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in sixty two percent of cases. like. this practice had its heyday in new york in two thousand and eleven where the police record and he choose thousand checks a day in one cases out of ten they were unjustified and as always those who are most targeted where the black people. in the figures are vocal but no policeman dares to admit it. i've. yet to former officer has agreed to break the silence his assessment is alarming the hunt for black people in which he participated is part of a racist system that he condemns today. greatly wastes lives out in the countryside far from philadelphia where he said for twenty three years. now retired he insisted on putting on his uniform to
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reveal the opening races practices of his former colleagues. the first thing he denounces is a quote server rests imposed on us police in many large cities up this race for numbers pushes them to control black people for no reason quotas lito arrests for no reason. that isn't credibly. disgusting they would take a person's freedom away to meet a quota. minorities have no one to call if they're only arrested the white person will call their local political committee man a person they'll call the parents perhaps of a teenager we'll call the local politician you know what's going on here my child was arrested just because you can have his license why don't you just tell him to go home and get his license and things like so the white person has more power but
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people have no connection to the people in power so you know there's not going to be any. blowback on arresting a minority because they don't have any power to complain and after the americans an attorney unjustly arrested thin not cheated with the same respect as a white people i ran because nobody else around again stopped them but if i'm going through a like it was a out of your car out of your car show me id you would say that to a white person you would go up and say. may i see your driver's license please. and blacks know that blacks know when you look so out of your car now and then they say well what did i do it don't what did i do don't say that don't ask me why i'm stopping you i said get out of the car and that's right there you forced disrespect and i saw that happening and blacks know what's happening they know it's not happening to white people so automatically they start resenting the police just from little things command verbal commands let alone the physicality of grabbing
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somebody and putting them in handcuffs while you check their id and unfortunately when i. would tell other officers well that's enough is enough then they would think a what are you. an end for the word what are you an and lover and and for and. in front of a camera that used between policeman is unpronounceable for a race since he retired he campaigns openly against the racist behavior of the police the former officer has even made a very explicit. feeling a hard day at the dinner table bottle sorry china six oir get.
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an estimated eighteen fastens under-age refugees are now living in greece. you know storm or go. to your home in there you go food drink. and many sell their bodies just to make ends meet. with the on the second on again you know all the sins in there that all of this is in the last things it. also has turned to dealing drugs to make a living what. this thing was unlawful of words in the whole. game and then you. do know. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education low it's high
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education is becoming just another product that can be born and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could become almost a. look at this also kind of follow it couldn't you. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now i'm running stream or higher education the new global economic war. i'm asking police and open season stop shooting black man just like they're some kind of animal they wouldn't do this with that white now why they have. they devalue the black man the black man is well let's put it this way in
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driving down a street in philadelphia on a hot friday night in august i was with a partner and of course hot august night in philadelphia it's a lot of people don't have air conditioning in and they're outside so there's a lot of people outside on the steps in the street and if we're writing down my partner says well the roaches are out tonight the what roaches cockroaches their little. bugs that crawl into floor they were all like that i can garbage and it's a very derogatory term roach the roaches are out tonight so if you view. people as a roach as an insect an undesirable very undesirable insect. you're going to be able to shoot them much easier than you would a person that you value hire a white person or a speck of them at the time maybe was did not know how to respond to the violence
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against the black people and he even got carried away by it that was. something that i became hard and somewhat so that i was not an angel. i use an excess of force and i. slap somebody when he said something really insulting to me and then after i did that i realized wow i should that i had no right to do that that was not professional it was it was not i was not professional was not human about a week later. another incident occurred and i used more force than i needed. after the guy was handcuffed i grab more pushed him up against the wall and i said don't you dare say that to me again do you understand and i realize this is a disease i'm starting to develop. what is saying really wish is not
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specific to philadelphia agents. in march this year the ministry of justice published in the law many reports about the ferguson police more than one hundred pages show how the police violated the rights of black residents in the city. of racism with the american police has become such a big issue that a conscience awakening in some police stations has started we are in norwalk connecticut. going back to school with in small unit growth for three days these twenty five offices we'll learn how to get rid of a racist pig judges says this optional training is given by two former agents their mission is a challenge to make these offices understand that they too have to judge this is what we're going to learn today is it
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a possibility that everyone in this room has biased has placed in a biased manner and you don't even know that you've done it i can tell you the story you'll hear from me is i helped police in the biased manner i know that now didn't realize that twenty or thirty years ago this lady trainer uses her test and experience as an example in role playing in the first simulation the suspect is a white woman. officers are to be reporting party calls i reports there's a woman sitting on a bus stop across the street he's been robbed several times he thinks he may have gotten us to respond. well the two offices have to control her. blow ups or tell you i'm well how are you good when suddenly. remember that we're going to have to come your husband your kids are just an accident over there you have to come here courtesy of her kids her kids and her husband were in your eyes all but i think written on your hat he was there like the leading up to conquer
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novel so i told. him to confusion the two police officers let him go without even searching had the next scenario if we were replayed this all right now are ok and somehow found or this time the trainer chooses a black suspect what would happen automatically bronzer to grow they're going to stop him why this is a more likely you know that he's a person that's going to have a gun and so they're not like me and i let him go. and talk about their perception of what they see is that so they don't then i'll let him go given that wanted to be would give to our selves even black officers get it the white woman had the weapon but the police arrested the unarmed black person more the lesson that the police whatever happens to tend to see black people as criminals but it is not easy for them to admit that they have races pre-judge as. i thought they certainly didn't tell you that i do involving you know not that i haven't really thought
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about it you know or now so i don't know that i. was accurate. answer the question but you know maybe three days ago do you think that's after these training you are going to the same sit to way that you all walked in no that was. because i want to. change the way i'm working with no part of the i will be more self will your training is designed to teach teach to teach us the rest of the police officers are likely pharma to be. more fair. more impartial. jury where we already are fair and impartial t.v. or fair marshall the head of this department office this training after the numerous cases of police violence throughout the country while this is not what this shows our community that we're doing everything we can to make sure we're policing in a fair manner is going to make large job easier we is going to trust us more and
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everybody wins so it's really it's a win win the only point on which this manager loses is the price sixteen thousand dollars it is one of the most expensive optional courses the only case in which it is financed by the ministry of justice is when recent blunders were committed few agencies have been trained so far but since ferguson demand is soaring i'm going to allentown the end of the year and was trying to book into twenty fifteen this is my schedule so far. the n.y.p.d. has asked for the training it's expected in pittsburgh this year. but is this a solution. just a very visceral sort of. the city of baltimore started training its police officers against racial prejudice last year despite that a young afro-american died in april this year players or demonstrations for the protection of black people in the riots that shake the city images that suddenly
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reminds america of its past. a task that continues to haunt the country. in the southeast of the united states three hours from atlanta america has a meeting with its own history on this form a land of slavery blacks did not have the same rights as whites. fifty years ago the police were beating up blacks here. fifty years ago young african-americans would not have had the right to walk on this bridge. the march that changed the destiny of the black community is coming mary to today the fight for black treat and a fight against racism to the right to vote like white people that. the last thought oh my god first of all. on sunday march seventh one thousand nine hundred
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sixty five on a bridge in selma six hundred african americans demonstrated peacefully to demand their right to vote. the state governor ordered the police to charge the activists . over fifty people were taken to hospital. the event became a symbol. here fifty years later the president the protesters are waiting for is black history acknowledgement has witnessed. in his speech barack obama makes an analogy between the come immigration and the recent events in the country. he admits that there is still a lot to be done. of course the more common mistake is to suggest that ferguson is a isolated incident. that racism is better. than the work the drew men and women to selma is now complete. we don't need the ferguson reports and no that's not true.
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why does need to open our minds and our ears and our hearts to know that this nation's racial history still can assist long shadow upon us. on the bridge in selma many share the same feeling many still have the impression of living in a racist country. black people are popular anywhere not in america not in france on any ice this is a little different because we were former slaves so that mentality is still there even though we're not currently slaves we can still be viewed as slaves sometimes. and this white has a slogan black people i can't breathe the last words of every gonna strangled by the n.y.p.d. . my god. why did you well this shot today because we can't breathe either way because for black. berry gone his mother was also they. have. to get up here to feed your
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business and our great great this is a commemoration not a celebration and now we have to go forward with this we shouldn't stop until everybody gets justice you know justice in this city justice in every city you know because what happened on this bridge is similar to what happened to my son you know they had no because for our wives and. and we didn't get justice yet but we're still pushing on we want to show and just like we're pushing on here we've got a story. erica and his mother will continue to fight in order to sentence the policeman who killed her son it will not be easy to hand and for all those in selma today walking on this bridge is a way to continue the fight for justice and equality the fight that is unfortunate
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. the necessary. the long litany of blunders and police abuse proves it the united states are still very far from having solved the issue with racism. every single p.l.o. and every single corporation in america has a guy sitting at a desk who's engaged a fraudulent rating to extract money from the markets and bank of america and causing taxes to go up because it's brought to the programs like obamacare to rip
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people off because infrastructure projects that died to causes people in san francisco living on the street living in their own feces because guys on wall street are think it's necessary to create scams to just rip capital out of these markets. done some is not is not a good place is not a good country and. does seem to administer a lib a show of some of those low level stuff. a visit of that's good at that as a disco that is glued. to the culture. of the coveted list for the for the checking of the c.d.'s. only and just little and biased from a fellow muslim of themselves to be too little. mostly albums fossil. play almost anything from the bible for the most to not take on our better john said i'm based on the much less product i mean can i do not cover with life forms that make matter
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how not eating. from a show cannot. change from i can allude to some almost feel now with who thought the moment. could not see this or to miss one another's good show you will see but only to go to the snooze in the micra voices in his or the one of the street the. cinema of our job or you know the lot of this. series who is going.
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parts of the media go into a frenzy after vladimir putin unveils russia's latest weapons in his state of the nation address meanwhile the u.s. state department snubs questions from russian reporters on the issue. they say that they are going to react from their. sex is ok then i'll move on. video emerges of the moments leading up to the death of a palestinian man during an israeli in the west bank the i.d.f. disputes its soldiers killed him even though has changed its version of events several times and in italy right leaning parties in the polls there with the general election just a couple of days away r.t. visits a town with a radical approach to migration but it's where hopes will be adopted across the
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country. good evening welcome you're watching r.t. international where seven o'clock here in moscow now our top story the state of the nation address is saying part of the media excusing russia of harking back to the cold war during his speech the president announced the country's latest weapons which he said could outsmart all existing missile defenses. the white house and the country learning of that new threat from russian president warning he's at first reason and in the west in particular not to mess with russia computer graphics of missiles flying over mountains and heading over oceans and he says he's not bluffing well though many saw the address is a threat directed at the u.s. moscow claims it has no intention of striking at the high tech weapons are intended
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only to maintain the global balance of power is more against you have reports if you aren't russian in the first hour of putin's speech would have been boring taxes and corruption and science and industry that sort of thing after that though it got real hot real fast. with russia is a major nuclear power basically nobody wanted to talk to us nobody listened to us so listen to us now rockets lasers nukes in a rush hooted unveiled an arsenal of new weapons bigger faster stronger and deadlier than any that came before the as. far as the sun super heavy i.c.b.m. two hundred ton missile capable of penetrating any existing defense in service at
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the end of the year next an enigmatic new development seemingly nuclear powered cruise missile it flies extremely low to avoid detection and can hit almost anywhere in the world says putin up next it's just fantastic an underwater drone submarine also nuclear powered with a nuclear payload it can reportedly lurk underwater for months and months silent and detectable next to the oven god. the hypersonic missile extremely fast rockets that can actively dog and the vader anti missile defenses you would see it is heading for the target like a meteorite to top all of that off laser weapons systems though putin didn't go into detail saying only that it still classified the russian president says all of this isn't to intimidate or scare anyone or invade anyone these are
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serious weapons designed for one thing restore and guarantee russia's strategic power in an age where an ever expanding nato is trying to nullify it. when that was we have no plans and have never had plans to use this potential to achieve offensive or aggressive in russia's in his military power is simply a guarantee for peace on our planet for it preserve restore parity in the world show that there's no point in engaging in a senseless arms race after all mutually assured destruction has kept the world safe for the best part of a sentry murdered ghastly if they're not everybody buys peyton's explanation of the speech he was pressed about it in an interview with n.b.c. . several analysts in the west have said this is the declaration of
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a new cold war are we in a new arms race right now my point of view is the individuals who have said new cold war has started are not really analysts they do propaganda if you were to speak about arms race then an arms race began at exactly the time in moment when the u.s. opted out of the have tribalistic missile treaty and to stress his point the new weapons only to balance the world powers putin pointed out that u.s. missile defense is already deployed in alaska and california nato is also expanding into eastern europe too with two sides having being set up in romania and poland and new sites the soon to be established in japan and south korea the us complex also includes a naval component america currently has five navy cruises and thirty destroyer ship stationed along russia's eastern borders. the u.s. state department though branded russia's new weapons as the stabilizing saying they
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violate existing treaties however the russian ambassador to the u.s. hit back at that saying that washington doesn't know what it's talking about tensions also ran high at a u.s. state department briefing as america reports how they're now it was particularly concerned about the video or imagery that was released claiming that it shows the missile targeting the u.s. and when reporters asked about this the scene turned pretty ugly and now revealed just how uncomfortable she was when she slammed the russian reporters who pressed her on this says officials of the russian government is more slaughter taken in the united states interests in the styles are sent to different directions so i do say that they are you know you react from there shouldn't you're ok they're ok enough said then i'll move on. which is what if it did happen they're not. officials of the russian government they're just asking a question about me oh really ok well we know that. r.t.
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and other russian news or so-called news organizations are there i'm good and directed by the russian government so if i don't have a lot of these are issues no matter how they're going to set you up at about moment you know the sort of i mean. the studio that you're talking about yesterday which is not an excuse me for and it was met with significant backlash from reporters all throughout the room but how did she respond with several doses of sarcasm of course but for the record this is her usual m.o when she wants to avoid answering questions in the passion is referred to me and my colleagues as representatives of the russian government and then i made a berridge of questions now or shut down the entire press conference and then rejected a reporter's question which rightfully upset the reporter who then stood up from her chair and followed an hour out of the room we've got to we've got to go on iraq for these i will talk to you after the know the iraqi parliament voted wednesday to call for a timetable for the iraq before and she. now it's unclear
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what exactly agitated now are but it could have been the continuous stream of questions regarding the american reaction to president putin's address but journalists in the room were all defending each other so i wonder if we'll hear any complaints from the other reporters meanwhile the u.s. state department has approved the possible multi-million dollar sale of japanese anti-tank missiles and launch units to ukraine two hundred missiles and thirty seven launch units for expected to be sent to ukraine in december the deal is worth almost fifty million dollars independent political analyst and glazebrook says that this move shows the u.s. interest in s.k. is interested in escalating the conflict in ukraine. go back to last december and there were signs of the escalation but unfortunately there's there's business there's been a tendency since right back to the beginning of this conflict that whenever there are signs of the escalation the u.s. and its allies will do a move make
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a move such as this that will add fuel to the fire of the conflict in order to keep it going that's been the that's been a tendency right since the early days of the conflict when when tanks were first time into eastern ukraine there were signs of fraternizing amongst the troops the u.s. wants to see this conflict scenario wants to destabilize russia's borders it wants to ensure that the hostile relations remain between ukraine and moscow. in other news tonight a video has emerged showing the moments leading up to a palestinian man's death during an israeli armed trained in the west bank just a word of warning there you might find the following things up setting yassin that addie here can be seen running down an alley we will being an object of some kind he is then shot at by an israeli soldier the soldier and his colleagues proceed to kick him on the ground and then dragged him along an alley he died later from his injuries israeli army's changed its version of events several times firstly the
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i.d.f. said he'd attacked the soldiers with a knife and received first aid at the scene but then said it attacked them with an iron bar and missed taken to hospital now according to the i.d.f. latest statement said r.t. died from tear gas inhalation soldier who opened fire on that r.t. was interviewed by i.d.f. investigators he claimed he thought his own life was in danger. but we have gathered some opposing views on this story from my guests there inside to deal with palestinians as subhumans the whole rhetoric of. two d. human eyes the palestinian people is something that the israeli army now even schools they can save people's lives they can avoid killing people but older dehumanization of the bells and in people that makes them in such a criminal fashion i don't know.


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