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tv   News  RT  February 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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a passenger plane with seventy people boarded crushes shortly after takeoff. because of the tragedy is so far. as emergency services have recovered all of the black boxes from here. in the russian city where the ill fated plane should have. relatives.
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live from moscow every hour of the day. international i mean you know neal hello and welcome our top story a plane with sixty five passengers and six crew members on board. shortly after takeoff leaving no survivors. you know what we haven't seen him for three months he was working now we want. to live up to its name wasn't wary. i was ready to help people like her
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own home when the same so sorry for the daughters it's terribly sad. yes and mind what i'm trying not to sound. what it cost me i didn't crash. always wanted to be a pilot he loved everything related to flying he was in love with the sky. well we can take a look now at the first images of the crash site emerged online soon after. the footage was apparently shot by locals the plane came down near a village about sixty kilometers southeast of moscow let's bring up the plane was heading to or close to the russian border with it took off from port in the russian capital before diverting east after just four minutes in the air the plane
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disappeared from the radars investigators say the crew did not report any irregularities to that dispatched before trying to struck. now this is a bird's eye view of the crash site what you are seeing your rescue teams continuing their operations there run the clock six hundred people are. involved record snowfall over the past week has made the crew's job difficult search the area our correspondent morocco's the of reports from the ground. rescue is working in shifts there are dozens and dozens of not hundreds of them but one part of one group works at the crash sites another group breasts and then they switch. rescuers a also making use of snowmobiles ferrying supplies to and from the crash site itself because there's a lot of snow at the crash site that the jet crashed into
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a field more trucks and requip going through the arriving every hour heavier stuff the conditions at the crash site are fresh the this is not because of this though because of the worry and. obviously they want to get this crash site in order quickly here is another ambulance moved likely carrying the remains of another victim or perhaps victims judging by the frequency by which these are passing us the rescue operation is proceeding rapidly lugol's have also been describing what they've seen. my friend say the bang was so loud said the windows almost shouted. kill of the others watching the t.v. and the band everyone. yes i heard
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a loud cluck i was line in the hole badly and my cats here it was a really long because of you i would see it sounded like an explosion our house bounced soon reports initially were contradictory some people said that yes rob was . on fire while in the air others described. huge explosion when it crashed. kilometer from here. is clearing away the snow on the roads there's already been a lot of speculation a lot of discussion of the potential possible causes of this crash good thing that's the gate to say they'll be looking at everything from possible technical malfunctions to human error to weather conditions and it's probably best to let the men and women digging through the wreckage do their job and to give us a definitive conclusive answer as to what caused this tragedy. just on the actual
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aircraft the plane was a russian made off owned by surat off her lines and took its maiden flight back in two thousand and ten this specific model of plane can response of around eight hundred twenty kilometers per hour and this capable of carrying up to eighty passengers the your line is now being examined by the authorities but the company claims it carried out all necessary technical maintenance. well as the investigation continues we discuss the transferee with two e.v.a.'s an expert to share their thoughts on some possible causes. we are dealing with a great great tragedy i feel very bad communicating in such a context with the tragedy there are common protocols for an investigation to prove various aspects security and safety factor. a few things really briefly would be the structural integrity of the aircraft the fuselage the engines and so
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on then you look at various energy sources whether we're talking on electrical systems power for the engines things of that smart. brains are really anomalies external to any aircraft that could include anything from up bird strike a missile strike a collision with another your craft interaction with unusual weather phenomena and then lastly you have to look out about human issues that could possibly think the thing they call when shit where the wind just suddenly goes straight up and also is the kind of tryst the plane also we have to consider whether it is icing whether they probably the plane before it left. could be that size built up quickly on the wings and that might affect the flying of those seals the plane so these are all considerations that have to be part of the overall investigation.
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has the latest from moscow has done the get of her report where the flight took off . the aircraft that crashed just outside moscow departed from this very airport the my did these one off the three major air transport hubs in the capital and after the tragedy remains fully operational but over and the small city of course the airport there tells a very different story the shock has paralyzed it most of the sixty five passengers on board of that plane were from that region dozens of family and friends were waiting for them there there are scenes of absolute grief a speak will come to terms with what has happened emergency crews are present at the airport and psychologists are ready to help those trying to cope with their loss the passengers who were due to fly back to moscow on the crashed aircraft are handing back their tickets and even to here at this fast paced airport which is forced to keep moving
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this tragedy has hit hard. yasmina speaking there we're just looking at some of the grieving relatives but one look at his side after he had counseled his ticket one day before the flight. who turned thirty seven sunday was due to fly back to orse to celebrate his birthday with his family but changed his plans he says he still can't grasp what happened. so i saw the news and what can i say i felt a chill down my spine to do everyone says i was born on the lucky star that's not true it's just a coincidence and express my sorrow and his sympathies to the relatives of the parish it's scary. but over the past decade almost four hundred lives have been lost and oxidants occurring in russian skies and on the plane crash is still way
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heavy for many. well let's just summarize what we know a passenger plane with seventy one people on board has crashed shortly after
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takeoff from moscow's delma jennifer port leaving no survivors most of the victims were from the orenburg region of russia where the plane was heading the cause of the tragedy is so far on know and we will of course keep you updated on any and all information as it comes in to us on the program. was. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the navy seals exactly just full on author of the only show i go out of my way to find you know really what it is that really packs a punch how yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same thing we are apparently better than booth. is a very very you've never heard of love redacted tonight was the president of the
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world bank. take. it seriously send us an e-mail. have become blurred that. we have children grow up playing. on the computer this war has some how. to mystic hate it as entertainment to russia there's nothing funny about it is serious russia. because russia regards nuclear weapons as the but. let's take a look at some of the week's big stories now around seven hundred fifty thousand
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children are struggling to get basic medical services in the war torn iraqi city of mosul according to the u.n. children's rights. seven months after the euphoria that greeted the liberation of mosul from islamic state the iraqi city is struggling to get back on its feet. i. know you're not mature until now for if. the number of. health care centers or hospitals is very limited the extent of the damage has affected it i was there in one of the health centers the
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other day the one family came in with their baby is a two month old baby they wanted a vaccinated there was vaccine there was everything there and starts who were seeing over one hundred children a day were able to vaccinate this child but those families have to walk far i also saw the baby unit there were nine incubate has six of which which were filled with premature babies who would not have survived unless those incubate as with their it's a wide area wide level of levels of devastation families have to walk enormous distances to be able to get the health care what we're saying is that the cumulative health care that is required of any child anywhere else in the world is not available yet in mosul. so i korea kicked off the winter olympics on friday with
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a lovely opening ceremony almost three thousand outlets from ninety two countries took part in the event in. however before the celebrations there were demonstrations and scuffles i decided that some activists objected to the presence of north korean officials at the serb. it was. what russian hopes were dashed just hours before events got on the way inside korea a last minute appeal from forty five russian athletes and two coaches against the doping related bomb failed their lawyers branded the decision sanctions in disguise while this was the official announcement made by sport's top court. just arbitrators of concert that the process created by the i.o.c. to establish an invitation list of russian athletes to compete. at least from
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russia would not be described as a sanction but rather as an eligibility decision so there you have it according to the court of arbitration for sport ridding the russian athletes of their own pick invitations isn't equal to punishment and cas is perfectly happy with the criteria that the i.o.c. and mission lee shows for these invitations the president of the world anti-doping agency is pleased he says that the timing is great and that all the clean athletes should now be reassured the i.o.c. are happy to they have applauded the verdict as you can see and this tweet though the russians are obviously totally devastated i don't know what to say i'm really disappointed i can't understand the cast decision first they cleared the athletes and now they say sorry you can't go to the olympics this is some kind of madness
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it's terrible not just for fleets but for all of international sport did i expect cas to reach this decision fifty fifty especially after thomas buck in one of his later speeches pressured the court of arbitration for sport after ruled in our favor he was literally threatening the court he was only saying he would dissolve the court if it route again in favor of russian athletes. coach albert dempsey and co who was by the way one of those to sue the i.o.c. was referring to all the things that were being said about the court of arbitration for sport ahead of the hearings including these statements by the president of the i.o.c. kind of the decision is extremely disappointing. the decision shows the merchant the need. for reforms in the internal structure of costs here thomas bach was referring to the previous cas
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verdict and that requires a bit of background the forty seven russian athletes and coaches who were suing the international olympic committee were from two groups thirty two hadn't been sanctioned by the odyssey investigators as a result of the russian doping scandal at all fifty received lifetime bans their medals were taken away by the i.o.c. a few months ago but then the very same court of arbitration for sport last week cancelled these lifetime bans due to insufficient evidence the abuse of the sanctions and the individual results achieved in such reinstated so the decision that we have right now completely contradicts the previous one and this is a real disaster for the country the athletes both the ones who are still going to compete and young saying under a neutral flag and those who are banned the coaches the fans they are baffled by
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how unfair it could get i have no where. i was hoping that gas would ruin our shame or right now i don't know what to do i'm disappointed in what of course and i won't give up on suborning that's again a lot ahead of me and i will compete and win medals for my country. and to the very end we will bring the this. now i feel sadness and so room. can i have enough strength in the opportunity to compete in the next limb. i have no emotions left we had all our bags packed you were just waiting for it is the. situations make you stronger emotionally. returning to the day's big story now a plane carrying sixty five passengers and six crew members has crashed its side moscow there are no survivors the aircraft operated by serato for lines was heading
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from moscow to or in a city close to the russian border with cassocks down one of the plane's flight data recorders has been recovered but it's so far on clear what may have brought the plane down and best the gators are considering adverse weather conditions human error and technical failure us possibilities well to discuss the tragedy further we can now hear from aviation expert and former pilot keith walton keith welcome keith as you were saying they're the cause of the crashes on clear but we know that the plane took off during heavy snow fall poor visibility out there could you touch upon from the details you've seen perhaps some of the possible things that may have gone wrong here first i'd like to extend my thoughts and prayers to all the families of the passengers and crew and the airline staff in the wake of this tragedy. the weather certainly as you pointed out is probably the
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primary factor. there are certainly many more questions than answers at this point as you pointed out one of the flight recorders have been recovered i'm waiting to see the other one being recovered so we have both and it will take some time for that data the be analyzed but it will have an idea of what was going on in the cockpit and with the aircraft during the flight. with the heavy snow. the airplane needs to be. higher to take off where all of the snow and ice that's clinging to the aircraft is made clean so that it has a good surface for flying. once the airplane becomes airborne normally the pilots activate the onboard anti icing systems to the aircraft in the engines free of ice so one of the questions we have is was the airplane d.i.'s properly on the ground and was the anti icing systems activated on board the aircraft some more questions we have is was the autopilot engaged or were the crew hand flying the airplane. i
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saw from looking at the flight radar twenty four track of the airplane that achieve an altitude of around six thousand feet or one thousand eight hundred meters prior to losing height and dropping off the radar so either something could have happened . at that moment or something was building up and leading to a failure of some kind at that time can we just touch upon what you mentioned there but i thing that there were some reports that the plane left sprayed they are not sprayed excuse me with as you say the icing through it before takeoff what vast in itself be enough to cause such a disaster. well. that of itself i would say no. if that had been a major factor the aircraft would have possibly crashed right after takeoff much closer to the airport if the airplane was severely contaminated that depends
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a lot on the rate of the snowfall or precipitation and how long the airplane had been sitting on the ground collecting all that material so if the airplane had only been on the ground maybe thirty minutes maybe not so much that accumulated if had been there a couple of hours obviously a lot more could have accumulated in that case if the airplane was not sprayed with the icing fluid there would be a more serious. result you know so the fact that the airplane became airborne and climb to six thousand feet tells me that probably the airplane was in pretty good shape at the time of the takeoff. serato for lines is a fairly small car you're here if the airline is found to be in any way to blame do you think that their reputation when it be damaged beyond repair after such a disaster. not necessarily there are cases previously of small carriers having major accidents and continue
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operation it's possible to recover you know i don't know how many aircraft are in the fleet but it's possible that they could replace the aircraft and continue operating plans of those thirty some lengthy investigation if the airline is found to be liable. i like to point out another factor with the crew is what they've been doing during the day it was this their first flight of the day or had they been working for some time and operated several flights prior to this flight so another aspect is the maintenance history of the aircraft when was the last time that it had been worked on was it worked on that day the day prior the week prior so certainly the maintenance history and the pilot's duty history is going to be scrutinized very closely yeah it is a very tough investigation out there isn't it. keith thank you so much for giving us a little bit of input into maybe what we can expect to find out more in the coming
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days aviation expert and former pilot keith wallace singur thank you. all right thought is owner news for now sean thomas is here in about thirty five minutes time and he will of course be updating you on the developing story at that plane crash that killed seventy one people today in russia stay with our to international for more programs right ahead. run with the flow getting the best out of the children with. the concepts i was preparing to perform i had actually passed myself to die i.
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don't know said he'd well. i'm sorry because. as most of. the snow in homo stuff time to an amateur. this country was. so we'll see if you take. one of. those that you could with us to. yes get me she. had to finish in the. toilet b.s. good. job was. in american interest to not see any russians die in terrorist attacks as it is in russian interest to prevent any terrorist attacks in the united states or elsewhere
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in the world so i don't think there's any dispute on that in congress and i think maybe some of the posturing is frankly political as opposed to substantive. previously on the great american pilgrimage our brother opponent in massachusetts gorgeous color what you got here this fall the boston mess i guess so so i'll go as
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ted kennedy i really did. everybody i'm stephen baldwin task hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. enthusiastic uncle steve is a good story big boy was this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we'll she's a little bit different i want to. know when those not last but not least my larger than life. the night an aspiring star rio. with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun. every day americans know. what's america. suffered and see how things got so crazy i was naked. i think closely start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which.
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it's day two in new england and stephen makes his way to a historic restaurant to meet with a local vietnam veteran and a single father who was had more than a few obstacles to overcome coming coming oh my goodness we're going to go say hi come on good afternoon gentlemen how are you doing good what's your name. bruce i'm steve just a real. piece pretty cool ah. you guessed. history a city. you can tell they're really impressed well you want to ask but they need some help when you take him for a walk. thanks buddy yeah. he can probably go right down there by the
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water. and bruce jr and rio set up to have some good clean fun. while you do it so bruce as i understand it the old no here is one of your frequent hangouts of my correct yes well. you're like me brother. you're a little smarter than maybe you look. back you know this is heaven yeah it is beautiful it's fantastic tell me some more about this neighborhood this town because we've been mean some of the folks and just the folks in massachusetts just seem so nice so nice that they have the self-proclaimed nickname mask it's the west minister of the town it's a very nice town it's. very quiet small town as you see right now it's very quiet here.


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