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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 10, 2018 9:30am-10:00am EST

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russia drafted a u.n. resolution calling for a new investigative body to be created in fact the document says that experts must visit the sites of alleged attacks to collect samples and conduct eye witness interviews but that plan collapsed after the u.s. said it would block the resolution defense analyst ivan eland thinks the issue has become highly politicized the problem is with these things is that one never knows for sure there are multiple sides on the battlefield it takes a long time to get the investigations done in a stray should always likes to. put on a tough asides the one is we don't care who did this but the syrian government is responsible for it that's kind of a strange statement i think if they accuse russia and syria of something that either didn't happen or somebody else did maybe their evidence isn't that great that's probably the reason they don't have anything to back it up and
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they do it they don't want. any independent investigation. tensions are high in italy with less than a month to go into this general elections hundreds of supporters of a far right party clashed with police in the central italian city of much of that just a week before must have suffered a racially motivated shooting which left six injured. that. was. the shooter was targeting african migrants police conduct copy of hitler's mind finn is apartment as well as a flag with a far right symbol shooter said he wanted to avenge the death of an italian woman allegedly killed by a nigerian asylum seeker. the incident has fuelled concerns about the rise of neo fascist sentiment in italy national as well as foreign media have all been weighing
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in the shooter's lawyer told journalists that his client was greeted as a hero in prison and police say racial and religious violence has soared in recent years in fact we can show you the disturbing numbers from the italian police force hate crimes have jumped more than ten fold in just four years and the issue is raising concern at the highest level with italy's justice minister revealing he was even threatened when he visited the shooting the shooting victims at the hospital in metadata. even today. i received threats against me and my family but i was the first is to go away when the time comes to take action so no. other video has appeared in the media showing the latter after shooter shaking hands with the leader of the right wing leader nord moreover the shooter stood as a candidate for the party at local elections last year we invited a leader nor councillor to debate the issue. if this guy did what he
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did he became a creaminess so we are very strict. and our. we pons and sit in the next election the people will use it to vote and this is the only way we act any violent act carried out by an immigrant it seems like the response is is also considerable surely this is not good for the country as a whole how do you feel about what's been reported the rise of nationalism and fascism in italy we are just telling you the people we need low we need contra county we cannot lose our identity because italy if these mood of immigration will rise and we continue we lose. a dainty ally of your party the former soviet belasco and he's called migrants
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a time bomb not fairly aggressive rhetoric it's only going to further divide people you say your weapon is your pension should you be trying to bring people together we found always the right way to act together and when we have been in the government the last time in two thousand eighty two two thousand and eleven we practically stopped the arrival of illegal immigrants in two thousand and eleven we had only four thousand. in one year in last year we had the more than forty thousand. legal immigrants and so you can see the difference and this is a bomb but because of the most of those people. illegal they would never get the. refugee because just the five maximum temperature scent of them is a real refugee more years after the break.
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from my mother and entertainment have become good at it in our culture and we have children grow up playing playing games on the computer this one has somehow been to mystic cited as entertainment to russia just because nothing funny about it is so serious russia will be the last nuclear weapons because russia regards nuclear weapons as the book against inflation no wolf but it's a period come of this. that's in american interest to not see any russians die in terrorist attacks as it is in russian interest to prevent any terrorist attacks in the united states or elsewhere in the world so i don't think there's any dispute on that in congress and i think
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maybe some of the posturing is frankly political as opposed to substantive. thanks for joining us syrian air defense has responded to new israeli raids near the capital but the israeli military confirms that attack twelve targets in syria including both syrian and iranian facilities the i.d.f. has striking numerous syrian in renia military targets in syria in response to rein in aggression more to follow but he reports on the incident from damascus. but morning syrian army commanders should just statement confirming that syrian aerial defenses intercepted israeli fighter jets that were carrying out an airstrike on
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location in central part of the country and then later on sunday news agency the state news agency said that israel carried out subsequent strikes on locations west and south of the syrian capital damascus also said that the fences from the syrian army have been intercepting piece attacks according to my sources. nine thirty local time in all airstrikes stop we all we can also confirm that the sites that were targeted. earlier that attack that took place on don't today is the t four air base in central syria in the deserts of central syria problem iraq my military sources are saying that there has been no casualties only three hundred soldiers in this attack but there is no official confirmation so far and the positions that were hit today in the subsequent attacks are in the mouth of damascus and in
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the south of damascus because we had been hit before by israeli airstrikes. earlier this year and back then israel said that it was believed to be and a gathering of iranian advisors and the command building of the syrian army's first armored division. i joining me now to discuss that further is a mayor or and defense and government and lester thanks for joining us here on our team today what is our tel aviv's position on the incident. well it's a play in three acts what you heard from damascus the second and third act but it all started with an iranian drone a remotely piloted vehicle which entered israel proper we don't know yet where they are for surveillance or attack and it was shot down by an israeli armed apache helicopter now following that particular incident the israeli
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air force has retaliated against the launcher of this particular drone. hitting the. command and control vehicle and perhaps the launcher itself and during this attack one of the israeli f. sixteen s was idea of heat by syrian ground defenses or the pilots got the impression that they are about to be hit and bailed out so israel has lost one x. sixteen and following that israel has again retaliated hitting the a twelve targets which your record respondent mentioned several of them being iranian and several syrian can we can we expect any response from tehran.
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we can expect first of all some propaganda some claims of victory but the response on the ground is probably going to be measured israel did not hit the various assets that either syria or iran has and positioned against israel it was a very limited retaliation very measured one it's a sort of a dialogue by fire it seems as if the battle has been contained it is not going to conflate great any further but this is for the time being and because the two sides have taken made efforts not to kill anyone several people were wounded on both sides but as of now no further casualties now as we understand the front
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line of the war on terror is to get rid of ice all isis or die ash in syria and for the most part the terrorists in the militants have been eradicated from syria if that's the case then why is israel launching sorties an s strikes over syria. when israel was in effect asked to choose between two evils so two devils sees it the assad regime and dies it indeed shows assad if he's satisfied that i still has been eradicated and that the forces arrayed against him be the russian led coalition or the american led coalition have prevailed but israel also resists the notion that iran is going to have a foothold in syria and to cory door to lebanon against israel so when the iranians violate israeli air space israeli sovereignty by sending
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a drone into israel israel both should sit down and makes the point of retaliate ing in order to have some impact in the talks about the future of syria israel would not sit idly by if i during such the orange an eva the future is syria is decided upon without bringing into consideration israel's own interests some some might say that israel is perhaps working its own agenda in syria if you jump online and just and just have a look at the information israel has been conducting as sorties over syria for many many years it's almost acting according to its own agenda that's according to some international analysts. well you know the old strategic air command in the united states used to have the sign peace is our business which of course sounds ironic because there were intended to bomb the soviet union and other
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places in world war three but as a matter of fact what israel has been doing in syria rance along the same line israel wants to avoid a third war in lebanon and the third war will ensue if hizbullah gets precision guided munitions which are going to be launched against the israeli air force so these rather the air force and other israeli combat arms of trying to prevent hezbollah from getting those munitions by attacking them as they are being delivered through syria from iran via syria to lebanon and this is the background to the rates which you have just mentioned a mirror and that defense and government analyst a very insightful and a thank you so much for joining us here on r.t. international. a woman in california who's been a prominent face of the anti harassment me to movement has found herself at the
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center of a sexual misconduct controversy and she's been accused by at least two men of inappropriate behavior jacqueline buka has details. democratic assemblywoman christina garcia has a reputation as a fierce advocate for women and has gained national recognition for condemning sexual misconduct oh wait this. story thank you we should not have to be on your shoulders to make this change but there are places like the power that they can protect their time magazine's silence breakers issue centering on speaking out against harassment even featured garcia's face in the artwork and inclusion that garcia was humbled by posting on twitter that she was proud of the work being done and the issues clearly personal in october garcia revealed to the new york times that she has also been sexually assaulted by men in her workplace multiple people have grabbed my bottom grabbed my breasts we're talking about c.b. and o.b.'s. earlier this week garcia even helped pass
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a bill granting whistleblower protections to legislative stuff who are victims of sexual misconduct announcing after the bill's approval that you were not standing alone and yet news has now broken up two men accusing garcia of sexual harassment one of the alleged victims is a former legislative staffer highly ironic considering the bill she helped pass is meant to protect legislative staff probes already been launched into the incident alleged to have happened back in two thousand and fifteen after an assembly softball game danielle farrow claims that while she was intoxicated garcia rubbed his back and squeezed his buttocks before attempting to do more than reportedly quickly extracted himself from the situation and it looks like this may even be a pattern for garcia as a second accuser story is eerily similar an unnamed lobbyist alleges that a drunk accosted him last may making graphic sexual proposals while trying to grab his crotch she was whispering roo close and i could smell the booze and see she was pretty full she looked at me for a second then sit acidic goals. he says he adamantly rejected the offer at this
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point garcia's camp has only responded to the first accusation the details of these kinds have never. been brought to my attention and till today i can also say i have zero recollection of engaging in appropriate behavior and such behavior is inconsistent with my values but if we've learned anything from the me too movement it's that accusations carry more weight than denials and once one person comes forward the floodgates tend to open. a pleasure having you with us today for this program here at odyssey international we are back with more very soon.
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is messy letter. you speak french. most of you. think then send them for what's new this morning sun is busy type let down to the false. i'm after thought you were going underground in a week when the persian gulf. tried to prevent london protest against social cleansing beside the tallest building in the european union coming over the show is donald trump fighting terrorists or is he fighting the syrian government as the u.k. u.s. coalition this week supports al qaeda by pointing out that these guys hundred
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fighting wahhabi terror we go to attack front to speak to professor robert brown the head of the iran turkey russia trilateral in istanbul that seeks to defeat british backed atrocities in the middle east and we are britain's former man in damascus whether the u.s. and the u.k. are using chemical attack allegations to justify breaches of the united nations charter and rocket john legend brian may on how class privilege is a for. threat to humanity four years to the day queen greatest hits became the first album ever to sell fifty million copies in the u.k. but as quarter numbers must show to the prime minister when she's giving rosie lots more shouting by u.k. politicians of this week's b. and q.'s british britain's prime minister belatedly defacto backing in syria told us of more coming up in today's going underground but first to our top story the u.s. military has been defending wednesday's massacre of those fighting al-qaeda linked groups in syria saying it was protecting so-called syrian defense forces the s.d.f.
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is led by the new marxist way b.g. but whether you believe the u.s. government or not is a fact that the u.k. backed coalition has this week aided groups allied to those who would bomb the streets of britain so why should donald trump a vocal critic of support given to isis and al-qaeda linked groups by barack obama make such a u. turn could it be to do with news of a forthcoming trilateral meeting in istanbul between of love to be a putin of russia or one of turkey and house and rouhani of iran let's go straight to tack room now and talk to professor marandi from the university of tehran moment thanks so much for coming on again so why is the united states doing it is it on the side of isis day as well this whole thing that we've been seeing over the past few years in syria has more to do with iran and israel than anything else the reason why the americans from almost the very beginning alongside the saudis and others and unfortunately the sharpish government the reason why they supported the extremists
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the groups that ultimately became isis and al qaida and syria among other extremist groups was because they wanted to weaken or destroy the syrian state in order to make things easier for the israeli regime and what has happened is now that the syrian government with the support of the iran russia has by law and the iraqi government and iraqi forces as well as volunteers from places like afghanistan. now that they've turned the tide against extremists americans want to seek revenge through other means so they basically occupy the part of syria and they're preventing the syrian government from regaining territory so they're right from the very beginning of this whole crisis in syria the americans have been breaking international law and they're responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in syria. i have to put it bluntly the americans always say that president assad is a war criminal but if there is one war criminal in all this that is the president
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the former president of the united states not that trump is any better and you listed there are a quite a coalition from iran to as a bullet to russia to belatedly arguably to you said briefly the iraqi government. how are they going to react to this latest development of we're hearing scores of two hundred more than a hundred of those people fighting isis linked groups being killed by u.s. warplanes well we don't know exactly what happened but when you look at the audiotape where kerry admitted in front of his syrian opposition friends that the united states allowed isis advance on damascus to put pressure on president assad when you look at how the united states allowed isis to do its oil trade with turkey we all know that and we email of hillary clinton admitting that saudi arabia and
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others were supporting isis we know that turkey in saudi arabia the role that they played an on fortunately in helping these groups but these countries and the people of the region obviously will react without great i think that the americans should take into consideration that they have a large number of military forces in iraq and many iraqis will be outraged at this sort of behavior and also i think it's really an. another major problem is that the turkish government now is deeply concerned about the p.k. k. but they have to keep in mind that they created this mess by destabilizing syria the kind of conversations that will be had in istanbul of this trilateral actually happens with what is just no donald trump perhaps because of a change of policy creating a new area safe area for islam is to occupy in syria yes without a doubt we we know that the americans helped get strike
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a deal so that isis and foreign and especially our foreign fighters were able to leave iraq and they move them today rose who saw that they could fight the syrian government and we've seen cooperation between the united states and isis in the past also even in iraq at times the united states would allow isis advance as they . did in ramadi and when hundreds of vehicles attacked the city of ramadi the united states did nothing about it even though it was a clear day so when isis attacks allies of the united states the united states reacts when it attacks opponents of the united states the united states allows that to happen in even facilitate that trumps policy by the way the only thing that changed was that when the tide had turned with the help of the iranians and the russians and has for law and others when the tide had turned in the favor of the syrian legitimate government and they were regaining their territory the americans
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wanted a piece of the cake and they wanted a place at the negotiating table and that's why they started helping. allied forces to take over. syrian territory. from isis just finally and briefly britain's ministers resumes minister others to bert in control tree ever to. you've been saying says that iran should avoid actions that threaten regional stability what do you think it means while the british are deeply involved in the rise of isis just as they were in helping the saudis create massacres in yemen and they helped the saudis create starvation in that country the british intelligence agency has been facilitating extremists in in britain to move toward to move to syria in two thousand and eleven in two thousand and twelve
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many people went to extremists inside in the known extremists and they were allowed to go to syria and to libya the british it know exactly how things started in how these terrorists and extremists rose in syria and in other parts of this region and if it wasn't for iran and allies of iran such as russia and the syrian people themselves we would have the black flags of isis and al-qaeda over damascus and baghdad and probably even beirut today so the british government should be very thankful to the iranians for sparing this region from the sort of misery that we would have seen if if the extremists at one present moment really thank you well that's the view from jack run but what about britain's role in the carnage i'm joined now by britain's former ambassador to syria peter ford he's in manchester in northern england thanks for coming back on the show what side is britain on when we
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hear of atrocities committed by the coalition in syria. so i'm next in it although the british government would have me believe that why britain is a prominent member of the coalition the so-called grand global coalition for the elimination of i think that. british officers are. participating at the highest level in the command and control operation of the fourth they may not be so i many sorties over syria because there are very few i left the fact from the air but which itself raises the question why are we still in this coalition a tool when they believe in a nation the prices but we are certainly involved with the financing and operation
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level in both groups and they're involved not only in very actions against syrian government forces that we've seen this week but also both during the kurdish militia against turkey but we're involved in two actions of the coalition which weighed the on the mandate it was given by parliament in twenty fifteen yes you raise a question there as to why britain is still involved as of october we had three and a half thousand bombs dropped by the r.a.f. on syria and iraq what about what professor marandi was just saying that previously the united states is trying to create old place where isis diasporan al qaeda linked is the mits could that be what britain might end up doing with the united states right now. if we had fought tooth and
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media and quail hunt with truth on the border between iraq. syria and it's possible that the british forces have being lifted out with that because that is a very quick area football that the americans have and the danger that we complicate the stabilization of syria by libyan government forces were also involved from jordan everything office could be in jordan who are helping we're organized the act we would be the coalition forces in southern syria . our footprint on the the government will not give any account of them. well in fairness the minister defense certainly said is not seen any evidence of r.f. warplanes or drones causing any civilian casualties.


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