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tv   News  RT  February 18, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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well he was an oscar his seventy two or seventy three it's his last campaign so there is no oil the. so we will have changes we will. you will see the change of political decoration in the element after two thousand and twenty one they like to call it political ticker ration so we need to build that the base for the future political party at the grassroots level but at the same time there is a technological revolution we have the internet we have like hundreds in technology mr gadhafi you know that we do not edit this interview that's why i have to give our of yourself a very short break we'll be back in just a few moments. i
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. think i used for most of these but i. just knew should just be invisible to them which. i. believe that all of it was just almost a child who. has to do some odd time not just i. i . hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy suspect every
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proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. and to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different i've thought of. going up there well no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet every day americans come calling and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long debt. study and so hard it requires strong just. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and putting to death
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sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the u.s. . leave all the seasons as a way to practice is the precious oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people heavily with a and b. said fleda colonialism the theft of all of the land and the many many can hope for the stating things that they're coming because of the link of course they can calls that's the intifada or uprising. it's. certain i want to do things that show me very deeply.
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well you know the. management. and the young they they are then they are. you need to feel. something what do you how much. do you. want the concert more like you. welcome back to worlds apart make sure good call for an opposition politician here
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in russia the former member of parliament. just before the break we were talking about the current state of russia and. you were expressing a very dim view of whether or not anything can change at least for the current authorities in power and it's interesting that this current elections i think already. being brought on a corner in according to different sort of problems for example just six years ago politicians have from non-parliamentary parties had to get two million votes now that there has been drastically decreased the territorial principle of voting has been also scrapped as much as you or people from the opposition like to say that it's the same all the actions but they're very predictable results don't you think that the police they're a little bit the system itself electoral system a little bit more accommodating to both. voters and people who run it used to be
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let's say sixty years ago i can see just a little difference in the same time. it depends on who the. opportunities and who to be registered to to participate in this election is a week old just know the tomorrow of putting creative was denied registration. his considered as a strongest liberal politician that will come for i mean the lucy you know on the his is the most popular figure in the whole country i mean in the opposition and he was to purchase a page on this and i think people believe that this is the people you see on the part of it was all just a negative impact on the early because nobody knows how many all know exactly that over locations and it's a problem and that's why many people refuse to go to the polling stations to vote because they don't believe in any changes in russia so i assume that it's not the
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rulership election it's not a vote it's not an election but at the same time i support. to purchase a big license to do everything possible to create a political force for the future work and the work of the grassroots level can i draw your attention to the current elections because you mentioned they were there for a change before and i would think that scrapping this territorial. principle of voting allowing people to vote polling stations of their choosing rather than where they are registered creates a great opportunity for the opposition because dad measure would be most appealing to younger urban populations with a higher degree of social mobility people who are more likely to have liberal or progressive views if those people are allowed to both here in moscow. isn't that actually a good thing for the opposition don't you think that that may. just mean are you review because for example people who wanted to vote for a latino widening. his norm of the bell at least he was refused and he was denied
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registration. because of the politically motivated court decision. and you know and that's why the people that don't you consider this election there's a real elections and it's a problem. well it may be horrifying him going into the polling station to all of course i count on it when i watch t.v. to see how the rivals participate in discussions about. the reason. the cold conditions for all candidates know not everyone is registered. it's not unlike some well i strongly disagree with you and i actually was you know this is a group i heard in the only interviews you said not so long ago that most coastal are a largest urban community in russia and here. during the last elections back in two
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thousand and twelve put in one but he got less than fifty percent of the polled so he supported in bigger cities is actually weaker than in the countryside if you add to that possibly hundreds of thousands of people who work in this city but were in control before i think that is actually a major part of the best opportunity the opposition have in this country and you dismissing it as a non opportunity is funny to me because i. mean why are only saying that are you see i'm going to vote out i have my counted the i'm going to vote for gore you lose q. and i have a political obligation to him to support him because he supported me and when i was running for the state parliament let's imagine what for example in the in the supporters do or during the election they have no candidate to vote for but that you mentioned i by using the poor guy is not going to get a little if they go to your music as you say is on the ballot and he represents one
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of the oldest liberally minded opposition parties in brusha if you really believe in the values of volley supporters vote for him and shouldn't a volley be somebody if he believes in values rather he met his own candidacy shouldn't he be encouraging his supporters is all for you when different issues there is different question it's question to avoid this is a question i don't support his strategy to break correlations but i'm going to vote i'm going to go to the polling stations but and never consider this election as a rule is it is it fair to say that in this particular case now vali is putting he's only personally. ambition of the democratic liberal values is that a fair statement. would say that i come to i can understand what he said i wanted because he was. conducted to be complaining the last year but he was not
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racist but i can understand his emotions were the same term of course we have candidate from the liberal forces. in the are i i'm going to vote for you. i suppose through just to participate in the elections and to support those who use groups who will be in the both least but it doesn't mean the this is a real the ultimate election one prominent russian liberal on a toy biased said recently that one of the secrets of putin's political lead to. put it away or aside the administrative resource and like the certain electoral patterns in russia if you just focus on his political personality one of he's. one of the secrets to his appeal is that he successfully works with three main strands of the russian electorate the left the nationalists until last year expand the liberals even though i personally believe that he's starting to deliberately camp.
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now he's. opponents do that they present themselves in the varo very narrow political life they are either nationalist or liberal can you win can you challenge pushing and the state to state that he represents by presenting yourself in such narrow terms by presenting yourself as a let's say a liberal candidate. i can't agree with. putting the successful because there is no political competition for him so you can just switch on the to the new you will see only put. i mean during the elections i mean before the elections there was only put on the t.v. and there is no more for elections there is no need for conditions for political competitions that's why he's a popular if you discounting any appeal of his political place and i must know the problem to look good when. you don't participate in two debates or discussions
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it's no problem to have a high rate and there is no criticism in the road to lots of criticism of him one day and these are of associates linked in there but then the penetration of the internet in russia is a bar seventy percent. so you know. unfortunately they channels are more popular with the internet sources now but i think that in the future we will have more opportunities to address our message to the white people now you're going to know you've been very critical of the kremlin and let me mention one of the main kremlin to criticism of the opposition. they are centrally say that their opposition is a bad bunch of egomaniacs who put their personal interest above common values and i think you encountered some of that even here in moscow when you were trying to fill those when you support candidates and you had
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a certain clash of personalities with your own allies why do you think it's so difficult for the russian opposition especially liberally minded opposition to put their political ambitions to the side and focus on forming a united front i think that it's a disease of war our society it's not only their positions but at the same time my strategy to unite people in the opposition managed to do that during the municipal elections because we recruit more than a thousand candidates from different parties part of the open in russia and. and movement and we support of those people. two hundred six to several of them in their seats and it was because there was a complaint of united democracy and i will try to do that it's a headache of the opposition that we can sometimes united telford can i ask you one about one more strategy that the opposition usually employs that you yourself have
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benefited from both of ali and you to some extent do some to corruption work and you use it as a means of gaining political attention do you think that's a good idea because some would argue that mixing politics and anti corruption allows the authorities to dismiss those investigations altogether as a political ploy don't you think that add to corruption in russia would bad if it if it was perceived as a non partisan rule of law or pursuit rather than a means to have some political and i think this strategy works but maybe not so perfect that it used to be like three five years ago bung there is a strong demand in our society to fight against corrupt officials and i think it's a good to get into their reason to mushroom fortunately in russia and we need to are exposed to a lot of solidity but i do need to mix it in politics. with trying to mix it with
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the politics and with trying to to propose. palooka of reforms to try to get in the corruption so i work with the legislations a tried to. and to corruption legislation while i was in them peeing in the parliament by one of the member of the parliament but unfortunately i was alone you know out of four hundred fifty deputies don't you think that. i'm to corruption of work should be nonpartizan in principle. i would say that all politicians will use these critics and criticism in their political purposes. but of course it should be i would. quote mr going to have to leave it there i really appreciate your time today and charlie rose please keep the conversation going on our social media thing just as for me hope to see her again same place same time here on worlds apart of.
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what holds its institutions and to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to. let you go on to be pros this is what before three in the morning can be good to.
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be interested always in the waters in the. first sip. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution hitting the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know i mean your lists book video. explain you to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen . those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist you playing in these and other calls that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. palestine is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and nimble fiddlestick misted to do it looking like you know this isn't my
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cup of tea is going up the study hall maybe you know john i just hope. the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak vision not only could do this. and that is a lot at that age to have this lady in the muscle that you had i not going to compete in the doesn't seem to do more the most awesome don't put this all. out.
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breaking news five dead after a gunman goes on a shooting spree at a church and a southern republic of dagestan was also killed. the israeli prime minister slams iran on the nuclear deal calling for it to be scrapped speaking to key security conference the pm even used props to make the message clear to iran's foreign minister. mr zarif. recognize that. the george. a passenger plane crashes in central iran not far from its destination killing sixty six people on board.
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it's that we can hear a lot international with me in a day or two to broadcasting live from our moscow studio it's our roundup of the week's top stories in the latest update news welcome to the program we're going to start to our program this hour with breaking news where five people have been killed and several injured in a shooting which started at a church in russia's southern region of dagestan. much. so lonely should turn to the school not looks or can you. see still record go to reduce through. cross live now to nikki are in for more details nikki what exactly happened one of their as the interior ministry has now confirmed that five people have been killed
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and several others have been injured after a gunman opened fire on crowds with a hunting rifle in the predominantly muslim region of dagestan not a day christians celebrate the final day of their pancake week it's a day in which families will attend church services and engage in other festivities we understand that the shooter had targeted people as they attended one such church service here's an eyewitness account. while people were leaving the church a gunman approached armed with a rifle he started to shoot people started fleeing he started shooting people he ran outside to was shot within the churches grounds to just outside now if there is injured we understand that two are in critical condition the shooter himself has also been confirmed dead he's been identified as a twenty two year old local man the investigative committee is now working to establish whether he had any links to any underground terrorist groups in the
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region now earlier there were reports that the shooter had a female accomplice or shortly before the attack took place we now know that a woman has been arrested and taken in for questioning by the police which could bring more clarity as to why five people lost their lives today ok artie's nikki and i'm sure you'll keep us updated that was our breaking news story thanks very much neki. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has lashed out at iran and comparing it to nazi germany he criticized the iran nuclear deal saying quote it's unleashed a dangerous iranian tiger. iran's aggression will be unchecked. and it will compress the entire world the nuclear agreement with iran has brought the countdown has begun the countdown to a new reading nuclear arsenal little more than a decade in the sanction relief that they do provided has not moderated iran has
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not made them more moderate internally and has not made more moderate externally in fact it's unleashed a dangerous iranian terror group in the region and beyond netanyahu has never been a fan of the a new nuclear deal that was signed back in two thousand and fifteen and on multiple times over the years he has called iran a great danger well of course talking about a deal in which tehran signed off to limit its uranium enrichment in response for financial sweeteners i think this deal is a bad. deal now what we hear today from the israeli prime minister is again urging the international community to slap more sanctions on tehran he has called the country the greatest threat to the world and he drew the parallel between the nineteen thirty eight munich agreement that failed in its attempt to appease nazi germany and the two thousand and fifteen iranian agreement he has also said that
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this deal did nothing short of unleashing raney and tiger and to support his point he used visual props here's a piece of that drone mr zarif. do you recognize this. you should be george. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of. do not just israel's resolve the iranian foreign minister zarif responded to prime minister netanyahu is comments crossing that they were nothing short of a cartoon that infected not. quire are part of an agency that is satisfying the all whose problems back at home here he was referencing corruption charges that have been leveled against the israeli prime minister of course when the iran nuclear deal was signed back in two thousand and fifteen the obama administration was not supportive of netanyahu viewpoints but since then we have american president trump
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in office and he not only has supported netanyahu is views but he recently to certify the deal when the rainy and foreign minister was asked as to his response to this this is what he had to say i can assure you that would be iran's interest are not secure iran would respond really respond seriously we will not be the first ones to avoid an agreement will reach all of us troy do you spite of netanyahu to attempt. to achieve we achieved it in spite of him being implemented in spite of him and the world will maintain that agreement in spite of his delusional attempt. this was quite a tense exchange between iran and israel coming as it did at a conference in munich aiming for world peace it raises the tensions here in the
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region up another notch. let's discuss this further with side so the sociology professor at the american university of cairo welcome to the program side. we had some pretty strong rhetoric that only from netanyahu it's unleashed a dangerous iranian tiger why do you think netanyahu has decided to intensify those hostilities with iran in his latest speech. well mystic reasons first he is facing corruption charges and i think the foreign minister was. pointing out to this issue secondly if sixteen is. god of the israeli defense bringing down this plane was a big shock for the. israeli defense establishment and so he has to. show that he is really a tough about this issue regionally as you know the arab world today is a segment of the middle east many countries are divided some are supporting you on
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some against iran some. again this is. also wanted to reach out for the gulf states who support israel and use is a way to. say that again this is a loan so he had to use that. american pressure on you and. iran that agreement the nuclear agreement must be changed by you me and saw he. and the israelis matching the. silent and sick with diplomacy and persia's on the pin was a stick and so they are making this you know it will stick. but mind you israel does not have the poll to attack israel even before the signing of the agreement many analysts said that it was impossible for israel to attack
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unilaterally iran and even the americans would not work did not have the stomach to do that so you just felt they had enough trouble in of understand they had they had a lot of trouble and defeats inside iraq and just don't want to try something like that because it can also in from us the oil sign i'm just honest that i am in side side i was going to step in there because went in there covering so many different issues here and there has been reaction that we saw there for the iran foreign minister but we've also had reaction from the person who signatures on the iran deal former us i fear state john kerry let's just have a very quick listen to what was said. i am a great friend of israel. i had a hundred percent voting record over twenty years in the united states but today. in ten years around will be on its way to having
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a nuclear arsenal is just not accurate. but we do know and i'm going to ask you to answer briefly we know kerry is far from being a friend of iran's nevertheless why do you think he's not with netanya netanyahu on this particular issue. remember the iran deal to was. you know the. top success of the obama administration and they don't not want to sell it out i don't think also the american establishment or that keeps the it is happy or causing the war was iran nobody feels that this is going to work and so this is a voice of moderation remember the munich security conference has become now for long for propaganda in a state of reaching agreement discussing issues how to solve them creating a new peace by the time.


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