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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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mourners grieve for the victims of sunday's shooting in southern russia which investigators think could have been an act of terrorism. turkey's president otoh an reportedly stratton's consequence is if syrian forces enter their own city of african after rumors they were preparing to help kurdish militias repel a turkish offensive. and in the midst of the alleged russian meddling saga a former cia director admits the u.s. doesn't interfere in other country's elections when it's a good course. of the latest on these stories. at the top of the hour likely what we see shea will be here with a full bulletin meanwhile stay with us across trying to break in the syrian
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conflict and if you're watching us in the u.k. or islands renegade looks at the media manipulation. hello and welcome the cross-talk for all things considered on peter lavelle who would have thought thirteen russians three times and some cash could impact an american presidential elections this is where russia gate stands today also more twists and turns in the messy conflict known as syria. crossed talking those thirteen russians i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and and security. we also have alexander me curious he is
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a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran dot com and dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst with international as always gentlemen cross-like rules of effect that means you can jump any time you want and i always appreciate let's go to those thirteen russians three entities and all that cash maybe not so much because i was and you've been writing about it from a legal perspective give us your major take of the first point is that of course none of these people are going to be tried so mr miller has prepared a very complicated portentously worded indictment which is never going to be tested because there is no extradition is an extradition brought the russians are not going to extradite these people they get to stay in russia sees doesn't have to prove any of the things that he has said what seems to have happened is that some of these people have gauged in trolling on the internet and they've done things which let's be straight forward. mr myler not unheard of her not on her
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blog. and not just specifically to rush as if it were actually nothing new here at all i mean anybody who goes on the internet comes across trolls what most has done is he wants to prove that there is this vast intricate dangerous conspiracy he's put all this together he's labeled the internet agency and petersburg is responsible and he strolled around to various laws that he can stick offenses against these people essentially what this was if you read the indictment what this was a commercial market thing is what it was in and even the indictment itself admits that it was pro and trump. hillary clinton and for everything in between i mean there's no specific political for her to it there's no connections out or there's not even any allege any connections between this. supposed company which is
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run by a guy who is known as putin chef because he ran a catering business but before and it is this that is even if they're catering business is for russian school she was also although it's a lot of old food you know it was just in the middle media so in russia there labeled him that and there's no connections at all to the russian government there's no connections at all to the trumpet ministration the trunk campaign or any of the other four people one completely unrelated and you know spurious charges that we all are has towards any of the other four people who have been died on tax charges so anything else so we have four indictments before this now we have these indictments of thirteen individuals ever betray the three entities and none of them have any any. with the russian government or with any or the trumpet will campaign . or any of the delusion at least it's an offer that they were russians they were
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lively interest thousand and sixteen and they posted something on facebook that americans could see it doesn't matter that ninety five percent of the european media was very broad hillary during that campaign and americans could read millions of pages of their stuff during the campaign that's not important what is important is that these thirty russians did it well let me. make this various called. bloomberg he is a writer for bloomberg he used to be a deeper all russian journalist knowledge he leaves a broad writes about russia just like marsha gessen the difference is that he knows a thing or two about russian history and literature i like much i guess so here's what he wrote i think she'd be surprised i haven't been indicted i am russian i was in the u.s. in two thousand and sixteen and they published coolum screed a couple of both clinton and trump without registering as a russian h ok that goes to my next point alexander given what we just heard from my. then christopher. steele should be indicted as well he's
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a foreigner he wasn't registered as a foreign agent he didn't. report to the federal election commission about what he was doing. this is a glaring this is a lie you don't know anything that we already got a confession according to the actual terms of dimitri babich is the unnamed fourteen yes because people like the description if you read the indictment there could be a very possible going to get really let me go back to the. deal because i think it's really important so the questions being answered i mean all the things that people have been in full christopher steele has done he has lost to the f.b.i. he is into feet in the us election he has done so secretly he has been phoning up new spaces he has been publishing information in adults the. only forty eight he hasn't registered there's any kind of foreign agent so why hasn't he been indicted why is the resistance on the phone to the justice department to undone this is
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probably what i find most puzzling of all alexander is the trump's own d.o.j. and f.b.i. maybe it's a slightly different situation with the f.b.i. with the d.o.j. why isn't it moving there that was a mystery to me because it's the troops ok that answers the truck doesn't have every move talked about it plenty of time to this before trump has no power of his own administration he's he's certainly given away foreign and military policy his own justice department is is pursuing him and you know this cabal of generals mcmaster maddest mcmasters and kelly keeps him in a little playpen and you know his only real power is tweeting and i don't like he's not allowed to do that whenever he wants as well well i mean it's it's an attempt to you almost one thousand sane trade legislation twenty first century is related to the addict i mean in the nineteenth century maybe it was illegal to bring in pamphlets in favor of vinyl that came to. during the campaign now we live with them
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electronically interconnected what if i want my american friends to read my opinion trump all wrong i just posted on the internet i portico because he doesn't know twitter doesn't know borders makes you a criminal exactly but it makes me a criminal if that is a misstatement ok well let's talk about election meddling a couple of days ago on the. program the former head of the cia james was leagues on and she asked a few questions about his reaction to the indictments and then she talked about election meddling but american election meddling abroad let's take a look have we ever tried to meddle in other country's elections oh probably. it was for the good of the system in order to avoid the communists from coming over for example in europe. in forty seven forty eight forty nine the greeks and italians we don't do that we don't mess around other people.
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only for very good you don't do that through. our good viewers that was the former head of the cia who wants to go first. let me speak about here western media speaks about the former head of the cia a former cia could know you know if we use that language to use a boat. ok maybe a general form of the freedom caught up to that who set it to so since mr boucher also to mr mubarak we're coming after you which was actually true you know and he's not mad that he's not interfering in other country's elections you know just somehow i think i just want to come to. ukraine was the the crown jewel i mean looking for regime illegal change there i wanted to react to that because you know they both chuckled. i mean that for me that's
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a jar dropping you know you you're accusing a foreign country and a very powerful one russia of doing something against your country without any evidence whatsoever beyond a troll farm ok and there is ample evidence mountains of evidence the united states medals in elections and has for decades and it's probably doing so exactly right now. when i was in greece in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight when that was. he refers to greece. i was actually taken prisoner at the age of six and the people who carried out the u.s. back to the house where we used to live was taken over by a family from the u.s. embassy so it's not actually such a long time funny thing well i mean is it not i mean if you look at the entire segment is it you know if the u.s. does it it's ok with anybody else does it isn't ok that's the double standard ok if you could very with me a little bit i'm going to run for
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a little bit of literature i know you're prepared i know you are right so this is about the projection from the u.s. on to other countries like russia of what it does the guardian revealed u.s. spy operation that manipulates social media this is from two thousand and eleven the u.s. military the pentagon is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas the influence internet conversations and spread pro-american propaganda and it specifically notes that the discovery that the u.s. military is doing this with fake online personalities sock puppets could also encourage other governments private corporations and government organizations are going to also hear that we there was a program with twitter and they did does the same thing with these of a q but bear in mind this is this is the u.s. message from what we've just heard alleged there's no connection to the next one more one more minute before you read g h c q. this is the british version of the
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national security agency does the same thing overwhelming evidence. that we have a database from carnegie mellon using the us government's own data they've meddled in other elections eighty one times only up to two thousand not counting coups and regime changes and of course the famous how could we forget this picture of time magazine russia the americans openly helped yeltsin in a rigged election keep our yanks to the rescue they were quite proud about their meddling back then they even made a movie spinning boris congratulating the one hundred ninety six million eighty six don't forget the bald face you know well i think it's just a question case over double standards you know but you know that it's interesting to be right but they don't see it that way they can't see this far away from their face when it comes to issues like this well you know the problem is also with oh elite you know the response of rush and he is usually you are using office in your internal struggle well for the time that terry and i do it would you with global
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explorations which is no rein in the united states there is little difference between foreign and domestic policy and your foreign policy is part of your domestic importance so you know they were trying to take on their differences when you go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue what a question of those thirteen russian state with are to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. football
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each of killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well more transfer. and thinks this minute. sir i want to do it. very very clear. the way your.
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son what do you how. do you. come to mind if. i want to measure. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. all right gentlemen let's switch gears here and go back to serious go back to the
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middle east. last couple of days we had secretary of state rex tillerson in ankara trying to smooth some feathers i mean both countries have realized that there is a crisis point here after a three hour meeting with the turkish president. there's the impression they believe some kind of agreement was made i don't get that impression the way it was what was released here what was the point of the meeting and what is the main bone of contention here because this is these are nato allies and they're going toe to toe no to know is in a country syria were neither one. of them should be this was obviously true for washington to hold her guns hands tried to reassure him it was there over there are being of the y.p. g. on turkish border. it's the kurds and owning a a large chunk basically claiming as it of their own of syrian territory again much of it right on the turkish and and the iraqi border. so turkey is extremely upset
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about this there were these optics didn't do much because even as tillerson was arriving there was the announcement that the pentagon is going to be giving another five hundred fifty million dollars this year to arm and otherwise support these forces that he's very insistent on but there has to be a tipping point here demas i mean everyone is and is invested enormously in this operation here all of the branch unbelievably it's called the range of the invasion of the invasion of syria here i mean and the united states is not making it very it's saying the pentagon is saying it will stay in syria indefinitely against international law here something has to go one way or another well what happened was that the stacy indeed kind of provoked into moving and that's was that was said by all foreign minister sergey lavrov who said because of the support of the kurds a lot of the kurds and you know these border security forces the americans started
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talking about them and they didn't tell the turks didn't exactly provoke or provided a pretense and basically i don't even understand why mr to us on this talking to god because god has been saying the same thing says to him don't know about the united states in the last two weeks he accused the united states off helping terrorists you know so you can see how desperately the u.s. is trying to preserve its relationship with turkey and it's. in the background of this is that we have an upcoming meeting in istanbul with iran turkey and russia it seems to me. is basically checking out the terrain here ok because the united states is certainly not going to quote you are not cooperating in this regard when it comes to the kurds they'd it seems to me it's patently obvious that the u.s. wants a statelet it wants a partition of the israelis wanted the saudis are. looking for it and they want their own and they and we have to look at the occupied territory where the u.s.
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has if this is where the gas fields are for syria again no money for reconstruction ok so everyone is looking at the horizon and i think he's looking for maybe he's going into the grand bazaar go ahead these are two equally invasions of syria to nato allies which are working at the moment at cross purposes they're both dangerous for syria and i think that is an important point to remember as for him he has to try and balance the fact that he's now in conflict with the united states so he is now trying to get some kind of arrangement with the russians and the ukrainians to try and balance out the agnelli the usa being what he proposes that the turks and merican and work together militarily when the americans are in bed with the kurds i mean that's not going to. get out and this is the problem at the same time that he's trying to leverage the russians against the americans he's trying to use the americans to leverage against the russians so that he can extract
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concessions in syria can which exactly he's just maybe a right to do it was just a few days ago when the reports about the turkish army using chemical weapons. appeared what was the reaction from the spokesperson for the u.s. led coalition. but the u.s. coalition has no information of this before when there were there was just a rumor about the syrian government using chemical weapons immediately they had was that while they have they have. and a lot of rhetoric for something that never ever happened and they didn't even to send inspectors there that they were so sure that this information was correct went to turkey somehow they preferred to be silent is the interesting thing to mark is that we have to look at the internal dynamics of turkey and everyone's perceived american stance is very popular domestically for him so this is again another part of the spectrum that he's playing i mean he first of all he accused the u.s.
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of a coup trying to overthrow his government u.s. back to under the bed probably the only coup that i believe the u.s. hasn't been in recent times but it's an enormously popular with his islamist based and. the base is as long as that on top of that he's turned his country into basically the whole day resort for all of the jihadi across the world who are been barking into syria for the last six years if he suddenly god doesn't about face turns away from al qaeda turns away from regime change in syria he's got to deal with them on his own sort of the is there any also house you deal with. again going back to this. meeting with the ball with the iranians the russians and the turks is that. what everyone is doing is want to make sure that he's part of some kind of peace process were two countries russia and iran can play a forceful role an instrumental role because the united states is the spoiler ok
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it's the spoiler country it's not interested in any kind of conflict resolution that's the other kind of gamble that he's play is that you have but you're also trying to use he still is with the russians to extend his influence into syria he's now sending troops into syria. terry occupation in syria with the us then he said he sent in troops to provence there struck to the syrian. patrols openly with all collide and that's that's that's without that's the mecca of ji. right now exactly and of course he's doing using these arrangements that he's made with the russians and the iranians to delete to legitimize that there is another side because of course that the russians aren't they say what we need the cooperation of. and there's going to be more and there's a lot of chatter. that the israelis are looking for a real real meaningful scary conflict with the iranians also with hezbollah or do
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you see this is a part of a puzzle piece right now because you know that would you know for planners for american planners in the pentagon it would be nice to have a foothold in syria if an operation like that were to be pulled off i prefer to stay on the ground the fact let's just look at the facts israel has been firing missiles from the territory of a sovereign state in the condition of a foreign intervention of the civil war several times or one hundred. going to look at exactly. what a victim of a huge terrorist act three years ago and no one in the west even expressed condolences you know israel has been occupying lebanon since one nine hundred eighty two and that was the reason why it has but what came into being it didn't have not existed before and now israel which has been applauded. for intervention in syria is concerned about its security and the increased influence of iran.
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but they are very. cold message that the syrians will start defending their airspace to what degree that will be put into play we don't know i mean it certainly sent a very powerful message we don't know to what degree there. are the russians or the remains were involved in that decision might i didn't think it was assad saying hey this is my country stop doing it as mark said you know enough is enough but look you know we've had this midi. this week you know michael war office dream has come true all the western media will be exactly where the former head of the cia thinks i'm going to be buried in syria and deal with start to kill russians he said we need to kill russians and iranians to syria to make them pay a price for resisting what i have but russians have been i mean what happened was that near these oil reach areas of syria you know the syrian government i mean that
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question with basically illegal arms from there if you were the syrian government absolutely there were there were. four of the russians and syrians up five russians killed this is what the russian foreign labor contractors so they have a concept that is going to see if the united states doesn't use a quarter and the contracts so that western media try to make out with a huge river waging like something that portion of wants to highlight if. it's pocket army or something like this and things like that alex you know one of the things is that you know one we keep tabs on in this program is what's going on in ukraine and unfortunately i think we're going to be talking a lot about ukraine you're. looking at syria looking at ukraine in its totality it looks like american policy is use pure spite you know it's they their regime change. in ukraine getting work out the way they want it because they lost crimea
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they have a frozen conflict begins warm every once in a while when even the heart and then we have syria where they lost again it's ok and you have been ok i mean. me i would call that mature foreign policy because i think that it is in america's best interest. its foreign policy by i think the only anger is perhaps stronger than some bite and i think there is an element. of smashing about but it's also partly i think intent. to show american power for a few to frustration but but the reason to limit there is a certain element of chemical in which that if you withstand. it and you see that a lot in syria to take mark for forty seconds here i mean i want to go back to the one in tillerson what's your gut feeling what deal was made and what are the non deal that was maybe i don't think there was any deal made turkey's proposal that
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they would basically do a joint invasion of syria that was right there but that was rhetorical that's not even it's not even that's not something that's happening on the ground right to happen the u.s. earlier promised turkey that all of its pet white p.g. the branded as the s d f would be withdrawn east of the euphrates which means in particular man b. this is what erdogan wants he wants african drabble as corridor which he already has and man beach to form his new chunk of the ottoman in the autumn and empire in fact he referred to giving the us an autumn in slap which if you actually look it up in the urban dictionary you'll find it actually is an indication of completely ineffectual that's ok i think it was very insightful know it brought out of time many thanks to my guests here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t. this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for our extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember crosstalk rules.
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that's who we are where americans were smooth enough but what that's not us americans are crude ruthless huckster golf playing sharks that's who we are and that's who john travolta is that's why i don't like a barack obama that's what they learn from. stein is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fit to finish it to do it loving you like a million little pieces of my compass is going up to study hall maybe a bit. old john a tough job with a ship the only palestinians who gets the most help from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak vision could not only could give us a book and the earth is all of us not just the heart of this lady of the most of the heart i know if you continue muslims you know do more camillus also don't piss
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