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both the united states and russia have announced their nuclear weapons posture both countries are in tree a new age of war the age of hypersonic weapons we now in the new arms race. in your column say that. something is good in kosovo all but for about a solo in a ball all but fall for crimea. or whatever. and either the principle is good or the principle is bad has to be apply equally and that is being done. enough done some is not is not a quick place is not a good country. because if the minister philippa she.
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loves. a visitor that's good at the message this is. the title of the co-chair. of the. list with the from the czech university has. just the embrace from a fellow muslim of oneself to be a little. mostly album slow slow. play almost anything from the bible and he faced a lot of that kind of odd that john said i'm based on the credit tightening can i do not do that i would lose the last contract matter how not it came. from a shallow. fucking on the canal he was almost feeling now we're going to fuckin on the. cuckoo seducer to the sun enough i was going to show you the suv i don't want to go to the susan then i cannot. boyce's in this or the one of the street the. other you have a lot of risk to see others who are supposed. welcome
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back arguably there's now no more critical issue regarding bricks in the status of northern ireland a border down the middle of the irish sea is actually being imagined in the national conversation about borders trade and migration that's why leaders of sinn fein met for urgent talks with chief negotiator michel barnier in brussels on monday and in the past twenty four hours it was the turn of the u.p.a. the protestant body that is the electoral reason to raise them a as prime minister of britain joining me now is a member of the northern ireland affairs committee and shadow devi spokesperson on human rights and health jim chairman jim thanks for coming on and going to be here underground any concerns that information has more leverage in brussels and when it comes to these border issues. are not the largest party in northern ireland we are we have a relationship. with that are much the government here westminster were so tight
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and had a candidate in the northern ireland that lies at westminster and i'm just well the at what stage the republicans aren't will have a dose of reality they want a soft border we want a soft border where you know some let's do it well that's a sign of any irish deputy prime minister has already cost down to resume his plan for you know hardboard what they hope to achieve out of this because most of their trade for the proportion of the kid for the public arm is with the medicaid and on the mainland we depend on each other northern ireland inside of our and i didn't understand myself maybe you can explain it to each resume answering a question on the border it could be like usa and canada an example to countries that have no customs union but there is a border between the us and canada yeah i mean what i mean by you but i think with be honest i mean at this one time there is a border between north and out of the republic of ireland and might be online and i'm up at maybe a geographical. a marker on the. yes but because
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as a staunch parent it's we i can walk across that nuri and they and they. undock and i can cross a border of the don't need all. the donegal as well minute drive from seattle to vancouver no no no you can't i don't i don't think you know but i don't i'm. that was an example propped up one of our best examples. of a way of doing that like it or not i think she has united on large proportion of not all of our party that they at this moment try. to support her and where she is so calm we. the number recognition of it's. the present and see ms relationship with the car has a corner on the p.s. and i on probably m i five where we could have a security type border as well we have the administrative way of buses going from from your nards or from from puerto darren or for mana across the republic i think we could do because we've got
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a house with so it's not possible i put this question is it not possible they could tell you that while the governor is saying the north is always the only acceptable for you then for a line down the irish sea so that your business is in your constituency or trailer really not be a boarder and the r.t.c. and mr coburn a in the surf on a car and then everyone else better realize that ny but it will be a hard border because of another in educating a great britain and northern and then it will be a hard border because their public aren't on the set right to have thought so they get it out in running all of them and it is brussels running the destiny of your country as you know they were the death of our culture has been run by by the house of commons well it isn't our friend still bonnie and go ok well what about the good friday agreement if it does turn out to be hard to do you've said since i will soon as it has been on this show says. the tory critics of the good friday agreement are right do you believe that the agreement is failed as long as you position fame.
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holds holds ulster back i would have thought that the good friday agreement the relationship between the north now and then united kingdom on the republic of i will be all that will will falter yeah absolutely and tourism is completely conversant with the do you people will you allow her to be prime minister and then there's this spring supplementary estimates that as we voted in parliament and if they vote it down you guys are going to give the money back no no no we admitted we will that we have an agreement with them for one point four billion pyne that will be for the benefit of all the people in northern ireland and this number of projects probably thirty projects or three broadband is one of those issues that were there actual money for the health service it has been going through you have a window is this twenty million going because there's been some worries that you are you would be privileging protestant communities with twenty million for local services over catholic that everybody everybody gets heads toward isn't sitting on
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everything but everybody gets the advantage of the health service every biggest advantage of the education so if we put money into and the health everybody benefits ok you're also the spokesperson for human rights do you see the j in the european court of human rights as failings. certainly will be very pleased. whenever we leave in the thirty first of march twenty nineteen that we no longer relationship with a the european court of rights they no longer have a say what happens ok thankfully there's been very little final months while all the talk has been very fortunate borders down the sea and all the rest of it i understand you offer an amnesty i couldn't believe when i read it but you know for an amnesty for volunteers i'm certainly not defacto because of your view that an amnesty should be given overall no what i've been very careful what i've said and done to all of my party. that it's wrong. percy
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those who. worn the uniform. are then head of the credible for. incidents or whatever they may be have taken many many years ago i feel very very strongly. but a lot back and why is it he's been pursued many many years afterwards why is it soldiers and police officers are pursued for issues and for the value of an amnesty own rules and for those who have worn the uniform should not be pursued so i would suggest only an amnesty for the british only not to notice them sitting on almost a four ira terrorists as well and i will say for those who have tried to murder isn't that break the good friday agreement i think it's common sense that those who have tried to protect society who have consistently done so. and uniform i believe that they should not be pursued for her legacy issues that should feel and it almost felt they should be in charge of thank you thank you very much. well we just heard shouted your piece spokesperson on human rights and elf jim sherman calling
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for an amnesty for soldiers during the troubles yesterday thirty years ago three of them people known as the gibraltar three were shot dead by some of those soldiers joining me now is jim fein m.p. pull mask people things for coming on just take us back and remind us what happened thirty years ago this week you said yourself that thirty years ago three on arm and officials as individuals were shot dead on the straits of gibraltar and i think it was a terrible terrible time in the history of our because even those three individuals were killed and brutally killed and slammed on the straits of gibraltar it's just that there's off that that follows was really hard and hurtful for the communities and back and belfast start in west belfast where i represent a number of people came from very hard as my people died over a period of days even trying to get the bodies home the families experience great difficulty trying to get the bodies their loved ones back from jupiter and i think that's how anybody calling for almost a for people who killed three on a. and people as well as more heartful i think people should think twice before
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they say remarks they got of course john didn't go for those particular three but in general your being go to human rights is a lot and the news of the move would have a practice that they said. operation flavius was not a conspiracy they were all killed as part of a reflex action well i don't know that there has been legal disputes over the years but the fact of matter is they were three on armed and the federals who were brutally killed and the straits of gibraltar sense that. has been saying quite explicitly now and casting doubt on the good friday agreement saying continues the way it is why should it be particularly a obstacle for the brics process and just for seeing the possibility of the end of the good friday agreement over these negotiations and has worked hard and always work hard we are one of the creators of the good friday agreement here that the u.k. weren't shown fairness worked hard over many years to tactical trade agreements and others also to build equality modernism and that israel deep
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a have worked in the opposite direction i mean most of the agreements and most of their backs to all those agreements are equality b.s. and rights b.s. and do you hear opposed that why they opposed what are they opposed to what are they afraid of the rates be a society and a society passed on equality they have to answer that i don't know but they're the ones who've been caught it in my theory where they can't their spokespeople even and recent as can't even agree with each other they deny all that but i should ask you because we have twenty million is reported of the billion pound bunker bribe as it's been described to keep to resume as prime minister of this country. seeing it in catholic areas he said that the money was not as will be doled out in a sectarian fashion you know it's quite as nice but i have spoke to you about their so-called benyon pine nobody seemed to say now i have a twenty million in health and maybe there are no figures or maybe some figures or maybe twenty. you see in a lot of time a constituent i partially haven't seen on it i don't know where it's went to and. the big eighty four is over because they told us that they were the seavers of our
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economy that the told us that they were going to be deceivers where they got an answer by them until you are block grant no one has seen that i mean i've met with members of the peace corps and that hasn't been put our young is being given importance and there is no i don't think it would ever be. put on a sectarian manner and if it is certainly shouldn't be and we will stand certainly have a very close watch on over that process if that money ever comes because it's a big if no one has seen any of it yet but i know off your imagine the fact that it could be twenty million dollars maybe said it could be fifty million again those figures i don't know what is crack epidemic but it started is nowhere near by them and has been put into our economy as five important to say that the british government has taken well over a billion already block grant over recent years they have crippled some of the market is bringing it back so really do you know what they haven't thought about it ok but during that may has at least ruled out a halt border repeatedly which seems to suggest it's very nebulous all of this that
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it would have to be the european union that puts up the checkpoints just describe what that would mean for your communities and the border communities well first of all i would be opposed to checkpoints our party in fact many citizens trade across the majority of citizens right across the end of are and will be opposed to checkpoints because people work too hard to remove british checkpoints from over the years hence the peace process to good friday agreement subsequent agreements i don't know what treason may have says i don't even know where treason may get in the old arguably and we brussels putting it well but i mean what has ships what actually has she said what proposals has she put in table as clearly up to her. home and put proposals because now over to her the ball is in her court because the europe has committed and says what they would like to see they would certainly don't want to anybody can say that the region free and call and really you don't think you're seeds of wisdom and so you have the power and the. to put maybe a border down the hill middle of the irish sea where we don't have the party supporters after all what you've always what they'll do well any political party will go into elections obviously to try and get as money
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a lack of proper sound as possible tool that you can put your politics to the fore but with regards to the chevy and have them be enough chances payson westminster bridge over twenty seven thousand people photos for me and the last election not to take my seat i'm not going to break my promise to the twenty seven thirty two whether it was just that thing else or voted for united i looked of course and in the arab world it would have been a photo for a lot of other different reasons as well because maybe a few delivery with regards to some of the constituency issues also but the fact of matter is i stood on stance to take it i'm going to break my promise to the laboratory elected me and the other six m.p.'s from sheffield do you think a hard border would mean they were inevitable return to violence in the present i hope not i mean we have worked very hard for a peace process we have worked very hard to sustain the pace and we'll continue on the road to make sure that there is a peaceful society not only for this generation for but for generations to come as very important but what i do know that backs it will be that the mantle to everyone right across the end of our and we come back a fan as opposed working away to get rid of borders that's exactly what we will
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continue to do in the future that's what our tosses to make sure that there's no border on the environ we want to reduce borders we want to make sure that the people from the environment and do their business right across the lack of it and we also want to work with britain as well we want to treat it we want to make sure that we have the maximum amount of return for our citizens and that's working with people right across but to do that we've always argued that there has to be a special need a status for the in the bar and the north of and more importantly in the european union i would actually call into the work to ensure the. borders in the in the band or anywhere else but also call on trace and may put your proposals or what you propose on the table up the nih no one knows what she is talking about no one knows what her proposals are and i think that's quite dangerous because there's on certain order and when they're on certain outer and then there's always that.


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