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this is bullying john but it will not. now despite international backlash the state department has notified congress that its embassy will be bouvard to jerusalem on may fourteenth which is much sooner than originally planned last month a vice president penned said the embassy would be moved by the end of twenty nineteen but like you said may fourteenth also happens to be the day israel declared its independence back in one nine hundred forty eight and it was the day president truman officially recognized the state but considering the international community's past response it'll be interesting to see how they react to this latest announcement. gideon levy who's a columnist for israel's ha'aretz newspaper believes that moving the embassy will have dire consequences for the entire region. united states is supporting the united states is really slipping in the face and spitting in the face of the palestinians move here move the embassy to jerusalem and in this same declare jews east jews is the future capital of the palestinian state then i see it would
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be quite reasonable there were tens of palestinians who live in the life for this for the first decoration fortunately there will be more palestinians who read. this but by the end of the. uprising. not a single state will stand up against the american administration and nobody will take any measures and it will remain holo lips like many other services for the palestinians. for you the olympic athletes from russia team of clenched another two medals at the winter games in south korea cross country skiers alexander bullshit off and took seven bronze respectively in
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the men's fifty kilometer race finland got the gold rush as athletes who've been competing under a neutral banner because of doping violations have won sixteen medals at the games in total right now that puts them fifteenth in the standings the international olympic committee might however allow them to march under the national flag at the closing service ceremony that's a decision that's going to be made later on saturday when it's made we'll let you know what they've decided. germany's social democrats are giving party members the final say on whether to enter a coalition with chancellor merkel's conservatives and the best selling newspaper there built has pulled a stunt to highlight the problem of giving a relatively small group of people so much sway over the country's future by registering a dog as a voting member but some are finding it funny as peter all of a now explained. it's almost certainly not the sound bite top german social democrats under expected to be having to give to the press this week it came after the newspaper build a registered a named lemur is a member of the s.p.
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devastating name gender occupation and age dog ears they received a party card saying she was in the only reason that this is anything more than a hilarious mistake by the social democrats is that it's their party members that will get to decide on a coalition with. conservatives a no vote in that ballot well that could see fresh elections here in germany people who wish to manipulate the votes in a grand coalition through criminality could do just the same and that is what forced the social democrats into making their somewhat embarrassing canine climb down and prompted me to enlist the help of my own four legged friends. to help come this what berlin's pooches and some of the humans they grow with the thoughts that use homes they are. not but do you see helen was using
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a module in the next hour. and she laughed agreed actually. collect i mean really young dogs so i'm pretty sure she wanted to be the election you know those were children she's one year old all the couple more years and i think it's too big the cost how do you think about this you want to have a career in the party will be fucked up by. that interest. because you know you have to take it back on. the senate or the party. will call it. milk best ever. but first let's. go.
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through all of. that. the canadian prime minister's choice of clothing on his eight day trip to india has been ridiculed online his efforts to try and sartorially blend somewhat backfired and so the internet weighed in. i. just in through those aides pray love spirit quest routine reminds me of the spring
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break yogi travelers i went to school with who came back from the far east with a next and a new wardrobe every year. is a just me all this choreographed keaton's all just a bit so you much now all sight after why are you in the endzone dressed like this every day noise when in bollywood stuff with a prayer hands it just looks like you're out of i.d.'s. obviously we take the situation extremely seriously the individual in question should never have received an invitation and as soon as we found out we rescinded the invitation images. you're watching our team from sand to snow we'll tell you about three friends from australia who despite never having warm skis before are preparing for one of the sport's toughest events so among all stories still ahead.
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that's. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want to press. that's it right to the press this is what the four three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of our. question. he's going. deep into mystic dresses. came north from the outside north from russia not from china. or sides. around russia and there is. no rush.
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to find somebody outside the united states who is responsible for this while the real problem is. walking back european football's governing body has opened an investigation into violence that took place ahead of a championship match in spain on thursday night in which a policeman died. it's told the police officer had been involved in trying to stop clashes between right supporters of mathematical balance spartak moscow correspondent dan hawkins joined you in an email to discuss the. down the last thing anybody wants to see at
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a football match is violence especially one that brings around death what happened here clashes saw five rested both spanish and russian nationals were understand at this stage also multiple injuries reported as the fans pelted each other with objects including. and it was during these this is just a couple of hours before the match that this police officer tragically died initial reports of course in some tabloid media did claim that this was a result of wounds sustained in the clashes and reporting some sort of blows to the head or face causing is the actual police in the area the spanish police talked all miss how this final. have officially now denied these reports he became manuel as he was coming out of his fantasy deployed to the scene of the disturbances he suffered a cardiac arrest off to collapse and he was pronounced dead on arrival i don't hospitals and other media were also very quick to report that it was the russian fans who were at the center of this trouble they allege that they started this
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disorder that they even used weapons to attack the locals knives bats and change and cetera and this is of course despite the fact that what exactly happened in circumstances leading up to these clashes is still under investigation a radio free europe radio liberty for example commenting on how this could impact the world cup here in russia coming up this summer as well as the sport tech press service have they spoken out on this given their view the spartak press service they've also issued a statement saying what they describe as provocations were actually expected from the very beginning they were. in the full knowledge that they wouldn't be welcome in the city of bilbao upon their arrival from the. media reports of russian fans before their arrival and the increased security presence as well. even allege that a team interpreter suffered injuries in one incident before the game what is clear is that the atmosphere in the city was tense from the very start we know that anti
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far activists marched on the street prior to the much violence was shown on camera footage we can see there as well the picture of course become clearer once you wait for the police do get more details from their ongoing investigation. a supporter of president trump has received a slew of online criticism after american news network c.n.n. publicly shamed for sharing of what was claimed to be a russian coordinated event on facebook jack limburger has the story. c.n.n. knows no bounds when it comes to tracking down anyone culpable of sowing discord in america and they start indictment filed last week detailing how suspected russian trolls use unwitting americans to undermine their own political process c.n.n. has plenty of fodder like this woman from florida but did you realize that you guys were in communication electronically with russia they not they are you are so what did she do to deserve such a confrontation goldfarb is guilty of having run a pro trump facebook page the promoted an event allegedly organized by the russians
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her objections to accusations of having any connection to russia however were all but ignored by the c.n.n. reporter you were posting in reposing almost word for word the information that was coming out of this internet research agency now there's virtually no you don't believe there are no now to no one's surprise goldfarb was viciously attacked online after the short interview spread like wildfire goldfarb should be ashamed of herself she is a fake get on c.n.n. for showing us who she really is a dumb thing if you feigned ignorance she knew people like goldfarb who shared russian propaganda and who refused to accept responsibility when shown should be prosecuted. goldfarb are you a communist maybe only deplorable is a commie news but we're told that countless unsuspecting americans and media outlets were duped by the relentless efforts of online trolls but where are those
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trolls getting their inspiration from more often than not it looks like they were simply relying on stories generated by the us media itself oh sweet sweet irony thousands of people as you know the feeling marginalized by president like donald trump is common they said this is a love rally after they pointed in that direction they yelled we're not going to be . tolerating any sexism or homophobia or racism i mustn't be seen as liberal host joy reid is a shining example of that her posts were retreated by count said to have connections to the kremlin hundreds of times and there obviously a lot of questions about how much the trump campaign knew about and whether they were complicit in the russian attack on our election but what about the rest of the republican party machinery so to break this down the heart of the accusation seems to be that russia tried to divide the us by giving people a place to express their views and retreating mainstream media articles and posts written by americans diabolical if you ask me. fine if and when it comes
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to australian sport cricket and surfing usually spring to mind but skiing not so much even so three friends from australia decided to jump right in and take part of one of sweden's most grueling events despite never having won a pair of skis before. well he added too many bears to be honest and our other friend that's doing the right says well more to understanding our city status down plus an open one to come the ski race forty nine times and he said it would be great if he could do it and of course we all thought he's sick of this because he just can't do more than ten minutes of exercise but after a few beers it's easy to say. that if. we
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care i mean just know farming are thrown around and explained if you want to you know. you never skied before interval for doing this race. and we'll start it off. right here. guys my name's alexis off to families away from russia and build my coaching career with the summer. from i refuse estimates from the very very beginning level to the olympics and. it's going to be awful the longest they've done is forty two kilometers so far. more to end up in hospital but i think we will finish we'll see. rather than one may want to be doing this saturday i have a good day i'll be back here we go next world news update from arsene about half an hour so you know.
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everybody i'm stephen ball. collingwood guy. suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we're just a little bit different i'm not a broom one can find i know no one knows about with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet every day americans come home and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american to. say this is charlie munger is approached economics lowball love from wells fargo
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bail out well fargo gallup the terrorist charlie munger and warm up it turns them or. fifty years ago breaking within to come together as a sleeping pill does this is what i mean because i like to does. the scientific sweat terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch when football moved here not the warm welcome up across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the constant mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been the justice and there's been a couple. that just.
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certain i want to do things that show me face to be able to be very clear. the way to go. man i mean. i'm a young they they when they have them they have the fattening. skinny yeah the field is very. soft yet i'm numb what do you how much they're going to do you look local just at a few. of them i never want to make a helmet available good news you still want to talk more negative.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world i'm part children we're still in our new york studio here coming up we sit down with fred thompson to talk about food programs and how we can gain food. plus then we'll be joined by rebecca rage to discuss the relationship between china and latin america and how chinese investment has grown in the region and then we check out how just one tweet managed to wipe out more than a billion dollars from a stock now let's get to today's headlines. the greek parliament has voted to
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create a special committee to investigate accusations that a that ten level high level politicians have accepted bribes between two thousand and six and two thousand and fifteen from the swiss corporation novartis in order to enable price gouging and increased market access the accused include the current governor of greek central bank and two former prime ministers current from prime minister alexis tsipras called the case one of the biggest scandals in the country's modern history under greek law prosecutors most actually refer the cases involving politicians to the parliament which then investigates and decides whether or not to revoke immunity before indictments can occur the u.s. federal bureau of investigation the f.b.i. assisted greek prosecutors and looking for evidence of money laundering this was tina making the case as there is a greek statute of limitations for bribery but not for money laundering. the world will need more than half
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a million new pilots in less than twenty years according to a study by airline maker boeing demand is expected increase dramatically by two. twenty thirty six an estimated six hundred thirty thousand new pilots are going to be needed with more than a quarter million needed in the asia pacific region alone to combat this shortage quantas airways plans to invest in pilot training school in two thousand and nineteen the goal is to train more than five hundred new pilots a year once it becomes forward fully operational however at that rate the company it will only have will have trained eighty five hundred new pilots well below the needed amount. and general mills is making moves as it looks to enter the pet food business the company announced that it will buy blue buffalo pet products for an astounding eight billion dollars general mills announced that it expects to finance the transaction with debt available cash on hand as well as one billion
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dollars in equity the move is well calculated on general mills as part blue buffalo bluff low it's already has a large presence in many major retailers like target it's not the only company looking to cash in on pet food mars the company behind m. and m's already has entered the market after acquiring i ams pedigree and whiskas pet foods and jelly and jam producer smucker's j.m. smucker but the big heart pet brands in two thousand and fifteen for more than six billion dollars. japan has won the largest food in its dispute involving produce and the south with south korea involving the world trade organization it deals with produce and the w t o went in favor of japan which had raised concerns about the sanctions put on it by south korea the company had specific bans and additional testing requirements imposed on imported japanese goods due to the two thousand and eleven. nuclear disaster the w t o ruled that
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while the measures were initially justifiable keeping them in play. violate sanatorium phyto stana theory agreements south korea stated that they will appeal the decision in order to keep the ban in place many other countries have already relaxed or removed their restrictions on produce from japan. and the same with the subject of foods and sanatorium final sanitary standards we turned to one of the foremost experts in the world to talk about safety and security of food system in the wake of a trumpet ministrations decision on the supplemental nutrition assistance program otherwise known as snap or mom more commonly referred to as food stamps we're joined by fred kaufman fred thank you for being here explain what it is that the trip administration has done with snap what they're they really proposing because it sounds almost unbelievable to me it is unbelievable snap of food stamps have
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been around forever it's one of the most successful programs and it's the direct cash amount that's delivered there are very few costs associated and yet the trumpet ministration has come up with this crazy american harvest box which is it's going to cut the funding and half go on sites like you would get from a blue apron erd something in theory they've been calling it blue apron and of course one of the founders of blue apron is saying on the record there isn't this is nothing like blue apron and in other words if blue apron gave you some peanut butter or some pots that and some dried milk i don't think so the fact of the matter is this is dead on arrival and here is the reason why they're going to cut food stamps and a half this program in half which is what they've long wanted to do right this is a smoke screen so that a liberal like me will put my hands up in the air and start screaming and yelling about it the fact is that the extra analyses of this food box are astounding there
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is no way there's no cost associated with delivering the u.s.d.a. . is no distribution system for delivering twenty one million of these boxes of food it's dead on arrival it's not going to work and it's a smokescreen for cutting food assistance ok i hope our viewers will give me a little patience here to go back on so the proposal is to deliver twenty one million boxes of food to people's homes with various foods in it and like you say maybe dried milk i remember back you are you know you've written about this. and i worked at the agriculture department when president reagan tried to classify catch up as a vegetable and it would be a fruit if it was going to be catechized quite as anything but it's not bad either it's a crap is what it is ok so they're going to deliver these all these millions and but the bottom line is they are cutting the budget so as crazy as it sounds but how
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they're going to deliver these things they're cutting the money anyway there's no system for the delivery of it this program it basically what they want to do is they they want to cut about seven to nine billion dollars out of the i'm sorry seventeen billion dollars in fiscal year nineteen it's a seventy billion dollars program and the long term plan over the next ten years is to cut two hundred billion out of it this is completely outrageous we have forty six food insecure people in this country. mostly veterans mostly you know foster children who depend on these very small supplemental incomes for their food every month you know almost all of them work there i think less than seven percent are unemployed and most of these are undiagnosed with disease all sorts of things so this is one of the most successful programs in history copied across the world and yet the level of selfishness the level the small mindedness is driving this now
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fred is is part of the proposal which i got it it's the funding is not there for it anyway but is part of the proposal that the government will decide what it is in this theoretical box that you're never really going to get it that's the even crazier thing it's like the last thing a true conservative wants is a guardian government telling you how much salt sugar and fat you will be eating but that is precisely what they're doing here they're going to be legislating your diet directly they're not going to allow you the classic free market choice here is your money if you want to spend it all on lobster the very first day well maybe you'll learn your lesson next month as the don't get it if you want to eat the rest of the month that's right that's right so this is against conservative philosophy and therefore they're flouting it's because it's a smokescreen because what they really are want to do is cut the program it's crazy how you it is sometimes just politicians democrats and republicans that quite frankly lose their way whether or not they say it's ok to spend a bunch of money on a tax bill that we can't do or we don't really like the free markets when it comes
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to choosing what people will actually eat if they're getting anything from the government let me go let's go back to in history here a little bit you and i spoke a little bit about this that these food programs that help the least fortunate among us really started in the u.s. explain that for our viewers yeah i mean the united states was a progressive nation once and in one nine hundred thirty nine during the f.d.r. administration the idea was this this list fabulous which is that we can actually buy the quote unquote food stamp and then. with the stamps that come with it use access for produce from this country those days have changed a lot there is no longer excess produce in this country in fact last year was the lowest wheat crop in america in fifteen years and what we're seeing is this wild booming of global trade and america is once again being left behind the largest producer of wheat in the world next year is going to be russia and of course russia has their own issues of twenty million people below the poverty line and so they've
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decided to do a food security program you know what it is the food are to food stamps exactly the following us now there's so we had it first that we're talking to one of the great secretaries of agriculture in u.s. history henry wallace from iowa so when he started this it really was emulated in europe and other places and what's happening now does europe have programs employees that are similar so almost fifty years later in one nine hundred eighty seven the e.u. finally comes up with some money as a whole to give to individual nation nations within it but really it's a very different idea and in a weird way it's similar to the trump idea which is that in these particular nations these are for the what you're getting is direct food delivery to the most deprived people along with that food and those and those you get shoes you get toothpaste you get shampoo so it's
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a real poverty program and again this is more like on the soup kitchen model and the fact of the matter is that this program in europe is about a four point five billion euro program it is nowhere near the same level size it would be impossible to scale up even in europe and it is just absurd to think that we're going to scale it up in this country but let me ask you before we just got about thirty seconds but. we need to probably be talking a little bit more about trade and food don't we i mean with all the time. is that something we should be looking at in the next coming weeks i think i think so i think that's going to be one of the big issues coming up as we're looking towards the global movement of the american diet of the globalization of of meat and of grain and of corn it's going to be a big story great one quick thing did you when when we look at these food programs all over the world is pretty efficient and effective in serving people in the u.s. bread i mean are it art.


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