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and you think and of course you tube is based in a blue state a liberal state progressive state democratic sort of state and those are the sort of people they hire and so the result has been accidental takedown of a lot of right wing republican content well if i can go metta for a moment. america was plowing along under the rubric of manifest destiny for quite some time and the problem here is that america has run out of space you know the runway is cut short there's don't place else to go like the problems that were baked into the cake of the american experience where there was it's racism they know never won a way it's hard coded in the american d.n.a. violence ultraviolence it's part of the american d.n.a. these are severe deep problems in the americans soul but they were able to be ignored because there was as huge a land from sea to shining sea and in that land was room to
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grow and to evolve then you could create some wacky religion like mormonism for example as you know whole cloth and based on the flying spaghetti monster scientology could come up you know it's like there is room for all those crazy stuff but there's no more room or other room in the world has gotten smaller the ecology is shrinking you know the social media ability to foster relationships is runt it's and of course censorship is becoming real all over the world so america is now eating in south america do you know young i forget who said that maybe those girls got hair and i don't know or dr dre they're definitely eating their principles like the foundation. of america even george washington or thomas jefferson who hated the media they did everything they could to make sure it was given free rein even. if they publish lies about them they mention all the
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lies published by the tabloids at the time about nevertheless the lies were allowed because it was important that there were no restrictions at all on media and the article goes on to talk about the d. monetization of a lot of people left wing l g b t q all sorts of people but indeed monetized because it's not consumer friendly thinking people confuse about america it's not faith in god that's kept it going for so long it's faith in freedom and there's a big difference hey we got to go to the second a but first this break very important information totally ignored if you wanted. it so also not accepted. russia and all the us is deciding maybe of what truman companies or european companies are
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investing in or which infrastructure we are building in true money or in europe i think it's a tremendous it's a european this. new global economic will resume folding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right. education. high education is becoming just another product. but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you. literally couldn't be. what is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely bored high education the new global economic war.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max keyser time now to return to wolf rector of wall street dot com the go to guy for insights into the global macro economic picture and what's happening in san francisco and that real estate anyway whoa whoa come back thanks for having me back max. let's dig into more fun financial stuff so trump brought in the tax cuts and of course the democrats were arguing that everybody would hate these tax cuts but in fact
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a lot of people love the tax cuts and tell us what your thoughts are markets have been soaring house prices have been spiking higher wages are starting to rise and the tax cuts. corporations are certainly seeing massive gains can these gays share. buybacks and other boom signals ripple across the economy will. but tax cuts are good for those that receive them and so a lot of you have a pretty broad base a lot of people receive them so a lot of people happy with a little part of them obviously some people are going to get a heck of a lot more in tax cuts and other stay. but you know there are there are problem in many other ways including. government funding requirements are going to soar. that's already happening so you have a large amount of new debt that has to be issued by the government that has to be absorbed by the market this is going to put pressure on the bond market.
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the corporations they have been very busy buying back their own shares that's a that's a. that put some power on an eight the stock market when when we had the sell off corporations were just about the only entity that bought that's not a particularly good thing for the economy when corporations spent their money buying back their own shares so that doesn't help the economy at all. but overall i think you will see some uptick in the economic activity due to the tax cuts. i don't think it will be long term i think the in a b this year maybe going into next year. and i think or we're back to normal here. and then a hand. there are some provisions in the tax law that make homeownership. a lot less tax beneficial and in many ways and so i think that the housing
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market is already feeling some pressures on them not in terms of prices but in terms of while you may have seen pending home sales and in january just crater. that was the first month in which the new tax law is taking effect so home buyers are are starting to look at this i think and so it's a a it's. it's a mixed bag and the housing market is not going to crash like a stock market can't crash it very slow moving housing markets take a long time to change direction so this won't be visible on a national average for a long time yet maybe by the end of the year that we see the first significant declines in terms of prices it may be later yeah maybe next year they will see them so there you know these two kinds of impacts the housing market is very important to the economy if if it starts going down too far. there's going to be a konami issues we know that developers are overbuilding with high end housing
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units all across the country they're not building enough affordable units and given our current prices but they're building the high end unit said the now city make it i mean you have lots of apartments in city like on condos in cities like san francisco and seattle that high end years that are taking you know there's no market for them this will impact the market to go along with changes in mortgage and in the mortgage deduction interest deduction i would think so i think the housing market will be impacted negatively by the tax law corporate share buybacks will be impacted positively i think the bond market will eventually have a day of reckoning because of those. increasing government deficits that need to be absorbed yeah you mentioned the delay in house price reacting to changes in the interest rates or the economy i remember back in one thousand nine
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hundred seven after the stock market crash real estate in new york city didn't fall in a big way until one hundred ninety so it's x. three heirs for that catch up to reality and then we had a severe downturn and property in new york city now what's interesting is that the trump tax reform bill in tax cuts. it hit the blue states pretty hard and it opened the way for some money pouring into the red states it's it's interesting of course trump is from the northeast and yet you would think he'd be friendlier to his friends in the northeast they got hit pretty hard and the states in the in the red states benefited a lot in a seems to be open to making policies that anger what would be his natural base i think some of the caught his comments recently referring to the gun lobby same's to go against everything the g.o.p. has been talking about for quite some time but comments if you will on the way that
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different regions in america are impacted by these tax cuts. well so and terms of the housing market california and the state of new york are dramatically impacted by these policies. and they're also economically to bigger states in the union so you know if you want to hurt the economy. biggest economic entities in the country even possibly did have it's not a very good economic policy and that's what a lot of people are saying now you know you want out of. the blue states and the blue states the big ones you know the konami very very large and so this is not going to be very beneficial now i think if you know in california for example in san francisco there's a lot of friending going on so the impact isn't quite as huge because you have.
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companies or landlords you know that own a lot of the housing stock and individuals are renting and renters of benefiting from the tax from that new doubling on the standard deduction they get it they get a huge benefit out of that in san francisco or fifty percent of the housing units around all apartments so i think it's like sixty sixty some percent so these people are not negatively impacted that positively impacted and the landlords own these homes as commercial enterprises so they're not negatively impacted either so you know it's i think you can overstate the negative impact on the overall economy in california from these policies but. you know for many people this is here you know is actually a positive turn of events if you're running an apartment in san francisco and your standard deduction is doubling you know that's a big thing and that impacts a lot of people in very expensive housing areas not only in california but also in
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new york and elsewhere you know city has a very large population of renters to and the pop. absolutely impacted by this so it's a give and take. talk to me a little bit about some forecasting that you say in twenty eight saying sell your wall your work at wall street dot com you look at the economy look at trends what do you say as maybe two trans that we should be watchful of here in twenty eight saying that maybe people are not really aware they should be looking at more closely wolf. i think housing is going to. turn and we'll see the. details here and there crop up and i think the picture will become clearer by the end of the year ok so he's passing wall turn the last time we had a bank crash and housing was two thousand and eight the subprime crisis the banks bailed out the creditors and they did no reform whatsoever and they just gave
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a lot more money to speculative house builders so you think that that cycle now as peak and will turn down again. yeah i don't think you will look like it did last time it will look differently it always does look differently. some prime is not as big of an issue the banks are more capitalized. and this ship thinks that the fit banks a lot stronger so i think the fed will let this go you know there will. just as some of the risk assessment spread. fannie mae and freddie mac. already run by the government so. this scenario looks very different and less worrisome so it will be allowed to continue i think. perhaps the market would actually be allowed to set prices and in the housing sector for want let me jump in there what you're saying there is that during the two thousand and eight crash the fire wall that protected the inner core of american finance the
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plutocrats if you will that control the big money was breached and those guys were actually at risk warren buffett was at risk george soros was at risk you know the big guys were actually in a risk position and therefore they coerced the government more or less to print another fifteen to sixteen trillion dollars to bail them out but you're saying now that firewall between the plutocrats their own house is strengthened so in this housing downturn they're just going to let it rip and let the banks absorb it let the house builders absorb it let the homeowners absorb it just let this thing crash and to work its way through the system your thoughts. yeah if it really crashes you know if the market completely dries up and freezes over and if it does some very serious damage very quickly i think they'll step in but if it's just a housing downturn that plays out over years and doesn't cause any sudden
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damage just prices meandering low or year after year you know i think i will let that go so you're a look ahead is for rates to rise we've talked about rates and that my my thought was that you know more apocalyptic but in your view they're responsible wall street dot com the guy people go to for the responsible look at things so your view is that rates are going to kind of gradually move higher and we're going to start to say these asset prices reverse themselves and maybe and turn what you might call a secular bear market so stocks and bonds and property enter a five to ten year downturn your thoughts. yeah so that's what i'm thinking i think . and then again i admit that this may be wishful thinking because i really do not want another huge crash with credit freezing up all over the world this is a catastrophic scenario that i don't want to see
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a second time and i don't want to see the central bank reactions to it so my wishful thinking is that this will work out gradually that you'll have a. a step by step decline in asset prices an increase in yields that's digestible more or less for the economy even though there will be some pain and then it will drag a out you will be spread out over enough years to war each year itself is not catastrophic you know we're not there's not one catastrophic day in it that solves all this but then it's spread out a little bits and pieces and across many sectors across many countries and that it will get back to some kind of semi-normal status but gradually not all in one day right so interest rates resume their sixty to seventy ere long term trend bobbing around that five percent level that at one percent level well thank so much being on the kaiser report thank you that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser
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report with a mask as our stays there but i want to thank our guest well for rector of wall street dot com join to catch us on twitter at kaiser reports and i stand by all. of them some it's not as not i can put in place is not a good country and. this is just a show of mr olympus i'm going to split them up. into this with at the start of this so this is. just a. chance. ok let's share it with the checking of christmas. all in just a little embarrassed for the i'm still to be too little. play on words and into the bubbles in the base the last hour that john said on based on
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our much as i never can i do not the last hour we asked was from catholic matter how the anomaly came. from michelle. troops from a canal who seems almost real now we're going to fuck them on the. cool let's do this work in the sun and not ours go show you the super bowl or go to the cities in the other car voices in the city of the world over the street the. cinema large over you know that was just the seriousness of. the legacy of the communist era has left i'm assuming a lot of of the legacy waste as well i'm assuming again from my understanding of the soviet era that there was much more of a culture of a reuse and not throwing things away that i think
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a society that emerged out of that tends to reject so it's a matter of moving back to that. is a global trade war imminent if donald trump follows through on increasing tariffs and ending existing trade deals it seems very likely after all this was at the very center of his campaign for the presidency it was a promise he made to space would make america great again. thank you. thank.
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thank. you.
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for joining us. a group. following video shows the militants being escorted out of the. previous cases across syria. other areas still held by militants. given the deadlock over the past weeks and months in the region two pieces of news coming out of the first the group of thirteen on armed militants and their families leaving the area through one of those russian military syrian government organized
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checkpoints those safety corridors offered to civilians and fighters to leave the area should they wish to do so now this is significant because prior to this all offers by the russian military and the syrian government were rejected by rebel groups in the region despite unverified video shown of flyers being dropped over the towns and the city in the area no groups have taken up that offer so far and civilians allegedly have also been prevented from leaving the area through those corridors because of shelling to those roads now all of the other bit of news is that the syrian rebel group. has issued a statement in which they've said they have taken the decision to release members of the terrorist group al nusra formerly al qaida in syria from prisons and transport them to a destination likely to be in the north of the country one of the last major burble strongholds in syria this is similar previous moves during the syrian civil war
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where rebels have been evacuated from places such as such as homs other towns as well under the cease fire agreements and moved up to the province of thus allowing the syrian government to move in take over the area and avoid. protracted conflict causing more bloodshed we don't yet know if the statement from jaish al islam and these rebels leaving the area are linked we don't know what group they're from either way though this does mark a significant development and could leave the door open to why the evacuation of rebel fighters and civilians from the area in the coming future investigative journalist sterling believes the evacuation will help to stop the bloodshed around damascus. they have their base of operations it is live in and clearly the the strategy of the syrian government and their allies is to remove the terrorists from the more populated areas and get them all concentrated in it live and deal with
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that down the road it's tremendously positive to remove the terrorists from around damascus that had mortars and hell cannon missiles coming into it on a nearly basis which i witnessed myself the news about some terrorists leaving the area the news of public protest by civilians in those areas against the against the occupying militants are positive indications. on friday a un humanitarian convoy finally managed to reach eastern ghouta the aid supplies have been delayed by heavy fighting as government forces battle terrorists a un refugee agency representative a side job recently visited the scene here's what he says about the current situation. is part of this. group's inside they need to to give us that security assurances that we can come in and those who are outside need to give us that get into that would be peace during that period when
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we call in and bring assistance in the. groups inside who are resisting in fighting there are groups that they're fighting amongst themselves and there's pressure from onset from the military so civilians who are caught in this in the situation they have nowhere to go according to the latest u.n. estimates the fighting anything good has resulted in more than one hundred deaths in two days of the united nations also called on all parties in the conflict to end the violence a red cross regional spokesperson. says people on the ground require a wide range of basic necessities. the need of people remain massive the needs are two fold three fold etc you have medical needs you have. need for access through were good source of food you need also access to good clean water you have all sorts of needs inside the water today the priority remains medical help that we need to. reach with people inside all day and food aid
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as well what happens when a seven thousand five hundred people which the trucks on monday and today were able to provide humanitarian aid to or just a little percentage of who of the people who need the military aid inside. meanwhile the fresh shelling from eastern guta has heard residential areas of the capital damascus militants fired several missiles and mortar shells which landed close to the russian embassy and the syrian parliament a similar sort of been occurring on an almost daily basis since government forces increased pressure on the terrorists in eastern guta. in the shop work and we heard
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a sound we didn't know whether if the explosion was close or far away we went outside and found people on scene with injuries that would make anyone. the initial excitement about the upcoming meeting between donald trump and north korea's kim jong un appears to have perhaps been premature at the white house now says they'll be no talks until pyongyang takes concrete action that's despite the u.s. administration earlier claiming it was ready to meet without any preconditions this meeting won't take place without concrete actions that match the promises that have been made by north korea we're ready to have the first meeting without precondition . let's just make unless we talk about the weather if you will. it's not the first time washington has been inconsistent in his policy with north korea but that's not stopped the u.s. from taking credit for progress on the issue. looking at whether the recent
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relative success is down to or kim's actions. both love political drama big weapons and nuclear buttons but now it appears that little rocket man kim is ready to meet with donald the don't charge their words not mine and surprisingly trump has agreed and the administration is all too clear about who they consider to be the winner of this battle of the bruisers what we know is that the mash maximum pressure campaign has clearly been effective for the first time in a long time the united states is actually having conversations from a position of strength not a position of weakness like the one that north korea finds itself in due to the maximum pressure campaign now the white house has every reason to think so after all they just slapped new sanctions on north korea they pressured the world to halt all trade with pyongyang and they fired almost every weapon in the english language arsenal all aimed at stopping kim with donald trump's so-called hard power but it's
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korea best not make it any more the threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. like the world has never seen a depraved regime in north korea rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea and we can have many men out there shooting rockets all over the place. but is trump the real winner here after every tongue lashing he received from the oval office kim fired back with his own retorts furthermore kaman gauged in diplomacy master class with south korea engaging in negotiations and even securing the unified team korea at the recent winter olympics .
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just. because he's now all set to sit down with donald trump it will be unprecedented the first time in history now at this point it's quite an achievement for kim jong un who just a few months ago was being called a sick puppy by donald trump little rocket man rocket fuel for the american because he's a sick puppy now let's ask new yorkers what they think who's the real winner of this upcoming meeting i think it's a win for north korea korea because they definitely are approached about the issue and our president trump was being very i say amateur about the situation so i think since the north korean president took the first step then i think it makes everything better he was trying to make a step.


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