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back on point. no we're not moving mark. some of the late complications are only now becoming apparent most of the need supplementary oxygen just to be able to breathe there is a fund in germany connected to the continent a gift which allows the little white has to apply to it for financial assistance there's also a fund that's been set up by agreement are to apply to that but you can apply to them saying you wanted some more money but you have to prove first of all you've applied to a little more trust get some money and that they have said no and that you've applied to all the charities only applied to local government to see if you can get assistance when you've been rejected by everybody you can then ask green atar if they would like to contribute some money towards your. financial assistance but
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you're not really aware that because green a tarp hasn't made it public to thalidomide years outside of germany in fact the company established a private foundation. however goonan told does not want to talk about it nor do they want to discuss how application decisions are made they say they don't want to provoke and. we played the german government should be responsible for paying for this i met health is that we all have no free money get that money remains to be met. in great britain so robert nelson is a well known judge he's written to the german federal ministry of family affairs. the purpose of the letter was to bring home to the german government the problems that the slow the midas face and the shortfall in finances that we felt they had in the got and the amount that they wouldn't. need i raise it to the relevant
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minister and their walls and they reply as such. for decades parents never knew what was going on behind their backs cheering the criminal trial they were only allowed to be spectators. the thalidomide manufacturers defense strategy was to convince the prosecution to agree to dismiss the case. they knew that they didn't just have the regional government justice minister on this side but the federal government to however the dismissal of a criminal case requires strict conditions these according to the prosecution service would not matter. kind of.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to press. that's a right to be press that's like when the forty three in the morning can't be good good i'm interested always in the waters in the house. they sit. what's going on now is only producing. obl delusional fears it doesn't have any meaning unless it leads to real kiss which can be. no guaranteed only by christina president.
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in the film on a hot day in a delia bottle sorry in china six oir get. an estimated eighteen patterson's under a tree she jeans are now living in greece. you know still more to go. to get a home in the euro food drink. many sell their bodies just to make ends meet it's. the second or the one the second on get to know all the systems in there that is helping them says an alumnus could. also has turned to dealing drugs to make a living. this single is a lot of blood runs a little. game of the been given. to move through. global war hawks sell you on the idea that dropping
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bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle for good stone. to stop spreading tells you that what we gossiped a couple of us fell for the most important news today. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to fight their product. all the hawks that we along with all your good walking. russia's been reaching out for decades for years down under putin saying well we've got trade more there's more trade and america is like no no you're an existential crisis because we have to give these deadbeats in congress a lot more money if you're going to create a fake enemy called google with demand three hundred million more dollars meanwhile you go to trade with china and the east and create a new grow to become much for join a five twenty six line dollar karmiel america shrink.
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russia prepares humanitarian corridors to help civilians leave the syrian enclave of eastern but it's not clear if rebel and terrorist groups there will let anyone go. the u.n. security council unanimously adopts a resolution to extend sanctions on yemen with russia blocking an earlier draft that condemned iran. as it only gets ready for the weekend's general election protesters across the country turned violent still stop a center right coalition coming to pass plus. russia these are greeted by families friends on founds back home after the winter olympics closes in south korea.
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this is r.t. international coming to you live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. russia says it's setting up humanitarian corridors in the syrian enclave of eastern gooses who allow civilians to leave the war ravaged district. like i did just outside the capital damascus and has been occupied by various rebel on terror groups for years violence has recently escalated there with both sides exchanging fire and accusing each other of targeting civilians moscow now says it will help establish a humanitarian corridor and launch daily five hour pauses to provide aid to people in territories occupied by militants the u.n. had also said it will use the opportunity to help civilians. five hours is better than no hours but we would like to see any secession of houses be extended thirty days as the security council had said but we will effort to do whatever we
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can within the time that we're able to work. earlier the u.n. security council unanimously approved a resolution calling for a nationwide ceasefire across syria this was done to enable humanitarian access and to evacuate injured civilians but still spite the establishment of humanitarian corridors it's not clear if militants occupying eastern cuba will let anyone out as artie's wanted to get the of explains. resolution twenty four zero one which called for a power and syrian seized without delay so far is a dud everyone is interpret it in ways that suit them radical islamist terrorists ignore it josh al islam the army of islam has not stopped shelling damascus dozens of casualties over the last few days alone the syrian army says it has the right to defend itself against extremists until the shelling ends citing
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a clause that excludes terrorists from this resolution but even then if you talk to syrians there's not all that much enthusiasm for this ceasefire. this truce is similar to the others and we will see it being violated this is the same old story and we are the ones who end up being harmed don't you see the children old people women and students who should we feel sorry for for these rebels. we are tired of shelling them every day about thirty to forty shells all here and some money mileage i am against the truce because it only benefits the rebels i hope that it will be over soon and that no gunmen remain there but it's not only rebels and terrorists in east ghouta it's also civilians russia has announced the establishment of humanitarian corridors by which people can leave east ghouta it
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says the syrian army will abide by a limited unilateral ceasefire to allow civilians to leave if they can rebels is limiting ghouta which include al qaida have barred civilians from leaving the enclave for years according to amnesty international and others and reportedly they are still doing. so we're talking here about the same rebels who caved woman on roofs as human shields against strikes so no surprise it isn't just damascus and east ghouta that are burning its afrin in northern syria to turkey which says it is exempt from the cease fire because it is carrying out an operation fighting the y.p. jeep syrian kurds whom it calls terrorists and says it won't stop its operation
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when we look at the un security council resolution we see that fight against terror organizations is outside its scope therefore it will not affect turkey's ongoing operation thousands have died over the last month of turkey's incursion turkish president ever do on and said this ceasefire has failed at this point resolution twenty four zero one looks dead on arrival. my colleague neil harvey spoke with author abdel bari atwan who says it's too early to judge the effect of humanitarian pauses. it is very very. premature to tell actually what will happen but i believe this about people responded their six million were allowed to leave school to old to leave the fighting it is definitely this will reduce the human casualties among those people russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has claimed that there's a decision from asian campaign underway he says it's targeting the syrian
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government first of all it want to hear exactly the words of lover of. ports are being planted in libya by chlorine allegedly used in eastern good news outlets are citing an anonymous source from the us let me remind you we've been warning about such breach stories since yesterday and there will be more such stories from social media from the white helmets a provocative organization with a history of freak reports especially when it comes to chemical attacks for which there is no evidence so these provocations will continue with the single girls to blacken the syrian government back using a divorce sorts of violations and worse. so we've seen in the worldwide media claims of hundreds of civilian deaths some reports of chemical weapons being used what do you think what sergey lavrov has said is the mainstream media being balanced in its coverage definitely of it is that deliberate campaign i noticed for example as a journalist that there is no mention at all of the victims and the other side
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nobody mentioned talked about charles you know kind of shows of so. called does all of that at the masters. a u.n. security council resolution regarding given that was suggested by russia has been adopted unanimously on monday russia had vetoed a draft resolution that condemned iran over actions in the water and country r.t. samir a car reports. russia's draft resolution has passed unanimously in the security council today they met to discuss the ongoing situation in yemen and to vote on two rival draft resolutions one proposed by the u.k. and the other by russia of a u.k. draft resolution called for quote additional measures against iran over accusations that it violated an arms embargo now this came after u.n. experts said in january that iranian military equipment was brought in to yemen after the arms embargo was imposed but also stated that they were unable to verify
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the supplier and russia's draft resolution called for the renewal of sanctions until february twentieth but did not mention iran the russian ambassador called for political dialogue and expressed the need for the u.n. to come closer he also explained the reasoning behind the veto let's take a quick look i will be frank the wording advanced in the british draft is liable to have dangerous destabilizing ramifications and this is not only applicable to the situation in yemen but also to the region overall this will inevitably escalate regional tensions and lead to conflict among key regional players instead of antagonizing relations in the middle east what we need are measures to seek consensus through a mutually respectful dialogue. in contrast the u.s. and u.k. feel that iran should be condemned and that russia china bolivia and kazakhstan shielded iran from responsibility let's check out what the u.s. had to say russia bolivia china kazakhstan sent an opposite equally clear message
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instead of demanding accountability from iran they decided to show to run from responsibility instead of insisting that iran live up to its international obligations they have invited iran to continue promoting chaos in the middle east their actions will not be forgotten and we will not stop until toran is stopped and peace is once more possible for the people of the middle east for some context the crisis in yemen started in twenty fifteen when saudi arabia led a military campaign against the who sees and since then the campaign has led to the deaths of thousands and reduced its infrastructure to almost nothing the conflict has been described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis as saudi arabia has imposed a blockade preventing any humanitarian assistance or food from.


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