience trauma not just point out quickly the children it is believed that they weren't actually mimicking eisel execution it's only that they were actually copying what they saw an execution by a libyan national army commander that took place at the end of january just to be clarified on that point now mr circle do you think that there are these children
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could pose a threat or is this just kids being kids they're just repeating what they see. good evening and thanks for having me on you on the spot important issue that we actually have raised this issue during the human rights council sessions and meetings. what we see now is just a mocking video actually seen actual videos where children has been used to be had . to behead people in syria and in iraq and iraq as well we heard stories when terrorists groups using the young people to be. spy on their families or to be a suicide bombers as well so this video is just. it's not new what we see what we see worse is actually this what we're trying to do is we hope that we can work together with the u.s. to prevent such
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a video is to be to be shown on online because as you notice those children have seen this video someone and they trying to mock the video and the trying to to to copy the video so i was as i said just to the u.s. or to other n.g.o.s or to my colleagues here is to work on regulation where you have this credibility as an adult that you should not be shown to children online so we have to work on something to prevent those of you to be released and to be shown because how the children are learning about this. you know if i say i think you are trying to do something here go ahead yes yes or social media you know has been failing us for quite some time now there are online terrorist blogs i am aware of various online terrorist platforms even on social media like facebook the way facebook and even you tube is still up and running there are very many terrorist accounts where videos or such like such as this even real videos as my friend here
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said are being shown and being run by known terrorists and how is it going on how is it happening now this is coming to our to our home because if you recall the british child name terry he in fact blew up a few people on bass in a terrorist act when he was about four years of age when his mother was in fact glorifying the terrorist act so such acts are terrifying for us because our children are being brainwashed as well there are various projects which proves that almost four thousand children where called to projects like channel project to in fact. make them aware of what they. they're supporting are believing to be wrong their n.s.p. c c hotline swear parents can in fact take the help to monitor or to help their children they are afraid of being radicalized so this proves that it is coming to our shores as well and now i must add something else as well i don't
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think just the trauma counseling was going to help we need to find out the root cause behind it which is the radical extremist understanding of religious views and especially of islam that's what is being used by islamist terrorist organizations and groups like. this are other similar than a zation and their glorifying martyrdom of children even and how they're being brainwashed we need to find out the root strategy that they had up to and how children have been after to it because it is very easy to in fact convince children and used them as suicide bombers are two entirely out of orders. you know i think the evidence that that is true now i've looked at is that the individuals who are actually carrying out terrorist attacks and in particular suicide attacks often have been escaping chaotic lives that actually that the there
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is a gauge went with what we call extremists material it doesn't happen until many years down the line so when we talk about causes we really need to understand what attracts individuals to groups like al majid haroon islam for u.k. example for belgium sharia for belgium what attracts them to that those groups in the first place because i think when we look too much at what they've been interested in in the in the year or so beforehand believing that that was the catalyst for believing that that was the root cause when it was nothing more than the catalyst we looking at very troubled individuals you know in the case of the the individual sponsible for killing a forgery would be the westminster attack the paris. attack the the and the family in germany these were these were the guys living very very troubled lives and they often substance misuse was a big problem and if we understand that the reasons that people engage in substance misuse is because of childhood trauma and if we understand that if we've got
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a large number of young guys children who have experience that kind of trauma could they is it possible that they were partially unable to follow they were probably the latter not the whole truth that's not the murderous may i agree with them and i'm not really. a large part of it believe the data supports that. well i'm talking about a very natural bangladeshi a planetary set and it could be this could be extremism but but by that i'd idea behind this those kids are coping with a scene like like where they do when they watch. a wartime movie or when the play a game of. somebody's war games or fighting game they copy this kind of stuff on their own it was never out they were really in all the time of. exactly what i'm told they're all on the television all the time in england they want to hear it that doesn't support that some of them come from troubled i was out of the area and
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i don't like a lot of the children playing online or up and other places gentlemen it's very hard to understand whenever we are talking at our real quickly i don't know how it's done it's represents less less work let's work on let's put this work on prevention preventing this kind of movie and this kind of videos to be shown the movies i know my mom and i did a little regulation. you know they're not in we're all different than your standard move movie file and call the kids homicide that kids been. no one will be suggesting that in case anybody following these were the kid children. i'm talking about kids that experienced direct trauma and. islands and war that kind of trauma is absolutely indicative of shows they're the kind of individuals who when they grow up are almost certainly going to be vulnerable to radicalization because they would have had the they would be looking for
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a skate those i would be any country that's what we need about unusual these young guys so we're going to really be the only the only prevention is to is to deal with the underlying cause and for a number of the these guys it's going to be the trauma they encounter they've been in war zone if they're mirroring in their executing their friends mock executions what they've been what she was it online or really with they watching it first hand and if they pushed it first hand guaranteed they're going to have struggle to struggle with mental health they can have a great number of issues and i think are going to be very likely really very. clearly to be something under also pulling i really. really the root cause is not that you know ok let's go ahead like i said i like to respond. first of all if you look into the history of islamist terrorism recently in a country where i was mourned by like this you will see most of the terrorist attacks in the capital of dark i was carried out by youths who in fact came from
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affluent families that very good life in fact they were brainwashed by this islamist terrorism not only by videos but by theological understanding of it and when it comes to children children are not being able to be children because of the upbringing they are getting because they are of the islamic extremist ideology it in fact denies you of any kind of creation that children can will need to grow up for example they will not be allowed to play with certain toys they will not be able to drop you know pictures of human beings they will not be able to listen to music they will not be able to hang out with some type of friends or even girls you know these are all in fact add up all the happiness in all the everything highball culture is not like. without knowing everything i have learned that this is the only way that when it was on no it doesn't this is a minute ago i had a lot more harm than we do have a very long time last month. this is an excellent point exactly what they
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have learned and what they have been what to be educated this is why weren't we talking about prevention through education our some of the education in some countries the educate the younger kids on radicalization only extremism right from the younger age so we that's what we calling for we call some regulations to prevent such a behavior either on online videos or watching you know we have to regulate the education curriculum from the countries required to be looked into and see how the education curriculum is being taught in schools this is one thing we've asked the u.n. to do so as well also to look at monitoring the education curriculum that meets the human rights standard they can teach the kids not to play that toy or not to talk to that person or to hate the person or to love the person kids cannot make a choice kids only copy when they seen and my colleagues say yes seen some excuse in front of them in libya in syria and in iraq they've seen their families being
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killed they've seen the father beheaded as well this is where they are turning out to so that's what we're trying to work out some of the roots being overlooked in the minds gentlemen to you for your kid you know generation but it doesn't look like me to run out of the time thank you so much for joining us to discuss this issue we have dr louis harrington carried an expert love for a university bahama circle a u.n. representative also with the just like you have an organization and with us all to form an international human rights advocate and chairman thank you very much gentlemen for your time this evening thank you thank you thank you thank you i'll be back in about thirty minutes with today's headlines stay with us.
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i'm not sure her time she were going underground just forty eight hours since british courts prevented the extradition of british finnish freedom activist larry love to the united states that learned the u.k. arrest warrant decision in the past twenty four hours concerning wiki leaks founder julian assange coming out of the show why did washington post boss katharine graham praised in the new spielberg film the post troubled perry to water down his journalism we pay tribute to the reporter whose work was archived by the cia after he exposed defacto british back to us government smuggling of drugs and weapons around the world and forget fake news here on earth what about fake news in outer space astrophysics and founder the strongest best of all israeli and argues for international cooperation instead of new liberal collusion from the headlines we are british drones are killing who in syria and who's fighting who in yemen all the civil coming up in today's going on the ground but first we're around ten days from
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britain results of the academy awards in arguably reflecting the state of british journalism no award this year will go to a film purportedly about the pentagon papers steven spielberg's the post this even after recent years revealed that britain's pride in not joining the us a war which killed around four million vietnamese may be misplaced that in fact there was indeed covert support for the kennedy johnson nixon college in the spielberg film meryl streep backed and supposed heroine katharine graham of the washington post newspaper now a subsidiary of the online retailer amazon but. if you publish. supreme court next. week we could all go to prison. make this decision. against her fortune a company that's been hired by. my space but was katharine graham really so heroic because that's not the way she's seen by many of the
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journalists filmmakers and whistleblowers around the globe who paid tribute to journalist and founder of consortium news robert perry who passed away last week seymour hersh described perry as not even so much as a critic of us mainstream media as a critic of lousy reporting and from the iran contra scandal the mainstream coverage of russia and ukraine his work cut through propaganda and skewered lazy new liberal journalism joining me now via skype from san francisco in the usa is norman solomon the founder of the institute for public accuracy and longtime friend of bob parry norman welcome back to going underground so for those who haven't heard of robert perry why was his journalism so relevant to the lives of people say living in nato countries like britain well here's a guy who came out of the mainstream what i called mainline media was associated press then on to newsweek and the p.b.s. frontline show and his year was always very international he became well known in
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the mid 1980's by breaking stories the first story it's really about the iran contra scandal the arms for hostages deal and i think most importantly the us against american law was arming the contras in nicaragua the cia backed army against the elected sandinista government but perry was somebody who was. committed to an independent journalism and that increasingly i think put him at odds with not only the conservative part of the u.s. power structure but also the liberal part as well ok well that take us back a little what was a scale of u.s. backing for de facto drug smuggling that ball perry exposed. yeah there was one of the big stories i mean not only the weapons flying from u.s. sources to the contras in nicaragua and then i'd seen eighty's but the planes would
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come back not empty with drugs to supply. in the united states some of the drug. conveyance ally and of course money coming from that as well so they were called off the shelf deals we are if the cia the u.s. government couldn't through legal channels fund the contras with the weapons and the so-called non-lethal way the drug trade could help. free up a whole lot of money and so perry really exposed that the reagan administration from the top down wasn't just oliver north contrary to medium it but the reagan administration from the very top or was involved in that illicit and deadly warfare against u.s. law and then gives whited out perry went to guatemala and el salvador just the slaughter house that was being funded by the u.s. government in the reagan administration at that time and i think if we look you know the last several decades since then but kerry didn't really change in that he
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was always a very tough investigative journalist he believed as the great reporter i of stone said many decades ago all governments a lie and nothing they say should be taken on faith and it's because of that commitment that robert perry continued to be a very important reporter after he was a.p. newsweek in recent quarter century really he was crucial and remains even having passed away a crucial the important journalist as an independent reporter who exposed crimes going on from the top of the u.s. government reagan of course a great ally of mrs that has here in britain he went he went on to win the i have stone medal but hill through expose. as their own reagan deliberately delayed the return of the u.s. hostages from iran yeah reagan campaigned so-called october surprise.
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four hundred forty days the u.s. hostages being held in the embassy former embassy in tehran and bumper he made a convincing case just shoe leather journalism that in fact the reagan administration ahead you know vien with iran saying you know you can get a better deal from us if you don't give jimmy carter the release of those hostages until after the election and in fact symbolically and notably those hostages were elected or rather released on you know a gratian day for on the reagan these are the kind of stories that bob insisted on doing meticulously going through documents and really granular level research there earned him a lot of disrepute among the mainstream media he simply became a pariah and that was more and more the case not only for the right wingers in the media and government to adored ronald reagan but it also became true of
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those who adored. obama yeah i'll get on to the growth in a second if you want that the that i'm not sure if you see this steven spielberg hanks film the post but it's certainly extols the virtues and one of the great journalists so r.h. katharine graham. yeah i don't know how you have this to share the same ideas about her as the tom hanks and steven spielberg. well perry actually worked for what was then called the post newsweek company the washington post being the owner of newsweek and as he told me later on. bob was working on a story about u.s. foreign policy and he was told it would have to be watered down because katharine graham had henry kissinger as a weekend house guest and this is an example of what bob was willing to say in public that was routinely kept private you know inside the sanctum of
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the media and because he was willing to disclose that kind of sum on a scale of what's supposed to be objective journalism. he really became somebody in disrepute for someone like katharine graham i have to say you know i have not gone and seen the film yet the post but i did perhaps one of the very few know if only negative reviews katharine graham's quotes are winning one of our graffiti personal history when it came out a couple of decades ago it was very self-serving it was exactly the kind of slop and idiot logically driven material that bob perry rejected fundamentally his work ok that get to how he then in later life before he died annoyed the liberals because eat eat try to debunk the idea that russia was responsible for basically
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all the ills of the united states that these to be going on in your country right now. well i should say in context it was always finely attuned as a washington reporter to the way that the intelligence agencies of the united states and the news media tended to work in lockstep certainly in tandem and so it was the same sensibilities that caused him to go against the grain on the reagan administration's line on central america it also caused him to go against the careen in terms of the received wisdom what everybody was supposed to believe in us media and politics about russia and as is the case with me bob kerrey was no fan of the russian government what he was an enthusiastic that was to look at history past and current and to look at facts rather than spin and that led him to fundamentally.


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