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their primitivism is not that of the end developed but that of the forcibly retarded. frank stanton was one of the project's directors before becoming president of c.b.s. news. program. and. i'm. going to report the. regular. i'm moving. in one hundred thirty eight orson welles created a national panic with his radio broadcast of h.g. wells' is war of the world it's about a quarter of the listeners on holiday in mourning actually believed they were being invaded by the dread germans. three years later and attacked it coming not by germans or martian invaders but by the japanese one of the ironies is that many of
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the people who were going to be blacklisted and greylisting during the mccarthy period were the ones who were out there promoting the war and promoting war bonds during the war in the hysteria of the early cold war anyone seen as pro-communist despite the soviets being america's strongest ally during the war were not subject to loyalty oaths background checks and even unemployment. well some hollywood actors like ronald reagan actually became f.b.i. informants others refused to disavow their first amendment freedom of political association during the witch hunt and september of one nine hundred forty seven we've got the first hearings about the hollywood ten as we've come to know that they actually called for forty one witness is nineteen of whom they expected to be hostile and those nineteen ten testified ten leading hollywood people seven of whom were writers only one was an actor but they claimed
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the first amendment and refused to answer a question. ins about their political affiliations based upon the first amendment they were later found to be in contempt they were sent to prison in one thousand fifty these are people like dalton trumbo ring lardner lardner was the most highly paid and successful screenwriter in hollywood at the time i mean these are the top names these were academy award winners and they were clearly very very patriotic and they refused to talk about whether they had been members of the communist party there was nothing illegal about being a member of the communist party and given america's commitment to first amendment rights there was no reason why they should be called to testify about that but careers were ruined and my uncle was blacklisted all over crawford later became had the screen writers guild and. you know we do forget that hollywood was
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very complicit and while we talk about the you know there's a story the unfriendly ten writers like dalton trumbo who had written antiwar scripts and now they are being labeled as communists because they weren't going along with the new militarism but remember the hollywood did turning these people my uncle could not get work he was very very difficult to break through it took him ten years of being terrorized and being knocked out to be able to get back to hollywood and even then things had to be sanitized. ukraine is in a pre-collapse the situation or crisis there moment told you bring you all you
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ukraine agreement was all region all just close your. eyes exactly because of some concrete for the story carries on some of the opium countries obsessed the ball the role of russian federation i can understand by can all googly . in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to reputation of people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that poor people are no more afraid of the police than if. you can see something happening and this is like i don't want to call the cops. rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the with their fingers on the
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trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to say yeah unfortunately around around here we end up killing our guns are told from so much because she was too. close or knew or when you don't. see the teacher. to get a cut put it. to me not through only test test it. may. lead to. said. you know to me that. if you speak french.
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there's a myth that hollywood was this great liberal outlook because when the liberals had it there was not really any discussion of. class war in america of who's controlling america there was the it was soft liberal social issues like gay rights a civil rights but remember not too early only kind of after martin luther king smashed them in the face and they couldn't ignore him at the selma march in bloody sunday but you know so you have basically social liberalism you know women's rights
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but again it's soft stuff soft liberalism while hollywood tends toward liberality on social issues it's war films really question the hero was. or benevolent intentions of american troop deployments since world war two my father was in that war and he hated these war movies because of the glorification sit there leaving out the real horror show and because of that you know he couldn't stand watching these glorification of the of the second world war i really hope you understand how impossible it was to make platoon i mean it was written in one nine hundred seventy six it was not made to eighty six i was turned down dozens of times it was very hurtful and to be rejected people would say it's a great script it did help my reputation as a writer but no one would make it because it was too depressing they said but i said what's depressing about the truth you've got a truth that should be in the movies but that i mean that's
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a conflict that goes to the heart of hollywood i mean hollywood was never based on telling the truth you can't lose money the american lone survivor he carried with chuck norris from metamorph into mark wahlberg and lone survivor and he kills how many i mean there's i forgot seven americans get killed for every american they take down twenty or thirty taliban of course it's the same seeing in blackhawk down every american who goes gets killed in that battle check it out has to kill like i think thirty or forty dark skinned people it's just amazingly that's the way it has to be there's kind of a biblical commandment that says one dead american equals thirty forty four and marcus luttrell's lone survivor son the glorify the american war machines ability to fight off overwhelming enemy odds drawing more upon the mythology of john wayne's green berets than reality the green berets was made during the vietnam war with the full cooperation of the pentagon and president lyndon johnson likewise
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lone survivor was made during the afghan war with pentagon support killed when it depicted navy seals fending off hundreds of taliban and killing dozens in a valiant alamo like last stand but the after. report that day only acknowledged that the thirty taliban being present and no reports of enemy casualties even the afghani men who saved the child's life denounce the book but really what we're talking about is the military having a massive role within within hollywood in terms of manipulating script content we found that always to be interesting to us was not that there was a large number of these products that were affected but the previous scholarship that everyone knew all journalists everybody assumed that there were just a few hundred of these things like that but we found using critical information act request that there actually if you found wasn't so obviously been what you might call a cover up or at least some kind of sort of soft cover up you may put it to make it
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look like this isn't such a great issue of censorship but it but it is early on in my career when i sent the platoon script to get some pentagon help in philippines they wrote back that we had to really rethink vietnam having been there as a front line soldier of course that i objected to all their objections and not only that they put out an order not an order as much as a desist kind of memorandum to their commanders saying that the troops should not cooperate with this movie same thing happened to us on board the fourth of july so i was doing a t.v. pilot. and we were filming in kelowna northern california and it was written by gary devor we play these f.b.i. agents kind of thing and i get a knock on the door i've gone through hair and makeup i've memorized my my lines for that day and i get a knock on the door and it's the second or third day and there and the guy says well stephen we've got these rewrites for you and i was like well wait
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a second i've already memorized my my lines like why the rewrites you know. and he said well we talk to you talk to the f.b.i. and they want to make these adjustments. and that was my first tentative i don't know introduction to the to the fact that if you're playing if the alphabet agencies or any agencies are used like f.b.i. certainly cia. anytime you do in a film in those letters are involved and maybe even in cases where the they don't use those letters but they use something similar. they have final approval. and what's being said and once you know what you're what you're saying steve shalyn is a canadian born actor who found success in hollywood films like a river runs through it and the bodyguard but he alleges that when he tried to launch his own production company in canada called lion's gate his endeavor was sabotaged to this day he does not profess to know the who or why behind i had my
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own bad experience i was starting a production company and it was stolen from me and my children were threatened kidnapped i ended up basically losing everything. including a nice house in the hollywood sign a farm up here in canada and i was i was on the run being tracked and followed and i was pretty undone by the whole experience when i went in a bar in beverly hills one night and i ran in to get rid of war and gary was friendly as usual he steve are you doing you know. like aki or you wouldn't believe this and i gave him like the mini version of what i'd gone through and what was kind of great is gary didn't look at me like i was nuts even discount what i was saying he just basically agreed with with me and said yeah well they can they can do that if they want it also taught me about a project he was working on that had to do with the the war in panama and he was joe of all gene stuff or writing about stuff and that you know his buddies in the
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cia were not happy and this is twenty years ago and we know a lot of this now we did not then and what this was about was the many in cartel sending huge amounts of cocaine into the united states and the government being aware of it and not taking this stand against it that they might have. and that there was a tremendous amount of money from the madding cartel transferring this cocaine into our country that went under. the guise of a of a business deal i guess and was put into panamanian banks while noriega was in power there with us and the money was laundered and was spent on. insurgency groups nicaragua and nieces all of the things that we now actually know are pretty true but then there was none of this known and poor reasons.
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that i was not aware of at the time gary was aware of all of these things gary did or was a successful screenwriter known for his films like the dogs of war and raw deal as well as his bizarre disappearance it was one nine hundred ninety seven he was on his way back to turn a script into the studio that he was going to direct and it was actually the only time that the finished script the computer all of the research was in one place it was in his car and he disappeared on his way back to members of the cia and the n.s.a. appeared in my home within the first four or five days. and many other unusual things started happening i realized that perhaps it was not a typical crime that only aims in one direction it aims in the direction that
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this person was definitely working with the intelligence community they said don't you believe he's dead it's been over a year and i said no if you want me to believe he's dead give me a body nine days later i was given a body i was awakened at seven in the morning it was chased brandon calling me from langley saying they found the car they found they found the car with the by. and there was a three hour time difference of course between new york and l.a. and ten o'clock they called me from the sheriff's department in l.a. to tell me they found the car well they found. a year later or whatever in his truck. the skeletal remains. were supposedly thrown in the back of a truck so i guess that was sending a message to anybody that if you go rogue or if you go you know off the ranch is they say whatever and you're up against the cia and what their plans are then this
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is what we're going to do and i guess. it's really indicative of you know i mean that's his tool right it's ants the mystery of gary divorce fate may linger as long as that of j.f.k. but it is intriguing that divorce disappearance came in one thousand nine hundred seventy years after the cia established its first official hollywood liaison office it may have been merely symbolic but it seemed the coming decade of a two thousand and one the patriot act and a u.s. led global war would dominate the american conscious as though the us government did not trust its citizens to think critically for themselves and more importantly crises would have to unfold on the big screen where the heroes of the american intelligence services and military would inevitably fight to defend global freedom but behind the lie we must ask ourselves how much have we swallow the pill of propaganda evolved from psychological warfare a phrase derived from nazi germany's. world feel.
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still on a hot day in a delia bottle a saudi in china six oir get. an estimated eighteen fastens under-age refugees are now living in greece. you know storm or go. to your home in there you go food drink or many sell their bodies just to make ends meet. with them the second or the one the
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second or you know all the sins in the hope and the says you know nothing's. all there is to turn to dealing drugs to make a living. with this thing that i didn't love love love the little. game and then. at the moment we found the period of fake the flesh and engineer by all the central banks and that they don't have the control that they think that they have and once you start to see this being picked up in markets like the gold market and others you know you've got to start to see it feed on itself in a big way. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education has been
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supplanted by the right to access education. higher education is becoming just another product that can be pooled and sold so there's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business there where you could also through jacque you look at this also kind of a little bit couldn't you. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born. now i'm coming streaming more education with the new global economic war. oh oh oh oh oh oh i. was.
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not even a person unveils russia's new strategic goal still including a nuclear capable missile he says can defeat all existing defense systems this comes in response to the u.s. development of an anti new songs shield. with the world reacting to president putin speech the u.s. state department briefing turns ugly after the spokes person refuses to take questions from russian journalists. who say that they are unique out jury and from there she was in the united states and ok enough said done are move on. and south africa's parliament passes a measure that could see white farmers stripped of their land without compensation we hear arguments for and against the controversial move.
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this is r.t. international coming to you live from moscow i'm kate our trench thank you for joining us. glad to meet putin has delivered his annual state of the nation address to parliament sharing his vision of the country's future during the speech the president also announced the development of new strategic weapons which he said when you've got all existing missile defenses r.t.c. via correspondent what does the of. if you aren't russian in the first hour putin's speech would have been boring taxes and corruption science and industry that sort of thing after that it got real hot real fast and i mean russia is a major nuclear power basically nobody wanted to talk to us nobody listened to us
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so listen to us now rockets lasers nukes in a rush hooted unveiled an arsenal of new weapons bigger faster stronger and deadlier than any that came before. the sun super heavy i.c.b.m. two hundred ton missile capable of penetrating any existing defense in service at the end of the year next an enigmatic new development seemingly nuclear powered cruise missile it flies extremely low to avoid detection and can hit almost anywhere in the world says putin up next it's just fantastic an underwater drone submarine also nuclear powered with a nuclear payload it can reportedly underwater for months and months silent and
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undetectable next to the oven god hypersonic missile extremely fast rockets that can actively dog and the vedic anti missile defenses. it is heading for the target like a meteorite to top all of that off laser weapons systems though putin didn't go into detail saying only that it still classified the russian president says all of this isn't to intimidate or scare anyone or invade anyone these serious weapon. as designed for one thing restore and guarantee russia's strategic power in an age where an ever expanding nato is trying to nullify it. russia's growing military might is not meant to threaten anybody we have no plans and have never had plans to use this potential to achieve offensive or aggressive
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in russia's in harm's military power is simply a guarantee for peace on our planet for it preserves restore parity in the world sure that there's no point in gauging in a senseless arms race after all mutually assured destruction has kept the world safe for the best part of a sentry well to stress his point the new weapons serve only to balance the world powers putin pointed out that u.s. missile defense is already deployed in alaska and california where following nato expansion into the east to science have also been set up in romania and poland a new science or soon set to be established in japan and south korea apart from ground launched weapons the system also includes a naval component this has five cruisers and thirty destroyers which is stationed close to russia's borders well we talked to several analysts to find out what they
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think of putin's unexpected military announcement. decades after the cold war the usa really did rule the world and that balance of power is now shifting with russia coming in with many other major players and you look at some of the disastrous walls the west is involved ourselves in namely libya and iraq so there's some sort of balance coming back but as i see it from what putin is saying and i hope he's absolutely right that this is a deterrent against the american led defense system and that's a very important. effective tool to have so i don't see intensification of hostile talk or scheming and planning in the cards what is possible and what was what was put in to terms was to sober up the west and to bring that back to realities what russia has done is breathtaking so states whatever it says publicly it's going to have to have a deep rethink of everything that spending no on military because it's useless we
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were very surprised because we didn't know that russia was so advanced in the hypersonic technology and the real surprise in my opinion that not only. elaborated the but they're working actually and there are about two to seven the russian armies in my opinion we can compare this breakthrough with. nine hundred fifty seven when the when the soviet union for the first time since putin the space the economy was also a key issue in president putin speech i knew all four percent rise in g.d.p. was promised which would mean an overall rise of fifty percent by twenty twenty five also average life expectancy is targeted to increase to over eighty years old russia's economic development and finance ministers told r.t. what they think of the goals putin has set. signature of all the is a restriction stimulated russia to increase production and we've been joined growth
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not just in sector such as i agree culture and every day goods we see the reorientation of our economy in science towards what we previously received inputs we're developing our own high tech industries. that okee priority is taking a konami growth rates above the global average the goal set before the government of void two and will require more investment but all six key initiatives highlighted by the president's development increased life expectancy improved business climate developing human capital assets boosting workforce productivity and reducing poverty have already be making progress for a year now we're going to take them to the next level as well reaction to putin's revelations about russia's nuclear capability have been coming in from around the world the pentagon said it wasn't surprised adding it had been expecting such an announcement but tensions were pretty high at the u.s. state department r.t.
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samir khan has the details well the state department says that russia's new hypersonic missile violates international treaties and heather now was particularly concerned about the video or imagery that was released claiming that it showed the missile targeting the u.s. and when reporters asked about this the scene turned pretty ugly and now it revealed just how uncomfortable she was when she slammed the russian reporters who pressed her on this says officials of the russian government let's take a quick look more slaughter taken in the united states interests new styles sent to different directions so i had to say that they are here you ran from the ocean i kind of like you ok ok enough said then i'll move on. which is why it's there to happen they're not. officials of the russian government they're just asking a question about oh really ok. we know that. our t.v. and other russian news or so-called news organizations are there i'm good and
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directed by the russian government so if i don't have a lot of this sure no matter how they're going he said she would think about it moment this is i mean did you know this is you know that you're talking about yesterday which is not an excuse me through and it was met with significant backlash from reporters all throughout the room but how did she respond with several doses of sarcasm of course but for the record this is her usual m.o. when she wants to avoid answering questions in the past she's referred to me and my colleagues as representatives of the russian government well veteran journalists for the a.p. matley asked a follow up to the russian reporter's question but that her now it's resentment which then carried over when he asked her a completely different question related to the appointment of ambassadors if there were people in line to replace people who are leaving and the fact is that because you are not aware of it does not mean that that does not exist so i'm going to have
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a good moment because there are there are people in mind and in line for those types of positions perhaps you've just not heard about yet and then i made a berridge of questions now or shut down the entire press conference and then rejected a reporter's question which rightfully upset the reporter who then stood up from her chair and followed an hour out of the room we've got it we've got to go i was wrong i will talk to you after the know the iraqi parliament voted wednesday to call for a timetable for the iraq for foreign troops. now it's unclear what exactly agitated now are but it could have been the continuous stream of questions regarding the american reaction to president putin's address but journalists in the room were all defending each other so i wonder if we'll hear any complaints from the other reporters. south africa's parliament has voted in favor of new legislation that could see land seized from white farmers.


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