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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  March 7, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EST

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we. are watching the harks i am tyrone's with her and i've thought of a lot of teachers strike i know i love this i love that energy in the air mass a group of people say enough is enough we demand our work you know we demand rights with higher wages we get together we organize we push our legislature to make a difference that's that's the essence of what this country in the united states and other countries you know that's the essence of what it's all about sure do you think it's because we you know we grew up with things like teacher strikes and we must drive or strikes and those are major things that may move things along and it was about workers' rights it was about treating people with respect. and now it seems obviously there's been a huge push of the koch brothers. to get rid of of many many many many many aspects of union as a whole i think i think when you it's not the unions were these like bright shiny
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places of gum drops a lollipop so you know learned a lot of them were there lot of bad union leaders and that kind of thing but they're very essence and core of unions is what you need it's work ever i believe every job with the amount of people working that job in every sector should have some kind of union representation absolutely or at least have collective bargaining rights and that's something that we've seen stripped away every night of states and around the world are there some ways everyone had it you know is that a bill of the that a group of employees can get together and say ok as your employees we demand x. and let's negotiate let's talk out what works for you what works for us find some of the middle right there i don't see it like fair and i think people mistake like oh it's better if you just work with your boss on them like no it isn't the reason that you know actors have agents and why when you're going through a real estate deal you hire an expert yes sire someone to be the bad. well you have
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to be and to be the person who looks out for you so that way you and your boss can always have good relationships that our working relationship and negotiating your time off or whatever it is it doesn't become a personal it's the use of the unions or whatever you write representatives who have put pretty interesting his teachers i think that's one of the places to look at it from what i hear it's really unsettling and so the washington post had seven teachers are paid less than in virtually any other place in the country schools have been so financially challenged because of budget woes that students in some districts only go to class four days a week that is foul and disgusting i wouldn't mind if they said hey we're doing this whole thing forty hours a week because we're doing longer day as a reader that's fine but i do not understand like hey we're just on the money to educate you all five days what do you get reading and writing but you don't get written about that you don't get out of that ferrari and oklahoma is one of those places where it was kind of like the republicans kind of make that legislature and
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said we're going to do smaller smaller smaller and smaller government and then i just basically got to the you know god i wouldn't for them to run yet they had the past six years oklahoma has had their funding has dropped by twenty three point six percent this is education for our children public education for our children and you're going to tell me we're going to go out we don't need all that you know and i'm going to talk about the republicans issues in oklahoma but that doesn't look the other side of the two party dictatorship in the united states i want to be there and not just that we're not radical party because when you go to west virginia which is a long time democrat spot the jolie recently went donald trump and went you know like bernie sanders and twenty six t. they hard core bernie sanders hard core donald trump the democratic party was regina after only occupies a third of the seats in the in their legislature but this is after they like ran the place for about eighty so i want to say like sixty seventy eighty years. there
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you know hard core democrats in one thousand nine hundred sixty three percent of west virginia voters were registered democrats thirty percent republicans seven percent independent twenty years later twenty sixteen forty five democrat and the independents grew twenty one percent you see a shift in that place because everyone talks about west virginia is like everyone takes from west virginia they take our coal will they take our resources and everyone's been taking no one's putting anything back in and that's what has that group of people very upset and what's really interesting is. we mentioned earlier you could also wrote it was also the democratic party led by the majority governor joe mansion that enacted corporate tax cuts a decade ago that currently cost the state that's demitted two hundred twenty million oh you're if you put that to twenty million in the issue to stay workers now which is what that strike was over a pay raise five percent payroll you could give every public employee a twelve percent raise that's incredible so these are things he of one group who
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fought teachers fought for a five percent raise and you literally sit back and say all this money you could have given everyone in the whole state is a public employee twelve percent revenue growth that away democrats didn't act collective bargaining there so it's not a right and left problem here it's a politician versus people problem. many good folks here in the united states so i often find themselves asking why does our congress seem so out of touch with the actual problems facing the citizens they represent for the answer to that question one can very easily start with the wealth gap separating elected officials and the people they represent according to open secrets dot org and twenty fifteen it would take the combined wealth of more than eight thousand american households to equal the value of a single federal lawmakers household and nowhere is this wealth gap more parent that in california or three recently really revealed that members of the california legislature are worth a combined four hundred thirty nine. million dollars at least artie's natasha's
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sweet has more from los angeles. in the united states congress there are about twenty millionaires coming from the state of california and their net worth adds up to at least four hundred thirty nine million well california is the most populous state and rent the third most expensive place to live in the country several members of congress receive their fortunes from real estate holdings tech stocks and investment portfolios as well as their spouses now when disclosing their net worth lawmakers are not required to list their one hundred seventy four thousand dollar annual salaries or their property unless of course it's creating their revenue the wealthiest california lawmaker is a republican representative out of vista his net worth is listed at two hundred eighty three point three million he made the majority of his fortune as being the founder of a car alarm giant he also owns ten properties in carlsbad california earning him between five to twenty five million in rental income he's not seeking re-election
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in the coming year and in far away second senator dianne feinstein who is also the wealthiest woman in congress has almost fifty nine million this includes the carlton hotel property she owns with her husband which saw twenty million increase in value last year the democrat faces her most significant challenge for reelection this coming fall scott peters of san diego rounds out as the top third wealthiest member of congress on the lower end of the spectrum representative david ballad out of him for it is the poorest among california lawmakers that area farmer has assets of roughly two million however his hefty lines of credit of at least seventeen million puts him at the bottom of the list when it comes to net worth and there are other california members of congress in the red ten reported student loan debts totally three hundred seventy five thousand representative iraq who holds the majority of that debt as a former e.r. doctor the palm desert democrat. those roughly between one hundred to two hundred
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fifty thousand dollars for his education and now sometimes there are errors when it comes to these reports and many times the lawmakers are merely asked to file an amendment and ethics panel but there is no actual standard as to how this information of their net worth is hilton and los angeles and hottest suites are teen. wow politicians so like us really. wonder if there is that sense of feeling out of touch that when they talk about working class issues that always sends a little vapid because they really have no idea even a two million dollar net worth i got to tell you that they're selling middle class just upper upper middle. look when you when you figure that the average household in the united states is probably you know make him somewhere around what that thirty to fifty thousand dollars a year is about that we have heard somewhere in there and these guys are polling and you know networks of one to two million you get paralyzed over two hundred
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million dollars right and then when you wonder what would you like your previous story and you say well why why would why would unions be being destroyed and things like that why would politicians allow that because millionaires don't like union rights you know as president millionaire business owners and things like that which most politicians are most politicians are either like you know big business owners or more years really when it comes down to it or have their my lawyer. it's you know where we're talking about you know in terms of that gap between and how much it's grown yet the rest of us lose the you know what everybody else is not worth has gone down about eight percent since two thousand and four the median that medium at median net worth of the members of congress was one million about one million twenty nine thousand dollars and twenty thirteen and the majority were millionaires so you've got let me add to that between eighty four and two thousand and nine when you're saying the wealth into mco american family was. dropping the
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median net worth of congress more than double seven hundred thousand dollars i mean . these people are really out a few thousand for their median net worth a member of congress grew fifteen percent since two thousand and four there they make fifty and that's just their general so they're getting richer. this hello dark money and obvious things that the thing it's like you can sit there and cry foul every time somebody says follow the money and well they took money from this person and everything else but if you look at that list and you look at where they're actually making their money and making their wealth you will find connections and i think a proper ethics committee on every of it to really look at that and you would see a lot of people making decisions as a government employee that profit for them only and i would hope that those people of the tossers report who said that their logo was of the emergency you know driver you are doctor who is still paying off student loans to the tune of like a hundred g.'s i would hope that those people in california least the state of
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california would be fighting for student loan forgiveness to be there i think to restructure that they're not and that's the thing let me make that persist but i mean you know the that's the thing it's like we need representation in government and when the people who are supposed to be our representatives live in a completely different world in a completely different bubble that a majority of the people living in this country you don't have representative not for a socio economic scale at all they are not represented in this country the ninety nine percent of this country are not represented by people who understand them who are them who understand their wants needs desires their hopes their dreams they don't this is why we need election reform because it cannot be the only millionaires and billionaires can run for office we've got to change those rules and it starts with you at home getting out there running for mayor get the part of the community and thing in this go to the whole world everybody just of us throw messing lobel problem that as we go to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are to dot com coming up we talk to military industrial complex or
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someone very familiar with its influence former brigadier general of the u.s. army and bestselling author telling stay tuned for watchable. under-performing the stock market oh my god blackstone one arbitrage opportunity amongst yourselves i suggest you short your money into your own corporate balance sheet and then blow your brains out on live t.v. they gave us a kind of fund experience for the financial predatory class. this baby and. this much eighteen votes with your remote. special coverage of the russian presidential election exit polls opinions real time
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results monitoring and much more. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox swiss customs are here permanently all the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. opposite it is from is all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani i can't boards unsold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet
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commercially discreet felt but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. the u.s. department of defense is the world's largest employer with over three million people worldwide under their command and employment and many wonder how they balance the needs of soldiers with the needs of capitol hill former brigadier general tony tait out for the united states army and the author of direct fire the fort and his captain jake may he again thriller series joined us recently to get
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his take on reforms they did within the u.s. armed services and after soldiers return home from war always a pleasure having you on sort of thank you so much for coming on beard. i wanted to start with an interesting interesting question from an interesting man i don't know if you're familiar of the medal of honor winner was a major marine corps major general smedley butler who back in the one nine hundred for those of you that don't know and he authored a book called war is a rocket and in that book he wrote i spent thirty three years and four months in active military service and during that period i spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for big business for wall street and the bankers i wanted to ask you in your experience is that still a problem today you know does that kind of money corporate influence that we know pulls so many strings in washington you know how much of a role does that play in the day to day business of the pentagon and where we
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choose to operate around the world you know i think that's a great question particularly watching the hawks you've got to watch this race and we have to ask this question continuously and then as in i'm familiar with the general's comments in his book and and when when he fought and war won for example the defense spending was forty percent of gross domestic product forty percent of g.d.p. today weren't five percent of g.d.p. and so i think that it may help frame the discussion a. a little bit where back in the day what he probably saw was a lot of you know contractors and businessmen and so forth maybe go into the bank and today it's much more scaled down and it's much more streamlined and we still do have issues with when you know the block order controversy is a good example where are they they became too powerful they i know when i was a commander in afghanistan and you had some contract personnel come through terrain
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that you had worked six months to secure the friendships in the villagers in the in the local mayor and all that and then they blow through and shoot some people you're back to ground zero negative turf because they're all americans and it's all the same thing to the indigenous population so there's some of that that needs to be watched and sure you know this is what inspectors general do and what you know we all the audit trail stuff or. yeah there's probably a little bit of that but forty percent of g.d.p. versus five percent g.d.p. i think that's. you know we're not spending as much and relative relation to the size of the economy which is why i like right now we're not having rubber drives that sort of things like that so make some contacts stand there right what's interesting is just how big that even if we had so you know like you said i think
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a lot of it's private contractors we've talked a lot about because they don't fall under exactly the same. loyalty or i think honor in the field when you're there for a paycheck i think it's a little bit different and one of those is that's just gotten so big they're much like the banks so the u.s. defense department has three point two million employees it makes it one of if not the biggest employer in the world right we spend more on defense than the next eight countries combined with this big amount. money and with so much bureaucracy which all of us would like to see effects and so much bureaucracy and so much spending it to me feels a little like the big banks where i feel like is there or is it impossible to draw down our military at this point because of how bad it is from contractors to the banks to all this sort of interchange of military industrial complex is another great question you know that and i'm glad that we're having these conversations
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because they're important conversations when you think about the size of the military you know gulf war one about eight hundred thousand and change troops in the army today word forty five around five hundred so the scaling of the army very intentional by the framers of the constitution by the way that's raise an army but maintain a navy and very very much project power but always be wary of a large standing federal army and the right that's one of the things that the framers constitution put in there and so as we see the accordion effect of you know we're going to war so we increased the size of the army we got up to around five eighty i want to say during iraq and afghanistan because we needed it and now we're you know we we drop that down about eighty thousand so you see the scaling of the active duty reserve and national guard forces and then there are so that's about half of the you know two point nine or three million people that you're talking
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about the other half are civilians and are and so looking at those are is always every new administration that comes and says we're going to take a hard look at you know the size of this bureaucracy and i'm sure that the things are being reviewed now i know that when the president president trump came in he put a freeze on hiring so that you could take a snapshot and actually know what you have because there's constant churn and so there's you know the bureaucracy it's always too big. i'm a field soldier former paratrooper and i was always like you know get rid of a few of those. give me one or two more troops you know get rid to give me one and that way you can have more detail a ratio which right now may be a little skewed you know that's that's actually what i was going to ask because it's very it's intriguing i think because these are important questions like you said because ultimately it is you know u.s.
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tax dollars at work so it is the citizens of that army alternately you know there are military and i think the that it's important for these questions to be because and so that's the one thing i want to ask you as someone who's in the fields but a lot of your your time in the service in the field you know how did that bureaucracy become a handicap in terms of being able to operate in the way that you that you hoped you could operate and the you know keep people safe create the best relations you can given the circumstances of wire in a core of a country and you know how invasive was that bureaucracy coming back from what the pentagon says yes so you know when you when you think i see the picture the pentagon here in the background i'm thinking that i wanted to be in afghanistan on the pentagon and you know it's a lot but the i think the relationship is that when when you've got when you're thinking about the importance of the troops on the ground and how it scales back to whatever that support system is you've got the leadership has to make sure that
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that support system is resourcing the soldier on the ground and so for me as the deputy commander general tenth mountain division brigade commander one hundred first airborne eighty second airborne battalion commander i was always as very focused downward on in taking a look at the what my mission was and so at the national level we need to make sure that we're looking at ins ways and means what are the vital interests of the united states and are we are we scaling the military and duster. complex to address those final interests and is that drive in it or is it the military industrial complex and striving to get back to to the you know larger part of the discussion because there is a level bit of greed there i mean you can whenever you introduce businesses into any situation whether it be military or utility utility is what it always prob is going to be the profit driven decision making there's not the big fear to me is that this is what happens when and i say i believe i see it all the time as i see
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too many military decisions made by politicians the you can clearly see trace their roots back to corporate decisions well a great example of this is i think it's a c one thirty aircraft as built in i think all fifty states and i'm right and that way it's never going to go away exactly you know i may have the frame wrong but there are there are aircraft or there are ships or whatever and they provide jobs right and so congressman fight hard for to keep the you know the jet engine made and state x. in the in the wheels made in state wide and so forth and that that's part of what we're talking about here and our jobs important of course are important is is that aircraft important i've jumped out of that one hundred times you know it's a great orator and so i think the fear though is that like what happens whether it's what have some aircraft that you don't actually need right anymore you know like c one thirty is going to be a war that's there for a long time but what happens when you have a piece of american made in all fifty states that the cost
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a fortune right you don't actually need be more but we're continuing the buying cycle because we're worried about and that's where you've got to have an administration and leadership that takes a look at and ways and means what are the vital interests and do are we buying the equipment are we scale in the army in the navy to make sure that we're dressing those vital interests and securing our freedoms and liberties because you know security is a little bit like oxygen you don't really realize how important it is until you don't have it. if you are trying. going to japan and are into robots augmented reality and floating tsunami proof pod like hotel rooms you're in luck the hosts then resort and theme park near nagasaki japan sports a dutch team if you can believe it including could link replicas of dutch buildings to look farms and now a floating sphere shaped tsunami proof hotel room the futuristic capsule can accommodate two to four people with a top floor observation deck and i'll run you about three hundred dollars
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a night the plan is to tote the capsules at night while people are sleeping to a nearby uninhabited island in a more a bay where within the year visitors will be able to visit the island and the battle dinosaurs in a live action augmented reality game which makes sense since hussam busch resort is probably most well known for being the proprietors of the world's first robot staffed hotel. dinosaurs tulips floating tsunami of proof a combination with survival games and a prehistoric base. now at first i had reservations about the idea but surviving a tsunami and dinosaurs pretty sweet i'm just really excited about the velociraptor of the checks in with i know you're right but i want it for you that's what i want i want conversation over last a raptor i'm really. going to go this way any one of those so that i've seen those
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and what's really ingenious about those rooms is that they are these these essential orbs and so if a tsunami hits you're carried along with the really you're not destroyed walls in question and your float sideways i think that's really really in school and you can actually there is there stuff on you can see it online and step four people have safety pod so you can get one of those if you live in snow areas safety pods and dinosaurs that is our show for today remember everyone in this world we're not told or love and love you i am tired robot and on top while it keep on watching those hawks and have a great day about everybody. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education alone high education is becoming just another product that can be bullish and sold but it's
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not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you could. not could these souls. they couldn't. which is the place of students in this business model for college i was born now and i'm extremely more high education the new global economic wall. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want to. have to go to be this is what before three of the more people. interested always in the waters in the. first. both the united states and russia have announced their nuclear weapons posture both countries are in tree
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a new age of war the age of hypersonic weapons are we now in the new arms race. of a gun some is not so is not a good place is not a good country and. children just to get the minister to live bunch of among us would love to sponsor. a visit of this but at the best of list of this is. the state of the culture. of the cult of let's share it with the checking of christmas. just little and bias from the moment of oneself to be a little. full scale of this fossil. play almost anything from a member of any place to not a second hour ride that john said i'm based on. no one can i do not cover with lies
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from security. the francis said to change tactics to tackle reintegration issues surrounding returning his children as concerns linger they become a terror threat that's. also ahead in the program this hour it's revealed that syrian opposition fighters are on washington's payroll the pentagon requested thirty million dollars from the u.s. budget to cover their wages. so named. for life in russia guilty of killing. nineteen workers in the sex industry.


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