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tv   News  RT  March 3, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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teaching terror a u.k. court conviction islamic state follower who showed school children images of beheadings and was attempting to create an army of extremists the story ahead. to western media speculate about an arms race between russia and america after president putin reveals details of his country's new and cutting edge nuclear arsenal we look at whether those headlines reflect the reality of the situation. years clips of lee from the controversial leader of the dutch party for freedom has taken a battering at home for promoting russia netherlands relations during a recent visit to moscow.
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live this saturday night at eleven o'clock from r.t. h.q. moscow is kevin zero in with you with this thirty minute news update first the teacher at an islamic academy for eleven to fourteen year olds in england has been found guilty of trying to assemble an army of child terrorists to carry out attacks in london here's how the chief of the city's anti terror police described. during his time at that school. he was getting those children to reenact the westminster attack he was getting them to reenact not just the westminster attack but also how to attack police officers but on top of that he was showing them very concerning terrorist related propaganda videos videos such as beheading videos yet you paralyze them with fear from the point of view that if they raise the alarm when something similar would happen to them the twenty five year old's been described as a self-styled aged care. and was allowed to teach islamic studies in schools indeed
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he said to have come into contact with about two hundred fifty children seems he attempted to indoctrinate over one hundred that's despite having no official teaching qualifications and only having been employed as the administrator so how did he get away with it how did it happen let's take a closer look at how we try to radicalize these young people he was supposed to be supervising seems in class he would show students images as we heard just now of beheadings as well as of militants burning their european passports for the extremist cause he also had the children act out terror trial cities and on top of that hack put the youngsters through physical training making them do strength building drills and pushups on top of it all he made them take an oath of silence regarding those classes to instill fear for london police officer peter koch i'm told is the case cast a serious shadow therefore over the school's management. it would appear from the small amount of detailed information that's in the public demand that he was doing
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this sold within the class behind closed doors and. in after school activities as well and he was quite careful to make sure no one else was around talk to children not to tell anybody and make sure it was done behind closed doors it does no good belief properly organized to manage school. allow something like this to go on without noticing it and without knowing what goes on behind closed doors. x. indoctrination classes took place at a small private islamic school in london called the lantern of knowledge yet back in november twenty fifth the u.k.'s education watchdog rated it as outstanding ofsted inspection took place while hike was still a teacher there and no concerns were raised by the authorities at the time the school's also stressed that no one ever expressed concerns about his behavior to the management either and terrorism expert tema tapia loader told us britain does need to better regulate what's taught as lambing schools. the muslim leadership
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need to sit up and then show that they put their house in order and the government also need to assure that your abilities does groups to assure that the lessons which the teaching behind closed doors visible for everyone to see that everybody knows what is being taught the parents are fully aware of lesson because if the teachers deviates in a way from the laces then definitely you know this will have been quite place like teacher much much is devoted to teach about terrorism everybody will have known that some tin sultan is going wrong and this is where we need to really work on the curriculums in the schools and they should go out to ensure that these groups are being regulated. russia's military might grab international attention this week after president putin unveiled the country's new arsenal of nuclear weapons and many media outlets in a speculating that they will therefore be a new arms race between moscow and washington but check out the numbers more
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carefully and it's very apparent that is not the case as morgan city of explaining . the news this week might have seemed a little apocalyptic cold war in big bold letters arms race the pundits squeaked but then war always sells best several analysts in the west have said this is the declaration of a new cold war are we in a new arms race right now my point of view is the individuals who have said the new cold war has started are not really analysts they do propaganda if you were to speak about arms race than an arms race began at exactly the time in moment when the u.s. opted out of the anti-ballistic missile treaty how odd and here i thought that surely it takes at least two to make a noms race we do not want a new cold war or a new arms race someone's lying the money was
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a completely different story the us military budget just jumped no wrong word surged from six hundred forty billion to seven hundred billion in one year and they're proud of it arms race right on cue russia's budget trying well isn't that anticlimactic for a second year in a row no less the imbalance here is almost almost funny the u.s. war budgets increased in one year by more than russia spends on its military annually the pentagon spends fifteen times more that one thousand five hundred percent more on its military than moscow heck even saudi arabia spends more on its military than russia and that's not even counting nato all our us are committed to increase the fun spending share of g.d.p.
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the direction of travel is clear but we have to continue to move in that direction it's a fair. demand that all who benefit from the best defense in the world carry their proportionate share of the necessary cost to defend freedom these grave security concerns are the same reason that i have been very very direct with secretary in saying that nato members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations other nations must be prepared to take responsibility and that includes more investment in defense why is nato raising military budgets in some cases doubling them if its closest competition is reducing spending i may have been wrong here there evidently ease an arms race one man race and you obviously do two for this tango.
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leader the dutch party for freedom has been criticized for a public display of solidarity with russia give eld as recently visited the country's lower house of parliament the state duma where he wore a brush netherlands friendship pin and that's something the dutch press and we duly took a dislike to though this is never far from controversy though of course having a reputation with statements like these. if you like islam and if you want more mosques or you moms you may have it but not here i'm very happily surprised with politicians like donald trump you know it's a kind of refreshment the fresh air in a room where the windows have been close for too long the netherlands has become a sick country fighting the islam is asian will also make our countries more safe throughout his career builders has been labeled as a provocateurs and islamophobia more recently the dutch donald trump he's also been
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convicted of inciting discrimination against dutch moroccans and it is neil harvey talk to builders about his god but his head kurt putin should get the full thing in our home today in europe we face even something worse than an economical problem we face what i call an x. the stench of problem because of all those open borders that we have and the invitations of leaders like anglo american who said to be a shot from this we will make it come into our society and for the last decades millions of people have come and they unfortunately not always assimilated that is a toxic combination to have open borders and no demands of assimilation integration of foreigners in your own society unfortunately i believe that islam is not there to assimilate people can assimilate but the islamic ideology will not have you ever just allies to yourself and just thought you know i'm on the wrong side of this
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will history judge me that i got this wrong i'm not a historian and i cannot speak about future people are they remember me that would be called desk will not do that but i really truly believe in what i'm doing. colorful to see the full thing another year and here we go again it seems in the middle of winter there's a gastro heating up between russia and ukraine the country's major energy firms are locked in a battle over the price of supplying ukraine with fuel and how much should be paid for delivering russian gas then flew into europe there are worsened on friday were an arbitration court in stockholm ruled in favor of ukraine's gas monopoly it's a complicated story this is true and i'm picky want it but without the usual sethi yeah this kind of thing goes on almost relieved that this particular row started in twenty forty and what was russia's gas from decided to break the contract what exactly that seems this new gas war is unfolding between russia and ukraine the
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legal conflict now has been going on for more than three years and you mean russia's gas giant gazprom and ukraine snuff their gas now the decision follows a verdict of the stock came up tracing of course they bought it now after gas to pay gazprom two billion dollars they've ordered the russian company to compensate snuff their gas will almost five billion dollars now these disputes their initially over gas problem demanding payments of debts the gas to live it in ukraine back in twenty fourteen and after gas demanding it was a compensation for not pumping these agreed volumes of gas now ukraine has praised the course decision but the c.e.o. of prime has said there's a solution is very asymmetric now arbitrates is justified the decision by the sharp deterioration in the ukrainian economy we're categorically against the grain is economic problems been solved expense. right as i say this kind of things been going over for a couple of years this latest one in twenty fourteen but it's particularly cold
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this time of year especially in europe at the moment i was come back from britain it's been so chilly there the whole freezes across europe surprised a lot of people the worry is is the russian gas going to be cut off what's the answer to that exactly well this ten nation will affect two contracts the shipment of natural gas to ukraine snuff gas also the transfer of gas to european territory via ukraine now we know like you said europe is experiencing the beast from the east this cold wave across the continent and russia's gas supplies account for over thirty percent of the european market but you know there's no immediate worry present russia's energy minister has told the european commission that the gas transit from russia to europe is an under any immediate threat these contracts take time to process it could be pursuing wanted three years before we see any effect this but experts say countries that would be at greatest risk would be the balkan countries bulgaria and hungry but this far represents a new chapter now in the long running disagreements moscow and kiev it's all along
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the way of course russia has been very keen to say look we are reliable long term energy supply obama seems going to do every possible in very short and we try to sort of another twists and turns we will continue to follow it to the latest early work and solutions that economist spoke to us about it he says homes and businesses across central europe do rely heavily on russian gas especially of course during this current cold snap. this very significant i think per some of the countries in . central europe the united kingdom get quite a lot of gas from norway because i'm a lawyer or us but i think countries like germany and other. central e.u. well this is going to be a real issue which will be exacerbated if we come to new to have the very harsh
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weather. germany. colony is continuing to grow. its heavy industry needs and the cheese lies it all that to cross. horrible we're talking about ukraine now the story from there at least twenty people including seven officers have been injured in clashes between anti-government protesters and police in the ukrainian capital the violence erupted during a raid on a makeshift camp near the parliament building in that camp was set up in october by activists calling for political reform the police encountered strong resistance from the protesters at the site the authorities say more than one hundred arrests were made some in connection to unrest earlier this year as well they also say ten grenades were found as well as fire and smoke ball. to hollywood next with a disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein's making an unusual reappearance street artists as a right to the golden statue of one state clutching an oscar near the theater where
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sunday's academy awards are set to be held and next is probably in case you missed it explains even the movie moguls name is understandably become something of a big to. in case you missed it it's also a good time and the organizers actually want to focus on the movies not politics not activism and certainly not. be good luck. everyone's favorite hollywood's second best is going to be causing a pretty rare gun shadow over this ceremony in recent years the winners will often the movies that. capitaine old well i wonder used to choose which films to promote the best that saying in twenty eighteen will be taking place on the red carpet and in the order tori of cords of tuxedoed men shuffling down the red carpet staring gingerly on the floor let's enjoy the spectacle of them trying not to stare it appropriately at the world's most beautiful women wearing these lengthiest gowns
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money can buy one thing you can rely on as it's pretty unlikely you'll have seen whatever doll all it's household herea he takes home one of the top prizes on school. so why is one of the movies that people chilly was in the one day one of the front runners this year is called hold. one of the front runners this is. a law. oh no sorry it's found some thread and around a hundred or so people around the world have actually paid to see it it's all about an aging man who sports a young stressed and takes are on his music assistant and lover. how is that ok. ok i know you don't deserve forward to campaign he will pay
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a room full of million as the top of almost the only way the family eat will pay for it but the g.d.p. of south african nation so what's sauce hit for the big winner of this. yeah well one of the movies is all about a disabled woman who's being sexually harassed at watkins she ends up sleeping with a green skin fallen or old indeterminate jad death my money's on my. boys with a broad new show check it out well for one scene to another has been drawn right so the white house in washington which temporarily wanted to look down on for gun shot was about to this bright. focus of ending the war and that's not intermingle fisherman a tearing concern which is the bombing of hospitals a body of civilians the shelling of the massacres by rebel groups that's not enough for the bodies either here as i was listening to some mix of that with the
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political objectives which some people may still have. but whole existence to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. we somehow want to be preached. to the right to be for us this is what before three of the four people that i'm interested always in the warnings are out. there soon. i guess this is art international a man's died after shooting himself outside the white house in washington the u.s.
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secret service said the gun was fired outside the northern perimeter fence earlier the white house went to the lockdown for about an hour indeed there were reports that the gunshot caused people to panic and try to flee the vicinity washington d.c. police later confirmed that the armed man had died no one else was injured president trump is not currently at the white house sees on the break in florida those infamous so-called russian trolls are finally finally revealed themselves in a series of tongue in cheek video confessions indeed they say they were the ones who influenced the u.s. presidential election my name is circle and i'm from new jersey so according to our beloved corporate media i am a russian by my name is danielle st john from california and i am a russian but my name is will mark i'm from california and i am arrested but so as you heard in that video they are in fact american activists who believe the media's
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hyped up russia's perceived online reach they're trying to point out simply that it was they themselves who choose to chose rather who to vote for. the media pushes this narrative that russia is to blame for everything russia you see russia's tapped into a lot of things passive in our fair and american elections but if that's the case why didn't the d.n.c. let the f.b.i. look at their servers. it wasn't russia it was that it's not just on the facebook groups they're also there on the ground in your protesting and i personally made more money in this election cycle or a clinton than anybody in russia i'm sure there'd be a lot of those as we get to the coalitions out there the start of your social media feed may have been part of russia's interference in the elections. you started so you get accused russian for russian but working in the cells you
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don't pressure them out of america feeling misrepresented to the world there's the from a few feet up you start to think ok. they're really just trying to mess with this. post shock to try to trace. anybody who is paying attention to the two thousand and sixteen election knows how much election fraud is going on we don't know where that includes the money it would be in the d.n.c. in the mainstream media this whole roughly hour news is mostly to distract us from falls for a few new democratic party and the little old party system running for congress only once a week and basically about her talent and. nothing but you know where all the likely is. for not taking any corporate
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money the mainstream media pundits their leaks all the politicians they're all they're all probably off bars are divisional barbecue. we might just get them to be. better than that in the years. and are there. many times claims of russian connection has risen to award winning levels we can report the new york times has secured the most reputable prizes in journalism for a story about president trump's alleged ties to russia that's despite one of its own articles been debunked by the f.b.i. anyway caleb maupin reports. the george polk award is one of the most prestigious
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awards in journalism and the award for discovering connections between donald trump and the russians goes to the new york times and the washington post. special recognition goes out to the star of the new york times and the washington post for their extraordinary effort in uncovering the connection between the trump presidential campaign and the kremlin that led to special counsel robot moves on going investigation yes these bold reporters investigated and uncovered that donald trump's family has direct ties to some of the russian spies now what a huge discovery no wonder they won this huge award except that's not actually true take the new york times article with the headline trump campaign aides had repeated contact with russian intelligence it was debunked by f.b.i. director james comey not exactly trump's biggest fan or promoter would it be fair to characterize that story as almost entirely wrong yes people talking about it
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often don't really know what's going on and those of us who actually know what's going on and not talking about it and we don't call the press to say hey you got that thing wrong about this sensitive topic we just have to leave it there so over half a year ago the story was actually refuted by former f.b.i. director james comey but still that's not to sigurd to get out of the reason that we shouldn't be proud of these journalists for their bold investigative work michael you've broken so many stories this past year and i refer to you in a column as the ubiquitous michael schmidt because you are at the center of so many of these things and breaking down what exactly are they being awarded for perhaps it was written in a particularly good prose style it gripped the reader's attention like an action novel or another good work of fiction here's what the head of the polk award said miss smartphones and social media we have never had more access to information and yet truths. is more lucid for an ad for the polk award honor truth the new york
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times did write a correction like any good news paper and earlier version of a photo caption with this article gave an incorrect middle initial for paul man a for it is j. not d. that's what you call honest journalism at least when it comes to initials. r c new york. it's a for the oh well just you think you got a handle on how big it is a new bit comes along two russian peoples have discovered a new island in the arctic that's been exposed by a retreat in glass they spotted this formation while analyzing satellite images of the novis them the archipelago parents and having made the unexpected find now they're trying to scratch their heads and come up with a name for it. their success from one thousand nine hundred fifty two to two thousand and one it was a solid last year and then it broke into no than and soudan parts we started watching the second one.
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we all vote with the motion when we saw the outlines of the audit and we kept watching as a connecting street got small and small and funny in december we got a picture of the forty four mine. workers guys when we suddenly became groundbreakers who began to treat all those great discoveries in a different way and i still can't believe we became a part of this world. would be like oh well our suggestion is based on the form of the all i know which looks like a manatee but the scientists and i told him that there are none of pupils i would
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like the same as well. as opposed to plays thanks for watching this news update with me kevin i would hear of moscow tonight i've got countries on the face put you to party don't call this one. to. feel on a hot day in a period of a bottle or saudi in china six oir here in the. area. an estimated eighty five percent under a trophy jeans are now living in greece. you know storm or go. to india or home in there you go food shopping. and many sell their bodies just to make ends meet it's. always in the second or the one the second or
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the almost since in that is the whole point of this isn't the things it. also has turned to dealing drugs to make a living. this is a lot of words in the. name of the thing. to move. when lawmakers manufacture consent to constituent of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. with the financial merry go round if certainly the one percent told. us we can all middle of the room sick. to lose the real news is really works. michael board w one the
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idea that dropping bombs brings to the chicken or forcing you to fight the battle. to stop the part of the because of the public. doesn't tell you. like. we. will walk. by american jazz or this is the kaiser report coming out at the speed of sound and the speed of light that's one hundred eighty six thousand miles per second imagine that interior of unconscious mind causing all kinds of havoc. i think max we had
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the good fortune of recording the second half of this episode first so i know what you're going to talk about and i am going to introduce it with this headline because this headline happened over the past week or two we did not cover it at the time because we knew we were going to get the expert on vick's onto the program to talk about the details of it but i just want to remind people in case they are under the misguided notion that there's been any sort of you know you know we in criminal activity within markets apparently that's not true well vick's manipulation cost investors billions whistleblower says a whistleblower told u.s. regulators that a scheme to manipulate the vix the volatility gauge thrust into the spotlight last week during a wild trading session cost investors hundreds of millions of dollars every month a washington based lawyer told.


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