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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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the u.n. security council unanimously approves a thirty day ceasefire for syria to provide humanitarian access to areas most affected by the conflict. as house intelligence committee releases a democratic memo countering republican claims of wrongdoing by the f.b.i. during the surveillance of the trump campaign. employees clash with left wing the students in milan as political rallies are held across italy ahead of next weekend's general election. for the latest on those stories you can head to our team dot com that does it for me but my colleague heard about an hour's time with a full of the news but coming up now a former technology chief at microsoft isn't my guest i'm going underground and if
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you're watching us in the u.k. stay with us for sputnik talking about the conflicting attitudes of british politicians towards israel sometimes. after an intense year we're going underground one hundred fifty years to the day of the first impeachment of a sitting president of united states and coming up in the show as the syrian army go for the kill against militants the form of bread basket the country investigate bread itself with all the cheap technology officer computing giant microsoft nathan myhrvold about his latest boss to work and his polls suggest. he's on course for its biggest victory in britain's capital since the one nine hundred sixty s. will he be able to stop blairite and tory social cleansing we speak to the organizer of today's. london demonstration against gentrification buses british
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charity stands accused of everything from sex crimes to lavish lifestyles why did government not listen to one tory lord it was a long war about in geo accountability and in a week of constant mccarthyite hearing in the british press against the leader of western europe's largest socialist movement i couldn't care less about the press gallery the speaker a journalist the pm all the support going on but today's going underground but first in the past few days one of the richest multinationals in the world apple has been seeking to secure key resources to respond to the electric co a boom that is speeding up around the world apple is moving to secure its supply chain the company is in talks with cobalt mines to buy the metal directly from them with no middleman apple is worried that demand for cobalt in the electric vehicle batteries could threaten its own supply which it needs for its i phones and i pads not as much news has been around about amnesty international's recent report on with cobalt his mind we believe. the companies have
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a responsibility to ensure that they aren't in any way profiting from human rights abuses in this case. you know we've documented that there are human rights abuses in these mines well while apple has been commended by amnesty for taking action after their report the same can't be said for other companies including microsoft that's well microsoft claims to be addressing child labor problems in the democratic republic of congo when it comes to mining such corporate issues however are now north on the desk of our next guest as was for resources raged around the world not least in syria the former bread basket of the country now occupied by isis day the former chief technology officer at microsoft nathan myhrvold is with me along with his latest must to work more than just bread they think you're going to have to start by telling me what this morning this bread project is about well it's a six volume twenty six hundred forty two page book about bread and one
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thousand six hundred experiments thirty seven thousand loaves of been creative yes and i googled his arms towns. ago just very quickly let's just run through some of the tips at least for viewers around the world we shouldn't refrigerate bread now it turns out that cold temperatures. make the starch in bread do something called retro gradation it goes through that process which makes us different it seems more stale the exception is if the bread has meat or fish or something that would spoil for example like a leftover slice of pizza then you really should refrigerator ok of course i don't do that and you you explain how to refresh stale bread probably an issue in this country where we're seeing actual food banks and mill nourishment today in these how do you refresh stale bread well so. the best way to. store bread for
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a while is to freeze it. then either from frozen or if it's getting a little bit stale what use you sprinkle a little bit of water on it wrap an aluminum foil put it into an oven at maybe one hundred sixty degrees centigrade for a few minutes and. it will do the best it can at reviving it from frozen you can get bread that's really good that way if it's already a little stale you will revive it as best you can but it may not be perfect quickly on these chips whole green bridge is lis nutritious the risen one is your allegation well it's sort of an established scientific fact but it's not widely known because everyone says the opposite. and the reason is twofold the first is that. some of the things that are in the brand that's the rough part of the whole wheat which is the difference in a whole grain bread and
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a white loaf of bread is that ran well a lot of that we don't digest we people don't so maybe it's the erotically in there but because it's going to leave you out any benefit the thing is are some chemicals called fight aids that are part of bran and they have the property that they grab ahold of a number of very essential vitamins and minerals including iron so if you have a roast beef sandwich with whole grain bread you're not going to get any benefit from the iron that would otherwise be in that roast beef it's got aren't that iron is going to wind up binding to the fight it's from the bran and so you can actually get knowing zero bit negative nutrition in effect from it now it's not that it's a danger but so many people go and act. like whole grain bread is
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that's the only thing you should eat and they kept trying to shame people that eat white bread there really isn't any proof or that it's ok that's good how you're breaking the bread the energy being used to bake the bread because i know that i should say the book is full of where you saw in here as well. but there's going to be heating this eating this of you're not a fan of fracking which the british government is a big fan of as well as the of the future there's people who believe that fracking produces lots of bad things up at the surface so they say oh that there's natural gas in my drinking water or there's all of these other terrible advisor mental things and i think those are farfetched frankly the fracking is happening so deep in the earth. that there is very little chance that anything from the fracking directly. is involved over the highly contested point what you're
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doing with us might be unusual giving you might but it's really good scope and in the atmosphere you know this but that's a different story natural gas is often said it's half the missions of coal it isn't really the thing about methane is that methane. causes more warming than c o two does and it's by a factor of about one hundred twenty in the first year the thing comes out nothing to oxidize in the atmosphere so leader in the amount of methane will drop over time but a one percent leak times under twenty means that your natural gas that you're hoping is half of the emissions of coal. it's actually about the same as call it was your president wouldn't be convinced of any of that any well and i'd have a problem i don't know the man personally and i have never tried to have
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a technical discussion. with him. but i think the u.s. government's position appears to be the really little bit of us government's position on climate change has been in my view broken for a long time it's not just the trump administration the obama administration also that the main difference is that the obama administration talked well about the environment but did very few concrete steps if you look and say well where are the things where they really put their foot down you don't find them because they said the right thing trump is is often saying things that you that i a climate activist would say are the wrong things but he hasn't done anything more or less that obama has done and. yet in the paris climate signature presumably well ok but that's a symbolic thing so you can if you divide things between politics and actually emitting carbon into the atmosphere unfortunately my country has made very little
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progress on the actually emitting carbon into the atmosphere regardless of what the political rhetoric is i literally ask you aside from bread and as we say i mean we are having this discussion while there are wars for wheat in the resource drawer this you know how pervasive your software the software you've worked on has been all around the world what does it make you feel when you know that a lot of it is used for the military for war as the british government says wyden system uses a version of windows i think. that's cool when you make a really broad tool. that broad tool is then going to go out in society and society will use it for many things now you could argue that if you design guns like question of that it's hard to imagine a really good use of that you could say it's for defense but when it comes to the operating system our goal was to give people the power to run their own computing part of those computers were only controlled by giant corporations or the
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government or or some other big institute if you took the whole ledger this is sort of not possible to do but if you do the ledger of everything that was really good that happened because of personal computers and everything that was bad i think the good would vastly outweigh the bad it's an amazing set of all humans nathan myhrvold thank you thank you. welcome back just how empty mosco washington and grown damascus of the pro e.u. scottish nationalists become the prime minister tell the house what discussions howard government has hot with u.n. colleagues and sunday on enforcing existing un resolutions calling for an end to cede use of civilian areas and attacks on civilians perhaps the s.n.p. leader in westminster is unaware that far from the u.k. being united nations neutral over sieges in syria it has been actively trying to overthrow the damascus government britain has defacto supported with u.k.
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taxpayer money extremist islamist elements is uncovered even by the b.b.c. and britain's ally the usa backs the left wing p k k allied forces in our friend and britain defacto backed turkey because of nato membership which wants to wipe out the p.k. k. and britain de facto backs both assad and putin in their attempts to destroy islam ists in syria then again does tourism a realize all of this we will be continuing to work with the un and the process and finally i would just say that the un envoy has our full support in the work that he is doing is trying to bring an end to this by finding a place. solution for syria a political solution britain is mean aiding the white helmets organization it is called for the overthrow of the government in damascus and if you came minority government needed to raise a may support stefan dumbass stora then why was a foreign secretary boris johnson no way to be seen with him at the peace talks in russia at the end of last month could it be that the pm sees russia as the enemy
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and we call on all that matters including russia to ensure that this violence stops yes britain is in full cold war mode against moscow let alone against jeremy corbyn who wanted answers to questions about to raise a maze of bricks that negotiations business is need to know people want to know even who the backbench is a demand you know but it isn't clear from today's exchanges this government isn't on the road to brics it mr speaker it's on the road to nowhere but tourism a had russia on their mind or more specifically the soviet union the prague spring and because we have stories against jeremy corbyn about czechoslovakia unconditionally committing it to the safety and security of europe but can i congratulate can i congratulate the right on the agenda because normally he stands up every week and asked me to sign
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a blank check and i know knights checks but really. corbin the bookies favorite to replace to raise a man's prime minister your ning there is a tax amount against him by arguably the deep state after the break advice to jeremy corbin from thence he toppled the nature of today's london protests against gentrification and the daughter of revolutionary u.k. politician peter rhee known for his work with militants in one nine hundred eighty s. britain and we speak german for the house of lords about why no one listened to him when he exposed charities dirty tricks two years ago. coming up in body. going underground. what's going on is only producing. kids it doesn't have any meaning less at least to real kids which can be.
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guaranteed only by also christina presentation. welcome back today the northeast of britain's capital london sees demonstrators gathered to oppose policies from a council run by jeremy corbin's labor party the posies concern so-called social cleansing orden your liberal gentrification and one of the organizers is the u.k. socialist parties nancy taff would like activists right across new donations opposes the moving out of working class families to make way for expensive out of reach housing and regional development that she welcomes you going underground tell me about today's demonstration in northeast london well today pop protest and
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celebration of the spicy move which we believe is about to be destroyed by a regeneration programme which will by sick leave it for tower blocks one potentially twenty nine stories type of us square away. the children's playground brought up to the most polluted part of the square which is likely the bus station i mean we turn given a public space away when we're not guaranteed genuinely affordable and guaranteed twenty percent affordable housing and i think southern creasy the labor m.p. is. claim to hundred million pounds of private investment will be going into your area you don't like their private investment we're not guaranteed anything there is no guarantee living we shouldn't use the word affordable i think there's a big question mark over i'm a big proponent of council housing. this term affordable muddies the water and complicates the sort of developments that eating up london at the moment and
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leading to mass displacement of working class people who can't afford to live in the areas they were born in and lived in all their lives it's already happening all around the country and all around the world this idea of private public partnership in regeneration i mean i know you're in the socialist party i am in words what do you think of labour's record before german government we had a meeting with a star couple weeks ago when john mcdonald kind of very good to me to share a chance with exactly yeah and basically the how meeting with a discussion about the legacy of pay if i and the debt now that we have to pay as a consequence of a policy of by simply getting into bed with the private companies who are late now billions of the public sector we're still paying for these bad contracts. in schools and hospitals i agree with corporate image on that we should abolish. and we should only pipe compensation on the basis of proven aid but the big
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business shareholders to buy simply can do one because they're there they're leeching off the public sector and i think it's a mistake that particularly the blairite councillors in london are embarking on a policy in housing which is a repetition of the failed policy in hospitals and schools and other infrastructure projects we have to be wary of polls but indeed the latest polls are may's local elections are called which labor body may have its best results since nine hundred sixty eight for the labor party what happens of these councillors the blairite councillors or the red tories as they're called refuse to support. johnson joe mcdonald's views on social cleansing so-called down the law enough to my is an intensification of council tax increases the model that's been put forward is basically built rabbit hutches right across london stuff a main make sure they don't have children because these a place of flats people can have children and then turn the screw him i said
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council tax and this is a motto that was prevalent in the nineteenth twenty's it was replaced by the welfare state and the postwar settlement and we're going back to a pre-war model that never worked for us and that's basically what we're arguing against deciding we want municipal provision you want council homes you want public spice libraries social services for the fun on the out it's not win or scheme for much she going to door haven't concertedly gone against all these marriage counsellors i have to imagine your father was one of the leading lights in arguably the last biggest struggle against mere liberalism in this country and yet say your father got even be a member of corbin's labor party how can you put so much trust in government don't know if they would even allow your father to become a member the negativity. well first first of all i don't think it's a person who actually would not let lieberman forward by the iraq's in the eighty's we think there has to be
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a democratic if you like revolution inside the labor party because i stood for parliament as a socialist and if you look at what i stood on before corgan was elected is very similar to corbin's program today where is if you look at the blair arts and what i stood on that in a post phase it in our spare five it didn't oppose the nearly pro onslow we need to link up the good corporate easters inside the labor party the activist outside particularly in london rebellion against this continuation of near liberalism we need an alliance a grassroots level we've seen lots of headlines about corban you and your family know about the secret state and what they do to democratically elected politicians who oppose new liberalism do you think we can expect more from both the media and the so-called secret stable britain against your dog let alone for what he's doing in the water and jamie corbett well first of all our city condemn the slurs against
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corporate and. don't know and obviously we call for nationalization of the press. by you know billionaires and we don't believe that a democratically accountable but we also as i had to call been call on us from the dispatch box who a march of working class people to defend the n.h.s. you'd have a million on the straits or call a march demanding a million council houses being built the us would come out in their droves we could shake this government out of power we could ally all the good point scoring at the dispatch box with a movement on the straights otherwise if we wait for twenty twenty two if the players get back in london and they continue with this policy and they continue with undermining gordon's legacy by twenty twenty two many working class people would just be excessive i would be. tie it with the words as they lived to tell you right which is what we've seen in other countries where you've seen
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a lack. and then nothing people's lives that can't be allowed to happen here we get poorer things are difficult for people we have to say now staff thank you. well from defaming the u.k. left to defaming british n.g.o.s like oxfam and save the children which have suddenly go under attack for poor management that alone colleagues sex parties that well you gay media hardly image of the reasons countries like haiti destabilized by u.s. foreign policy for decades have become havens for n.g.o.s in the first place joining me now is lord belfer who has long been warning of issues of accountability when it comes to britain's charity sector he's a member of the international relations committee in the british house of lords lord valve well grant you are going underground so aside from the current scandal after scandal from one charity after another you have for a long time worried about the accountability of a charity is tell me about that i think the problem is you can't just shift it back
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to the aid charities there is a large department seemingly pretty much out of control which in my view and it's been my view for a long time should be part of our foreign policy network in other words called defeat to depart the international development should in fact be a part of the foreign office if you don't see the danger there of politicising a around the world of its aid is closely allied to a particular party in government arm so you know each would be identified with foreign policy clearly it has been for a long time hasn't it i mean britain doesn't give aid to agencies that are supporting what is perceived as the enemy what i'm saying is it's not just the fault of the agencies it clearly is their fault but they only got away with it because of lax political control and one ministry in london bridge. changing is not an effective method of control there has to be people on the ground probably either
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from the national audit office or the treasury who are independent and charged with ensuring the spent properly and a proper ethical code of conduct is followed if i was a c.e.o. of a charity i'd replied to you by saying there is a regulator a statutory regulator the charity commission what's the problem that they have obviously and manifestly failed every day in the last ten days we've had for the horror stories all what's happening in the aid agency but also the charity commission is a comparatively small underfunded body the house look after all the charities in the united kingdom the idea that they can supervise charities all over the world is frankly a bit far fetched the government has to supervise it and the government has to realise basically that defeat has got to be absorbed into all foreign policy if such changes were made one of the whole hog and create a peace corps and do away with private charities and have a have
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a preschool run by different the foreign office because you would already you would also have charities i mean the peace corps ran alongside the us charitable status when it ran the only way of stamping out the abuse is firstly to integrate into the foreign policy mechanism and secondly jobson independent government surveillance as well as the charity surveillance on a big mat grew level why do you think the voluntary sector is so powerful when it comes to aid as opposed to if it was a peace corps for instance they're all good middle class children or they are the inheritors you know in the victorian years we used to send the youngest sons out to run the empire most of the aid workers i've met on. in forty years in politics they generally middle class they generally from the liberal lead intelligentsia they generally mean to do wail they clearly have standards of slip
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to them why you say middle class they don't middle class enough to read oscar wilde who said charity charity creates a multitude of sins you don't think. they have read it you haven't absorbed it up very but you are you do appear to say that regulation is is far too difficult i'm saying the charity commission is not the right body to supervise this what you need in every embassy where there is a substantial aid program is you need need independent person on the ground in the country concerned looking at the aid program does it deliver value for money and ethical standards there are far too many four by fours impost tolls and expensive living going on out of the budget this is got to stop the e.u. said all of this last year was a new interesting to you when you were talking about accountability i don't think
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there were one or it's an uncomfortable message isn't it because it's very comfortable to say oh well you know the charities have to reform but what he's actually needed is a reform of the way government works but without cutting the money but making sure it's properly spent look at the billions of pounds that we poured into africa over the seventy years since independence and it's about seventy years since most of them became independent. it's still poor you go to any country the first thing the agency would tell you is they need more money i mean i'll give you those countries were paying debts to the i.m.f. during the charity money going abroad and yet now that labor is an argument that the whole aid project so floored you do agree the point seven percent of our g.d.p. should be go going on foreign aid and we have to say that in this in the context of hundreds of thousands of people in this country not being able to eat today without
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the help of good basic perhaps and it would still be the case at no point five percent north point seven percent is the un saw great britain's thanks to david cameron let's remember reach that i'm a great supporter of that but why not grow giving money away if there's malnourished when we don't have any way we're actually investing it in the world it is even britain's interests why do thousands of africans pile up in libya trying to get to europe because of poverty it's actually margaret we have major war to destroy a little bit here. the drawbacks but overall it's easy in the interests of the western world to promote prosperity in the rest of the world just fine you know would you serve as the new charity commissioner of the present one reserves well there's no reason for the charity commission to resign that's not where the emergency say that you just said that they failed to regulate it i'm
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saying that defeated has failed to regulate the british government has failed to regulate as i said the charity commission is an incredibly small body of people with an incredibly large job including very good rating extremists charities in britain. i don't blame the charity commission the blame lawyer firstly the government and i can't shift it and it lies with the aid agencies themselves turned a blind eye for a long time to things they must have known were going on more more every day you something more comes out oh delf thank you and that's it for the show will be back on monday with britain's buzz astronauts in space helen sharman britain out of mainstream narratives because while she rode the wind wind over the gun before she flew in a russian spacecraft after responding to an advertisement on the radio till then. it will be back on monday eighteen years in the day and last march is in manhattan after the acquittal of four police officers charged with killing somebody to be
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memorialized in song by bruce springsteen trivium lauryn hill vera munch the three great dead prez mopey immortal technique and public enemy. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see that. he. always got something in the media.


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