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tv   News  RT  March 7, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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the resolution that was passed specifically allowed for the continuation of anti terror operations fighting against al qaida al nasra isis groups like that is not included in the cease fire and these operations are allowed to continue and based on who has control of territory in eastern guta it could be argued that the continuing operations are anti terror operations which according to the resolution are permitted to continue now turkey has also continued its operations in northern syria saying it considers the kurdish forces there to be terrorists and that the resolution does not apply to them now we have heard news that the first humanitarian relief is reaching people in eastern goods at this point the red cross and red crescent as well as a un relief is reaching people and this was done during the five our humanitarian pause in the fighting in eastern that's being implemented by both russia and the syrian government however at the same time we're hearing that the civilians in
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eastern guta are not being permitted to leave they're basically being blocked from leaving through the humanitarian corridor or they're being trapped in essentially the rebels are using them as human shields and essentially holding them hostage now there have been some reports that some civilians have been able to escape and that basically a humanitarian convoy was able to pick up seventeen civilians from eastern guta recently so that's seen as a breakthrough for humanitarianism and a success for getting civilians out of the area so now as as the fighting continues in eastern guta we're hearing a lot of very heated allegations accusations are being made fingers are being pointed however all eyes are on the upcoming security council meeting this emergency meeting has been called will be taking place very shortly and we'll be hearing from different countries and they will be debating and talking about the implementation of this resolution that was passed for the ongoing fighting in eastern guta so all eyes are on the security council as we await the upcoming
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meeting and we will have to see want to said during that meeting things kind of more than that and putting from new york. meanwhile the pentagon has requested millions of dollars in order to pay salaries to thousands of members of rebel groups in syria more on that story after this break. both the united states and russia have announced their nuclear weapons posture both countries are in tree a new age of the age of hypersonic weapons now in the new arms race. it's been almost fifty years since we've had human beings on the surface of another planetary body and i hope that we could actually put together an international
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lunar exploration initiative much like we have the international space station consortium and together the countries of the world cooperating with the private sector could afford to get back into real space exploration and i think that would that would create a lot of excitement. welcome back to the program it's been revealed the pentagon has requested money from the u.s. government for paying the salaries of at least ten thousand syrian rebel fighters washington now hopes it can assemble a force of sixty five thousand militants despite the crushing failure of the previous train and equip program. one key element of the strategy to defeat isis is
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to train equip sustain and enable elements of the vetted syrian opposition these forces are projected to total approximately sixty to sixty five thousand and sixty five thousand these spare me would be bigger than the canadian or straightly and militaries and. yet there already three warring armies in syria the pentagon is planning on equipping and providing this puppet force with everything but there are underwear tens of thousands of new rifles machine guns mortars millions of rounds of ammunition thousand vehicles and don't forget this seemingly going to pay their salaries two to four hundred dollars a month it's all in the new counterterrorism fund request it says clearly once isis is this true it this new army will stabilize and patrol the territory it holds near
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enough a third of syria which measures well with washington's plans to stay in syria indefinitely keep the country split up and prevent assad from winning but there are questions like where is the us going to find thirty thousand more moderate rebels when it couldn't find ten can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remains it's a small number. the ones that are in the fight. we're talking four four five the last time the us trained equipped and sent forth a rebel army they all promptly gave up their guns and joined al qaida they spend hundreds of millions on that by the way was really embarrassing any way you look at it this means more war it says so in black and white the us will only train and equip vetted syrian opposition and hope that this time they don't all turn out to
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be islam ist radicals. in the document the pentagon says it will monitor the use of alms and supplies to the rebels wherever possible but analysts we spoke to believe there are no guarantees that weapons what end up in the hands of extremists well i think they want to create and in fact that this is really what they have state is that they want to create conditions in syria. where the country is still divided i mean the record of the u.s. and the cia's operations and syria is just you know the people they have supported all along have seen extremists this was the u.s. goal all along to militarize the conflict to pour in foreign fighters and weapons across the turkish border and this is this was the u.s. policy we don't know who these forces are clearly some of them are going to be some
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of the. forces the opposition forces which are involved in. the struggle of their struggle against the syrian government but it's our laws but the forces which were trained by the united states. proved to be in effect. a loss. to weapons sometimes they decided to join. forces that were fighting against the ones use send weapons story. country is facing civil war criminal longer control those weapons and that's. a problem. for the russian policeman label the sign period has been jailed for life for a series of grisly murders which have shocked the nation the fifty two year old had been described as a model employee and the perfect husband but i've been living
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a sinister double life for almost two decades. thank. there with her school special. edition of. the state.
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thank. you. thank. you couldn't even you know to do those and you will. was annoyed grappling with them to be truthful with you. which i would just want you to see them do and. thank. residents in the u.s. states of the mountains fighting against having a fleet of thirty five fighter jets station nearby the people of the internet say
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they are deeply concerned about noise pollution and safety to make their feelings loud and clear campaign is use giant speakers to blast out the sound of the flying jets in the city center. a number of protests were held last week against the f. thirty five bass bass made one high profile arrest during the activists one of the co-founders of the ice cream brand ben and jerry's ben cohen local air force bosses have already spent around eighty three million dollars preparing the base for the jets and the vermont national guard said on tuesday night that the f. thirty five s. still shuttle to arrive in the autumn of twenty nineteen the airport in burlington is located in a very heavily densely populated area so there are one hundred twenty four thousand people that live within about four miles of the runway. was put on
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a demonstration of what sounds like and people came running out and said this is horrible my children my animals my family it is not appropriate for a city it's one of the causes of heart disease it's a cause of cognitive impairment in short according to the best medical studies what happens is children have delayed reading learning disabilities memory and concentration become impaired they have thirty five jet program is the most expensive u.s. weapon system today with an expenditure around one point five billion dollars and yet as of two hundred eighty aircraft haul for a still grounded america. seven allies are currently implementing the stealth strategy operations with the fighter jets nine countries were involved in the f. thirty five development but it's been
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a bumpy ride repeated production delays and cost overruns have plagued the project along the way from donald trump to the pentagon's own chief weapons tester the f. thirty five has been getting more flak than fans and described now as being too big to fail here's the co-founder of the protest movement in burlington again. b. of course didn't make this decision to base f. thirty five fighter jets in the city of burlington based on the facts so we don't want an f. thirty five based here it's going to be damaging to the people of vermont it's going to be in it's going to make us a collaborator with any kind of foreign intervention the president decides on. palestinians in a district close to jerusalem's old city say their lives are being ruined by an excavation project israeli archaeologists and settlers have been tunneling under buildings in the neighborhood in search of the ancient ruins of the city of david
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and their activities appeared to be causing devastation above ground. after the excavation work started for the ground began to sink our houses bringing about twenty centimeters to watch shine and the water started to crack the floor has also granted. them to have it done a look at the house she read until it collapses under children on my son and his wife look at the destruction look at how crooked the house is they could have lost
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their all broke in the roof once fallin on my grandson. hear them working at night and the thing all starts to shake of course i'm against . this is our home that we're also supposed to go norma can stop them well this is what they want they want the arabs to leave this home so that they can take them she didn't blame the limit because she. didn't have. time for the many years we've been complaining but no one helps us no one day we felt the house moving so we called the police they made us all leave but it rains now water lands on the front ship we have lost everything there is nothing left for
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us. nice round up for now i'll be back at the top of the out with go away. match geysers financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert music as quite easily. to keep in mind though as a tremendous pleasure to watch guys record. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all children but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you're one of us he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to tell me that eighty percent of the.


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