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tv   News  RT  February 26, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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headlines on r.t. international the winter olympics come to a close in south korea here on the program we speak to russian figure skating gold medalist. about her achievement at the big game. this is. actually there are no tears at all i think when i get home i will be dancing and jumping for joy i hope by the time i get home i will realize what i have achieved. but asylum seekers in greece struggling to find shelter jobs. drug dealing and prostitution to make ends meet. the firsthand accounts of stores. defense ministry says militants in syria's eastern district are shelling the capital damascus in violation of a un backed cease fire the western media though says it's the assad government that
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has broken the truce. monday worldwide news headlines live from moscow thanks for joining us it is r.t. international. the winter olympics in south korea have wrapped up with norway coming out on top of the medals table the olympic athletes from russia. team came thirteenth being scandal having prevented many russians from competing but that did not stop the team from beating some expectations and. now takes a closer look at russia's achievements in. well seventy medals chang is only minus twelve if you compare it to twenty nine team russian medals unsought cheat this is not amman blowing results but it still deserves
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a huge round of applause given that most russia stars weren't even invited here by the international olympic committee so basically it was mostly a team of olympic newbies but i'll tell you what did blow the mind of russian fans here n.p.n. chang it is the first gold medal by their men's ice hockey team in twenty six years the final was really tough neck and neck till the last second with surprise silver medalists germany and the red machine was all able to show who's boss on it's an extra time when large groups will game was very tough for the germany didn't get to the final for no reason it's great that we want to believe that we leveled the school and then the final point in overtime i think this goal brought joy to millions of russian fans speaking of bosses on ice owais are won two gold medals at these olympics and the first one was no less special when men's ice skating
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two russian teenage girls topped the podium after breaking two world records one after another within fifteen minutes but of course you can't share one gold and thanks to one extra point from the jury. a fifteen year old girl from asia became the champion and we were the first t.v. channel to talk to her after she got off the podium in an exclusive interview. before competition i fully distance myself from the outside world i don't read or watch the news just some t.v. series but this time i was very calm to you i didn't mind the attention from the journalists fans and the fact that i'm participating in the olympic games. for me it was the same as any other competition of course i supported the other athletes from russia but i didn't feel this big burden of responsibility maybe that helped me. change because of that the book spoke with
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a go i just you were so calm of to performing this never once said that the only source single tear what did you do to sing a so-called spoil the best song work on stop this i'm getting now this is a hit actually there were no tears at all that i'm always like that keeping my emotions to myself but when i go home i always share all my emotions with my parents. i think when i get home i will be dancing and jumping for joy i hope by the time i get home i will realize what i have achieved. those things which go that's the buckeyes if so you haven't been jumping and dancing so far because when you put it to a show you get what i get i only during my return. what about your relationship with. everybody your rivals are nice but is it true that you're actually friends a bit and if you have a vision of a disease that yes absolutely there's we have to go to have a coffee or a chat on social media between training we always share funny videos on instagram and have a good laugh together yes we do a status mission the door to that always you know you said you don't notice the
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media attention but we have to ask you about the american skates ashley wagner who criticize your routine saying that putting a very complicated elements at the end is basically cheating all over what would you say to them a little no one goes because it just it's i can say that this only encouraged me to do more and better so i wanted to prove even more that what she was saying is not true but you cannot prove anything to people like her you know they can i say let her compete in the olympics with my program and i'll gladly see how she'll manage to do it because of course figure skating is developing really fast nowadays there's always a new generation younger than me maybe someday i might think like that too because in my group there are already some girls who can do quadrant. but i will try as hard as i can to stay in sports. as long as i can just you know i'm already thinking about the next season is not the only thing. you think about but. for now i cannot think about anything else so i try to be as careful as i can and
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not make any mistakes so i can stay in skating for as long as i can in the delicious to us within the sport over the last few weeks there was a lot happening in and around the olympic facilities the sides just sports. just hours before the opening ceremony protests have erupted outside the olympic stadium. what kind of team did people with this kind of sweatshirt support i'm grocery i know it's a limp a calf really relieved to get paid for the pressure from mr kim here again we hear to go to some hospitality houses walk around and meet him meet some people yeah i'm going to meet some athletes i see any good ones and kidnap them back to north korea see the usa versus t.-mo we are and. you have to stop filming every other minute because it was almost impossible to do our.
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very good we're going to twitter think anybody east would any of you want to instagram some people say a russian animal could make it sound like that i fear i was. saying once to my sister have you seen my sister came you know john. howard dennis allen and you know you have a franco are making sure that there's always fun at the winter loving. it is r t international some forty seven thousand asylum seekers have found themselves on able to leave greece due to close to border policies and the e.u. turkey called on refugees more than two thousand unaccompanied minors are still
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waiting to be placed in shelters leaving many in a vulnerable situation. i'll miss about the senate. but it took a good. deal on the day and a bottomless sidey shaima six out of ten still got a lot of these out and did a lot of filing a lot of id has been very much for. your . want. your. very very need more it's ok. ok here. are your
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are not enough for you i know i had vision. god had been bullied john i know but you know it is you on right now because i know you. can live him why he would only come and even been to one of the side. and just going there and you. know bob think i'm the messiah you. know will i never thought to know another don't put up a little a little that's a lot of it. said a lot less than that the dow was at how much oh nothing it must have filled out a model one that should have special as that is unknown one of you and take several months of. grease claims that stretch to five times beyond capacity and resulting in processing delays some of those left behind including many teenage refugees to
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simply turn to crime to make ends meet. this square is called i'm on the air and it's a fifteen minute walk from parliaments where we met the guys they told us that it's one of the top three most popular places to buy sex and drugs in athens the void here changes at night and becomes very seedy as you walk by you're bound to see young boys flirting with passers by a friend drugs or themselves one of our refugees wanted to tell us more about the neighborhood but asked us to conceal his identity because he's a regular here. on our fee so i had done morning that just about the for the show. and did not know yet on also how to send and. stop their own loaded gun down by you know. a foreigner one on another mark on the shore be my second gents. as should know the engine see or not to get a mark in my. live on you jeb bush asked me to hustle so you feel like
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a huge brother awadi and want us a target. and fell. off a hard. five hundred dollars. while i knew just. how out of it and how a lot less hassle living on that the sin of an only mr lolly home well you know me out of one i know my record not huge at the hospital hustle scene when i'm alone. i think a little bit. because i am one who is. taking all of this so that you can as we missed most of it know what it was. to those. shared among those sure are. so new to. this and making it over as you would to keep movin or move in photo of us room. mower this is focused on piano upon. this it as if you would if you could offer us
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a good mobile unit portable. sex drugs and refugee premieres this wednesday on our two international otherwise what you in your free time at all to you talk. syria's ceasefire agreed upon by the un security council on saturday appears already to be unraveling with reports of violations in the damascus suburb of eastern guta their western media was very quick to point the finger at the assad government. saturday's ceasefire vote at the u.n. appears to have changed nothing in syria's civil war activists say pro-government forces are mounting a ground offensive the regime is continuing its offensive against a rebel held suburb of damascus there's been little left up in the bombarding of eastern guta in the past hours despite a u.n. resolution government bombs have continued to fall on the rather long place where
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the damascus has been bombing east and ghouta though already for a week targeting terrorists it is something that is allowed under the new u.n. resolution however according to the russian defense ministry it was militants in eastern guta who violated the truce moscow says damascus was shelled several times after the ceasefire came into force besides that residents say they never actually believe the rebels would abide by this truce in the first place. this truce is similar to the others and we will see it being violated this is the same old story and we are the ones who end up being harmed but don't you see the children old people women and students who should we feel sorry for for these rebel. we are tired of shelling every day to forty four here. i am against the troops because it only benefits the read books but i hope that it
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will be over soon and that no gunmen remain there the resolution calls for a thirty day ceasefire all across syria this hope to allow time for injured civilians to be evacuated and for much needed aid to reach stricken areas a number of terror groups such as islamic state al-qaeda and the latest incarnation of those who are are excluded from the agreement and forces operating in syria are allowed to continue anti-terrorist operations however despite all the efforts the truce appears to have little chance of surviving as much if explains. thirty days of peace ceasefire of course all of syria sounds wonderful a pause for civilians time for food to reach the hungry starving people for the wounded to be treated no shelling no bombs and almost no chance.
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east ghouta suburb of damascus the last the islamist stronghold in the area it's from here that rebels blindly shelled damascus killing and killing and killing civilians for years now the syrian army launches a counter-terror operate sion and buying international outrage. by the escalation of strikes me as a living hell hell on earth unbearable suffering indiscriminate shelling of residential areas intentional and systematic targeting of civilians the human disaster and now for dead children and nothing wrecked families the thing in syria is you can argue anyone is a terrorist given how much blood almost everyone has on their hands take the rebels
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and is limits to control east ghouta they put women in cages and the horse that them on to roofs to protect themselves from air strikes a literal human shield they shot the demonstrators beheaded prisoners scots off people's heads on camera now they're allegedly forbidding people from leaving the war zone as rebels also did in aleppo the freedom fighters or terrorists is. the last stronghold that the terrorists. or the syrian capital the surgeons or be. continuous attacks on civilians is the part of the city. and many civilians have died so far so that's why the sitting government better to do. is going to work but the flip side of course is that islam is rebels will say as'ad is
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a terrorist they will show you their dead and say as'ad did this and they'll say we're exempt from this ceasefire we can show him all we want you see now by a sudden blanket ceasefire across syria is optimistic especially when there's so many terrorists waiting to be killed the russian defense ministry also said that according to its sources the groups in eastern guta preparing to use chemical weapons to provoke a reaction from the international community against the assad government and political science professor mike get both ross says the violence is unlikely to end soon it's naive to say we have to stop the violence overnight and cease fire overnight simply because all the parties involved have interest to continue on with this violence there is groups have instructions to is
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can lead to violence. terrorist groups in this day of this they are so desperate that's why i can't believe that they can use chemical weapons as the last chord on the table still to come here on r.t. the king of spain's visit to barcelona has pumped up the debate on both sides of the fence independence or unity will address the issues in a moment. hey everybody i'm stephen ball task hollywood guy you know suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush in our view to say this is my buddy max
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famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm honest. you know windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american to. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. it is good to have you with us today the king of spain a paid a visit to basilan on sunday prompting both pro unity and pro independence
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demonstrators to hit the streets resulting naturally in scuffles with police. thank you. it was king philip first visit to catalonia since the region's referendum on independence hundreds of people many carrying catalan flags gathered in the city center where they were met by rival if that rally carried on into the night with people chanting support for the jailed cattle and leave those who were imprisoned off of the referendum vote last october which was deemed illegal by the spanish government here's a quick look back at how spain's biggest political crisis in four hundred years unfold with. live i
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was i thank you and thank you i thank them for here we decided to see the president vice president and other high ranking officials in the council on government listen i . allow madrid to remain
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minutes position that the referendum was illegal warning that any attempt to an old great the exile capital and lead a huge amount would lead to the continuation of emergency rule by madrid and we spoke to thomas hiring to an expert on catalonia he says simply put people have had enough. what we're seeing here is the the results of the spanish government's tactic of divide and rule and the fact that i enjoy january thirtieth the two main parties of that kind of i did attendance movement were unable to come. to the swearing in the press a lot of people felt quite deflated by the university leadership of the move to get together at this crucial time. and so i think a lot of people want war now so i think we're in a position. where the world is feeling a bit the flayed because of the failure of the leadership to get together and yet you're speaking out in the streets and perhaps a more organic fashion. sometimes the latest news looks like nothing
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new when the british magazine the economists recently ran a front cover showing a russian president vladimir putin as a meddling octopus attacking western democracies and was harking back to a tried and tested formula. what's more striking that liberals have been using the putin as a soviet menace trope for a full decade well that they've been using russia is not to put a full century. western depictions down to scream between the demon aggressive briery and two nations while the octopus. picture needs revising should show us as
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a giant squid russia as a tiny little octopus we did titled biased q how do you know and it states many rows democracies. this is a very old strategy and the funny thing is how this kind of thing is used to working even even today it will be more and more popular at this kind of a comparisons using more chiefs very popular during the times of the cold war era russia is no longer soviet union it's presented as the same enemy you know
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direct mean age the reason why you have this guy comparison is kind of came pain providing that game against russia is exactly because russia now is a relevant player in the global politics thank you for sharing your monday with us here on r.t. international we are back in half an hour with more headlines. survival states if you want to start the bidding at all the thirty. pieces there you don't get it. back to. earth good luck repatriations forget the rest of seventy years. philip a separate kaiser report. fifty years
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ago pregnant women to conjure gun as a sleeping pill and thus this is what i believe because a doctor does what he said just on the side effects what terrible but not on the road as shown in dodge central board lot more day here not the war then will come up across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself but as well that the constant reminder that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a couple of. shows seem wrong all right all in all just all. me all get to stamp out this day come out to court and engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart when chance to look for common ground. when you. see the. let me. know. that. you speak french.
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not. blowing welcome across or all things are considered i'm peter lavelle are you a confused by washington syria policy rest assured you're not alone trump says one thing while his generals do otherwise also brinkmanship with north korea isn't
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working and why moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem is still a bad idea. cross-checking some real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have exclusive pharo he is the director and writer for the duran dot com and we have dmitri bobbitt she's a political analyst with sputnik international rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated mark let's first go to this authorization for the use of military force the pentagon says. it doesn't need any kind of authorization because the authorization that the u.s. government gave to the military to intervene in iraq still holds though isis didn't exist in two thousand and three. under international law this is just a blatant violation there is no there is no united nations security council
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resolution the country involved syria has not requested for help and on top of that you you have. a military presence in a country where you possibly could go into a military conflict with another mate a nato country turkey and of course it's a face down with russia is this authorization issue in portland or not of course it's important first of all there of course there is no u.n. security council authorization for the u.s. to be in syria there is there there in the finance of the syrian u.n. recognized syrian government that wants them to leave that there is obvious there partitioning the country but what has the u.s. ever cared about international law so that doesn't even appear in the u.s. media yet you see it is you never hear about it right but we get to the issue that is also still barely covered which is is the u.s. legality of the war in syria of the war od syria.


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