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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 3, 2018 2:30pm-2:49pm EST

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well the concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been booked the justice and there's been a couple. i would still like to believe for the thick of everyone in the for the sake of peace and stability that but it's the russians or the americans or the pakistanis or the indians although month by and large we are addicted to the thing we just peace and stability within the region that is the goal and then clearly we're there to be the no one has done or for the region but no long term presence of all foreign troops inside of one is funded pekin more or better for the region or for a one month. deal
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in the heart very materially of a bottomless saudi china six oil. area . an estimated eighteen thousand since under-aged refugees are now living in greece . you know still more go. to your home in there you go food during. the many sell their bodies just to make ends meet it's. only them second on the second on and on the sense in that there's a hole in the system the left things could. turn to dealing drugs to make a living. the single is unlawful learns a little. game of the.
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the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education as being supplanted by the right to access education its higher education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you good. luck with the souls. of fellow they couldn't you. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely more higher education the new global economic war. welcome back in the past twenty four hours you gave minority government leader
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tourism a has tried to remain britain's leader instead of jacob reese morg the bookies tory favorite little known jeremy corbyn the overall favorite comes after a week in which the very identity of the u.k. has come under threat after defacto e.u. threats to tear apart northern ireland from scotland england and wales joining me now is welsh nationalist m.p. hugh williams who is on britain's exiting the european union select committee you're welcome to going underground so aside from the term old your speeches this week theresa may in the past twenty four hours bonnie on wednesday take us back to how your committee's meeting was with michel barnier the use chief negotiator of a breakthrough well he was quite stern interestingly when we've met him before he's spoken in english most of the time but he's found out for the twenty minutes telling is often french about the u.k. position and clearly you know they're the building up to a very hard position as has become apparent over the last few days you know it's interesting for me as a mere backbencher from wales to be there right of the sense out of his hole and in
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civilian people like. the other day was a former trade commissioner. who was the chief negotiator. trade negotiator formally done zero or what in the wake of what he had to say to somebody said the other they were swapping a three course meal for the promise of a packet of crisps but he told us various other things. not just grist for jelly well anderson i just tell you we're only going let's see you know the armless one is good because he said you know trying to negotiate this is like trying to take an egg out of a normal it's the jelly one was amazing somebody asked. will the. deals that we make after we leave but they make up for the trade that we lose with the european union and with a very spiritual. but with a very straight face he said well you know there's not a huge demand for jelly in the european union we produced. more than jelly one of the but he said you know if you could find the top jelly exporting could see they might swap markers with you for the for the fifty million the for having it up but
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you know i mean he was pulling your leg fairly severely with a very deliberate this years are not going to like the guy years later they're going to keep emphasizing the crucial percentages and proportion of trade between britain and the continent but ireland is no the critical key issue here rules are certainly mean a hard border pascal lamy told you about ireland going to say you can't have a ball there without the ball the arrangements on both sides because the black city is now was saying well we'll just open the border entirely we lots less anything in that's their problem they have to come to us that source of arguments. all british business could just relocate to bell first i mean i'm welsh business and scottish business is a fantasy it. seems do actually entertain raise them there there will be no border that's what the government's position is all british business can really look at to the north of the island of ireland and we'll be in europe i asked him about
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thoughts and said you know where do you reckon the border will be even if we don't have one in the north of ireland isn't the case of them have to be in the middle of the sea between. brits and the irish exactly because they have sever borders somewhere he seem to think it's the brits if he is of course i don't know i've got to ask you as applied m.p. though how and why does your party and i've got to ask you with the two had to wear one of them bought of the all party parliamentary group in catalonia how and why you want to be part of a european union which you still do and i know the world's population according to the poll did want to be part of european union the jail's politicians of the opacic us alone you could do for my own up so that's immediately and i was over there for the referendum i actually did see at a police station the police arriving and clubbing people to the ground for daring to vote now the question really is if you was me in that and if i was. red line for britain why would we want to britain want to be a part of a living institution are we to deceive or everywhere indoors maybe while we have
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evil in their arguing against them or you don't side letting them get on with it's you know it's the local and the international for the brother you know britain as the fortress britain because i'm sure. there's that from the bennett wing of labor would always say it was internationalist to be outside the european union anyway but any news about anna gabriel of the spanish politician having to leave the norn european union switzerland because arrest warrant has been put out for you and the leader of the catalans living in brussels because he dare not move back or he'll be put in jail in nazi britain after breaks it could be a haven of freedom away from the european union which shows he was to be allowing the jailing of its politicians that might be the case i mean what's the european union would probably say is that national policies the national action is a matter for individual member states the united nations has been criticizing leave for human rights over its treatment of refugees coming over from libya libya of course destroyed by an alliance including many european union nations and also you
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know the bus been happening in hungary with a big fans there to keep people out and poland why certain want to be part of an institute i can see the financial now incentives as you would have it as opposed to what jacob riis more might say surely with time for britain to leave well without going into a huge detail but initially it was a common market it was a matter of selling potatoes to each other for better profits i suppose of that sort of thing and then they would have been the union has developed into a body which protects environmental standards working standards you know working time directive as i think up wards there was a war in yugoslavia and you know and you know i'm sure that they wanted members of the time of course but still it's a war in europe that again as well the european union was in there. i mean pro european and it's a great expense i'm pro you. well they're not entirely divinely is your committee even going to last until twenty nineteen was mostly depends if the government
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lasts that long you know that i mean the betting of the moments is that you know we lost souls in this problem until twenty twenty two or possibly the next mayor your williams thank you thank you. well fifteen years ago today a leaked memo between u.k. and u.s. spy agencies g.h.q. in the n.s.a. was released to the public a detailed collusion between governments to illegally bugged the united nations in an attempt to swing tony blair's vote to invade iraq a war that would go on to kill wound or displace tens of millions of people a decade and a half on u.k. and u.s. bombing of iraq continues and the story of that whistleblower is becoming a hollywood film starring keira knightley and matt smith former g c h q translator and whistleblower catherine go on joins me now i gather that it's coming on the show in person if anyone doesn't know who you are arguably they're going to know about you shortly do you think keira knightley playing you in
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a new film official secrets is going to make more people aware of what you did as a whistleblower and what you went through our hopes yeah i think. i think it's a good. choice and she's going to do a fantastic job out there working with gavin and the producers and hopefully with meeting care very shortly hopefully a film will reach out to people who maybe don't generally look in an alternative direction so i mean this marks fifteen years now since you blew the whistle on g c h q and s a collusion connivance to get us into a war that killed wounded or injured maybe tens of millions of people what does it feel like as i describe it in a press conference it's like. if you see an elderly person struggling with their bags and somebody comes and tries to rob them of their purse or something. what
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would be your instinct you'd run and try and assist the elderly person if you see a child crossing the road and this traffic coming you try and leap in and grab them it's an instinctive kind of reaction and when i saw that memo. i just thought this is a red flag you know i had no choice i have to do something it was just immediate response of an interactive reaction to break the official secrets act and possibly harm relations between london and washington and to to expose a memo that talked about the u.n. security council and britain's getting into the iraq war while expose. wrongdoing expose duplicitous behavior. and you know i think anybody looking back now there are very few of the people who initially championed the war who are still
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holding on to the same position i mean i think virtually everybody who at one point thought it was a good idea have now backtracked i mean it was a disastrous decision it was an illegal war. and the emu specifically was arguably north about iraq it was about process with them well it was about legitimizing the invasion. and you know building the u.n. security council. yes intercepting the domestic and office communications of the six nations that was sitting on the un security council at the time in order to bribe them all intimidate more you know embarrass them in however way possible to vote for that second u.n. resolution that would have given the u.s. and the u.k. that legal cover for a preemptive strike and that that does not exist even to this day there is no legal cover there's no justification for a preemptive strike i was aware of the fact that iraq was not a threat to the u.s.
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and the u.k. you know it was a country that had suffered years of war years of sanction and they were struggling to pull themselves together again and just finally advice to anyone watching you if you were a military installation or any government in the world to go out into the country living here in britain. if they're thinking about it right now what should they be focusing on as to whether to go public it's obviously it's a very personal decision and it's a very difficult decision but i was speaking to matthew hoh who's a former u.s. marine had about as you yeah and you know that he will tell you that. a lot of evidence pointing at the fact that. suicide levels the rates of suicide amongst veterans for example is extremely high it's about six percent higher than the. not about really should be paid if you're being opposed to work at the
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pentagon as in the levels yeah afghanistan yes and you know and and they now know that for some people don't commit suicide from p.t.s.d. they commit suicide from guilt. it's the guilt eating up inside which causes them to take their own lives and we also have the example of larry welk wilkerson who was the senior age to colin powell and he's told me personally that he's eaten up by guilt because he prepared colin powells brief that went in front of the u.n. . which persuaded vast numbers of people that the invasion was necessary and he is consumed by guilt so now his way of appeasing this is is to shout as loud as he can about the abuses so don't wait till you yourself are suffering from this. position this you know malady of being mentally
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tortured by go out if you know something if you think it is in the public interest to know please bring it forward and you are not alone because and at the time that i blew the whistle you know now wasn't the trend of whistle blowing as it was and it was for me after i found it very isolating but now there's a community of people that has all kinds of organizations that will help support to defend you support your family and so on it's it's growing. thank you and that's it for the show will be back on monday when we speak to campaign against the home straight about to resume a posting the crown prince of saudi arabia who's right now he's in british weapons to bomb the fourth country in the middle east yet we also have exclusive music from murdoch will be at the only building he did not present you with you on monday thirty four years to the day mine is led by office scargill went on strike in one
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of the most seminal industrial disputes in british history. in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to refutation of people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that were able are no more afraid of the police than it was. you can see something happening in this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in the those young black men lose their lives chasing the owner with their fingers on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun so yeah unfortunately around around here we end up killing our guns on the dance to leave from such preclusion in the sky. true.
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teaching terror conviction islamic state follower who showed schoolchildren images of beheadings and was attempting to create an extremist story ahead. coming up to western media speculate about and between russia and america president putin reveals details of his country's new cutting edge nuclear arsenal we look though at whether those headlights reflect the reality of the situation. from the controversial leader of the dutch party for freedom has taken a battering at home for promoting russia netherlands relations a recent visit to moscow.


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