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tv   Keiser Report  RT  March 10, 2018 10:30am-11:01am EST

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good. hundred. or. three point zero. zero of the. time i'm right i'm.
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off to the surprise announcement of face to face talks between donald trump and north korea's kim jong un mixed messages are now coming out of washington this meeting won't take place without concrete actions that match the promises that have been made by north korea we're ready to have the first baiting without precondition let's just meet unless we talk about the weather if you will the first time washington has been a bit inconsistent with its policy on north korea and with potential progress now being made up and looks at who might deserve credit. they both love political drama big weapons and nuclear buttons but now it appears that little rocket man kim is
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ready to meet with donald the doe target their words not mine and surprisingly trump has agreed and the administration is all too clear about who they consider to be the winner of this battle of the bruisers what we know is that the mash maximum pressure campaign has clearly been effective for the first time in a long time the united states is actually having conversations from a position of strength not a position of weakness like the one that north korea finds itself in due to the maximum pressure campaign now the white house has every reason to think so after all they just slapped new sanctions on north korea they pressured the world to halt all trade with pyongyang and they fired almost every weapon in the english language arsenal all aimed at stopping kim with donald trump's so-called hard power we can have men men rocket men sick puppy shooting rockets all over the place we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea but is trump the real winner here
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after every tongue lashing he received from the oval office kim fired back with his own retorts furthermore kaman gauged in diplomacy master class with south korea engaging in negotiations and even securing the unified team korea at the recent winter olympics is now all set to sit down with donald trump it will be unprecedented the first time in history now at this point it's quite an achievement for kim jong un let's ask new yorkers what they think who's the real winner of this upcoming meeting i think it's a win for north korea korea because they definitely approached about the issue and our president trump was being very i say amateur about the situation so i think since the north korean president took the first step then i think it makes everything better he was trying to make a step for peace you know the good. i'm scared because he's the first president i believe to meet with the north korean leader is better probably for north korea than it is for the usa it's absolutely
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a victory for kim jong un this is an individual who has been the leader of his country for now i guess seven years but has been completely isolated he's never much another. world leader it leads to a whole host of unanswered questions and risks that the american president is offering what kim jong un wants most on the front end of a process where we haven't yet achieved what we want most which is north korea's denuclearization so while everyone is going nuclear over a meeting that could potentially turn the tide of this crisis it's starting to look like kim might be the winner of this round table mopping artsy new york. investigation into accusations of could lucian between team trump and russia has now turned to the miss universe contest back in two thousand and thirteen trump allegedly invited president putin to the beauty pageant being held in moscow that
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yes it's not clear what the connection with the u.s. presidential election three years later is supposed to be but as evidence of meddling goes it's by no means the flimsiest easy go standoff explains. many tried many failed but the folks at c.n.n. have finally done it undeniable proof of how the russians convince some sixty million people to vote trump and twenty sixteen and drum roll please. it's here. and it has learned russian for created in release this anti hillary clinton video game you heard me right it's a video game they actually named it it's called hill tendo according to c.n.n. the game featured three levels first you had to help hillary clinton delete as many emails as you can a nod to the scandal over her handling of classified information which had been meiring her companion for months then you were supposed to assist the presidential
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nominee to collect money from some arab states evading the bombs at the same time and the final challenge to throw the u.s. constitution as far as possible a silly game that could be written by a programming suffer more during their bathroom breaks doesn't take much to sway an average american voter or at least that's what c.n.n. appears to believe and you know what it shows just how far russians are willing to go to meddle in our domestic affairs but for the sake of argument let's break down the numbers this game was reportedly played some nineteen thousand times even in the best case scenario if every game counts for a new person who was illegible to vote and actually showed up at the polls this not even two hundred ths of a percent is the share of voters the game no one's ever heard of until a few days ago may have swayed but direct influence was only part of the ploy
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claimed to c.n.n. apparently developers could track gamers behavior and then target them with specific ads on social media something that according to those networks themselves was almost nonexistent. comments on facebook facepalm that the investigation. the funny thing is the game touched on the points of everything she has done wrong and c.n.n. is reporting like it's a bad thing some amazing reports in a c.n.n. you found a video game about a presidential candidate's a game designed to reflect the way she lives and it took you a year after the election to get your reports out pulitzer material lol yeah that's what did at c.n.n. this game that nobody ever heard of totally swayed voters in wisconsin but you know our two theories of pokémon meddling and dumpster diving for evidence in moscow so we thought we'd come take a look at it this report somehow begins to sound plausible don of r.t.
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. getting a warm welcome isn't always a pleasant experience especially if it's in the form of an unwanted hug as one california senator had to learn the hard way. that you are now notice that your behavior has been and welcomed their rules committee also instructs you not to initiate hugs. all my life a hug has been my way of greeting friends and colleagues a gesture of warmth and kindness and
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a reflection of my kubrick. more years and just about. it's so also not accepted whether. russia in all the us is deciding maybe of what companies or european companies are investing in the over which infrastructure we're up building a true mini or an injury up i think it's a trim and it's a european this. is the legacy of the communist era has left i'm assuming a lot of of the legacy waste as well and i'm assuming again from my understanding of the soviet era that there was much more of a culture of
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a reuse and not throwing things away that i think the society even among the shout of that tends to reject so it's a matter of moving back to that. twenty four hour here in moscow around one hundred eighty soldiers have been deployed to the town of souls to remove contaminated vehicles from the streets after the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter so the case going to fall and his daughter you will remain in a critical condition upon a boy reports. the focus of the investigation and paste have shifted to the cemetery in seoul's bury where there are the remains of
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a script files wife and son both of whom died in recent years and the police have denied that either of their bodies or their remains have been exuma however. police tell it has gone up in that cemetery and police officers have been seen removing objects from the scene the other major development in the story is the fact that the military has now been deployed to help with the investigation into the attack among those military experts who have been deployed there are contamination experts and also specialists who are helping to remove vehicles and objects from the scene including ambulances that may have been contaminated while they were treating the victims the home secretary visited soulsby which is of course the scene of the attack but also the hometown of script i understand people's curiosity about all those questions and wanting to have and there will be
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a toy to have those on but the best way to get to them is to make sure that we give the police the space that they need to really go through the area carefully to do their investigation and to make sure they have all the support that they need in order to get that also visited the hospital where. his daughter and the police officer that first came to their assistance are all being treated and speaking of hospitals in terms of medical issues the police and will have said that as many as twenty one people have been treated in connection to potentially coming into contact with that nerve agent that was used on the former spy and his daughter so we're seeing this extensive investigation unfolding and at the same time extensive media. speculation that just won't stop in case you haven't heard about who might be behind this attack well take
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a look at what's being said bad things have been known to happen to russians who crossed vladimir putin the fact that a nerve agent was used strengthens the likelihood that this was a state sponsor of some sort and russia is the chief suspect of course western intelligence services consider russia a leading suspect based on previous attacks and the sophistication of the nerve agent used speculation isn't limited to just the media the politicians here quite a lot of backbench m.p.'s are also indulging in quite a bit of it many of them pointing the finger of blame squarely at moscow before the evidence has been carted out some backbench m.p.'s going as far as accusing the welsher of instigating an act of war if this ends up leading to the kremlin. have in the light of this been calling for increased spending on defense here in the u.k. moscow isn't impressed and appears to be quite frustrated with how this story is
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unfolding we've had the first official response from russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov most of it you could call it the most we're being accused not only of this our western partners accuses of basically everything that's going wrong on this planet it's not serious it's just blatant propaganda and hysteria and the russian foreign minister also added that in case anyone is interested russia is happy to help out with the investigation. undercover israeli police arrested the president of the student council and then fired gunshots this occurring at a west bank university outside the city of ramallah. twenty four year old omar he was reportedly held on wednesday he's
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a prominent palestinian activist with alleged links to an affiliate of hamas and has already been arrested several times. reports. i'm here at business university outside ramallah in the west bank now during daylight hours the israeli commandos who belong to the border police and a coven unit came into this university they tackled to the ground the haid of the student representative council who is also a member of the us now the israelis regard him as a terrorist organization and say that they believe that omar kiss twenty was involved in terror activity as they had him tekel to the ground they started firing bullets in the vicinity. of. the israeli commandos into the university through this entrance there was any israeli army unit staff was positioned outside here and as you can see this is where the guards sit they detained the guards in their room while the commandos themselves came into the university campus they came into the main part of the campus which is here and in
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front of the student representative council they tackled him are alkis twenty to the ground level. what is clear is that they entered this university in what the campus administration says was in violation of international law they have called on the academic community to condemn israeli actions pointing out that this is not an isolated incident. r.t. outside ramallah we spoke with dr saeed who works at the university where this all happened he says the police carried out the raid posing as journalists there are soldiers during soldiers but there are dressed like this the unions and then this like with. journalists and they came with assuming that they are going to do and they leave you with these students and they were all markets where i mean the head of the student council at the university and then they just got him and they
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hold their hand guns and they start doing so i think this is absolutely an outrageous and this is a huge where your nation. at to the rights of the palestinians to the rights of the students in the first place and most definitely. the education in palestine which is not the first incident anyway by given joining us here at r.t. international for the program today my colleague andrew followed by here and half an hour to bring you all. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access to education alone it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bullish and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you could. follow they could
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ever. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely more higher education for the new global economic war. global war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle for. the new socks for the tell you that would be gossip and probably lifestyle for the most important. off the bad guys and tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all the walking.
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those are the cars a report lust to soon. max you know there's a famous quote that is sometimes attributed to lennon and maybe he did say it i don't know but you know so many things online are actually fake news and fake news is also in the news in this sort of theme of our shows is that yes well no lenin said that the capitalists would sell us the rope with which they hang themselves or know with which we will hang them so you know capitalism you know they're going to sell each other whatever to take down the weapons of the other side but you know what in america we're seeing that radical partisanship is going to take down capitalism as we know it's going to take down some of the biggest corporations in america because in our a fight delta fines there is no neutral ground so delta airlines is one of the largest private employer is
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employers in georgia and you know what they announced that they would no longer allow a discount they would not want to give a discount to n.r.a. members after the florida shooting well the backlash was quite swift from georgia which their state legislature school controlled by the republicans and lieutenant governor casey cagle of georgia he's a republican and presides of the state senate he was joined by other conservative lawmakers last week in removing a fifty million dollars sales tax exemption on jet fuel that some had hoped would encourage delta to open even more routes the conservative backlash they're saying has highlighted a problem for many u.s. corporations in trying to maintain neutrality in the ongoing hyper partisan polarization happening. in the us political system well you know stuff to part time in south africa was the boycott of barclays bank so when you apply pressure to
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corporations you can affect great change and this movement generated put together mostly by teenagers and high schoolers to fight back against the n.r.a. have been shrewd in attacking corporations and saying corporations if you support the n.r.a. we are going to put a lot of pressure on you this forces corporations to disclose to shareholders they have a material risk that they must deal with and that has a stubble effect and it can be quite effective now as far as delta airlines it was happening in georgia and these parties are now in a struggle one might call a countable mystic struggle of a bunch of rats in a pit trying to survive ending up becoming basically cannibals because the corporations have run out of runway to use the airlines metaphor in which to grow their businesses without encouraging absolutely horrid policies like giving the n.r.a. a blank check to. exploit the fearfulness of our
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lawmakers to do battle against what is obviously a scourge and a horrible cancer in the soul of america that's your opinion the exact opposite opinion is in that about fifty percent of other americans so that same corporation delta says you know what we don't listen to the people that are like max kaiser and we're going to not allow this discount for an array members then enter a members and their supporters from the other fifty percent of americans say well we're going to boycott you and we're going to pressure you we're going to pressure all the anybody that gives you money or subsidiaries or the government or anything to we're going to cut off your financial lifeline and so the same response so they're like being pulled back and forth right and good ability. there's commercial saturation like in the old days if you had a skirmish like this a company could just go west and open up a new company and have a new markets and new customers but america is already overly commercialized you
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know there's no way that delta can go the airline business is mature there are so many routes now that can be exploited you can't really create many more routes and you can't really create that many more customers are at a point of different kind of. growth limit the sheer number of people and customers potential in the geographic limitations of the global economic limitations in the eating themselves accountable is stickley is a camel ism so yes my view is what my view is but there's no way to avoid my view at this point in my view those who represent what my view is now have agency in this particular kerfuffle because both my my opinion is that both sides have agency and both sides are consumers we are a consumer society seventy percent of g.d.p. is consumption so that suggests that one hundred percent of people you encounter
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during the day one hundred percent of them contribute to a corporation daily so they all have agency right now certainly. democratic side is ahead and they point out that corporations however are increasingly in the crosshairs because of this as pressure from social media and advocacy groups has intensified and calls for boycotts mounts more than a dozen companies have severed business ties with the n.r.a. since the massacre in parklane florida just as quickly a counter offensive arose from gun supporters excoriating to companies for their stance forcing business leaders to navigate the treacherous ground where social responsibility ideology and financial impact could. verge so fed ex for example ok fed ex is also based on the south and red states and they came
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out with a statement saying because they were forced to by consumers to say that they are against the n.r.a. zx position that civilians should have access to military grade assault weapons that we are against that as a corporation however we will continue to offer discounts to n.r.a. members and that discounts as remarkable twenty six percent who which makes you think it's an enticement to enjoy then or a dick's sporting goods which is the number one supplier of a ar fifteen has come out and said we're not selling to anyone these guns anyone under twenty one so they are making a bold stance other retailers are similarly taking a position against these a ar fifteen zero assault rifles and weapons of mass destruction and this will to your point though is that the economy is so tightly wound at this point that it's very difficult to have one sector being boycotted against without
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a cause an account of boycott and then a kind of boycott so you end up with a kind of a destructive because all consumer led consumer themselves because they're so evenly divided fifty fifty and partly it's because of cable news dividing them equally fifty fifty into very vicious very extreme hatred of each other both size of and the divide seems to get wider and wider and all the charts show that the left moves further left on the right and further right but the fact that the consumer is the one that will take down all the corporations because they just can't deal with the fact that the corporation that their products that they use an apple i phone or samsung or anything might sell their content to somebody that they. eight on the other side of the aisle. again only the movement of the generated by the majors is hitting the right nerve to cause an impact
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and it's also threatening the law you know some independent media outlets are being socially phased out what i'm trying to say is that we will have lenin's paradise one day there will be no corporations there will be no corporate logos if these consumers in america they hate each other have their way because new corporation can exist if they cannot sell any products so that we may have some sort of workers' paradise it will be obviously we don't know workers anywhere that will be a consumerist paradise it will be a partisan paradise. as we were told from coolio the fact is you tube places videos and you tube is what you were talking about in three weeks of the media so you tube says new moderators might have mistakenly purged right wing channels youtube indicated that as the platform ramps up human powered moderation efforts new moderators may have mistakenly removed or flagged
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right wing videos and channels bloomberg reported this news quoting a youtube spokesperson saying that as we work to hire rapidly and ramp up our policy enforcement teams three twenty eighteen new members may misapply some of our policies resulting in mistaken removals the spokesperson said that you tube's policies had not changed and that we will reinstate any videos every removed in error so cable news led this drive the likes of rachel maddow who drove this you know hillary lost and they can deal with that so they had to find an explanation it was because of this fake news and and people hearing who they're not listening to me rachel maddow so you've got to take down any information that's not me and so you tube has been forced spend to. more money on ten thousand human moderators to start listening and watching all these videos and taking down and you thing and of course you tube is based in
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a blue state liberal state progressive state democratic sort of state and those are the sort of people they hire and so the result has been accidental takedown of a lot of right wing republican content well if i can go metta for a moment. america was plowing along under the rubric of manifest destiny for quite some time and the problem here is that america has run out of space you know the runway is cut short is don't place else to go like the problems that were baked into the cake of the american experience where there was it's racism they know never won a way it's hard coded in the american d.n.a. violence ultraviolence it's part of the american d.n.a. these are severe deep problems in the americans soul but they were able to be ignored because there was a huge land from sea to shining sea and in their land was
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room to grow and to evolve and you could create some wacky religion like mormonism for example as you know a whole cloth and based on the flying spaghetti monster scientology could come up you know it's like there is room for all those crazy stuff but there's no more room or other room in the world has gotten smaller the ecology is shrinking you know the social media ability to foster relationships is runt it's and of course censorship is becoming real all over the world so america is now eating in south america do you i forget who says that maybe those girls got here and i don't know or dr dre they're definitely eating their principles like the foundation. of america even george washington or thomas jefferson who hated the media they did everything they could to make sure it was given free rein even if they publish lies.


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