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tv   News  RT  February 27, 2018 12:00am-12:30am EST

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what the way vice president the pence behaved at the opening ceremony i think it was intended to. to neutralize defect of charm offensive that north korea was. was doing in the olympics so i see nothing wrong with the present tense is. added to that there but i'm better at that was actually in response of vice president pants ignoring and snubbing the north koreans during the olympics we've done no we've not as a speculation there's a speculation but i think for most korea. in might have been better i think of a smart decision to not to talk to the americans because if they are not. ready
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to commit to denuclearization meeting with the american this very dangerous because that will confirm if that confirms that most korea has no interest in the new craze asian and those who still believe in diplomacy will become the biggest losers in washington so i don't think north korea is ready to accept a two new credit at this point and even if the meeting took place i don't believe it could have produced any positive result it could have been. it just more likely it was more likely to produce a contest trophy rather than a positive result so in that regard i think. whatever the reason most korea was a smart. to sum was to refuse to sit down with american vice president if they were not ready. to accept.
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as a principle but ambassador united states demands of north korea very drastic saying a complete abandonment of nuclear weapons do you think this all or nothing approach will work well it should be made to work and denuclearization doesn't mean then it's. not complete. or no north korea to keep. a part of the nuclear arsenal for a republic for japan. for those who live in this region so same spread from most korea it doesn't make much difference so it's not the new crime. and the new cries ition is meaningless unless it is complete all right ambassador we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to chong wolf former national security advisor to the president of south korea discussing prospects of
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peace on the korean peninsula after the olympic games are over stay with us. are you confused by washington syria policy rest assured you're not alone trump says one thing while his generals do otherwise also brinkmanship with north korea is it working in one movie in the u.s. embassy to jerusalem is still a bad idea. fifty years ago britain and within to come together as a sleeping pill does this is what i believe because this is. the side effects were
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terrible but not on. the wall. across europe victims are still waiting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there's been a couple of. brushes been reaching out for decades for years down under food and saying look we've got to trade more this more trade and america is like no no you're an existential crisis because we have to give these deadbeats in congress a lot more money if you're going to create a fake enemy called with demand three hundred million dollars made all you go to trade with china and in the east and create a new road and become much for join a five dollar commie all america shrink.
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and we're back with john young wolf former national security advisor to the president of south korea discussing they saw in the enter a korean relation and whether it's going to last a mask. your main thesis seem to be the north korea needs to nuclearize completely and immediately well i recently spoke to us former secretary of defense william perry who went on a historic was it to pyongyang in ninety nine and his diplomacy almost resulted in a deal back then but it fell apart soon afterwards well he told me it's now too late to make north korea get rid of their nuclear weapons and maybe it's time to recognize a new no new nuclear north korea and just live with it. well in my view desk very irresponsible of if he really said that i think it's very irresponsible.
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of him. whoa we know that north korea attaches great importance highest importance to nuclear armament and the only thing a very few more didn't do clear weapons this is survival so i would admit that is more difficult to denuclearize most quit now than when bill perry was a special envoy or defense secretary yes there is no doubt about the last korea is far more diverse in their nuclear development down at the time. and that's why we need greater stronger pressure on north korea so enough pressure to shake up their resume stability alone will be able to convince north korea. giving up nuclear ambitions nuclear
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programs is better then. moving forward there with their nuclear programs well talk about pressure for years china has been supporting the north koreans despite the hostile opinion of the world powers now its border with the north is getting tighter it has implemented the new tough international sanctions does china not want to back north korea anymore. well i think it will be. useless to rely on china as a voluntary cooperation because china wants to seeing two things those credit resume stability. and in a crazy asian which amused surely destructive they cannot go together so as long as most of us china one stina question only to the to the extent that it doesn't the
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person doesn't destabilise north korea will never succeed so even though china is more cooperative the end before the sanctions that china has agreed to will not make a fundamental difference in north korea's strategic take from us that will love to north korea's strategic decision to denuclearize would do in need these kind of sanctions that will be tantamount to total economic blockade on most korea they can really strangle north korea into economic. disaster otherwise i see no reason why north korea will agree to it in a crisis so it takes it takes greater effort on the part of us to change china's policy not just rely on china's following through cooperation us alone has the means to pressure china into changing its policy toward north korea to attach
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higher priority on denuclearization than regime stability. commits have international trade sanctions create a dangerous situation inside the north cause a political crisis there i don't think the current sanctions will create any political crisis in north korea they can be or they could they have no create difficulties in bearable difficulties in sustaining the current level of sanctions what they are afraid of is a tougher sanctions a total economic blockade. which may be coming in the months and months ahead so the reason they tried to embrace the cells south korea is to avoid the consequences to take a stim out of tougher sanctions and to avoid military option from the u.s. . so the north koreans usually want to get something before they get to the table
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food relief for sanctions easing or financial aid trade agreements is there a danger of the north playing this game again getting something it wants and then styling the talks when do you think the north seriously want some progress to be made though if we. as a reward for their return to negotiations if we decide or us are ok decide to give them to ease on the existence sanctions instead of. toughening ascensions that will. kill the chance of any progress and in a crisis. he said that sanctions will pressure north korea into denuclearization but tough sanctions have been there forever and here we are on your own has nuclear weapons despite them how are you sure that more sanctions will actually work well i
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i don't agree with you that have been that there have been tough sanctions all the time they have never been sanctions tough enough to change north korea's strategic calculus thus far there have been a lot of. talk about sanctions more real sentients that north korea. was would be worried about. only recently after their six nuclear test security council has decided to adopt sensuous that. can really by. the current sanctions are not going to change anything there should be far tougher sanctions in place to change north korea's policy most korea's calculus. you know general i don't i don't either shared the myth that there were sanctions all the time yes there were sanctions nominal sanctions to solicitations
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yes but not the kind of sentient step necessary to pressure north korea into again accreditation that there have never been this kind of sanctions now and there's been a push by russia and china for a so-called freeze for freeze agreement where the u.s. halts the drills in return for pyongyang halting nuclear activities do you feel this is a possibility i mean will the south koreans agree with that i don't think it makes sense it does not sense because i don't think the what is what is the legal those koreas. retaining north korea's nuclear armament is banned by security council resolution is illegal under international law military drills have been there all the time even before north korea begin nuclear development and
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they are defensive and i look and these are not illegal. so most korea is conducting military drills all the time also so i don't think. there is a moral equivalence between one last crazed doing and what us and our ok are doing together or international community as a whole are doing together another reason is that. freeze. freeze means to allow them to keep what they have already built up in nuclear arsenal and if they have no nuclear arsenal freeze means at least postponing the time they could develop nuclear weapons but they have enough nuclear weapons now to destroy peace in this region and i think only for is if it stands there for her own would be tantamount to.
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legitimizing those chris nuclear armament you have a i mean your stance. makes sense in a way but it's very tough stance was that sort of approach. north korea by association is very not all that whole lot let me finish my question but was that harsh approach don't you think that the north korea will be pushed into a corner where it will be obliged to actually fight back even harder well it depends on how hard how hard a sanctions prove to be if the sanctions are tough enough to create real. problems from north korea i think think twice his very smart he knows how to accept. manageable risks and how to avoid and hedge
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the bets so if. the sanctions become tough enough and comprehensive enough to really pipe north korea. strangle north korea into economic collapse then i think he will be more interested in a peaceful dinner crazy then. the team eyes of his regime the present moon is a strong proponent of the two careers reunification but isn't what his nation really wants i mean i have a survey from the korean state for national unification which as that war than seventy one percent of young south koreans opposed the idea also protesters bert they were unification flag and opposed to so-called illusion of peace.


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