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tv   News  RT  February 24, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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the u.n. security council unanimously approved a thirty day ceasefire. to provide humanitarian access to areas most affected by that conflict also ahead in the program. police. police clash with left wing students as political rallies are held across italy ahead of next weekend's general election plus. people begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it and we did the right thing washington stance the date for moving its embassy in israel to jerusalem how decision that palestinian state could destroy any hope of a peace settlement. just
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a few moments into a brand new day here in moscow and it's the weekend sunday february twenty fifth you know neal this is our international we start with breaking news world powers have approved a thirty day humanitarian ceasefire for syria a resolution was passed in a unanimous vote the u.n. security council headquarters in new york that is outside the u.n. q with the latest for where he has been for some time now tell us what has been agreed here if you will. well the resolution that was just passed after a lot of negotiation calls for a thirty day ceasefire now the meeting was convened after must much anticipation a long delay and finally taking place the resolution was put forward and it was
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unanimous all fifteen countries voted for it now it calls for a thirty day ceasefire but removed was the stipulation that this cease fire had to take place within seventy two hours and no longer calls for an immediate cease fire but the resolution that was passed called for a cease fire without delay now this is referring to the fighting in eastern guta now this is an enclave east of the syrian capital of damascus it's long been a stronghold of rebels and terrorist groups though it's been surrounded by government forces sense twenty thirteen as the fighting there has intensified there has been a lot of civilian loss of life there have been some very heated allegations being made against the syrian government and against russia we have the the the russian council for reconciliation in syria reporting that essentially the area is being used to attack damascus a very densely populated area with eight million civilians living in it basically being used to launch attacks in the past twenty four hours we've had roughly four
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people killed with fifty one people being injured by attacks launched against damascus from eastern guta so at this point the resolution was passed calling for a thirty day cease fire now after the unanimous vote we then heard from various countries we heard from nikki haley of the united states and she said she doesn't believe the syrian government will actually comply with the cease fire. it is critical that the assad regime and its allies comply with our demand to stop the assault on eastern guta and immediately allow food and medicine to reach everyone who need to all of us on this council must do our part to press the assad regime as hard as we can to comply we are deeply skeptical that the regime will comply but we supported this resolution because we must demand nothing less. now we also heard from the representative of the russian federation now he had dressed the security
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council and he emphasized that the fight against terrorism is not affected by this resolution that internationally delegated terrorist groups groups like al nasra i says that the fight against them is not restricted by this resolution and that fight will continue he also had some concerns about how the fight against terrorism seemed to be serving some other goals and this is what he said to the council after the unanimous vote so the game of battling terrorism can become a cover of preserving geopolitical problems with dubious legitimacy and that is exactly what the u.s. is doing in syria right now we insist that the so-called militia and its attempts and occupation as soon as possible it would have among other things a clear humanitarian effect. now nikki haley the representative of the united states walked out before the syrian representative could speak under u.n. rules if the resolution pertains to you all countries have the right to address the
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security council so when the representative of the syrian arab republic the sharjah fahri got up to address the council the u.s. representative walked out now in nikki haley's remarks she had spoken about the plight of civilians in eastern guta and in his remarks the syrian ambassador talked about the civilians in damascus including medical workers who are being killed in the ongoing gun bombardment however nikki haley was not in the room to hear those remarks now the syrian ambassador said that the cease fire would be implemented and that syria would comply with it and that furthermore the cease fire would be implemented in afrin and in the golan heights now the syrian ambassador he spoke and he pointed out that syria he argued was fully in its rights to fight against terrorism on its own territory he said unlike the united states which has forces all over the world unlike the u.k. or france countries that have deployed forces throughout the world and the name of fighting terrorism syria is only fighting terrorism within its own borders he made
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that point very strongly however as you know the u.s. ambassador walked out and did not hear those remarks now the resolution has been passed and it looks like there will be a thirty day cease fire in eastern gooda and there will be a halt and the purpose of this halt as a humanitarian pause of sorts so that civilians can flee the areas civilians are not. now we've heard from the from that russian center for reconciliation in syria they pointed out that one of the problems it's been going on in the fight is that terrorist forces in eastern guta are preventing medical assistance from getting to civilians these terrorist forces are simply not allowing the civilians in eastern good it to get medical assistance so this thirty day cease fire that was agreed on by all fifteen members the council is going to be implemented throughout this entire higher conflict there has been agreement among the different countries that the civilian life in the eastern good is important civilians should not be killed every effort should be made to protect them however in the lead up to the.
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disagreements about who's to blame for the conflict and who's responsible for civilian suffering but it looks like we have been resolved and there has been a unanimous resolution passed by the body that leads the united nations ok thanks very much for that update caleb maupin live from new york let's get into this story further discuss it with patrick henningsen pumper gives editor of twenty first century wire dot com patrick welcome. the russian envoy was quite cautious about the deal saying russia quote supports the intentions behind the document but that no ceasefire is possible without agreement from warring parties how optimistic are you. i would probably be in the same camp as the russian ambassador it's hugely complex to try to organize a deal as we've seen in past instances not just in damascus and around and a job bar but also in all those is probably
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a better comparison so the problem is the the west is is framing this in terms of it's the syrians and the russians versus this of billions of ghouta but if you're on the ground in syria it reality is these are two this is a terrorist faction that has or a group of terrorist factions that have occupied part of a major city and are hurling mortars in every day multiple times a day for the last three or four months intensely we have thousands of civilians in damascus. killed many injured so this is terrorism but this is not the way it's being framed by people like mickey haley in the western coalition the hope is that this will not last a main goal of the cease fire is to allow humanitarian aid into the conflict zones but do you see any sign of agreement between world powers on a long term resolution for the troubled country. i don't see i don't
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see any prospect for that at all the problem is is because these are absolute parallel universes when it comes to viewing this conflict so nikki haley who is the ambassador to the united nations for the united states she doesn't have a clue what's going on in syria she only can repeat the briefing or the memo that's given to her she repeats that as her statement she clearly doesn't know if she did see what was actually going on she would see that these are these are killers basically holed up in a city keeping residents from leaving this been five years now so there are humanitarian corridors set up but these residents who many of them are families of these terrorists have had opportunity to leave with their children the factor to keeping their kids in their wives or their of people there that speaks volumes as to what sort of people you're actually dealing with there and that is through the heart of the problem can we just briefly expound on what you said
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a moment or two ago terrorist groups including al nusra they're not included in the ceasefire russia has repeatedly accused them of hiding in the civilian population using them as human shields so is there any real chlorate see here over which areas can be targeted and which cannot i much and this is going to be a bigger talking point in the coming days. no there's not clarity it's usually difficult look if the syrian government and the russians were as a ruthless as they are portrayed in the west syrian government could have gone in all guns blazing four or five years ago and it could have ended it but it would have to civilian life the cost so in aleppo same thing it was a long drawn out protracted. affair back and forth and there was huge loss of life on both sides but even more so on west aleppo and the government held side which was being siege would help the cannon's for four or five years so that this is the
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same problem we're having good to it could be a protracted long term thing there well dog underground by the way this is not spoken about in the western media the terrorists have sophisticated tunnel systems that go in some cases almost all the way to the old city this is a huge security risk as well for damascus so you know the united states contingent has no idea what they're talking about with regards to the facts on the ground in damascus little known anywhere else in syria as the as they were wrong in aleppo they're wrong again in the thoughts this hour we're heading to an editor of twenty first century wired dot com potter thanks as always. ok to more world news this hour clashes have broken out in milan and police there have stepped in to break up a student protest against the center right leg a north party and its anti immigration platform.
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the unrest started on friday in peace and i spread to other italian cities lekan north main focus of the younger held its own rally in milan on saturday to the country's general election takes place next weekend and we spoke to marco but sunny professor of politics at the university of maryland and doesn't expect tensions to calm any time soon we turn to explain a lot of things done in one image but in economic crisis. it's another story the story is that there is a warning in this country there is a cooling with legitimate station all of the right any kind of writing you know the team from the economic rises from time i don't think that it leak can go on like this there are too many differences between the north the south and nobody
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addresses that we'll all this is that jane. you know that could change the situation. spending goes up boring goes up the national debt is out of control and nobody talks even talks about the real issues. the u.s. government will be moving its embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem on may fourteenth much sooner than originally planned it coincides with the seventieth anniversary of the establishment of the israeli state here's what president trump i have to say about the decision which has been causing fury across the arab world. people calling begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it campaign against it was so. incredible but you know what the campaign for it was also incredible and we did the right of turkey has voiced concerns to its foreign minister sees the decision violates un security council resolutions and demonstrates the intention of
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america to undermine peace since december when donald trump decided to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital more than twenty palestinians have been killed and around a thousand injured in demonstrations. well samir account has more now on the symbolism of washington's move the fall out that's resulted but put it simply trump said he doesn't care what the world thinks about his decision to move the embassy to jerusalem which actually supports israel's claims to the city but when he says the campaign against his decision was incredible he means this. person over.
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the world. even though trump doesn't care people in the region do today we saw clashes in hebron continue which israel on the other hand is praising its minister for transportation thank trump in a tweet even called him a friend of a back in december in a security council vote of fourteen countries condemned trunk's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital among those were staunch u.s. allies like the u.k. and france and in the general assembly one hundred and twenty eight countries got the use of the detail obstructed the security council and unable to perform his duties and do de kids a work of the international community but it is considered
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a blatant violation of the rights that comes down and must be resolved through negotiation between the two parties are un members very threatened or the other members this is bullying and. john boehner will not bow to the doc now despite international backlash the state department has notified congress that its embassy will be moved to jerusalem on may fourteenth which is much sooner than originally planned last month a vice president can set the embassy would be moved by the end of twenty nine can but like you said may fourteenth also happens to be the day israel declared its independence back in one nine hundred forty eight and it was the day president truman officially recognized the state but considering the international community's past response it'll be interesting to see how they react to this latest announcement. gideon levy who's a columnist for israel's hundred sneeze paper believes moving the embassy will have serious consequences for the entire region the united states is supporting the united states is really slipping in the face and spitting in the face of the
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palestinians would he move them to sea to jerusalem and in this say i declare jews and jews as the future capital of the palestinian state then they see it would be quite reasonable step there were tens of palestinians who paid their life in the life for this for the first there to ration and unfortunately there will be more tense of palestinians who we pay in the life pay their lives but by the end of the day they will know to be an uprising and now they defied not a single state would stand up against the american administration and nobody would take any measures and the three remaining whole no lip service like many other services for the palestinians more than weekends news right after this.
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hello again. clinched another two medals at the winter olympics inside korea on the penultimate day of competition cross-country skiers aleksandra. won silver and bronze respectively in the men's fifty kilometer race finland took gold. competing . because of doping violations and of one sixteen medals at the games to date well half of all the medals belong to skiers despite the team being formed from a limited pool of athletes many very young in the aftermath of the doping scandal the eight medals they've won so far equalled the record hole of yours in one
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thousand nine hundred eighty eight well when it comes to skiing in countries like finland norway or france might be the ones which immediately spring to mind not so much. even so three friends from down under decided to take part in one of sweden's most grueling events a spike never having worn a pair of skis before. too many years to be. their friend of doing the right. forty nine times. great if you could do it and of course. just because you do more than ten minutes. but after a few beers. i
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mean. explained if you want to be some beginners classes you never skied before interval we were doing this race. and they all started laughing this is right here. guys my name's alexis from originally from russia. my coaching career was the same row. i refused and slid from the very very beginning to the weekend. is going to be awful the longest. forty two kilometers so far. more to end up in hospital but i think we will finish.
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a german newspaper successfully registered a dog as a member of a major political party the social democrats build it pulled this stunt to show how easy it is to manipulate the party voting process as the s.t.p. decides whether to enter a coalition with chancellor merkel's party but some just can't see the funny side that's peter all over explains. it's almost certainly not the sound bite top german social democrats under expected to be having to give to the press this week it came after the newspaper to build a registered a named lima is a member of the s.p. devastating name gender occupation and age in dog years they received a party card saying she was in the only reason that this is anything more than a hilarious mistake by the social democrats is that it's their party members that will get to decide on a coalition with. conservatives
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a no vote not ballot well that could see fresh elections here in germany people who wish to manipulate the votes in a grand coalition through criminality could do just the same and that is what forced the social democrats into making their somewhat embarrassing canine climb down and prompted me to enlist the help of my own four legged friends. to help congress what berlin's pooches and some of the humans they grow with the thoughts that use homes they are. not but do you see losing a module in the next hour. she laughed agrees actually it. will lead to me really young dogs so i'm pretty sure seems you should want the logs good to be the lexan you know those but surely she is one year old all the couple more years and i think it's stupidity of course how do you think about the stuff you
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want to have a career in the park will be fucked up my mind. that it just. really think it's not real to me because you know you have your back on. the. look of a. vegetable. but first let's take . her. all of us. some of the best i've heard in politics in a long long time that's all your news from. thirty minutes time stay with our to international.
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once spoil long is only producing. delusional fears it doesn't have any meaning unless it leads to real kiss which can be. no guarantee of only by christina presidential. geysers financial survival guide. when customers go by you reduce the price. to now well reduce and lower. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good for the global economy. with manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. in the final larry go around to
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be the one percent. we can all middle of the roots to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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