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a big hyperinflationary burst that's going to kill the bond market and then cause everything to be reset anyway and then buffett will be long gone having made as hundred billion dollars but at the expense of a viable us economy yet so everybody says that he's a great capitalist he's you know one of the richest guys in america sometimes is the richest sometimes bill gates's i'm so here's an exact quote from him the arch capitalist they say the single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power if you've got the power to raise prices without losing business to a competitor you've got a very good business but there's nothing wrong seeking out businesses that are in good positions and able to raise prices but there is something wrong when you have a single entity a private equity firm like berkshire hathaway working with the government to guarantee that he's investing in a sure things a monopoly positions that are aided and abetted by
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a corrupt government that's not free market capitalism that's something else that's feudalism again they look at some of the data about how this ethos you know when he was the first to invest in monopoly pricing power and everybody has followed him since then two thirds of all u.s. industries were more concentrated in two thousand and twelve than they were in one thousand nine hundred seven the economist found since the reagan era the federal government has abandoned antitrust and foresman with markets for products like eyeglasses toothpaste beef and beer whittled down to a few suppliers the consolidation is vastly inflated corporate profits damaged workers and consumers stunted economic growth and supercharged economic inequality supercharge economic inequality the democrats favorite billionaire basically helped facilitate this by leading by example and we have donald trump we have incompetent buffoon. that run for president nonstop because we have an economy that has left
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most people like with nothing to lose right supercharged economic inequality that's what his style is done on a mega billion dollar scale and the results are plain to see. so apparently a billionaire walks through the room and the economies around them get devastated whether it's back a hundreds of years ago with man man or what warren buffett walks through your town get ready for a deflationary collapse. all right well fantastic i got to take a break we'll be back right after these important messages. when you don't see. what the. space.
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said. no turning to see. if you speak french. the. new.
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if. i get up there they're calling. me. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm alex kaiser time out or it's our conversation maybe writer extra there journalist all right nice guy welcome back thanks for all right so we finish up our last conversation talking about some cultural themes the the zeit geist as it were you know you work over there rolling stone rolling stone
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has always been a barometer of the culture of the pop culture the rock altar the youth culture and that's had like hunter s. thompson wrote for ling stone you write for rolling stone right p.j. o'rourke you're well positioned i think to to have a good insight into this the these social changes and and moves in the way we were talking about this there's two movements out there one is the what i would perceive as the reaction to the shooting in florida of a more of oh a serious post general post-millennial out of generations z. i don't even have a name yet. to come up with the term yet but it will right you should come up with the term we're all waiting for this interview. we're at the millennial is right in this post millennial so there without a term wrote you better than i could you will say yeah we're going to go with something maybe right now we'll think of something but so this generation i saw them on t.v. and they are serious that mean that they're their attitude is the n.r.a.
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is trying to kill us you know there were existentially threatened here. and so that is that movement and then there's the me too movement in a case that's also getting movable let's talk about the possibility of movement this is now hard it seems like a a bookend to the sixty's anti-war movement in a lot of ways. can you dig into that a little bit more you know put your exploration had on what do you see. well it's definitely brought back to kind of an ironic left right. but the difference is the sixty's were it was peace and love and. there was you know explosion of kind of music and there was a vibe to it that was later brought back the own ironic old left ok this unpack that for a second so the last lesson we had to a left in america was like there is lack panthers that was left out was left right
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and that was black guys with guns you know and there was a real strong reaction to this the yes yeah exactly ok and now and then we went into a phase of really right. wing kind of middle of the road conservatism and the left even though people say hollywood is the left and yet nobody is going to usa today ninety four percent of women in hollywood get sexually abused there is so there are predators in the liberal left of hollywood it's a predatory state yeah right and i would dispute the fact that hollywood use is really all that lefty i mean if you look back at the movies from that era from the reagan era especially i mean they were incredibly conservative right i mean there were there was all kinds of messages. prototypical movies on the left in america there wasn't when i was growing up anyway so the an ironic left refers back to a muscular you know left wing that was it really post jim crow i mean this was the
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movement to restore justice to all citizens of the united states and so now we're so now you're saying possible swing back to an ironic left and so the stark could be dead the ironic it was called the jerry seinfeld school of humor is kind of maybe dead right and we're going back and we're going into a new. era and does it dovetail into this. need to move or is not a completely separate movement because you have feminism in the seventies i really this is questions for white ranging sugar free range question yeah but yeah the feminism of the seventies that kind of died it's a lie in a lot of ways in my view right now that could be coming back and having a more serious approach to a more famine as women saw as a feminism and the more as you say is all coming together now what do you think i mean i think it's a great question the the bringing of seinfeld is actually really right on because what was seinfeld seinfeld was
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a show about nothing right that and that was the supposedly the virtue of it was that we turned it on and we and we turned out we didn't think about politics and that was cool we the show didn't have any things that were dangerous really you just it was all just zany goofy stuff today if you if you say to somebody i'm going to i'm going to not think about politics i'm going to affirmatively engage in an activity that takes me away from thinking about what the world is really all about those they'll say that's that's privilege right like you only somebody who is not affected by the politics has the luxury of engaging in a show about nothing right and so everything has to be about something and this is this is this is. kind of a radical change in the way we think about everything journalism humor culture it all has to be sort of directed towards political and and it's it's become hard i mean i notice that for me because you know what i what i do is so different from that i mean i think part of part of the way i work is based on trying to you know
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look at things from a humorous and a little bit reason. reserve point of view. but. that's that's not really acceptable right now humor without. you know sort of humor for its own sake is now it's sort of discouraged in the pop and the popular right there's a word you slip in there it's a charged word privilege right so this is a hot worry right. white privilege is is the topic and so what you're suggesting here is that everything now the idea of being the jerry seinfeld ask type of humor of non-game gauge it all is only available to the privileged to basically are benefiting they are the razzi a class they're the inherent tours of this new generation that's doing all the work they have all the jobs they're an airing what they perceive to be a crazy president a crazy atomic weapon armed world and they've inherited a horrible situation and they don't want to not to not anymore they want to be
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engaged they want to make because their life is a existential threat so where do they have room to engage weren't were they going to take this or their movement where are they going to go with it well they're going lots of places we're going to i'm in the me too movement and obviously taken off and has gone lots of places and it was as achieved a lot already i think a lot of this energy right now is being directed. towards domestic politics towards sort of ousting trope. but there's but there's a split there i mean if you if you look at an american youth culture and follow the kind of the debates that go on online you know between you know there's a slight jacobin right which is which is exactly the on ironic left or right there are leftist politics and there are serious earnest people but there's sort of a split between people who actually want to install. a socialistic
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new regime you know modeled after corben or bernie sanders or something like that and sort of democratic party which has appropriated a lot of the language of the jury corben for a second because his popularity is soaring and he is a frickin you know little fish and exotic thirty years ago like michael foot in a labor politician in the u.k. a complete repeat. that's the factor in reaganomics and he and he could very well be the next prime minister of britain and he's got tremendous support so that would be a signifier that we are going to turning to hugh's left wing possibly no movement politically in seeing in the u.k. and bernie sanders was kind of the equivalent in the u.s. but i'm not sure he has enough gas in the tank run for president again but are there do you see stirrings like a korban asked type absolutely what do you see yeah i know it's out there that sentiment is out there and a new bernie sanders for a long time ago and spent
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a lot of time writing about it before this election cycle but i never saw what happened in two thousand and sixteen coming with the outpouring of support for him and that had a lot to do both with this sort of new newly coalescing leftist politics but also with pent up frustrations towards the status quo towards the democrats and towards this idea that but what you're talking about the. the existing political parties have left us with these huge horrible scary problems and we just can't elect them anymore we have to go in a sharper more serious direction and we saw that on both sides of the aisle but that's and it's definitely still out there where you're writing because you're writing as you mentioned before he said it hinted at that it has an illness satire to it or humor how do you now. are going to you know this is your market this is the folks that are be reading your stuff what's the process do you. listen to
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what's happening out there and it goes into the writing organically or do you have a certain style that you feel is your quote unquote brand that needs to be maintained i really that's kind of an odd question but if you know what you're saying though i mean it's been difficult o.b.l. be honest i mean. there is a reporter. when i do i've always believed humor for its own sake is sort of an inherently iconoclast like when people laugh and they laugh at anything if you watch money python it's not political it doesn't tell you to be left or right beside this new generation is like humorless to a degree yeah my generation believe that laughing at all politicians was healthy right look if you looked at all of them and realize they're all on some level posers and silly and we should be suspicious of everything that they say that that was a healthy response now it is not quite like that now humor humor of that sort
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is a little bit sort of discounted it has to be targeted has to be out of the direction i mean all the humor and southern alive in the last year has been about trump you know it's putin coming down the chimney or whatever it is and. i don't know i want to do all of that is humorists have a responsibility to be equal opportunity in the sense that saturday night live they never bring up hillary's foibles and the fact that she's very easily satirized because. it's someone who lost a game show host essentially i mean i can't satirize that you know you're not a satirist yet they feel like somehow that show like they have a responsibility above and beyond humor right and is that. i mean that seems like they are. violating their or their role there so do your code you have to offer the public a way to vent and have
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a release from the from the stuff that's going on because they are becoming as political as rachel maddow and it's the same thing in journalism right so journalists my generation we grew up with the idea that our only responsibility was to get things right right we tell the story we see it we call it where we see it in every direction we put it out there and we let society figure it out they make the responsible decisions from there these days the idea is we have to. the outcome we have to be political we have to make a political decision prior to putting information out there and what's what you're seeing now is instead of journalists reporting in all directions that are just becoming messaging platforms that just essentially in sync with one of the other political parties and it's kind of the fox is ation of news and it's going on across the media landscape and i think that's it's very dangerous unhealthy because as soon as you know a political media i mean it's a classic feature of a third world country when one media outlets don't report all directions you know i
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listen them all and i can assimilate it all and i come up with my own conclusion but that what's happened is you had a nation of symbols are becoming schizo front of the road coming multi personality they have their day they change their chemical composition looking at their for news outlets to correspond with what's going on they can't synthesize all the stuff he was brain is not capable of doing all it's to make those sophisticated choices and live life at the same time so you end up with a completely fractured view of things and none of it represents reality and through that we end up with like charlie munger coming out and saying laws fargo should be forgiven for stealing money out of everyone's account so i could often kowtow really exactly yeah you know i mean you're absolutely right when when when nobody is reporting on the foibles of their own party the nobody is trustworthy and that's the problem when you have this information landscape where people are reporting the negative things about their quote unquote their side you know you basically have a desert you know you have this gigantic oasis of of on trustworthy media and
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people are consuming tons and tons and tons of it but they're not making sense of the words i think that it's fake it's jumping is. there a beast lots of lies right. exactly right matt thanks so much for being us out of course dr are right was going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with a nice guys or stacy ever life i guess and that if you want to reach us on twitter it's kaiser report and. still on the table delia bottle a saudi china six oir here in the. area . an estimated eighteen thousand since under a truck she genes are now living in greece. you know still more to go. to
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your home in there you go food shopping. and many sell their bodies just to make ends meet. with them on the second off and on the sense in that. nothing's getting. threats or dealing drugs to make a living. this is a lot of words a little. game and then. in the. ukraine he's in a pre-collapse the situation cries is there moment told you bring you all of you ukraine agreement was that all region all just blowing its coalitional decries exactly because of some countries forty story corps reserves of european countries
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are obsessed about the role of russia for the rich i can understand why cannot agree. with him of putin unveils russia's new strategic costs in all including a new clear capable makes all that he says can defeat all eggs. defense systems state of the nation address the president added the response to the u.s. development of an anti missile shield. with the world reacting to president putin speaks to the u.s. state department briefing takes an ugly enough to the spokesperson refuses to take questions from russian journalists. who say that they are you taking out from russian to be. sat down on. south
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africa's parliament passes a motion that could see white farmers across the country stripped of their land without compensation we get different opinions on this controversial move. very good evening to you great to have you with. international. so to me putin has delivered his annual state of the nation address to parliament sharing with them his vision of the country's future during that speech the president announced the development of new strategic weapons which he said outmaneuver all existing missile defense systems on the senior correspondent run out the details if you aren't russian in the first hour of putin's speech would have been boring taxes and corruption science and industry that sort of thing after that though it got
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real hot real fast and i mean russia is a major nuclear power basically nobody wanted to talk to us nobody listened to us so listen to us now rockets lasers nukes in a rush hooted unveiled an arsenal of new weapons bigger faster stronger and deadlier than any that came before. the some super heavy i.c.b.m. two hundred ton missile capable of penetrating any existing defense in service at the end of the year next an enigmatic new development seemingly nuclear powered cruise missile it flies extremely low to avoid detection and can hit almost anywhere in the world says putin up next it's just fantastic an underwater drone submarine also nuclear powered with
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a nuclear payload it can reportedly lurk underwater for months and months silent and undetectable next to the oven god the hypersonic missile extremely fast rockets that can actively dog and the vader anti missile defenses you would see it is heading for the target like a meteorite to. top all of that off laser weapons systems though putin didn't go into detail saying only that it still classified the russian president says all of this isn't to intimidate or scare anyone or invade anyone these are serious weapons designed for one thing restore and guarantee russia's strategic power in an age where an ever expanding nato is trying to nullify it. rushes growing military might is not meant to threaten anybody we have no plans and
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have never had plans to use this potential to achieve offensive or aggressive in russia's in harm's military power is simply a guarantee for peace on our planet preserves restore parity in the world sure that there's no point in engaging in a senseless arms race after all mutually assured destruction has kept the world safe for the best part of a sentry. well reaction to putin's remarks on russia's nuclear capability been coming in from around the world at the pentagon it was not surprised that it had been expecting such an announcement but tensions were pretty high at the u.s. state department samir a car joins us on the line now with details of that you watched what happened take us through events. well let's start with the beginning the state department believes that russia's new hypersonic missile violates international treaties and
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heather nauert was particularly concerned about the video or imagery associated with the unveiling claiming that it showed the missile targeting the u.s. and when reporters asked about this the situation got really ugly really fast she seemed angry and defensive and then she even went on to call the russian reporters who asked about it representatives of the russian government something she's called me now this was met with significant backlash and she responded with sarcasm let's take a look these were slow to take in the united states interests new styles all sent a different direction so i had to say that they are you know you ran from there she can i can hear you ok ok enough said then i'll move on. which is when it did happen they're not officials of the russian government they're
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just asking a question about me overtly ok well we know that. r.t. and other russian news or so-called news organizations are there i'm good and directed by the russian government so if i don't have a lot of these questions over how they're going to set you up to that moment you know this is my video this is that you told me that yes there is not excuse me. then amid all of these questions she quickly shut down the press conference and looked like she wanted to avoid all of the questions and she refused to take any of these reporters' questions and the one reporter was very very upset that she rejected her question and got up out of her chair and followed her out of the room . we've got it we've got to go i was wrong i will talk to you after the know your rocky parliament voted wednesday to call for
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a timetable for the iraq for foreign she. now i've had similar experiences with heather in regards to her behavior at the state department but i wonder if this particular situation will change how she acts . or can i say she's a real pro the no one thinks america bringing as of today. well we've spoken to several analysts to find out what they've made of the unexpected military announcements in the putin's address to bollywood. decades after the cold war the usa really it ruled the world and that balance of power is now shifting with russia coming in with many other major players and you look at some of the disastrous walls that the west is involved ourselves in namely libya and iraq so there's some sort of balance coming back because i see it from what putin is saying and i hope he's absolutely right that this is a deterrent against the american led defense system and that's
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a very important. effective tool to have so i don't see an intensification of hostile talk or scheming and planning in the cards what is possible and what was what was put in to terms was to sober up the west and to bring that back to reality what russia has done is brusque so there are states whatever it says publicly it's going to have to have a deep rethink of everything of spending no on military because it's useless we were very surprised because we didn't know that russia was so advanced in hypersonic technology and the real surprise in my opinion that not only. elaborated the but they're working actually and though both to serve in the russian armies in my opinion we can compare this breakthrough with what person in a nine hundred fifty seven when the when the soviet union for the first time since
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put me into space. the economy was also a key issue to the address with an annual four percent g.d.p. rise promise which would mean a fifty percent g.d.p. vice per capita by twenty twenty five more over average life expectancies targeted to go above eighty years we spoke to russia's economic development and finance ministers right after the speech they told us what they think of the goals that putin has set for them. all these restrictions stimulated russia to increase production and we've been drugged growth not just in sectors such as agriculture and every day goods we see the reorientation of our economy in science towards what we previously received via inputs we're developing our own high tech industries not bitter about it yet a key priority is taking a konami growth rates above the global average the goal set before the government of vital and will require more investment but all six key initiatives highlighted
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by the president obama development increased life expectancy improved business climate developing human capital as its workforce productivity and reducing poverty have already be making progress for half a year now we're going to take them to the next level. a south african parliament has voted in favor of new legislation that could see land seized from white farmers under those plants white farmers will be stripped of their land with no compensation although this runs against the constitution which would have to be amended here's what the man behind the initiative had to say about it the time for reconsideration is over now is the time for justice we must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land or julius malema is something of a controversial figure in south africa he's been convicted of hate speech back in twenty sixteen said that he.


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