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that was my. turkey shells syrian pro-government forces as they entered syria's northern region of our friend currently a battlefield between the turkish army and kurdish militias. both samples of the russian olympic medalist and south korea have tested positive for a banned substance this is now confirmed by russian sports officials. and in japan recently discovered documents revealing mass force the realisation of prompted victims to break their silence. herod's told me the times operated on and now i cannot babies my father didn't agree to the radiation he was forced to sign documents by my kitchen and one therapist is.
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getting the thanks for joining us my name is neil harvey this is r.t. international. syrian pro-government forces are now entering the northern kurdish held region of africa a little earlier i discussed the issue with our senior correspondent. well the video rumors and reports emerge that a convoy of two three hundred fighters militia fighters as had militia drove into afrin the territory that turkey is currently assaulting where it's launched its anti terror operation and they were they routine in a huge convoy with pickup trucks armored personnel carriers tanks you know with cheering cameras and and waves and we've confirmed this our video agency has shot the video in africa and this convoy was headed for afrin city inside the inside the
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province itself and that's all we've managed to establish so for the president says that the syrian militias decision to went after him is unacceptable and it will meet with the proper response so aggressive words coming from what else are we seeing from the turkish side not only aggressive words we have footage for example of presumably the turkish army artillery perhaps air force bombing near the convoy near the route that the convoy took you can see explosions there artillery by the looks of it there are reports of a number of people being injured the turkish president also added that this convoy of militias it turned around before getting into afrin city and there withdrew about ten kilometers. back the way it the way it came but here you can't say they didn't have warning i need preparation on the ground takes time in the coming days
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who will lay siege to the city and of course the forces they've been fighting against the kurds what's the reaction been to this while the kurds zirp the white b.g. in this case which control afrin in which turkey recognizes a terrorist organization there's been all sorts of. talk about them making a deal with the with the syrian government but this wasn't the syrian government that went in this was pro-government pro-government militias the kurds of you know they've been joyful they've said our prayers have been answered the syrian the syrians are finally taking sovereignty their sovereignty seriously which you know is the exact opposite of what they were saying before they needed the syrian army to come in and perhaps help them in the fight against or you know offer a guarantee that you would it would withdraw the key figure here is as i reported earlier as sad. as it assad is clearly
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a terrorist and is carried out state terrorism there is no peace in syria cannot be any peace with assad in power as the regime says we will hand over our regions to the regime's army we will never handed over. that was then before the us led anti isis coalition began butchering each other now when everyone's dying and they need him asaad isn't such a bad guy anymore. if the regime is entering cleanse the peters' cain purity in iran the problem however if it comes in to defend why p.g.a. the nothing can stop us soldiers simple if asaad took over africa and africa is syrian territory he could this arm or sideline the y.p. ji ankara's enemy would be neutered and there'd be no more need to throw away turkish lives the kurds in turn would survive and africa will be turned into
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another crater it's the least bad solution so far the only solution to stopping this now you know what it is a very good step it's good news for us may god help them and everyone who supports but honey collette analysis we are all very happy about this decision and we want this crisis to end so people can return to their homes we are waiting for the pro-government forces to help us the issue is no one trusts anyone the turks are afraid asaad will ally with the y p g the white b.g. are afraid that assad will sell them out to the turks and asaad assad probably wants both gone. speak now to the sane bank she's professor of international relations at anchor is middle east technical university good evening to you we've heard it from president saying syrian forces entering our friend quote
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will pay a high price for this does this mean you conflict a new front in northern syria. i think it can be a conflict it can be a confrontation unless iran and. russia intervene in the conflict and they try to moderate between turkey and the bashar assad regime but that's in the report indicated no doubt the white p.g. is very much afraid that turkey is entering into afghan and the turkish troops stay there whereas south wants to keep of course he's contrie under his control often it's still syrian territory and the kurds now looking both to turkish and to measure assad and they have a strong choice whatever choice they make they have to pay a very high price but definitely they would not choose turkish side they would probably cooperate with bashar assad because in the long run. is the one who can
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provide political autonomy or any other advantages that they can control a certain area under the. central government from the sheriff's out whether turkey and syria would go into a military conflict it is an open question the turkish president stayed in very strong the turkish army is still there on the way to again for their control of the territory and i think the syrian army at least not in uniform but the supporters of syrian regime they cannot the moment fight against turkish troops because turkey is stronger having gotten very jet fighters etc but then turkey and into africa and then it will be difficult because the city war will start and it is
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another type of military confrontation what turkish president saying. turkey's ultimately to clean up this area from the iraqi gene whether he will reach it is another question but at the same time the dialogue between turkey and certainly g.m. is very much requested also russia offered turkey and regime. direct called it the moment turkey is rejecting this but from the syrian side there is no rejection maybe the russians retreat between two sides another party of course that could have an influence on the situation is the united states and its allies with both turkey and the kurdish groups who are in this open military standoff do you anticipate the trumpet ministration becoming more involved in trying to orchestrate deescalation of tensions. yes what you said is true the americans the
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other part and diffidently they have great interest will say to stay in syria because the kurds provide them the opportunity to stay there and also with turkey as an ally rightly talk to turkey american fans minister. minister of foreign affairs secretary of state came to turkey they talk to presidents or to foreign minister turkish institutions i do not expect a military confrontation between turkey and united states of america but definitely why p.g. is now enjoying the protection of america by the december time by p.g. dealing with the assad regime and americans donald trump regime is not interested to deal with vicious south it is a very complicated. political and military situation there nobody
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knows what type of allies can be established and always leaving which. tomorrow but the main factor there are the powers turkey ministers of america russia and iran and the. the parts of this conflict set regime and by p.g.d. they have to come to a certain agreement in the long run if they want to deter and stop the turkish. interation turkish military operation there because turkey is still not the main kountry rich has international law from point of view to stay there the more turkey's presence there the more it will be difficult for turkey but the december time turkey is very much determined to clean up get. out of the nearest. the borders of turkey and the americans of course promised it
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to the turkish ministration to the turkish president that they will definitely not they're allowed the right p.g.a. to fight with turkey saw from this perspective any corporal any war between kurds and turks will be not the case the question is here with control in which. from this perspective i will see turkey the moment the strongest one. set regime a lot of turkey to still go into certain territories but it can change in the coming days that they accuse turkey. to be the way they have to be interventionist and once again russia will be the key player how this conflict is going to their other or to be solved only russia and america did
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interventions fighting sides can come to a conclusion otherwise. i do not expect that. bashar assad regime would be able to present the same. words around things are. my guess the same by cheap professor of international relations rancorous middle east technical university many thanks. now both samples of a medal winning curler from russia have tested positive for the prohibited meltdown and that's according to russian olympic officials xander trishul it scares already stated that he's never used banned substances lipitor and reports from punching. with this official confirmation from the russian side we now understand for sure that both doping tests a and b. were positive and this is bad news for the o.a.r. team and for the entire country of course as well russian sports officials have
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ruled out that there was systemic consumption of and that alexander crucial need ski could have taken the drug on purpose the man himself also reacted to this by saying i have never taken any banned substances openly stating that i have never used prohibited substances or competed unfairly since i started in sports that's why i'm the person most interested to see an investigation as soon as possible the russian olympic committee is starting a comprehensive investigation of how the pills may have ended up in alexander crucial need skis body and some of the other key points that i should bring up here are that the concentration of mill donia in the samples suggests single use plus all the tests that crucial need ski went through before the games as many as ten and total were negative so that means that so far there is no proof of
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systemic use we have already heard suggestions about this unusual case that someone could have spiked alexander's food or drinks and the russian curling federation have said that they are opening a separate probe into these specific claims and for that they have already demanded c.c.t.v. footage of the places where alexander trained and state other curlers including the russian female team coach have told us that there is a possibility of that kind of sabotage but there was presuming you publish them you don't need to be is a. agent to give athletes the bottle with any kind of banned substance that is totally unprotected just put it in a hotel room it's easy if you can see the bottle and it's like locked then it can open it you can see it it was locked he open it drink it and as long as you keep an
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eye on the bottle that's fine if you just like turn around for a second don't use this bottle curling is a peculiar sport where accuracy and intellect perhaps weigh the most important role so in a sense it may be compared to sports like poor perhaps nuker or bowling and experts in the sport have also told us that they can't understand how mold dhoni him could work and their case with its effect such as enhancing and durrance and helping athletes recover i think it is unlikely that a sportsman of such a level as alexander the crucial need ski he used well done on purpose during the olympics all sportsmen knew they would be checked moreover there is no point in taking a single dose to have an effect i don't really understand what what it would be approved for what it would improve you and your game kind of things. i don't understand what it will do for you and alexander crucial needs keys case the next
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stage is the hearings at the court of arbitration for sport which is temporarily housed here and yung chang they start on thursday february twenty second. we also heard on the issue from the press secretary for the russian olympic committee he thinks that given how closely russian athletes are being moment to dimpling chang taking a bound substance makes absolutely no sense. first of all we have to sort out exactly what happened a thorough investigation should be conducted on the matter because this instance raises a lot of concerns almost one hardly ever sees the opening of this not more people than every other than the doctor or sports official will tell your lack of secondly it's banned substances words all can about a billion which was found in alexander's blood doctors are found that the man discovered them will do and you will see can once that has known facts and performance it was absolutely no sense in knowingly taken the cells and was a couple of more over those two killers have passed over. in the past two years
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alone you women that were preparing for the olympics or you know never ever had any violations considering how close the russian athletes are being watched at this olympics. and substance two weeks before the event is just sports it was side. and over to japan now where recently discovered government documents to shed light on the practice of force sterilization which affected thousands of people with mental and physical health issues the besiege was carried out under the now scrapped eugenic protection law it was adopted at the end of the second world war and was in force right up until nine hundred ninety six permitted sterilization to quote preserve the purity of the japanese race according to service them its up to twenty five thousand people in total were subjected to the procedure the newly revealed records deal with fewer than three thousand of those victims some of whom are now taking legal action r.t.
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spoke with one of them. has a hard time getting through the middle school. one of the teachers took me in as a casting at his house that i was constantly beast by his wife i never got snuff films never got paid and never had the chance to see the official papers to back my diagnosis either she hated me. my teacher took me for a magical chacon and i was taken to hospital he didn't explain anything. when i woke up i was there stephen they told me not to drink water at school but i remember. at the time my parents told me that i was operated on and now i cannot have
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a baby my father didn't agree to are pretty much forced to sign documents by teaching and welfare or for science. but i had many chances to get married when i was young but half to the operation i found period i married and divorced and married again my husband left me when i told him about the operation. of the committee further recommends that the state party adopt specific measures aimed at providing all victims of forced sterilizations with assistance to access legal remedies and provide them with compensation and rehabilitative services. the government should make upon its loss and pay compensation to them if i was not forced and the guy the pressure to have i know i will suffer until and if i only i feel in time as i caught.
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the woman's lawyer told us that the fight is far from being over he says the japanese government is refusing to deal with the problem. well two and a half years ago i received a call from mrs zucker it was the first time i'd heard about this matters and we found out the people were taken to the disability and forcefully operated on little hundred structures from the government or it was a whole organized system that japan still has a problem with ideas and eugenics and those who claim that disabled people have no right to live some psychiatry is to started speaking out about the things that they did back then instead of taking their licenses away i think it would be better to ask them to bring their confessions to light and open up the issue now that we're discovering the truth we need to make those responsible apologize their actions and make sure the victims get compensation it's clear now that the main problem here is the japanese government continuing to ignore the problem and advice from the un. japan's not the only country that has at some point resorted to force sterilization
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programs inspired by eugenics among the notable examples of germany during nazi rule and sweden both of those countries have since offered compensation to victims . afghan citizens have submitted more than a million statements to the international criminal court alleging that they were victims of war crimes court began collecting testimonies in november of last year the statements themselves describe accounts of alleged atrocities perpetrated not only by the taliban or by islamic state but also by the afghan army and by american military forces who are stationed some of the testimonies were submitted on behalf of a number of people so the actual number of alleged crimes could be even higher we spoke to who lost fifty two members of his family in the conflict. in fact there are different kind of war crimes happened in afghanistan in the past sixteen seventeen years american bombing villages to bomb wedding parties that's one kind of crime
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another type of crime afghan security forces enters villages. without any reason do you kill people without you know identifying with the. government or dia just simple people living in the village. at the end of last year the international criminal court released a statement alleging american armed forces as well as the cia committed war crimes in afghanistan in the early two thousand and five jennifer braden who's an attorney specializing in foreign policy believes that it's going to be difficult to bring about justice there could be many more claims that come out these claims have come out against three different factions the taliban and their hakani network in afghanistan also against afghanis government forces or of afghanistan military there and as well as u.s. military and u.s. military personnel in afghanistan now on the domestic side the united states
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military code has a very strict in stringent of very long list of laws that military personnel men and women have to be subject to and they have to follow but in terms of international crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the international criminal court then no then the u.s. cannot be held under their jurisdiction because the united states is not a signatory to the rome statute which created the international criminal court so in that case it would be less likely that they'd be brought to justice by member states or those that are aligned or fall under the jurisdiction of the i.c.c. . the mainstream media's trash talk on the existence of so-called russian troll forms has been increasingly littering the waves over the last few days now c.n.n.'s latest reports which the new low quite literally. you look through the trash there what did you find because. yes we did.
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for some computer. electronic stuff. so you just need a moment compose myself after that the latest hollywood superhero book was the black panther has been praised all round of the sun that is
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a problem. the new hollywood blockbuster black panther is creating quite a stir in an era where diversity is a favorite word the film is seen as a huge breakthrough for african-americans the first ever big budget comic book story with one superhero the cultural significance of marvel's black panther is immense sting praised for its impact on the black community it's white people as we see ourselves even as we like to see ourselves as again masters of our own destinies not with a white savior to come in rescue is from whatever receiving ourselves now there's a common criticism of hollywood that film directors and actors of color are less acceptable in mainstream culture so the fact that a film like black panther is making such a huge splash is seen as a huge breakthrough and success by many americans shows positive african-american heroes and that's something that hasn't been in film and i think it's fabulous now
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this folie a movie that represents black people was like you know the good guys for once the name black panther rings a pretty loud bell it reminds people of the black panther party for self-defense an activist group in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's that was quite controversial across the united states now it's pretty clear the film is touching a nerve in us society as some say criticizing the film is unacceptable i implore media outlets to please seek out rightists of color to you the black parents in the . not so bold prediction the first critic to write a rotten review of black panther will be white now we decided to ask moviegoers here in new york city if they thought the film was good or bad for american political discourse folks on the internet are saying that if you're white and you criticize the film that that's unacceptable that's racist do you buy that no absolutely not it's like any other film it's a bad movie it's a bad movie doesn't matter what color i think every movie should be criticized on its own regardless of where you or you know no matter what your background is
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people have their own opinion do whatever say whatever they want right now just let people be happy you know they'll read it good or very views if you read them later now the film is widely celebrated by advocates of diversity however some activists are criticizing the film for the fact that no l g b t seems or characters were included it looks like today in the age of social media you just can't please everyone caleb mopp and r.t. new york. an anonymous trader has bought four hundred million dollars with bitcoin pushing his failure back up to eleven thousand dollars the purchase became visible thanks to blog chain technology in the last days of the world chain economic forum in singapore has begun francis santiago caught up with the former mexican president to chat about the future of blocked chain technology. as economic botching forum in singapore was in its last day i managed to catch up
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with mexico's ex-president dissent a fox news saga who was very keen on bringing people together with bloc change acknowledging my podcast is that if we keep not boring and maybe we a concept like enough that we imagine we do it better so you know vision and technology that are needed in one generation more we're going to be one what makes it more united states and working together we will be more which stronger why did you choose to become such an active participant in a this meeting opened my eyes is like discovering their world began their world of banking there were a lot of people to reduce poverty to great middle classes to create a better world we need to move past many people is getting desperate i would say that the world will be sort of better is growing faster than the world of warfare
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and this just a potential conflict for the future according to the u.n. four billion people live without an address in cooling mexico they're not necessarily poor but they do not have a shipping address because they are inadequately serviced by their government in turn they experience social segregation and our neighbor to participate in online commerce the only botching solution president the conference with a working app for this part of the world's disorder to my surprise was a russian startup called knob i adjure this they are currently back to work with mexico asia and other places around the world who have people living without and not just developing markets the interesting system that provides users with a unified digital light see for a place not just on the world and generals i guess we concentrate just on providing you know could be less people in the world with. very fine i.d.'s or addresses. they places in locations there's a huge issue there because now these people just had to test from the online and
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sharing economy so just would believe that i was solution would help a lot change the just the way they leave they way they interacts with governments with online economy and just with other users bridge since i don't see the process of development it doesn't happen by that miracle except that your connect said rate the pace with their nose acceleration. mourad the thoughts today's world. cannot bring you right up to date latest news headlines coming your way and often that.
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gratings sad.


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