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tv   The Great American Pilgrimage  RT  March 4, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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life. of the night and aspiring star rio. with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun. meet every day americans call me. what's america you are i'm supposed to see how things go on soup recently i was make the. right thing to cook for the store to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. tell yo yo yo yo dude you go there to be the best. part of the program it's teamwork you know we got it what do the whole boston harbor thing right. i do
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believe there is a teapot here waiting us not. me. it's the final stretch of the pilgrimage in our heroes have set their sights on having a boston tea party of their own max is nearly escaped being left in the past and stephen is kept alive his unrealistic expectations of a bar which. are tight place to end. the most part and yet from. last week's part of him with no word back from the master node stephen does his best to convince producers why the pilgrimage needs a barge and with the day winding down our heroes pull off to get some rest and clear their heads before the final day of the pilgrimage. stephen has decided to visit our producer. at two am. pretty time here.
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sitting. at about my porch. what the bar true d.r.v. for the boston tea party. government transports the question how am i going to get a barge untold hours. to talk about a tour through. class to have it. going to have a really interesting time with the money for a bar absolutely for tomorrow morning though without a drop boston to party at the end of the pilgrimage without putting the are going on a barge into boston harbor has to happen. as the great american hoover quits. the . figured out.
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after. night's sleep the pilgrimage heads back toward boston and the pressure is on to find a last minute barge for cheap. supply which was so what we're trying to do is put a thirty one foot are the. mobile home on top of a barge. and ship it out to sea from the boston harbor right to his zip lines one. we may need to see. aerobatics that day or an ambulance go just in case there are stunts that's probably a good idea. if you want to want this supposed to happen today. you're out of luck if you are here if yes that is a monitor right now we're trying to shoot it today. or it could be part of it yes i'm out. here for me to come in your honor not get any any kind of help you can get
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. to help secure that that would be great thank you but. yes and just so just like you explained to you we're looking to just put a thirty one foot tarzi. right. yeah. actually i have one coming to make today all right and then these are probiotics these are good spirits i mean tell me if you don't find those to be delicious i think it was. looks like everything's going great for the final day of the pilgrimage for a very robin hard. trust in the business of yeah yeah the sooner the better we're brothers in with invite to join us i'm having a. i'm sorry i'm having a hard time you having
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a hard time hearing you one side as you know just my my my speaker one side. and then how much would it be on top of that kind of thing and i think you need to keep it. current likely of course be short short and. make your copy a hallmark and i'm pretty confident you can be part and i because that hour and twenty thousand dollars all in all right sounds good. but. then. the other three zero. zero zero are and on top of that. i got a class that would lead you to the boards to recall fifty thousand dollars a piece but we're making progress. large large barge large barge barge barge barge with a solid plan in place and no means to pay for it are heroes finally arrive at the
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shipyard to get their boat. for cision driving needed and to clear our producers of any liability it makes sense to put steve in behind the wheel. of. a brain in. this climate and watch him a. small . amount. of the load in the sling once he's leveled the ones out on the heights so you just explain the set it was that sold research we know we have this big mechanical bring up the props down the carriage to what the title. right now the title. would get this kind of
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a situation. you know in a perfect world where the right. level bribery don't. think so just going to happen. you can do some damage to the. drive the worst case scenario he might damage something to get told off. by showing. as stephen looks on awaiting the fate of this tea party he is reminded of the early days on the pilgrimage. and the obstacles he's had to overcome since then back when we started in venice california stephen never imagined the challenges that would have come along the way. police think i mean the word became the mine from. exactly the great american
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women just. yet rocher at. our worst nightmare. of my beliefs my own pilgrimage. but. that's going to be really. all you got. to like to keep them for cops. in the. first year and my daughter caylee mom never spoke. to the sideline. are we going to find the drought sometimes he had to get his hands dirty when problems came up along the way tough to get somebody to get out of the way.
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while. oh going to put me off eating so i just. it's hard to say no to an ice cream sandwich oh no look at the forty six pounds of. sometimes uncomfortable conversations needed to be had with google maybe i'm perceived as a trump right wing christian and christian kiddos are going to have a doubt about that so they write about but what about right here is the bill does it have here's here's where i'm at. market about it. even the key word from l. but then. as you can see here we are. having to. take a back entrance like the beatles of things like that even alec baldwin doesn't have this kind of guy pete we knew. that it was going to night for a screwdriver knife or a screwdriver quickly not for
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a screw got all the doors along the way didn't open so easily. at that time. it's tiny. and no matter where they went one topic stirred things up along the way to both the forty foot rope because he called before one could put the first wonderful they always knew have to wonder while we were both that a lot of these people the one who you will that's an exactly well. you know we'll go through we need along first of all for you all. do we need what. we need. how do you close this thing citrus grove to me it's the stuff is for the kids is great. or is lots more in here. this ain't the best tism i was thinking after. back at the shipyard the barge
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workers believe they've figured out a solution to loading the r.v. i you know like a seven skeptical moment don't just take it nice and small one of these teams are going to work with the american thank you but. they decided to build a ramp out of scraps of wood to linger around the duct but they're running out so there's just so there's no allegiance to this right now which was scrounging this from some guy old idiot yes steven nissen system on this little list good for some people on the list some. of them on the list the forum in the gulf recanted a little bit with. fifty years ago pregnant women to come together as a sleeping pill the dusty's would tell me because i just said just on the side
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effects what terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch on full board in the movie here no doubt we will build them up across europe victims are still waiting legal battles demanding at least some compensation in something to wait till the physical times itself as well that the concept in mind that the people who actually put to take this crime has never been able to justice and it has been a cuppa. focused on ending the war and that's not intermingle to humanitarian concern which is the bombing of all schools of bombing of civilians the shelling of damascus by rebel groups that's a lot and also the bombing by the rearrest i was not sure whether it's a mix of that with the political objectives which some people may still have.
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of consumption. it's is not i can quite place is not a good country. because if the minister and the bush cuts among us well before the storm. you could describe it as a disco that is going. to steadily approach honestly oh ok let's try it with me i'm checking a christmas. polling in just a little unbiased from the from the moment of oneself to be to get them. mostly out of this frontal. play almost anything for the numbers for the base cannot affect our data john said and i stand on my shoulder as tight no one can i do not the last i would mr right is from that mcnabb how donati to. run the show it to me and cannot. true fucking on the canal he was almost feeling now we're going to fuck him on a cool road since we're trying to sort enough hours go shower he'd go to sleep i don't want to go to the snooze in the micra voices in misery do whatever the street. ses
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and i'm about to go for you know that a lot of this. series was about. their reasoning so there's no there's no if you do this right now the good lord has the book on the list i'm. going to run the risk of the autumn in the car going to the region today with the tea party now in jeopardy jared heads to give stephen the bad news this guy doesn't think is a good idea he doesn't think. the screen one part of behind the right title would do this. until you tell somebody shuts me down i'm going to keep fit the. scene that's not going to work i'm not back in those two tires up on the ground skilled one. who. another problem one of these for the first. question is going to
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be. while the workers scramble to come up with a plan to load the are beyond safely they decide to compromise the safety of the barge by taking down the railings see they can pull these are the rock. the phrase god. thank you so much because this. is pretty good it does not work just fine. i think around a something. i think you're on the sixth today stephen learned how to build a barge in high time but that's not the only thing that stevenson learned over the course of this pilgrimage. that read george or was it.
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like that and this is just a normal. this is the most. ok . there were things he didn't know and things he really didn't know how long just means god in arabic just like a law is not the god of the christian if you can read the koran it's all the same prophet something we've got abraham and this in this thing. this isn't even the same story just some details change that you know i bet you were a lot more similar than we realize along the way he was introduced to some different perspectives in order for us to accomplish. in order for us to accomplish . reform in order for us to get the workforce and the skill set. in investing in. the small politicians like ourselves. it would have effect you
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know that that is exactly that's what really matters and we have to constantly educate ourselves in kind of open ourselves up to say that we're ok say the world is the very last place where you can save your family and you can say your community bobby is a good example as well as what we would goal is not coming here today i think that i got to do a whole lot more listening than talking. yeah. i understand the perception of a much better now than i did before i came in here so some of the growth. as producers put their faith and liability into steve into not the story the r.v. think i got this johnny he gives one last attempt to make his boston tea party dream a reality you're going to see. the specific look that was on there yeah. they
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saying to a. lot .
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done. i think we did it. with. our heroes are finally ready to ship off to have their boston tea party. to my handsome addition or you know i'm going to do a lot of white because to push. this he tends to get a little. more unst because that's normal you know we just we do the jewish roots here which is a millionaire bunch of you know you know. these things my down you know. and as rio continues to listen to stephen stephen thinks back to all the people he's taken a moment to listen to along the way i think the man can't see me as calm family and
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. i think it's it's it began to proceed but haven't seen it means freedom it means you can do whatever you want to do be whatever you want to be i always tell my sons you're not going to get anything my stand around something. that you want to do that's what i'm in the middle. school. and was it was where american dream it's so to me subject and honestly my parents. were there for me and you know they gave me an education and to demo suppose that. i decide to leave my wife to leave. to come to the united states used to be kids we have no choice we need to make war my ip did was does that don't they don't just puzzle and they put on the garbage. i played with an american passport america and our freedom and our rights you know we shan't have. right to protest things that we
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do not agree about we should have the right to live our lives and do the things i would like as long as we're not hurting other people or hurting their chances of success american some the. is the idea of hope i do hope but the actuality of the reality is that we are. a country that was developed on genocide america represents this is my perspective and i don't want to offend anybody but it represents somebody who is a perpetrator who rape somebody early on. did it again did it again and everybody thinks it's ok. to me. it's the most eclectic some culture in the world there's collection of people white light brown galvanized by you leave the house you'll go through by he says he's not
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really given a steamy drink what the hell is this what are some erica i'm sorry sherry should americans for me i feel like the opportunity is still there i think i can still pay my own way life will still be fairly but they hurt me regardless what's going on with political atmosphere you know things like that but overall i think i'm optimistic still america i feel is still you know when opportunity but you know things are changing i think that we're definitely at a place right now where things are a little bit crazy but. i would say that we just have to everybody just needs to be on the same page otherwise it's just going to it's going to keep going downhill from here where we go change as a demographic as a whole in this country but sometimes it doesn't seem that way it seems like we're going to traverse sometimes i come across a lot of people that really felt hard target hard time i think people forget how to love and now to help their fellow man. man you know that's going to cause
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a divide because you're not going to understand each other as much. you know at once you is an understanding of your fellow man if you develop a. spiritual understanding of each other. and learn more about each other and. people get along with everybody has been subjugated and you. have. those issues. in some type of solace so that we can grow as words but let's learn how to forgive and that's fine the way so that our children and their children and their children have a better than what we have today everyone is on their own journey all can do is plant seeds and hope in a beautiful flower grows. stephen may not be everybody's cup of tea but neither is max either way our heroes have made their
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dream a reality how did he pay for this porch let's just say the checks in the mail it's all pretty baby it's all going to. the man next. to michael jackson diploma so i know that's not correct it's been quite a journey. of . a very careful ok but. back to the chicken or the proponents of the truth filled with. all maps as usual everything that's perfect according to plan and it all. worked
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out in their own personal private pilgrim. right here. want to do a george washington. you wanted this barge go and do it i've never been so creatively stifled in reality it's it's really quite something. done as our hero celebrate their pilgrimage revolution steven holmes not the american national anthem but the rule britannia. so. i kept blue we made it all the way to the boston. we. actually were and buzzards bay as our heroes sail off into the sunset the great american pilgrimage has finally come to an end after traveling across the nation and speaking with
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everyday american steven imac feel confident that this pilgrimage has started the conversation that will hopefully bring us together is this the end of our story or just the first chapter where will the pilgrimage take our heroes from here. is there anybody out there can you even hear me next time on the great american pilgrimage. now let's go make some other observations of the great american who. this is where the magic happened people the phenolic. but the great american pilgrimage. you know there's an old expression max whenever a basketball player would make a great shot. shout out money but now i'm going to give a low shout out right now it's going to be like this digital. little kid asked. oh
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my papa. you know someday this poem is going to read. is the prince of the pilgrimage. and he salutes. the warhawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles still. produce offspring to tell you that the gossiping type of myself. as he tells me you are not pulling out. all the hawks that we along with all the one. hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud
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american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm not. going to windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have fun meet everyday americans. and closely start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to reputation people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that poor people are no more afraid of the police than of us from the most. you can see something happening in this is
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like i don't want to call the cops let that happen resident call the cops and. lose their lives chasing the same goods on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun so yes unfortunately around and around here we end up playing our guns are told from such precautions to. cut out. that. i thought by the time.
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oh. the stories that shape the week just go on a cold war frenzy in the mainstream media after president. of the nation address. the white house and the country learning a new threat from russian president warning. in the west in particular to mess with russia and he says he's not bluffing. the humanitarian corridor in syria's eastern to allow civilians to try to get a chance to escape continues to come under heavy shelling as of now only two children have managed to leave. going to the polls. immigration and jobs the e.u. waiting what could be a game changing result.


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