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it is good to have you with us today president vladimir putin will today gave his annual address to the russian parliament and other members of the country's political elite live now to central moscow. standing by for us. expectations for putin speech today. rory good morning well there is a new venue for that because it used to happen inside the kremlin one more time but this year the state of the nation as the address is also known as moving to and exit bishan hall which is just outside the red brick walls it's called the money edge and we've been told the reason for that is that mr putin wants to make it more interactive with things being shown on big screens at this venue and this is quite unusual for a formal speech like that as well as being quite intriguing because i don't really
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remember the president giving such visual presentation of course of a lot of our putin loves show and some numbers killed so perhaps we are going to see a bit of that with again some of these numbers being shown on the screens but also we are expecting him to talk about the economy a lot and with real incomes across russia having fallen again we understand that the people will be expecting to hear some announcements on ways to reduce poverty now the business community will be looking forward to hearing about some specific steps that can help the economy recover from recession and vladimir putin never whenever he's speaking of course he brings up international issues and things aren't of course getting smoother when it comes to how moscow gets along with the west washington and particular and the syrian crisis keeps bringing more trouble and that's why let's see whether vladimir putin will say anything groundbreaking on
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that as well. or authorities illiterate regular and central moscow will be speaking to you very soon. so africa's parliament has voted in favor of new legislation that could see that from white farmers see used without providing any compensation to use paulus lear explains the south african parliament has backed a motion that calls for changing the constitution and allowing for land exposed creation without compensation essentially white south africans will lose their land they will not be compensated this despite the fact that it flies in the face of the current constitution it follows the inauguration of the south african president opposes two weeks ago he has said that he wants to speed up the transfer of land from white to black south africans now despite the fact that the party ended two decades ago you still have a situation in south africa where most of the land is owned by whites this is a hugely emotive subject for south africans the motion was bought in parliament by
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the economic freedom fighters party and it did receive the support of the ruling african national congress that holds some two thirds of the parliament the leader of the affair had this to say. the time for reconsideration is over now is the time for justice we must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land malema is a controversial and somewhat radical figure in south africa in the past he has said that he's not calling for the psalter of white people at least not yet in recent years there has been a spike in the killing of farmers in south africa now those who support the motion say it will go a long way to restoring justice but those who criticize us say it will do anything but there are those who say it will lead to unforeseen consequences and also will be a scapegoat that the a.n.c. can use to explain away its own failures nonetheless it certainly seems as if we
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are far away from the storming racial tensions in a country that has so much history mired in them. washington is seeking access to data stored in other countries a case between the american government and microsoft is currently being heard by the u.s. supreme court the issue started five years ago when microsoft refused to hand e-mails related to a drug trafficking investigation over to the or thora g.'s it claimed the data was stored on servers in ireland where u.s. law has no jurisdiction but washington argues that the tech giant is obliged to share their data as it's an american company the tech giant says the credibility of all companies is at stake the reality is that people will not use technology they do not trust we need to sustain their trust and part of sustaining their trust is giving people confidence that their legal rights under their legal systems will in fact be respected including by the united states who put the issue
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up for debate with political activist george barda and i t. security consultant paul field us government needs to take a stronger role in monitoring certain activity on the internet and in social media if we are going to try. i try to stay in line and somewhat ahead if we can with groups such as isis al shabaab boko hogan that are using the internet and are using social media as a high way of transporting information to plan and execute terrorist attacks so it's a matter of creating the balance there are many sort of covert means of communicating effectively online if you want to that wouldn't be touched by this judgment in the particular case the issue the irish government has been very clear that it would have it had there been a request from the justice department for the information that is stored on these servers in ireland they would absolutely have responded by releasing that by
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releasing that data as we know from the revelations of edward snowden and another is there are huge questions to be asked in terms of the legitimacy and of of u.s. snooping and the interest of beings and certainly is a political activist that has genuine cause to fear governments essentially using internet spying to undermine effective democratic dissent i think this is a really important issue that that needs to be kept at the forefront of the discussion it's important to understand that what we're looking to do with this is not to have complete unfettered as i said before access to the internet but enough access so that there are key words phrases documents pictures etc that will be used for algorithmically to detect issues in incidences preemptively that law enforcement that military that government can intervene on it's not a carte blanche decision to say ok now you have complete access to to the internet
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to social media debates or it's raising generally significant points about when it's appropriate for law enforcement to be able to access information but i think that. there are very large questions going forward in the internet of his possibilities for snow. on virtually every single aspect of anybody's interaction with any other individual on the planet and any decision that essentially opens the floodgates into a sort of free for away government on the basis of the idea that they're doing something worthwhile can look at anything they want i think raises huge problems. russian a biopic drama last off hits screens on thursday a film about soviet dissident right or left off premiered at the bergen film festival where i'd won the silver bear for outstanding artistic contribution its director told us why he was surprised that the film was even shown that.
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almost by studios call it all you can do is in the local community will. be able to ensure. that the new proposed of large after the burial and film festival what did you expect was the most from what i knew the decisions would be obstructed by the political and particularly personal views of the jury and that's what happened there are a lot of films no worse than our movie and the german pitches one of them were left with no awards whatsoever and the outstanding movie about the brave events didn't get anything all of that is kind of hard to explain because i think there were other intentions than just fair competition but i was amazed that lot of was even shown there when i walked by the convention center where the festival took place i saw a person with a book in german about of lot of and another with the same book in english and then
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a young german guy came up to me and started asking me who does a lot of was about the culture of the one nine hundred seventy s. leningrad culture what kind of struck me was how well our film was received how universal and relatable it was to everyone was green and these can you cook with but this for you women dominated this year's bird. and al with both of the top prize is awarded to female filmmaker nevertheless the lack of female representation generally in the film industry was discussed at a special festival panel as was the topic of sexual harassment in the wake of the me to move point i'd like to see got a junior again share his views on those issues. this is a tough one on the one hand we've got to treat the sexes absolutely equally should be no gender preferences obviously on the other hand bearing in mind everything that's going on some sort of support for women is important that the topic of sexual harassment was indeed brought up at the festival their culture differs from
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ours their outlook on things is different if they find it offensive they have every right to do so because i think we have fewer problems with this in russia i've heard someone pleasant stories but very few as strange as it may seem generally in russia attitudes to women working in the film industry judging by my peers are more transparent and positive than in hollywood so maybe because we have less money or less money there is less power less temptation is drawing us are not international your program continues in half an hour. ukraine is in a pre-collapse a situation or crisis
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a moment told you bring you all you ukraine agreement was all region all just blowing its police some of the cries exactly because of some concrete forty story carries of something the pm countries say about the role of russian federation i can understand by cannot complete. fifty years ago breaking within two cons again as a sleeping pill and dusty's with the name because octets does what it said just on the side effects what terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch and untroubled by will be here not the wall then boom boom up across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the constant mind that the people who
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actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and it has been a couple of. greetings and salyut asian. history is a fascinating fascinating thing arc watchers especially in regards to how quickly we choose to forget or ignore our shared histories this week on february twenty seventh u.s. citizens got themselves yet another round of russia fear mongering this time in the form of obama era holdover admiral michael was rogers in the senate armed services committee aghast and horror over russian midterm meddling at will rogers the. word to the committee that president donald trump has not given him any new authorities to combat the evil russian cyber scourge of internet memes and facebook ads and
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that we're taking steps but we're probably not doing enough and if we don't change the dynamic here this is going to continue who this declaration to congress prompted the uncrowned queen herself as hillary clinton to tweet out i say this as a former secretary of state and as an american the russians are still coming. this all comes of course without well any actual evidence the russia is in any way gunning for the u.s. mid-term elections or the politicians running into haven't seen anything that they know is produced any evidence and basically we're all just supposed to accept all of this the word of our illustrious intelligence community and civil servant politicians. you know and one of the great ironies that only history can provide all of this russia fear mongering comes on the eighty fifth anniversary of the
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russian hog fire yes february twenty seventh one thousand thirty three is when the infamous communist terrorist attack took place on the headquarters of the german parliament which i'm bold in the newly appointed chancellor of germany adolf hitler and his nazi party to abolish the freedom of speech assembly privacy in the press and legalized phone tapping and the interception of correspondences and. that sounds really very familiar to me i don't know where i would ever hear of something like that before. you know what i think it's time to start watching the marx. wonder what it. looks like real that this would. be the plot of. the day like you like i got. this.
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week so i. rather we're going to watch the hard science i robot and i'm topical and it always somehow goes nuts if this it does doesn't it doesn't that it's not a joke it really is every conversation but it does and i think that's that's what's interesting about connecting those two things and having these moments is that so much today so much and mainstream media or people like hillary clinton are saying some the same something with the russians are still coming it's just i can't it's hard to it's cartoonish at this point for her to say that but it does make the point that this is always been the case it's always and it tends to go back to the communists and they.


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