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it's against our sovereignty stop now and we have the means to react in very forcefully and it's called defending your sovereignty nothing more than that go ahead george though that's exactly right and that's why he. brought up the issue of the united states withdrawal from the a.b.m. treaty but there's obviously a more to it than that i mean there is also the nato expansion right to russia's borders and there is a you know the essentially now with the constant belligerent anti russian rhetoric now emanating from the western capitals and when you build up arms on russia's borders and you start actually shooting at russians in syria and when you combine that with the russian hysteria. in in washington in london in other capitals then you've got
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a very serious situation and i think you're absolutely right peter when you said that putin is not one to rhetorical flourishes he's not want to exaggerate to bloviate he's not donald trump so he has a very serious person and i think he was putting down a marker and say stop this now before it gets out of control because we mean business exactly if you carry on like this it is going to end badly you know mary the over the years when they were before the negotiations with the iran nuclear deal the pentagon constantly was telling russia that all these in these anti-missile defense systems in poland and remain were many they have nothing to do with you it's all directed against iran and then when the deal is signed they actually admit to that well we still have to keep them there is it because of russia well yes because ok i mean this is the kind of relations and partnership russia has with nato you can't believe what they say ok or they talk out of both
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sides of the mouth at the same time with russia would putin did exactly what he promises has promised the russian people that a war will never be fought on this country soil ever again and he's making sure that happens go ahead mary. well i think that there is a perpetual problem between russia and nato as to who is on defense and who is on oftens and who acted first and we saw this most graphically and most recently with ukraine but we've seen it all before with the expansion of nato and we've seen it since ukraine with the strengthening of the nato presence in the border states in the in the baltic states in poland where it said that this needs to happen as a reassuring defensive act on nato as part because of what they see as the increased threat from russia and then of course you go to moscow and russia says well we've got all this sort of advance presence suddenly in the new countries of
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nato and we have to defend ourselves against that at which point nato starts talking about you remember the big or maybe not quite so big russian military exercise last summer which was completely hyped by nato spokesman and western ministers which turned out to have been a fraction oh they were too and of course mary these things these exercises are player now and still in advance they were made public observers are allowed to come again this hype here i mean also daniel you know what also on top of it here you have lethal weapons being sold to the ukrainians if you look at the the pentagon's nuclear posture review it discusses the possibility of a first strike this is throwing away his entire history of arms control not only did they rip up the b.m. treaty they're actually even going further there's no interest in the west about
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a new start to intermediate weapons and they're no there's no talking about that ok again this is one of the reasons why putin said what he had to say go ahead dan you . you know i think the the anti-ballistic missile batteries in poland and romania that you referenced earlier was also about enabling a western for a strike prohibiting retaliation i think president putin said it many times before this is not about defense this is to enable offense but you mentioned earlier you know hysteria and i think the u.s. is is under such a cloud of mass hysteria but i it's palpable you know this past week in italy there were elections where the non-mainstream parties did very very well and some one joke how soon until explained on russia well and today already has just a day later played on russia by none other by samantha power by samantha power and here's here in italy are parties that were elected on an anti immigrant anti
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immigration policy why might it be concerned about immigration because samantha power herself was in favor of regime change in libya and syria and elsewhere that created the refugees so no matter what happens no matter the fact that power is behind this problem no it's all russia and that's what's happening in the u.s. it really is a mass hysteria in this country ok twenty seconds georgia mean no matter what the president of russia has to say has to say it's going to be taken into a specific context go ahead twenty seconds before we go to the break. yes always specific context then because it's always assumed that russia is an aggressor power in it because it's the that is the propaganda trope and therefore there is no context whatsoever in which you know what is it that what the west to provoke this very different resort let me jump in here how we're going to we're going to go to a hard break and after that hard break we'll continue our discussion on russia's new
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weapon state with. this baby and. this on march eighteenth vote with your remote to zante for special coverage of the russian presidential election exit polls opinions real time results monitoring and much more. the church secret indeed carefully priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it literally like to call this the do graphic solution. what the
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bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous. highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that has not been as the i intend. to use this out and. failed. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education. high education is becoming just another product that can be pulled and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you could. really
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couldn't. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely bored high education the new global economic war. it's been almost fifty years since we've had human beings on the surface of another planetary body and i hope that we could actually put together an international room or exploration initiative much like we have the international space station consortium and together the countries of the world cooperating with the private sector could afford to get back into real space exploration and i think that would that would create a lot of excitement. welcome
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back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some of russia's new weapons. ok not to go back to mary in london and i'd like to ask all of you basically two questions in this part of the program. how the russians implicitly at least acknowledge that there is a new cold war and very importantly mary you said you watched it. putin big reach out his hand to say there's still time to sit down and talk instead of all of the bluster ok because i think we are in a new cold war i think we're going to find a new term for it because it's not ideological it's like more like a nineteenth century great power struggle but at least in those days you recognized and had respect for the other powers that's not the case today so those two
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questions really new cold war and can the west reach out and say and sit down with the russians on these issues go ahead mary well my personal take on this is that actually we're not in a new cold war we're in something rather different we're in more of a sort of psychological stand off i think and i'm quite reluctant to refer to what's going on as a new cold war but i think implicitly you could read into what putin was saying and his approach that from russia's perspective it is treating this at least a bit like a new cold war and one of the things that i thought was so interesting you pointed out that he was calling for talks and saying you know there's still time for talks but one of the one of the things i found quite telling about that was that he accused the west and the americans in particular of refusing to talk after the application of the a.b.m. treaty and. numerous as russia said. expressions of
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interest in holding talks with the americans the americans said no we're not going to talk and there's the clip of putin speech which was broadcast which was singled out a lot by russia watchers including by me where putin says well they didn't listen to us before they'll listen to us now. and i think that was in a way it was. it seemed to me that it was less of a threat than it was an expression of being very keen to be seen as an equal player to want to sit around the table with the americans on an equal basis and that the development of these new weapons a new entitlement to sit at that table and that the united states had to listen you know well daniel i mean you in russia is a very important nuclear power let's all face it ok we have an entire history of
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arms control agreements because because of the possibility of. of a mistake a miscalculation that's why we have these agreements but they're running out running out in two thousand one hundred twenty twenty one and then we will have none of these things here so i think it was prudent to reach out. but will the united states do it because considering the environment particularly in the united states i mean. trump has his hands tied i mean this is on these issues he cannot do anything go ahead danny. well i think you know certainly a brilliant move by the neo cons they put in put him in a box they have prevented him from fulfilling any of his campaign promises if he moves or even says putin without spitting he's there he goes again he's on putin's payroll so it is a disastrous to the question of whether in a new cold war i would almost say i'm not the first who said this that we're actually in
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a new hot war during the cold war. the better minds in washington were doing their best to prevent an active conflict because russia is literally a threat as you point out because it has nuclear weapons in this new hot war with russia where russians are dying by the way you have people that are pushing usable nukes we need usable nukes in europe to fight another war with russia this is it's no longer the dr strangelove that would make fun of these are the people that are in power now so i think it is a far more dangerous situation than it was in the sixty's because george in the during the original cold war there was a code of honor you don't fight each other you use proxies and as daniel has pointed out we maybe we'll find out the truth because the pentagon is pretty economical with the truth find out if they are actually intentionally targeting russian contractors and in syria you know george let me ask you something. i know the americans would hate this idea but why don't we have
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a global arms control agreement on nuclear weapons so you bring in the chinese also bring the nato countries that have the bomb india pakistan israel it doesn't it it made it but it has it in everybody does know that and even north korea now see the way it is global and everyone knows the rules of the game but the americans would never allow that to happen because in the case of the neo-cons negotiation is appeasement go ahead george. yes yes you know i think that's an excellent idea at all it was always a very strange that the only participants in these nuclear disarmament negotiations were used to be like the united states and the soviet union whereas britain and france and china or the other nuclear powers they were just. out of it they were they weren't considered but i just going back to what daniel said i think that. he's absolutely right i mean that this is a more dangerous situation than was the case during the cold war because during the
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cold war i mean there were the crises in berlin there was a crisis in cuba but other than that it never looked as if the united states and the soviet union would actually get into a shooting war i don't think that one can be so blind as a today the situation in ukraine i think is is quite serious and the americans seem quite happy to escalate this they are in syria again situation is quite a dangerous there americans are shooting at russians any one of these could spiral out of control so the front lines of this new. cold war are now much closer to russia and. another much more dangerous so and i think which wasn't.


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