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a very nice to meet our goal from mizuno some of the songs from syria and how old are you and my mom don't seem to simply. just. seventeen seventeen sixteen and twenty one. ok so where do you live what do you think michelle since you seem back among us and why here oh i know it's a shelter and the knowledge don't live on. the development you son of a some of them are still. in the greek system in a good greek system do system laws. and little about money and you got one of the most fun i'm on you know with all the. standard. of who. i love and i'm told it. didn't have
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a number. of not be shot i hate mr no no the clock the thing that lead you through to going into the how closely little bit. of a syllable who's. the plug mate democrat do you know i'm so delusional for sure on the part of some i want nothing but that until well and so they are i mean i don't want to. go said battle because the polls are almost are both about a body swap on who thought they were never going to do it i would guess from about the company down one percent they open it all that sort of better because sort of the need to try to be a little. busy with. her soft ball but not our session but you and i am but that when a concern here and money is the way to go on the middle which meant she could do a little but we haven't seen any of it been one of. the you want to leave can we follow some of the around for a few days to see how you live in. how do you survive you know if it isn't at the
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bottom of the. room that these guys don't seem doesn't the square which is essential as it gets nathanson try to cross from parliaments and always crowded more recently with refugees some just hang out here with friends and then return to their attempts to shelters but some can't find a shelter or they choose not to stay in one so they work and sleep here it's common to see young refugees sitting on their own just waiting to be picked up. on account of us on an. almost on a. visit. to. feel on the delia bottle maasai in china six out of ten still don't know our vision and did. a lot of. where they normally from and how old are they. new canada when the fronts are plentiful i
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love being the usual back in my own. child coffin to stumble over. me. being here. is still as we demand. i. know what i'm. doing good guys doing. all one can with got them are on the on it and no i'm not gonna be you know i had vision on the. bod had been bullying jawn a number lawyers you on right now. hopefully .
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you. know i have a tough and one of the but i feel a little brats who are. not among. the best. among all enough of it must. have. known one of you and. had. a lot. less than you thought it would be no mum. you had to. respond several days on the central squares of athens and so many older men talking to young boys and then leaving with them. one night we overheard two older men negotiating
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a price with two young afghans who decided to ask them what was going on. for the. people up the rule afghan is. the only complete goal can i ask you where you from. repeating the afghani you have got this how many months and years and grace the doesn't know the answer you very they rather. know you speak for them you know in my mind not because i was asking the young i'm going to fiji bork's. i come this big new program that i'm working with i'm working with her to talk about price i don't know we're. talking about the price and i know that reforms i want to begin to reach. at night at this time in the compliment. four hours seven days i'm.
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serious that i'm with two boys discuss some pricing you're talking about un refugee camp. you can look at. the thank you with these two guys are clearly not underage but there are many underage i want to hear the police officers any police . on how the complaint is true you have a complaint sure yes let's go ok let's go let's go. and that's where your levees are this way i don't be pointing you i am going to know you because you are very young working with illegal london would you be a good lawyer and i mean. yes do you bother to. look and what's your name and yes we'll call the police we have a job to do not know you call the police on the phone and all of them call them nonstop and you call them call them up to get stuff done so we have a man who is clearly very angry right now trying to call the police on us. but
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there levens ok. let's go. sorry can we talk to you. what do you do. do. we didn't have our translator with us up the time and couldn't take the conversation further but it was pretty clear what was going on prostitution is legal here as long as sex workers are registered over eighteen legal residents of greece and have health checks every two weeks but that's not the case with these vulnerable boys some of whom are literally suicidal. and the has. on this list. and most of the no. one on the. miso. said this little has miles.
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tony. and. lindsay. certainly didn't like and. hand him the conan the minnesota liver so we sat ammonia. and no you do in about. an enormous amount six no one made you tony silent on senate. side alone and a sinner who looked over so much. into a softening. do a softening of the knee. and. i'm with him and to let. him. see if initially how much money to make.
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and how often. the last half. hour hannan. and if it will get it in nuclear. prepared her. for. her. or. her or her. in law. came of it. if you could talk to your h. who was planning to come here what would you tell him. he's. done . in. i.
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got a financial survival job today with money laundering first to close it this cash in the three different. we have our three banks all set up something in europe
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something in america something overseas in the cayman islands it will pull these banks are complicit in the kleptocracy who decide to call and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did well we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile from that you know what money laundering is highly illegal don't be so much as a record. fights regularly break outs between refugees of different nationalities due to ethnic
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conflicts back home the spray shin is everywhere and they have nothing to do and even less to lose. their refugee was stabbed at nights that's why the police came and at the same time they searched people for drugs as we tried to find out what was happening heard there was another fights involving the guy with the broken arm . our guy started running so we followed. apparently the man we had better earlier spots the group that had broken his arm and asked his friends to help him take. the little home. mammoth to the home of the brothers who won't brothers who were.
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very reluctant. to. come up with a. lot of time on how wrong. it was sort of. your mama and the school. his son was worried about akram that nights disappeared when the police arrived and no one knew he was detained working or in hiding his phone is off and dead as he has nowhere to charge it so all we could do was hope to see him tomorrow. the following day we heard that had been arrested because he didn't have any documents on him.
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as an. official. the paper he signs what language is it in. and greek and you don't understand greek of course. and of a dozen in the morning no one ever stood up. and what did you do after. all. the guys told us to developed a rash of some kind and desperately need the treatments which is why we were heading to a pharmacy. in the field. and.
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so i started to loosen. the system. for the time but let them. let them tell us. the issues. and. love out of. the spirit of. my whole. you know the one the second no no on the symphony and the helpfulness is in the other nothing the scale of.
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this square is called i'm on the air and it's a fifteen minute walk from parliaments where we met the guys they told us that it's one of the top three most popular places to buy sex and drugs in athens the vibe here changes at nights and becomes very seedy as you walk by you're bound to see young boys flirting with passers by a friend drugs or themselves one of our refugees wanted to tell us more about the neighborhood but asked us to conceal his identity because he's a regular here. on our fee as i had that death about those in the shop. and did not know yet to another one also how to send. up their own luggage and then don't buy you know. a foreign one on another mark on the issue of the monocytes and gents. as should know the engine see or not to the mark in miami dalek you live on your jet. to hustle so you feel like a huge of
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a wadding and want to sit. and fell. off a hard. i have on the dollar. why and when you did they how out the window how a lot less hostile let in on that the said now on only mr fernald home well and only out of one and only i recall not all possible to hustle scene when i'm alone. if the song about that i shall sleep yet to all we have to go home. and then if a do i'll be if you can get the stuff. that malarkey on about the ash cost way i met a lot been on on. the victim to go off i was really pissed at me if it is misspeak true. the. forecast.
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calls. for. elsewhere in town that night right under the acropolis these two teenagers are trying to work out how they're going to eat tonight. you're a little. bit more lovable not. because of the. randomness in the.
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name of the. name was. of course on the. slimmest mongers the but if elected in the fair one day what he meant is that if. these two were the youngest refugees with mets working the streets they asked us to conceal their identities as they were ashamed and scared to talk openly about what they do. and. twenty sixth of march of two thousand. and. almost was issued on the twenty sixth of september before you registered with . the four months in the. trees and powers and health. of you may come all the aldermen.
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they give them money for twenty or ten you. call to fly delta just one day i was sitting in on a bench. and there was one old auld man who was listening and i was scared if doing something more and then i ran over from there and then i asked someone why he was doing any shared day and he wants. him to call us and they give a number and. get us to a hotel or to dear home and they give a food drink and then. the first time you didn't. feel. it was embarrassing. also you. know. we have to do this for money.
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the boys told us that from eight am until six pm and they go to a local organization whether a given free license and other activities they love being there but in the evenings they're on their own. so early for work now most clients don't come out before eight pm until then they simply roam the streets. because i am. looking at all of this so you can as we study go. to the. ceremony. that's sure a. simulator a common one is. a movie or a movie and foretold mushroom. moua this is who. page and i'm up on. i like to see that if you want to put it off or say. you're not part of the work
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every day you know you could create time or full time when you don't have money for food. so. on and because. it's so bone a shoo. in and yet a delay can a good movie billy wouldn't know then what would it do if you're going to give in so you can then. follow the boys to see where they would sleep at nights we see realized that we had been to this part before but in the daytime our local contacts took us here because it's a known hot spot for drug dealers users sex workers and the homeless. we couldn't believe that this is how these two kids sleep at nights and that they still have to wait another six months for their interview with the asylum service.
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that's the frustration of tarmon turds for people to screw them happen to them in a very hopefully there should be wandering around. with were never to start. with the. survival circus the small incidents of desperation most recent not enough room for. good people where it's in this. thread just a. thought on that. point. is that the shuttle. into show up on nobody on a search had been in. a lecture. hall of thirty second. michelle folks some below them on the battle as absurd. in the whole of course. this was the summer. but you know all of the date on the story now to. set the young rajatava. over
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there. for you to discern right had been almost a quarter of one hundred fifty of those are in the hard well alan death row were dad being without them in one plane he. would put iced coffee at starbucks coffee and. best start of a coffee table to pass the savvy cafe i believe is so busy on the home of the year but you know me when you know what bill my computer come up with you know in your. eyes under the law to be would you. know i mean one less attention has been modified to mood still. very much i'm not going south on the movie the way i normally you. should do a little. bit in the afternoon i'm calling. them. right
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now we don't see the future. because we don't have the plays of we don't go to school. so we don't go we have a feature on the. channel. but if they get. this to say that there's a move. and again there's a month and i wish you would learn from the show. off with. a lot of the stuff. and then the. a model and i'll think only end the model folds of the head of to have there's no clue why i'll have to develop a well not the will elicit
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a lot of those men in the mood to deal with a vocal and then not a lot of the moves i would imagine will come. in some american cities the police of guilt themselves cling to refutation to people who walk on the street to be united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that poor people are no more afraid of the police than of criminals. you can see something happening this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the with their
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fingers on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun so. unfortunately around and around here we end up going our guns off the death toll from such precautions to be like when you. years ago breaking within two cons again as a sleeping pill does this is what i mean because like to just share this thought the scientific sweat terrible but not on the road as shown in dodge wonderful boardwalk here not warm. across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the concert mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been the justice and there's been a couple. of
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guns on this not so as not back and quick places called the good country. administer a live bunch of i'm not as well above the storm. as you can best but i guess that is. just the co-chair. of the cult of lestrade with me i'm checking the perseus. pulling in just for the embrace from the from the limb of a muslim school for beating them. full scale of this fossil. play almost anything for the numbers any base and i think our better john said i'm based on on my show last night no one can absolutely not the last caller will slice from that mcnabb how not a kid. from a shallow time in cannot. confront
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a man i can know he was someone i was feeling now words could fuck and i'm a. cool let's see this original sort of numbers go show it boosted i don't want to go to the cities in the micra voices in misery of the world over the sleeve of the cinema of our government a lot of this. series was about. the tough. for.
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them. the stories that showed the week just gone was a cold war frenzy the mainstream media after president putin unveiled russia's new strategic arsenal and he's on you'll state of the nation address. the white house and. country learning of that new threat from russian president boarding first risen in the west in particular not to mess with russia and he says he's not bluffing. coming up to one week on the humanitarian corridors set up in syria's eastern ghouta to allow civilians a chance to escape continues to come under heavy shelling as of now only two children have managed to leave through the corridor also. right now italians going to the polls tonight after a bitter election campaign over immigration and jobs with the e.u. no.


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