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that was i was. syrian pro-government forces enter the northern region of african and immediately come under shell fire from the turkish army which is currently fighting against kurdish militias. both samples of a russian olympic medalist from south korea have tested positive for a banned substance this is now confirmed by russian sports officials. and in japan recently discovered state documents revealing mass forced sterilization of prompted victims to break their silence at times my parents told me the times operated on him now i cannot have a baby my father didn't agree to the operation forced to sign documents by my teacher and while found in france is.
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great to have your company it is what i am here in the russian capital my name's neil harvey this is r.t. international. syrian pro-government forces have entered the kurdish held northern region of afrin but they were immediately pushed back by turkish artillery fire or walk or spun up rug as the it has more. this was a demonstration hundreds of pro assad militia fighters with tanks armor brazenly riding into africa with smiles cheers and cameras. it's. all those rumored talks and deals which would see the syrian army really end afrin have yielded nothing so far and instead these militias just went in and the kurds the y.p.
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g a jubilant for syrian government has responded to the call of duty and sent military units on the state to deploy along the border and take part in defending the units you're serious theory three and. the turks well see for yourself and korea's response was explosive loaded and delivered in artillery shells but why did . it go on warned that this would happen no one may help the white b.g. he said as for the kurds themselves seize promised to put them in a choke hold in me a days i need to be preparation on the ground takes time in the coming days we'll lay siege to the city what assad wants is obvious to protect syria's sovereignty and reestablish control prevent more of syria from being devastated but here you have two major anti isis coalition partners terrorist and
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aggressor as they call each other turkey in the y.p. g a partner in all but name duking it out beating each other to bloody pulp one might ask where is america the head of the us led anti isis coalition. but why you still here. why do these weapons still arrive america is in the process of creating a terror army on our good do not encroach on our borders do not provoke us we will run out of patience. the destruction of what's going on up in africa right now which is drone of some of the syrian democratic forces they see their fellow kurds afrin under attack so there is cause in at least their attention to shift their let's not forget how it all began with this statement a u.s. declaration that it would build an army of kurds to patrol the turkish border that
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sent into a fit of rage and it was that statement that was used to justify this new war washington backtracked it's now laying low but the damage was done the coalition imploded and it's up to others to stop this. we do not believe that the u.s. will because. the u.s. strategy depends on creating new chaos in the middle east to pursue its interests in this region it is sad washington said the fire that is now consuming its own anti isis coalition and burning africa into the ground the u.s. role has been reduced to diligently expressing its concern worry but not regret middle east analyst joshua landis believes that american support for the kurds has escalated the conflict. and the u.s.
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has been supplying a lot of weaponry to the kurds east of the euphrates when the united states first entered syria and turkey and the united states came up to an agreement that everything west euphrates was turkomans everything east of the euphrates the united states many beige is a sore point but that's still to be decided on but that's the way it's been and the united states has been giving a lot of weapons to the white now it's obviously telling them why peachey do not attack turkey with these weapons because the moment you do that you will justify everything that aired a war that says is going to happen that you're connected with the k.k.k. and so the united states is sitting on the kurds and in essence is telling the y.p. to you have to sacrifice your brothers in a funny way to preserve us out east of the euphrates.
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both some pulls of a medal winning killer from russia have tested positive for the prohibited drug that's according to russian olympic officials alexander christian it has already stated that he's never used banned substances but the seller trying to has more from. with this official confirmation from the russian side we now understand for sure that both doping tests a and b. were positive and this is bad news for the o.a.r. team and for the entire country of course as well russian sports officials have ruled out that there was systemic consumption of dhoni and that alexander crucial need ski could have taken the drug on purpose the man himself also reacted to this by saying i have never taken any banned substances openly stating that
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i have never used prohibited substances or competed unfairly since i started in sports that's why i'm the person most interested to see an investigation as soon as possible the russian olympic committee is starting a comprehensive investigation of how the pills may have ended up in alexander crucial need ski's body and some of the other key points that i should bring up here are that the concentration of mill donia in the samples suggests single use plus all the tests that crucial need ski went through before the games as many as ten and total were negative so that means that so far there is no proof of systemic use we have already heard suggestions about this unusual case that someone could have spiked alexander's food or drinks and the russian curling federation have said that they are opening a separate probe into these specific claims and for that they have already. mandate
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c.c.t.v. footage of the places where alexander trained and state other curlers including the russian female team coach have told us that there is a possibility of that kind of sabotage but there was reason you would miss them you don't need to be a secret agent to give athletes of both will with any kind of banned substance that totally unprotected just put it in the hotel room it's easy if you can see the bottle and it's like locked and then it can open it you can see it was locked he open it and drink it and as long as you keep an eye on the bottle that's fine if you just like to turn around for a second so he has this bottle curling is a peculiar sport where accuracy and intellect perhaps weigh the most important role so in a sense it may be compared to sports like poor perhaps nuker or bowling and experts in the sport have also told us that they can't understand how mole dony him could
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work and their case with its effects such as enhancing and durrance and helping athletes recover i don't really understand what what it would be approved for what it would improve you and your game kind of things to apply i don't understand what it will do for you. i think it is unlikely that a sportsman of such a level as alexander the crucial need ski he used well done him on purpose during the olympics all sportsmen knew they would be checked moreover there is no point in taking a single dose to have an effect and alexander crucial needs keys case the next stage is the hearings at the court of arbitration for sport which is temporarily housed here and yung chang they start on thursday february twenty second. we also heard on the issue from the press secretary for the russian a limpid committee who thinks that given how closely russian athletes have been monitored in pyongyang taking
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a banned substance makes absolutely no sense. and those who chose first of all will have to sort out exactly what happened a thorough investigation should be conducted on the matter because this instead raises a lot of concerns which one hardly ever sees doping in curling it's not needed there every athlete doctor or sports official will tell you that secondly banned substances were talking about doing which was found in alexander's blood doctors are found that the man discovered means the muldoon was taken once that has no impact on performance there was absolutely no sense in knowingly taken this substance moreover those two curlers have passed over. in the past two years alone even when they were preparing for their lympics and they've never ever had any doping violations considering how close the russian athletes are being watched at this lympics taking a banned substance two weeks before the event is just sport so it was side. and sociologist ellis cashmore says it's hard to imagine why
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a killer would want to use mel don't you and mel don't e m of course is an unusual drug and no one is quite sure what its purpose is i mean it's a stand simply an over the counter drug although it can be prescribed also for heart conditions and it's ments we can't say for sure but it's meant to give advantages in terms of stamina to the taken as we've just heard curling isn't a stamina dominated sport it's a sport where you need a call haired judgment and a steady hand and you can't see any obvious advantages that would be conferred by madone i'm on a curler. over to japan now where recently discovered government documents of shed light on the practice of forced sterilization which affected thousands of people with mental and physical health issues the procedure was carried out under the now scrapped eugenic protection law was adopted after the end
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of world war two and remained in force and until nine hundred ninety six it permitted sterilization to quote preserve the purity of the japanese race according to some estimates up to twenty five thousand people in total were subjected to the procedure the newly revealed records deal with fewer than three thousand of those victims some of whom are now taking legal action r.t. spoke with one of them. has a hard time going through middle school. one of the teachers took me as a casting and his house that i was constantly be used by his wife i never got enough never got paid and never had the chance to see the official papers to back my diagnosis either she hated me.
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my teacher took me for a magical chacon and i was taken to hospital he didn't explain anything. when i woke up i was there stephen they told me not to drink water at school but i remember. at the time my parents told me that i was operated on and now i cannot have a baby my father didn't agree to the religion it was forced to sign documents by legislature and welfare from science. i had many chances to get married when i was young but tough to the operation i felt period i married and divorced and married again my husband left me when i told him about the operation. of the committee further recommends that the state party adopt specific measures aimed at providing all victims of forced sterilizations with assistance to access legal remedies and provide them with compensation and rehabilitative services.
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the government should make punishments and pay compensation to them if i was not forced and to go the pressure. i know i will suffer until the end of my life if only i feel in time i caught. the woman's lawyer told us that the fight is far from being over he says the japanese government's refusing to deal with the problem. well two and a half years ago i received a call from mrs zucker it was the first time i'd heard about this matter we found out that people were taken to the facilities and forcefully operated on under instructions from the government it was a whole organized system japan still has a problem with ideas and eugenics and those who claim that disabled people have no right to live some psychometrist have started speaking out about the things that they did back then instead of taking their licenses away i think it would be better
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to ask them to bring their confessions to light and open up the issue now that we're discovering the truth we need to make those responsible apologize their actions and make sure the victims get compensation it's clear now that the main problem here is the japanese government continuing to ignore the problem and advice from the un. and japan is not the only country that has in the past used for sterilization programs inspired by eugenics among notable examples are germany during nazi rule and sweden both those countries of since offered compensation to victims. afghan citizens of submitted more than a million statements to the international criminal court alleging that they were victims of war crimes court began collecting testimonies in november of last year the statements describe alleged atrocities perpetrated by the taliban and also the afghan army and american forces we spoke to who lost fifty two members of his family in the conflict in fact there are different kind of war crimes happen in
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afghanistan in the past sixteen seventeen years american born villagers were born where the parties that's one kind of crime another type of crime afghan security forces enters villages. without any reason do you kill people without you know identifying whether the armed they are against the government or just simple people living in the village. at the end of last year the international criminal court released a statement alleging american armed forces as well as the cia committed war crimes in afghanistan in the early two thousand and jennifer braden an attorney specializing in foreign policy believes that it's going to be very difficult though to bring about justice there could be many more claims that come out these claims have come out against three different factions the taliban and their how can a network in afghanistan also against afghan government forces or at afghanistan
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military there and as well as u.s. military and u.s. military personnel in afghanistan now on the domestic side the united states military code has a very strict and stringent of very long lists of laws that military personnel men and women have to be subject to and they have to follow but in terms of international crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the international criminal court then no then the u.s. cannot be held under their jurisdiction because the united states is not a signatory to the rome statute which created the international criminal court so in that case it would be less likely that they'd be brought to justice by member states or those that are aligned or fall under the jurisdiction of the i.c.c. . the mainstream media is trash talk on the existence of so-called russian troll farms has been increasingly littering the waves over the last few days now c.n.n.'s latest report as reached a new low quite literally. you
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look through the trash there what did you find because. yes we did. a. little stuff. that's full of some of those computer. electronic stuff.
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the latest hollywood superhero blockbuster blood pump the has been praised all round but the some problem caleb maupin explains the new hollywood blockbuster black panther is creating quite a stir in an era where diversity is a favorite word the film is seen as a huge breakthrough for african-americans the first ever big budget comic book story with one superhero the cultural significance of marvel's black panther is immense sting praised for its impact on the black community it's white people as we see ourselves even as we like to see ourselves as again masters of our own destinies not waiting for white savior to come and rescue is from whatever receiving ourselves now there's a common criticism of hollywood that film directors and actors of color are less acceptable in mainstream culture so the fact that a film like black panther is making such a huge splash is seen as a huge breakthrough and success by many americans shows positive african-american
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heroes and that's something that hasn't been in film and i think it's fabulous now this folie a movie that represents black people was like you know the good guys for once the name black panther rings a pretty loud bell it reminds people of the black panther party for self-defense an activist group in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's that was quite controversial across the united states now it's pretty clear the film is touching a nerve in us society as some say criticizing the film is unacceptable i implore media outlets to please seek out rightists of color to you the black parents in the . not so bold prediction the first critic to write a rotten review of black crime for will be white now we decided to ask moviegoers here in new york city if they thought the film was good or bad for american political discourse folks on the internet are saying that if you're white and you criticize the film that that's unacceptable that's racist do you buy that no absolutely not it's like any other film it's a bad movie it's a movie doesn't matter what color i think every movie should be criticized on its
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own regardless of where you are in the event or what your background is people have their own opinion do whatever say whatever they want right now just let people be happy you know they'll read it good or very views if you read them later now the film is widely celebrated by advocates of diversity however some activists are criticizing the film for the fact that no l g b t seems or characters were included it looks like today in the age of social media you just can't please everyone caleb mopp and art see new york. anonymous trying to has bought four hundred million dollars worth of bitcoin pushing its value back up to eleven thousand dollars the purchase became visible thanks to block chain technology in the last days of the will block chain economic forum in singapore auntie's mcguffin to santiago caught up with a former mexican president to chat about the future of blog chain technology.
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as a token economic botching forum in singapore was in its last day i managed to catch up with mexico's ex president percent a fox news saga who was very keen on bringing people together with blah change acknowledging my podcast is that if we keep not boring and maybe he brings a concept that i do not that we enhance it we do it better so even ovation and big no logic that are needed in one generation more we're going to be one what makes it more united states the board into the river will be more which stronger why did you choose to become such an active participant in this means being open my eyes it's like discovering that world began their world of banking they were look people to reduce poverty to great middle class is to create a better world we need to move fast many people is getting desperate i will say
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that they world will be sort of there is growing faster than the world over and it's just a potential conflict for the future according to the u.n. four billion people live without imagist including mexico they're not necessarily poor but they do not have a shipping address because they are inadequately serviced by their government in turn they experienced social segregation and our neighbor to participate in online commerce the only watching solution president the conference with a working app for this part of the rules this order to my surprise was a russian startup called not by address they are currently blank to work with mexico asia and other places around the world who have people living without imagist way developing markets they understand system that provides users with a unified didn't light see for a place not just on the world and generals are just like concentrate just on providing you know book dealers people in the world with. very fine by deeds or addresses. play places and locations there's
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a huge issue then because now these people just had to test the online and sharing economy so just would believe that i was solution would help a lot change the just the way the only way the interacts with governments with online economy and just with other users bridge shoes to see the process of development it doesn't happen by the miracle except that you're good max said rate the pace with their knowledge acceleration of. mu ideas that's today's world. leonardo dicaprio who picked up an oscar for his portrayal of a man's fight for survival pitted against the elements in the film the resident is now worried about the weather in siberia the capra foundation is alerted its instagram followers about the low temperatures in the region.
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the moment is broke when temperatures reach near record in the siberian village of the estimated temperature was around minus sixty two degrees celsius climate change is posing a real threat to local people's lives and life structures. and
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i've been divide up to date stick around for my colleague sean thomas and bring it up to date at the top of their own. little hill on the tail of. a child and six. an estimated eighty fell since under age refugees are now living in greece. you know just a wardrobe for all to do at home in their view of the ring. and many sell their bodies just to make ends meet it's. always in the second or the
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second or the all the sins and when there is a helpless as in the affairs of. all those threads are dealing drugs to make a living. bless us a little as in love love love the little. game of the new. to me. is the day of reckoning coming will the liberal corporate media ever own up to their dismal and even dishonest coverage of what is called russia gate there is growing evidence the media are at the very center of this fake scandal. about your sudden passing i have only just learned you were a south and taken your last to bang turn. your attitude up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to
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put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different it's a speech out because there are no other takers. that means she has not it's make.
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the max keiser this is a cause or a party you know we talk a lot of various topics on the show and one topic that we don't talk enough about is love you know love makes the world go round with love nothing is possible i'm so fortunate to be so in love with stacy. ok well that's quite interesting that you bring that up because actually our first topic is all about hate and how hate drives huge profit hate and fear and it's all about the american huckster so you know that the right wing in america the republican base has was kind of you know rallied into a passionate fervor with the tea party once obama won and it was all about
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irrational fear of obama who was supposedly born in kenya as a muslim and was a secret muslim taking over the united states and was going to introduce shariah law sort of crazy well now the left wing has gone the so-called left wing has done the same thing we've turned into you know the democrats have turned into another american huckster class so i'm going to read you this headline from the daily beast about. you know the resistance the hash tag the resistance in all of the groups the . you know the political action committees that have erupted around fighting donald trump and saving the republic from the new world order of donald trump cash for coalition against going into consultants pockets instead as chump ran for president the group democratic coalition against raise money promising to stop him while.


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