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tv   The Great American Pilgrimage  RT  March 11, 2018 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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never safe there it will not you can you expand on that why why i'm going to have sexual violence every time we have a head to reason you acquitted people we have found like twenty five percent of the women and little little girls they have. they have been assaulted it is very said. tell us who the perpetrators are not sexual violence to people in control and men. are in control and they can oblige. meanwhile europe is now dealing with the families of ice all fighters returning from syria and iraq after the fall of the caliphate some states like france of unveiled plans to start the reintegration process at schools. the reports from paris on the threat posed by radicalized children they just children
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born innocent into a world of brutality. but while most children are playing with dolls and because these are being taught to play with guns and knives and some have even been trained to kill. well i mean it would depend on each individual to the cops of the caliphate believe that cool would be actually trying the guns knives and how to kill people and not only that we have seen people being killed and of course that makes it some form of normality for the bitches because that means when they do that we'll be there. to fight them go do something very similar to the real threat to society it's impossible to know just how many children have been brainwashed by myself but they have already started to return home to germany belgium the netherlands meanwhile in france the
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authorities putting together a plan to reintegrate the returning children of john hardy's the prime minister has said that sixty eight have already come back and many more are expected to follow. the programs to help these children readjust have been announced by governments across europe but is it too late to reverse the damage already done. the little children are not only victims but they're on the cusp of being forced into being perpetrators but in the video that we just saw are you see the sadism of the adults being played out through the children so there they are destroying the mental capacity for the child to differentiate between reality and fantasy in normal lives the murder
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the road ahead for these children she says is difficult and while there is no guarantee the therapy they receive will be successful she is hopeful if the child had a fairly good our emotional experience early the child will tend to be more resilient in coming through very severe trauma. that's one thing the other thing will be very much dependent on how well trained the therapists are governments in europe hope that by offering care and support to the children who return they can help them cast off the horrors they have in do it even carried out and yet the risks still high that it might be too late to right the wrongs of children brainwashed and raised as i saw fighters shola deep in ski. paris.
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on first u.s. president all trouble signed off on a controversial order slapping have to tariffs on steel and aluminum imported to america today i'm defending america's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum the american steel loman image astri has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices it's really an assault on our country. foreign companies will now have to pay a twenty five percent tariff on steel and ten percent on a limb in him sold in the us market however it was announced that canada and mexico will be exempted so since then a whole host of other countries have requested a waiver as well your friends we are allies we work together we cannot possibly be a threat to national security in the u.s. so we are counting on being excluded we shoot. each.
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there is no case for imposing tariffs on a strategy and steel exports to the united states principally to the west coast of the united states but all the states that have asked for an exemption only australia has been granted one so far as for another of america's closest allies the e.u. well for now it's been slightly less lucky brussels now says it could impose mirrored tariffs on peanut butter orange juice motorbikes and jeans coming from america and ben harris kinney chairman of a conservative think tank says the e.u. has little room to wriggle what i think donald trump is doing is employing a tough negotiation stance so here is showing that he is willing to lay those tariffs down in less the european union reforms the way that it trades with the united states to the rest of the world and i think he genuinely means that the european union can arrogantly dismiss. all of the criticisms of it as much as it
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wants but it very quickly finds itself on bended knee to the people dismissed previously the world has expressed cautious optimism after the surprise news of a possible meeting between donald trump and north korea's kim jong un the u.s. president to appears to be upbeat. however the meeting if indeed it takes place could prove a bit awkward at least on a personal level and neither leader minced his was describing the other resorting to a rather diplomatic figures of speech is a quick recap. live here of
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strategic patience. with the north korean regime has failed. to get what. they. say will be met. by. the u.s. navy next the international committee will establish peace on the korean peninsula . and we can. out there shooting rockets all over the place have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. russia. is on a suicide mission tell. them to fuck.
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up. washington does say though that his approach to north korea is clearly working. what we know is that the mash maximum pressure campaign has clearly been effective for the first time in a long time the united states is actually having conversations from a position of strength not a position of weakness like the one that north korea finds itself in due to the maximum pressure campaign however people on the streets of new york have differing views about who deserves credit i think it's a win for north korea korea because they definitely approached trump about the issue and our president trump was being very i say amateur about the situation it will look good on times square because he's the first president i believe to meet with the north korean leader is better probably for north korea than it is for us
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a bit absolutely a victory for kim jong un this is an individual who has been the leader of his country for now i guess seven years but has been completely isolated he's never much another. world leader it leads to a whole host of unanswered questions and risks that the american president is offering what kim jong un wants most on the front end of a process where we haven't yet achieved what we want most which is north korea's denuclearization the weekly continues in just a moment. the legacy of the communist era has left i'm assuming a lot of of the legacy waste as well i'm assuming again from my understanding of the soviet era that there was much more of a culture of
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a reuse and not trying things the way that i think the society that emerged out of that tends to reject so it's a matter of moving back to the. me it's so also not accepted whether. russia nor the u.s. is deciding maybe or what companies or european companies are investing in or which infrastructure we are building a true mini or in europe i think it's a truman and it's a european just. twenty
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past the hour here in moscow at the official one hundred day countdown to the fifo world cup was launched in moscow this week now r.t. has been collecting its own team of football legends to host off special coverage of the tournament former liverpool striker stan collymore and former manchester united goalkeeper peter schmeichel already on board this week to one more world class contract. for twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goal. but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the. great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we go. alone.
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and i'm really happy to join. us for. this special one come on don't appreciate me just said the radio team's latest edition we got. you may have just. come on drop the cliche but it was he who during a press conference first referred to himself as the special one. must have not let him forget it he's currently managing magical united and is one of the most decorated coaches all of the modern game. it really is an incredible add on to the program to the show that we can bring someone of his stature in the knowledge that he has a football he couldn't he can come in from a coach manager's perspective and actually. put a little bit of spice on a football match. i think i wish football stadiums for like this when i play that
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brilliant assembly and you get an idea about how the atmosphere will be and that they're all in or around the same kind of team but they're all very different as well variant of it one one looks like a u.f.o. than another one i said the stadium is such a look like a cake. i've been to all the eleven cities yet we will finish or that within the next three weeks. but what i've experienced of everything has run smoothly and everything is really well organized so my my my advice is to to relax a little bit about the things that we see every day in the western media and then enjoy it. ethnically motivated hostility and crime against germans in lynn is becoming more commonplace a declaration was made by the capitol security chief this week peter all of attacks across
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a look. the interior minister has had some pretty unexpected things to say about how native germans trust in the nation's capital i have heard it's not the norm but it is becoming more common to keep quiet about it would be wrong a recent survey has shown that where is this time last year around two thirds of said they felt safe in their city that's around just over half these days while those that said they felt very insecure it risen from nine percent a year ago to around sixteen percent right now. for what it's for. well sort of pointed toward the influx of refugees and migrants into areas like this. district the local integration officer here says this well refugees don't fear arrest is they know that they'll be instantly released by the police should they be caught breaking the law does is the i don't think crime has decreased on the contrary it's actually increased i'd say ninety five percent of
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the crimes committed by foreigners that's way too much i think in general. people start to panic way early. this is way news spread quite quickly and. i would say that berlin has gotten more dangerous than any pain i think it's just because of all the new stuff like this spread all over and they just make a big deal out of every time the crime that's committed and. this is a once a political our politicians should be made to commute using the underground for one week and then made to hang out in this neighborhood that way they would see what the situation is really like has become very hostile and aggressive not nice at all . some of the politicians who represent the area say the perception of danger could become the new reality if a majority of the people have the feeling that they don't feel secure anymore and
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there is some some some basics for that many things that are not even declared to the police as crime or as harassment or whatever you can call it because they know well the police cannot do anything about it because our justice system is like that well they come in for maybe five hours and then they let them off again punishment is something that evidently or apparently in berlin context isn't there anymore and perhaps it's the feeling that things could get worse that's driving public opinion to feel that the german capital has become less safe peter all of a building. why more of the weekly at the top of the hour thanks for joining us here on out the international.
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going to go make. those.
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left the careful though most of us in there will react will still be scared as mad to be the magazine general but really sound old. fashioned in the last couple not just me it was equally i. mean the mission of the for the us machine for some. by the coverage of this what i said just the other is book. the statement. of the fish that she made with me if. you produced yesterday. opus yes that's me just get an a on what but she didn't steal from so much but she started
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this on the go to have stepped up to the you know what is a school that a. city dump. low. kind of hot i think you've already done the job of a higher truth is you know there is so much harder come out and you get as you know nature so should remember in the interest of someone that if i let him go by that tomorrow. that's ok i'll come out in june my god that is the. my what is ishmael how much this book can wait about i'm about at the college with the. jumbling but i'm. going to assume that for those simple to remember about a pay them i've been. another good. name of this. solution to my. mother's yacht out of the beautiful chicago at dawn was one of the best. just
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when i could see the on d.v.d. . i watch was these movie. i did slow motion. every scene every as you know because bruce feels very false to high school and that will to computer right now after the. i just slow motion by d.v.d. and then i learn from. some muslims from sickness. how i caught them and chips on the today. by the secure film i will sleep with a mushrooming of them. online sure up by thousands of along. with us other fellows got the pine to come up with. we are authentic and the. last second our john is one based on our much who does
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nothing to confuse me can i. see now more gary honcho me at the dentist. and i didn't ask i will miss rice from that no matter how anomaly. policy didn't work how does. that leave the country may connect the dentist one hundred that's. the way that i'm on i'm an author is stuck up as. don't i want to learn that i want to own a brother and do the subject as my father must now so for me you must get yes. because those gobos injury so they get that idea their son destine anything that would apply to him but they said they could it will never be other sky just said mme aversion was and isn't just a deal monogamous this is the only. time it's on a tissue of kool-aid yes i told them that was a joke then she began a funny funny about a sleaze their introduction to the segment in here dealt with emotion vicious
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vicious. and nasty. letters where on their i did love me. chuckle replace old in a speedo didn't. get on with it i did the right as it was was just going on i've been in. constant assume a cast on about i was in the past very nearly the whole don't want to. belittle the good looking levels of the nature of the illusion of the only way you might. she says the office if you. please. which. ones will. not. oppose the from the
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bus. was a she just didn't. realize this because that's often on base of us on the. first say. hello. cook. qatada was. trying to cheer them on funny little miss me more than my mom funny going to cheer head of the city. but as a kid in the. us for a closer than years i would us to do a stunning fall from a long. history of this fall of only the most primary musicals of blood
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but a much enjoyed it only shows up when you don't end up going to. the mall friday to see it even by you but with each one so i mean you still need. to do it that it's. more i had to want to make him. less i want to prolong. the bosses of the show wish we were made a little speech. the bureau's alarmism love to be able to. run for office says joel no not when i was going uphill on the punishment box meat on the issue of money is a fungus i'm in and out of mouth if you enjoy if she were to have to call dispose my commission of the evening on the job and on my joy. of the day what i'm up going
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to. show you to some of my speed. if you. look. at her. with a bruised conclusion. about finishing with the make up. with it was easy way for a boost. in the middle is the way for jennifer the show or the loosely act of action for the good. stuff.


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