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look the. mourners grieve for the victims of sunday's church massacre in southern russia which may have been an act of terrorism according to investigators. syrian pro-government forces are reportedly preparing to enter the northern city of britain to help kurdish militia repel a turkish offensive pass off the washington failed to deescalate the month long conflict between its two allies. and a former cia director admits the u.s. does interfere in other country's elections when it is quote for a good cause the comments coming in the wake of the alleged russian metal exult or .
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it's five o'clock here in moscow and you're watching r.t. international mean it is welcome to the program in the southern russian republic of dagestan mourners have been gathering at a church where five women were killed in a shooting atrocity on sunday. this is. with. investigators looking into various motives behind the tragedy terrorism has not been ruled out donna hawkins has the latest on the case. well the investigative committee at this stage is looking into all possibilities and have officially confirmed today that terrorism is also one of the leads they are looking into the attack took place in the town of kids here in the southern russian province of dagestan on sunday the attacker was identified as. twenty two year old resident by
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the local authorities he targeted christian church goers leaving an orthodox christian ceremony marking the beginning of a fast of a christian festival here in russia now bystanders managed to film this how ring footage as the gunman took shots at bystanders with a hunting rifle. much. so well you should go does the school almost looks it can you. see still record go does he she was doing. as we said earlier five people were killed in that attack four injured two of them critically were police officers as well we managed to hear from the priest who was actually taking the church service at the time he described how the churchgoers barricaded themselves inside the building to avoid being targeted by the attackers in this is there was a woman here she was begging for money all the city knew her she had the shooter with her bag and he shot her in the chest another man tried to stop the attacker
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but was shot while this was happening we managed to close the doors of the church the victim's research kind people one of them had told her children and another who tried to stop him first as. the victims were such kind people one of them had taught our children and others who tried to stop him yes if it wasn't for her people we've been damaged all because she managed to hold him back all of us the gators are now looking into any inspiration any links the gunman may have drawn from terror groups islamic state of course was quick to claim responsibility on their website for the attack as they often do after such incidents in the meantime the attack of course has drawn condemnation from both christian leaders and was the authorities in the region as well as the detectives continue their investigation. we spoke to independent journalists in brussels a city that appeared numerous terror attacks in recent years he says the security services don't exchange enough intelligence on suspects there is not enough
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connection between the police forces there should be more done to get information to collect information collectively also with russia of course we are not ship where we should be in terms of difference that is a great fear among the people that we will see more of the terrorist attacks that we had to paris brussels and other places we are of course very close to the areas where these people come from what i see from and we need to do more in terms of connecting our police force. syrian pro-government forces are expected to help kurdish militia defend the city of afrin that's according to syrian state media it follows alleged deal between damascus and the kurds and the agreement pro assad troops will help kurdish fighters repel turkey's offensive in the region this footage filmed by a video news agency on saturday shows what appears to be the construction of
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a temporary military base in african artie's policy has more on how turkey has reacted to the potential alliance between the syrian government and the kurdish groups. in the coming hours it is widely expected that pro damascus government forces will enter the northern syrian a region of afrin we're hearing that according to syrian state t.v. now there they'll provide assistance to syrian kurds who for the better part of a month have been trying to repel a turkish military offensive this latest development follows a deal that was allegedly sealed on sunday between damascus and the syrian kurds now the turkish foreign minister has responded saying that anger has no problem with pro-government forces entering afrin but only so long as those forces are there to eliminate kodesh groups that are turkey considers terrorist groups if that's not their goal then certainly does have a problem. if regime forces enter the city to eliminate the way the terrorists then
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we don't have a problem with that however if we go there to defend the way p.g. enough and stop our soldiers now that's part of the region has been embroiled in but her violence for at least a month ever since and it's a military operation called olive branch against could see it with guards as terrorists are on the. the. the iraq i. was. was. now this fierce fighting has resulted in multiple casualties as well as civilian deaths on both sides of the conflict talking about civilians those who live in the
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afan region have hailed their potential entrance of pro damascus government forces into the area. as a citizen of our friend i do not find fault with the syrian forces entering some points on the border as residents of our friends we never wanted partition sure. there is a duty of the syrian government to defend its borders and protect a friend which is within syrian borders. and launched its military operation after the pentagon announced that it was helping to establish a kurdish led security border force along the turkish syrian border and co responded with fury accusing the united states of essentially setting up a chord a terror army since then the united states has tried to backtrack but essentially it's too little too late and the situation on the ground is really beyond the point of being able to change the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who's been
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following these developments carefully has said that america's involvement inside syria has resulted in this bloodshed. we are concerned about attempts to partition syria some of the grounds that the u.s. has already started to realize on the ground. the u.s. claims that their only goal in syria is to fight i sort to preserve the country's integrity but i think that washington needs to brackets works with action because right now it's actions look provocative but the u.s. used the kurds to pursue its own ambitions and that's led to a major conflict in africa. now tensions on the ground continue to escalate despite the fact that in the past month the united states has tried on various occasions to try and deescalate the situation what remains now of course is to see how this latest development escalates tensions even further. well we discuss this further with military analyst. come out welcome to the program let's start with what you
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think this development means for the conflict in the area. i think it's quite a significant and positive development if it holds through well it's not completely surprising the syrian kurds had asked the syrian government for help a week ago and the syrian government themselves had said that it says sovereign territory and it's only their forces that should be operating there no non-state actors and if the same military go through and back in control of the area that means turkey has no legitimacy to remain in the area and will have to draw back to turkish borders so does that mean the syrian government needs to pick a side in the conflict between turkey and the kurdish groups in your opinion it could be but doesn't necessarily have to be because as we've seen the the turkish reaction has been that the syrian government goes there and takes over the area and there's no threat to turkey turkey has no problem with that turkey on paper us still saying that they support syrian sovereignty syrian being the government they
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have every right to go in there so it doesn't necessarily mean turkey would be opposed to this however if the turkish military remains their incomes direct conflict with this in military that could be a big issue. i mean what do you think the consequences are going to be with this alleged deal between damascus and the. ivan the consequences are that the u.s. policy of using the kurds for their own advantage could be could fall apart because essentially the americans have been saying that they are present in the world and syria to help the s.d.f. and the syrian kurds fight against the terrorists but there are no more isis in that area and if the syrian government is in the us have to move out so the consequence is that the last remaining car that the americans had in those in syria falls apart and if the turkish government realize that the syrians have a right to be there this could be a very positive development if however the turkish government choose to keep
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supporting the syrian rebel groups then there could be a conflict you mention there that you say that. will come to fruition that washington that have to move out how likely do you think that's going to happen how is it going to happen where the moment the americans have been very adamant in not going to move out i mean turkey which is their nato ally have also asked in the move out especially for a man bridge which isn't that far from africa and so it really depends because the americans because we're hoping and counting on the turkish syrian government's clashing if that doesn't happen that means the u.s. has very little right to be there so at the moment it looks unlikely that the u.s. will move out because they need a reason to be there so we wait to see it's still very early to make a judgment on what the americans do next. you know if we stick with their support. do you think this new alliance is going to affect washington support for the kurdish groups. potentially we already saw for the last two weeks of the kurdish
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groups for cricket critical of the american saying that the americans of abandon us and we are on their own because once turkish military moved in the americans were not providing much support to the kurdish forces so as far as the kurds go they really were feeling let down by the americans and that's why they have after syrian government to move in because a month ago this probably would not have been on the cards but as the kurds saw that america's not been a very reliable ally they moved back to damascus which had an agreement with them that they would help them as long as syrian serenity is not violated in damascus has a monopoly internally as being the state ok well it is a developing situation has always been on this canal thanks very much for coming on to the program. and that shipping group is facing accusations of selling a number of vessels with harmful waste in scrap yards in turkey and india adding to environmental and health problems there and violating the law with.
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six. lists. six such. leg .
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length . s. . the case is playing out in dutch codes the prosecution is alleging the ship's old to be broken apart in india and turkey contained a number of toxic substances we should have been removed and recycled at a safe weight it also cites the alleged impact of the chemicals on recycling workers and the environment in those countries have to find over the breach of. this is being sought if convicted shipping bosses could face up to six months in jail for its part the company has rejected wrong doing the defense for the sea
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trade group argues the ships only qualify as waste once they reach their final destination and don't fall under e.u. environmental rules as turkey and india are beyond its jurisdiction lack of proper regulation in the industry is one of the problems highlighted by the ship breaking platform and you know. the trade is a dutch company and certainly in two thousand and twelve the conditions that the in south asia were well known to any european company so the choice the trade made was for the highest price. of the higher prices because they do not pay for the proper waste management the proper infrastructure and they use migrant workers that are not trained it's indeed unfortunately is a very common practice more than eighty percent of the world tonnage is currently broken and three total beaches in the world one in india one in bangladesh and one in pakistan this activity causes pollution. the groundwater
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and is also very dangerous for the work is a fall from heights there are explosions they will be crushed by steel plates so it's basically an industry which is very poorly regulated the former cia director admit to meddling in foreign elections will tell you how he justifies it after this break. you know when you don't. see the teachers try to get a court to do. what they need not through only dead space to. make. love to no guilt said. clinton no servant is messy but to. alex you speak french.
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most all of those old. will send them all to new. souls busy signal to take. away your policies and his only practices they are precious oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere the set of colonialism the theft of our land and the many many. devastating things than the lives of doing of course the gun cool. and uprising. welcome back to the program a former director of the cia has admitted the u.s. interferes in other countries elections and domestic affairs when it's quote for
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a good cause. and upset by the double standards are in play. no one likes a spoiler medlars interference especially when it comes to american elections they're hooley pure and spoiled and unsullied or they were before the russians got to them they say but judge not lest ye be judged especially when you have a fetish for getting your fingers into foreign elections when i just don't mess around other people. are only for the very good didn't do a vine video and former cia director a very good cause i never said the former director of the cia it's funny because and when america does it when someone else's even suspected of doing it no no no no bad bad did the russians break the rules or do something
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bizarre the answer is no not a tool said a thirty year veteran of the cia come on the cia route the book on meddling. we've been doing this kind of thing since the cia was created in one thousand forty seven we've used posters pamphlets mailers banners you name it we've planted false information for newspapers we've used with the british called king george's calorie suitcases of cash add to that assassinations coups information warfare hacking and that's just the stuff we know about this the johnson that helped oversee the cia's exhibit g.'s he'd know the difference is they say when russia does it it's to destroy the old even when that meddling has no actual impact on the elections as even the justice department just admitted when america doesn't
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so the greater good democracy and all that you could ask of course how on earth overthrowing democratically elected leaders as the cia has done is helping democracy how sending billions of dollars worth of guns to gulf dictators is helping democracy but don't well the united states has been interfering in other countries elections since the one nine hundred thirty s. and in the caribbean and in latin america when i was in cia in the seventy's and eighty's in europe i would say that the that the cia and the us government basically were interfering in elections almost every election that was taking place in europe this was just routine that the us wanted a friendly government of a certain type and was willing to do certain things to enable that to happen if we're going to claim that america has the right to interfere behind the scenes
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in the politics of another country. it's a little hypocritical for then america to say oh a russian intelligence has been interfering in american elections. you don't get to have it both ways. and the limbic athlete from russia has tested positive for doping at the winter olympics in south korea the court of arbitration for sport is now reviewing the case with the world anti-doping agency expected to announce the results of a second round of tests later on monday the athlete in question is mixed doubles kurta alexander crucial netsky he and his wife won bronze in china the first olympic curling medal ever for russian athletes. has will. well right now it is all down to that second doping test then if it happens to be positive that will be a real disappointment for many people i can tell you that here and chang the crowds
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have literally fallen in love with the russian couple alexander crucial need ski and honest this year brazil are husband and wife they won the country its first ever olympic medal in curling and to watch their family team work on ice was something inspiring the media went on about them for a few days in a row and they were even compared with mr and mrs smith but now alexander is suspected of taken the infamous drug that hadn't been banned until a couple of years ago it once cost tennis star maria sharapova a year of her career after her team had forgotten to put it on the do not take drugs list and honestly alexander scase if he had made the same mistake or had taken the drug on purpose that would just be ridiculous when the oh they are are under such
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a close watch here and pianka chang crucially that ski has said that he believes someone could have spiked his food or drinks with in any case the international olympic committee have promised to launch a special probe but that will happen after the olympics are over in the meantime the olympic athletes from russia are getting on with their quest for medals and despite all the pressure despite some of the main stars missing out the owais are have secured some bronze in silver and the cross-country skiing squad who were teenagers just a year or two ago are doing particularly well with five medals so far no gold though. because reaction to the instant from a sports radio host alan will. if they take a burst of energy burst of speed he can work hard because you're courting is a pretty olympic pretty pretty testing sport and self he will be supremely stupid
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to be caught for. though he has. said that's his dream or even spite or training camp. to see him on like he got he took it however war little bit of information came out overnight that his former or his coach but said that all he has done he stopped taking the dog back in two thousand and sixteen when it was bad and we have to give him the benefit of the doubt we see a lot of the piece. as a positive we need to find out exactly what happened but again it goes back to you know it will be we said last week you are you sitting this you say not to get caught for doping the olympics you have to be very very silly and i don't think that crucially ski is really. also on monday water anti doping officers interrupt an official rehearsal of champion russian figure skater alina zach kid and the reigning european champion had to leave the ice five minutes after the rehearsal
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started and possibly test earlier the same happened to the members of the women's hockey team from basher. and that's all round up of the top stories for now neil harvey will be taking up at the top of the hour with will say to stay with us. hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. i'm going to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru well he's a little bit different i'm not a. good one i know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to
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bridge the gap this is the great american people which. elliston is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fit to commission to do it looking like a million pieces of my complicity is going up local study hall maybe you know john without a job or they should be the only palestinians who gets the most help from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is about those who in the world under the oak vision did not only could do this. and though it is unfair advantage to have this lady in the muscle that you had i not going to compete in the doesn't seem to do more in the middle sauced don't put this off.
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all the hawks that we along with our loved ones.
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welcome to sophia shevardnadze america's backing of jerusalem asti israel the capital has thrown the palestinian peace process into disarray already we go from here my guess today's das are all good whether the former foreign minister of palestine and palestine embassador to the united nations. result question of palestinian independence has been the neck of the middle east now with new settlements across the west bank appearing in renewed u.s. support for israel and the palestinian quest for sovereignty beholds what can make peace rallies and palestinian restarting earn this process towards peace and what fresh ways can be found in the process out of the. nasser all could well former palestinian foreign minister and he went to bassett or welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us now master of palestinians don't trust a u.s.
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led peace efforts anymore and want to establish a multilateral format off his negotiations talking about moscow hosting the future talks but israel said it would only call parade if the americans leave if the americans the at the peace process so how do you expect your multilateral format to work if israel isn't part of it. well we don't think that it should work without without israel but we think that it's the duty of the international community to push the israelis to accept certain things including its will to establish a multilateral format as you said a mechanism that that mechanism in our mind should be responsible for putting together the basis for negotiations and for following up the negotiations and sponsor them. donald trump has recently said that he is not sure both israel and palestine want to move forward peace towards peace at this point and he then said let's why.


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