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that if any russian ally is attacked that there is going to be a response from russia so if this gambit succeeds the world is looking forward to a period of unparalleled peace peace because there is no alternative . around one hundred ninety military troops have been deployed to the. probe into an attack on a former russian spy and his daughter according to the u.k. so circuitry so again screwball of his daughter you'll remain in critical condition of his police the details all the focus of the investigation appears to have shifted over to the cemetery where there are the remains of the script files wife and son who both died in over the past few years and police have denied that they have touched or exude the remains of either of the bodies of of the wife
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or the son of sergei scriptural however a tent a police tent has gone up and people have seen police officers removing objects from the scene the other major development is that the military has been deployed to help with the investigation and there are specialists and contamination experts who are helping to remove vehicles and items from the scene including ambulances that may have come into contact with this agent and been contaminated while assisting the victims the home secretary amber rudd was in seoul very a little bit earlier on as well that is of course the town where this all unfolded and west gate square powell lived take a listen to what she had to say i understand people's curiosity about all those questions and wanting to have and there will be a time to have those answers but the best. to get to them is to make sure that we
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give the police the space that they need to run also visited the hospital wes and his daughter and also the police officer that came to their assistance are all being treated and speaking of medicine the police and wilcher have said that as many as twenty one people have been treated in connection to potentially coming into contact with this nerve agent so west seeing an extensive investigation unfolding and at the same time extensive media speculation which just isn't letting up in case you haven't heard about who may be behind this attack take a look at what's being said bad things have been known to happen to russians who cross vladimir putin the fact that a nerve agent was use strengthens the likelihood that this was a state sponsor of some sort and russia is the chief suspect of course the u.k. has turned a blind eye to assassinations on its soil and has instead tried to protect the kremlin and the speculation isn't limited to the media some of the politicians here
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have been indulging in it as well despite the words of the home secretary not to keep a cool head and not to speculate about it a lot of backbench m.p.'s have been talking about it pointing the finger of blame at russia some of even going as far as accusing russia of instigating an act of war if this indeed does lead back to the kremlin some of even used it as an excuse to call for more defense spending in the face of an ever greater russian threat moscow isn't very impressed with all of this. being accused not only of this western partners accuses of basically everything that's going wrong on this planet it's not serious it's just blatant propaganda and hysteria sergey lavrov added that in case anyone is interested russia is willing to help out with the investigation.
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when harris county from the conservative think tank the boat group believes we're facing a dead end situation. it is obviously very concerning a british police officer was also very seriously injured i am someone who does not believe that either russia or all the united kingdom has anything to gain in conflicts or even sour relations regardless of what the political establishment says the vast majority of the british people don't have any issue with russia or all russians or vladimir putin they do not want conflict between russia and the united kingdom parts issues like this really do upset the british public and i think it is very unwise for if it is indeed the case that there has been state involvement. for for that sort of thing to be pursued because if. russia and the british people are able to engage with each other i think we can
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very quickly get out of this. cold war to cul de sac that we've gotten into. donald trump a school money off guard agreeing to meet the north korean leader on the recently the two engaged in a bitter twitter spat over who had the biggest new clear button it more than explains heard the announcement and now we have confirmation from the white house that yes a meeting will take place between kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump now this would be the first meeting between the head of state of the united states and the government of north korea their head of state this is quite a surprise to many people we've heard secretary of state rex tillerson who recently said that the u.s. it was a long way away from any negotiations with north korea i don't know yet until we are able to be ourselves face to face with. representatives of the world.
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whether the conditions are right to even be in the queue because it's arms of direct talks with. the united states and the u.s. negotiations are world always from goes to asians and furthermore we've seen that the united states recently imposing new sanctions on the country now there's also been quite a heated exchange and war of words between the two leaders in recent months the. year of strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed. to. make anyone. say. they will be met. by. the u.s. and the next. will to stop this from the korean peninsula. and we can't have
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a mad man out there shooting rockets all over the place have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. russia. is on a suicide mission so no one. uses. donald trump has said that the sanctions recently placed on north korea will remain in place until any agreement is reached and pointed out that in the lead up to the meeting north korea has agreed to freeze any ballistic missile testing any nuclear testing or proliferation so at this point either seems to be a free is in north korea in anticipation of a meeting now we have understood that this meeting will take place before may and
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the location and time are yet to be announced we heard from asia specialist chris o'dowd who told us that he's keeping his expectations low about the upcoming meeting. americans truly want the north groups that get rid of the nuclear weapons the north koreans and on the american military could relieve that. and most of larry very big. and very big the months when i think probably the best thing that could happen as long as our own is that they meets so flu some kind of are all they can agree that maybe they should be less belligerent against each other and maybe this can downplay the threat which will help global stability and regional stability but i think in terms of some run bargain it's unlikely. because brick bring you an update on our breaking news story that just came in at the top of the hour reports say an armed man has taken three hostages at a veterans in napa county california we can show you latest pictures now from
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outside the building in question this has been described as an active shooter situation more details as they come to us we'll bring them straight to you. elsewhere gunshots have been fired as border police conducted a raid on a west bank university outside the city of ramallah a recently elected student representative was arrested in the incident twenty four year old marcus while he was held on wednesday that's according to the university he's a well known pro palestine activist with links to an affiliate of her mass he's already been arrested several times on his porous lear reports from the ground i'm hearing visit to university outside ramallah in the west bank now during daylight hours israeli commandos who belong to the border police and a couple unit came into this university they tackled to the ground the head of the
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student representative council who is also a member of and that's now the israelis regard him as a terrorist organization and said that they believe that all mar twenty was involved in terror activity. as they had him tekel to the ground they started firing bullets in the vicinity. of. the israeli commandos into the university through this entrance there was any israeli army units that was positioned outside here and as you can see this is where the gods sit they detained the gods in their room while the commandos themselves came into the university campus they came into the main part of the campus which is here and in front of the student representative council they tackled all markets twenty to the ground level . what is clear is that they entered this university in what the campus administration says was in violation of international law they have called on the academic community to condemn israeli actions pointing out that this is not
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an isolated incident. r.t. outside ramallah. if your reaction to the incident from dr saad nine remember the right of education committee at the west bank bear site university this is an outrageous operation against the palestinians and especially against the palestinian indication it's well known fact that university usually are immune of such interferences and no police or government or even army usually enter the university especially during the day or so the way they did it as a verse to in the first place it's every relation also for the rights of the journalists you know there are soldiers trained soldiers but they are dressed like christina and list like really senior journalists it's just just a crazy kind of thing to do differently this students are going to attack you once you are inside events that are sitting there council leader elected and getting him
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out of the university and having all these soldiers inside definitely there will be a reaction that had left us with a shock a real shock first of all they were inside the arrested during the day they were shooting at the students after. a group of unarmed militants serve left the besieged and play the in syria through humanitarian corridors this is after talks that were brokered by russia's reconciliation center with more details at eastern hawkins joins me on the line now don't just take us through that unexpected turn what's happened yeah indeed quite sudden in two pieces of news information coming out of the area as you mentioned thirteen armed militants and their families have left or in the process of leaving through one of those government and russian military organized safety code or checkpoints enabling civilians and fighters to voluntarily leave the area should they wish to do so now
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at the same time the syrian rebel group judicial islam have also released a statement today saying they will be. releasing members of sharm that's the former front former al qaida in syria from the prisons as well enabling them passage up further north of the province one of the last major rebel strongholds in syria we don't yet know if these two pieces of news are linked we don't know where these fighters are from but certainly this looks like a step forward of course bearing in mind that these safe to corridors offered by the russian military the russian reconciliation center and the syrian government to formally bid outright rejected why syrian rebels. who very much got in the way of civilians leaving the area before accusations of shelling of those corridors as well preventing civilians from leaving or of course has come under increased international scrutiny of increased international concern lately due to the dire conditions there for the population do that ongoing battle between pro-government
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forces and rebel groups as well so very much a step forward this could be the start of a major evacuation process although perhaps it's too early to speculate similar to ones we've seen of course in the city of homs in aleppo where negotiations between as we said the syrian government the russian reconciliation center and rebel groups have enabled these groups to leave without conflict will have further updates for you of course as we get more news coming in from pewter hawkins' our correspondent covering the story thank you. now earlier on friday u.n. humanitarian aid did finally reach the besieged enclave of eastern good to the convoy had been delayed by heavy fighting this government forces battled terrorists there according to the latest u.n. estimates the ongoing austerities in the region resulted in more than one hundred deaths in just two days the united nations also called on all parties in the conflict to end the violence we talked to a red cross spokesperson about the latest situation on the ground. the need of
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people remain massive the needs are. two four three four etc you have medical needs you have need for access to good source of food you need also access to clean water you have all sorts of needs inside the water twenty seven thousand five hundred people which the trucks on monday and today were able to provide humanitarian aid to are just a little percentage of what who of the people who need. aid inside the spite the danger that we were facing we were able to finish it quickly and rapidly and able to go back however a danger was still present and that shouldn't be a recurrence if we are able to reach an agreement between all the parties next week to return back to east alter with more and more aid that we know is much needed
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inside. meanwhile around ten kilometers from the district more terrorist attacks on civilians taking place with fresh shelling from eastern guta hitting residential areas of the capital damascus and supporting to russia's reconciliation center as defense ministry says two people were injured in the latest attack such assaults of happened on an almost daily basis since the government forces increase pressure on terrorists anything good or worse some of the priest attacks were far more deadly. for those who were in the shop or work and we heard a sound within known weather if the explosion was close or far away we went outside
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and found people on the scene with injuries that would make anyone literally shot a. man dressed in black a scaled the iranian embassy in london and removed the country's national flag pictures of the most online showing the alleged assailants four men have been arrested in connection with this incident that's according to iran's ambassador to the united kingdom reports suggest they would leave just group was behind the stunt . let's go back to our breaking news story this hour in which reports have said that. three hostages this is a veteran county in california we can show you pictures now this is the footage but we've been showing across channels in the u.s. and this is the scene outside that veteran so it's being called an active shooter situation as fresh details come in we'll bring them to you joining half an hour for
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an update on that breaking news story. thanks for staying with us this evening watching our international. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education. education is becoming just another product that can be born and sold but it's not
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just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you good. luck with this also. going to follow they could ever. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely bored education the new global economic war. hello and welcome to cross talk for all things considered i'm peter lobell it's a global trade war imminent if donald trump follow through on increasing carrots and ending existing trade deals it seems very likely after all this was at the very
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center of his campaign for the presidency it was a promise he made to his base will it make america great again. across talking trade wars i'm joined by my guest mitch firestein in new york he is a fund manager and author of the book planet ponzi also in new york we have and lee she is a former adjunct professor at n.y.u. and her latest book is will china's economy collapse and in brussels we have steve keen he's a distinguished professor at university college london all right crosstalk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate. it to all of you before i ask you first question and i to reflect on something that pat beauty. cannon wrote a couple days ago but title of his articles why is the g.o.p. terrified of terror so this is what he had to say from lincoln to william mckinley to theodore roosevelt and from one harding to calvin coolidge the republican party erected the most awesome manufacturing machine the world has ever seen and
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continuously the us relied on tariffs to convert from an agricultural economy in one thousand nine hundred to the mightiest manufacturing power on earth by one thousand nine hundred. suppose what the president is going to be doing when it comes to global trade let me go to and first reflect upon those words because in the mainstream media it's all gloom and doom i think part of it is because of what it's this president is saying it because we had bush and obama looking at the increasing duties on a number of things and it would focus on quite a bit on china so maybe trump is amplifying it but i think it's still pretty much a political football and in new york go ahead. yes certainly there is some association with trump that's making it unpopular but generally speaking. i think a lot of folks have recognized that a real trade war would really damage u.s. interests cuz the u.s.
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. is very reliant on imports from around the world many u.s. companies have operations elsewhere especially in china and so having terrorists would essentially just hurt their own bottom line and this is basically a boomerang so. why would you want to hurt your own companies is basically how they see it and so i think that there is a growing recognition that that would be a really bad policy. aside from just political rhetoric and so i think that folks. are trying. to raise that point gary cullen may have raised it but it's has been unsuccessful you know mitch you know let's stick with apollo the politics of it before we get into the in a nuts and bolts here is is trump just bluffing the world i mean is it just part of
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his political style i mean it is quite interesting here i mean i think all of us i mean to one degree or another know basic economics obviously trade tariffs are not a good idea we could look at the one nine hundred thirty s. the most recent experience that was a disaster for the global economy no ok steve says no but let me go to mitch here is go ahead. i think yeah i think that there are a lot of moving parts to this that we have to consider and you know whenever you have a complex situation you try to simplify it as best possible like the president uses one word soundbites or one hundred forty characters in a tweet to try to get a message out now what we have going on here is geo political attacks and neo liberalism and its failure over the past thirty or forty years so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have and the united states in the fake news media says that russia is the biggest threat it's a little difficult to fathom that when you think that russia is g.d.p. is somewhere in the neighborhood of one point two trillion dollars and china is up
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near thirteen trillion if you believe their numbers which none of which are probably credible that is one of the biggest threats rather in terms of the amount of money the quantum of money that the united states so as you as you posited is this just a bluff i would say it could be a bluff but we don't really know will it work probably not will it help with the one point two trillion dollars we have outstanding or china has an in our debt in the united states debt. not really sure but one thing is for sure and i've said this many times before you have first of all it started with a currency war i said a currency war will lead to a trade war which could potentially end with a hot war ok steve you are disagreeing. as i was speaking i know we were exactly what i was saying but i like when people disagree jumping go ahead in brussels. well you are saying it so we can all mix in that says tariffs are a bad thing basic economics is wrong and it's been wrong both theoretically and
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empirically for a long long time just to give you a live up the most obvious example of that is the the bank of england in the bundesbank have both come out and said that the why the textbook stage about money creation is frankly wrong and then you get the bank of england saying they've got economist understand money it's a pretty bad start to the credibility of economics so what we've been taught for a long long time is that specialize in is better the most special laws we are the better off we are and empirically that's been a failure there's very good research by god called danny roddick who you should have on the show one day who has shown that countries which have actually industrialized foster are the ones that followed protection for example goods america as you mentioned the only protectionist yeah that's what i meant to americans can assess was right capture. you know it yeah yeah so. the theoretical argument simply wrong it's a very interesting fallacy all sent up in a cartoon book i call it called comics by the way job that i think about specialization and sometimes the light and ignoring the fact that you can't shift machinery from one of the streets to another now what truck trump i don't think of
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one of the stand the pictures in the cartoon book let alone the logic behind it but what he is identifying is the gut feeling of many many people of the sadness of america they've been screwed by tried was examined they rotch they live what we now call the truck the rust belt we call it the rust belt because factories which used to produce stuff there have turned to rust because you simply kamu the industry from still manufacturing to making silicon chips you simply that the machinery rust is saying i'm going to get the jobs back over there now you're not necessarily doing it in intelligent fashion but he has got hold of something that is real and a gut feeling of affects a lot of americans ok who voted for him again because of exactly let me go to and here they are that's exactly what i was thinking too and it will do so i'm going to agree with what you said earlier. at the end they will probably hurt the american economy and maybe hurt the american worker but that's not the perception i mean and this is a campaign promise and he made a lot of promises that i really worried that he wouldn't keep but he's doing it all
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right and so this is again the it's more about perception of leadership and he's speaking to his base ok i don't know what's going to bring those jobs back but if i'm in the rust belt and i hear that there's going to be a tariff on steel even though the u.s. gets only three percent from china but it's still the perception and i think that's what he's going angling on go ahead and. well so let me just respond to what the other person said that yes it's been known that countries need to protect their infant industries in order to grow them to be competitive enough in the global economy and then you let them set them free and compete as hard as they can less or strong enough the u.s. already did that and the u.s. is an industrialized nation u.s. doesn't need to you know protect infant industries because it's no longer infants it's basically you know. old age at this point probably because there are steel
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companies all over the world and if they can't compete with other steel companies in other parts of the world then they're doing something wrong and maybe that's because of you know labor rates being too high here or regulations or who knows what's in store and horse in the good. or bad trade deals like now after that i mean that's why this is a peter peter you know we had mitch peter the trays and you'll. be going to charter is going on let's go to great musician that the the trade deals there are a lot of bad trade deals out there there's cheap e.p. out there that should be shut down and this was all part of a globalized globalization effort so that we have some bad trade deals that need to be scrubbed from the books but we've got to also look at as i said there are a lot of moving parts the crux of the issue is and i agree with steve kean were where he said that you know that part of economic theory has gone amiss and it
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certainly has if you look at the federal reserve's economic modeling it's totally wrong a lot of these are have been totally wrong central bank money printing has hit a fever pitch where they've got ten trillion dollars on their books and they've only produced maybe two trillion ten trillion out of the ten trillion two trillion in quantifiable so that's what a. ratio of five to one or something so we're not getting any organic growth from what they're doing and what they've done is they've destroyed capitalism by printing money quantify the money it is that i think we need to get back if we're going to have if you have been as happy as them we've got it there that's what you're saying it's we can't like what you're saying is it's the financial ization of the economy where it doesn't make anything any don't need anybody if you don't make anything you don't need workers ok this is what's happened here steve before we go to the break you want to jump in there i had him go to steve go ahead in brussels you know why one of the church trump keeps on talking about making bad
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trade deals with the worst tried to america even though it was it was insisting that the american dollar become the reserve currency for the planet because what that meant walls of you getting other countries want to try it with each other they had to buy american dollars above and beyond the demand they had for american goods and that means of course american dollars than it would be if we had what kinds prefers which was the bankole and its national currency and by no country administered through the i.m.f. if that was done america's exchange right maybe twenty percent lower and it wouldn't need to complain about bad competition in manufacturing so there's a lots and lots of ways in which this is being done by america trying to be the exception of the planet and making a stupid try to deal with things like they think made it look good plus there's an enormous excess of still on the global and off due to china's enormous stimulus program and that is part of the reason why america is complaining about dumping and they've got a point ok and let me get it go to you let's start talking about china is this.


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