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post tariffs on steel and aluminum imports into the u.s. despite warnings of a global trade war the american steel moment in the district has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices it's really an assault on our country. however the unveiling of the tariffs in the white house didn't go as smoothly as planned i thank you for the opportunity for what you do for this firm and start your service where your father herman is looking down he's very proud of you right is. that he's. even more ready then he's even more proud would you like to take a picture in the oval office i assume you've all been many times into the oval office come on let's go and do that let's go on to the side yes i'm going to give will go into the oval office we're going to sign this will go into the oval office we have a picture ok ok thank you well the new levis will take effect on march the twenty third foreign companies will have to pay
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a twenty five percent tax for steel and ten percent for aluminum you sold on the u.s. market mexico canada and australia have been granted an exemption. when response seeing you said it could impose tariffs on genius motorbikes peanut butter and orange juice originating from the u.s. well world leaders have been quick to slam washington's move yet some toned down their rhetoric and even call for talks after donald trump signed the order. you should say that you're choosing a trade war is surely the room prescription china will certainly make an appropriate and necessary response to trade rules are and easy to lose i'm convinced that increased terrorists will hurt us all in the long run but will defend our interests if need. be a fence we're allies we work together we cannot possibly be
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a threat to national security in the u.s. so we are counting on being excluded a strong is by strong united states that has no better ally than a strike there is no case for imposing tariffs on this trial in steel exports to the united states. and i kind of miss case boy field says the new tariffs will hurt ordinary consumers people who are really going to come out worse from this are american consumers including the u.s. military i mean they're importing a lot of steel for the u.s. defense budget from south korea and one of the reasons that trump has given for this policy is strategic defense reasons is so dumb it just doesn't add up. in terms of proportionate responses from the e.u. and china and so on i would argue and a lot of my colleagues would argue that it would be equally dumb for the you to
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impose tariffs on things like harley davidson motorbikes because again the people who come are worst of that of a come soon as being calculated for example that for every one job saved by this tariff in position for steel allow you minium in the united states the u.s. economy will actually lou lou five jobs that out is up to one hundred forty six thousand jobs that are a risk because of this policy by trump. well meanwhile the head of the cia has defended donald trump's plan to meet the leader of north korea kim jong on my pump a zero said the talks are not for c.s.m. but to solve a problem and the president himself is upbeat about the summit. or
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the meeting if it does go ahead will be the first ever between the two countries heads of state and it would mark a dramatic turnaround after months of threats and insults between trump and came. the urge to keep your patience. with the north korean regime has failed. to get the board ready to say. they will be met with by. the u.s. in the next day and i certainly will stop this on the korean peninsula. and we can have their man out there shooting rockets all over the place have no choice
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but to totally destroy north korea. russia. is on a suicide mission or else no one. so it's like. he's a sick puppy. well u.s. government imposed a new round of sanctions against north korea on choose day and the white house insists the pressure is paying off what we know is that the mash maximum pressure campaign has clearly been effective for the first time in a long time the united states is actually having conversations from a position of strength not a position of weakness like the one that north korea finds itself in due to the maximum pressure campaign. however the people on the streets of new york have
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differing views about who deserves the credit for this apparent ranks right. i think it's a win for north korea korea because they definitely approach about the issue and our president trump was being very icy amateur about the situation you know the good on terms part because he's the first president i believe to meet with the north korean leader is better probably for north korea than it is for us a bit absolutely a victory for kim jong un this is an individual who has been the leader of his country for now i guess seven years but has been completely isolated he's never much another. world leader it leads to a whole host of unanswered questions and risks. the american president is offering what kim jong un wants most on the front end of a process where we haven't yet achieved what we want most which is north korea's
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denuclearization. football hooligans clashed with riot police in the greek city of sessile on a he on sunday. all this happened before a football match between packs i saw the key and i councils to decide who would go top of the country simply fans of power threw molotov cocktails at riot police who responded with tear gas last week panic supporters invaded a t.v. studio after their team were docked three points for fun violence. europe is having to do with the families of ice so fighters returning from syria and iraq after the fall of the terror group francaise unveiled plans to reintegrate them into schools but the move is causing concern r.t. shiela doman ski reports from paris they're just children born innocent
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into a world of brutality. but while most children are playing with dolls and because these are being taught to play with guns and knives and some have even been trained to kill. well i mean it would depend on each individual it should be up to the caliphate i believe the cool would be actually training guns knives and how to kill people and not only that we have seen people being killed and of course that makes it some form of normality for the bitches really because that means when they do that we'll be there. to fight them to do something very similar to the real threat to society it's impossible to know just how many children have been brainwashed by myself but they have already started to return home to germany belgium the netherlands meanwhile in france the authorities putting together
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a plan to reintegrate the returning children of jihadi s. the prime minister has said that sixty eight have already come back and many more are expected to follow programs to help these children readjust have been announced by governments across europe but is it too late to reverse the damage already done . the little children are not only victims but they're on the cusp of being forced into being perpetrators but in the video that we just saw are you see the sadism of the adults being played out through the children so there are destroying the mental capacity for the child to differentiate between reality and fantasy in normal lives of murder the road ahead for these children she says is difficult and while
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there's no guarantee the therapy they receive will be successful she is hopeful if the child had a fairly good our emotional experience early the child will tend to be more resilient in coming through very severe trauma. that's one thing the other thing will be very much dependent on how well trained the therapist are governments in europe hope that by offering care and support to the children who return they can help them cast off the horrors they have in do it even carried out and yet the risks still high that it might be too late to right the wrongs of children brainwashed and raised as i saw fighters shola deep in ski. paris. the independence movement in catalonia shows no sign of dying down five months on
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from the referendum that was branded illegal by the spanish government. thousands attended a rally in barcelona on sunday people chanted their support for the for my catalan leader which they want he's currently in belgium and will face prosecution if he returns home they also demanded. release of local politicians jailed for their roles in last october's fate jonathan shafi from the radical independence campaign says the spanish government is failing to uphold democratic rights. i think what the spanish government is attempting to do is to grain people don't and of course say it's still not the number of least one way it's done now is to send riot ships and with probability seems soldiering within them but always has been trying to strangle the movement by killing people who are using b.d.s. ministry to take weeks to strangle the possibility of establishing an end and we
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have to look at this and actually start to question what democracy really means and the european context i have not seen and not internationally which i across the european union when it comes to what's going on in past what it means not only to get the situation on pitching what you have in peace in jail you have championed us and join the sanchez an m p. actually to be annoying to those that we've got and the council on a parliament and even be allowed to leave the jail on monday to attend the beat that's been ruled by the spanish supreme court so what democracy is under attack you and betty or you squeeze and it's evident that the international community the e.u. and protect your rights to stand up on the state of democratic rights and it's not doing. or pro kurdish rallies were also held across europe on sunday against the turkish military offensive in northern syria.
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the. one of the largest rise took place in hamburg with activists carrying the flag of kurdistan crowds demanded an end to the turkish occupation operation i should say against kurdish fighters in syria's african region and there was a similar gathering in berlin with calls for the german government to put pressure on ankara meanwhile in manchester in the u.k. demonstrators brought train services to a halt to piccadilly station dozens of pro kurdish activists climbed down onto the railway tracks several were arrested. now this week also saw the one hundred days to go ma stern passed in the countdown to the twenty eighteen football world cup r.t. has been building its own team of football legends to host aspirational coverage of
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the tournament for well liverpool striker stan collymore and from a match tonight a goalkeeper peter schmeichel are already on board and this week r.t. an ounce to another world class signing. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all but there was one more question by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to go i mean eighty percent of the beach will probably go with you and you go through all the great game the great if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. alone does that worry you and i'm really happy to join that are to blame for the two thousand and three the world cup in russia meet this special one it was also appreciated me to just read the review the r.t.
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team's latest edition may go up if we go down he brought a jersey looking. well merinos nickname the special one stems from a phrase he used when he first arrived at chelsea in two thousand and four and is still remains he's currently the manager of manchester united and one of the most successful coaches of all time he's won eight domestically titles and the european champions me twice. it really is an incredible add on to the program to the show that we can bring someone of his stature in the knowledge that he has a football he couldn't he can come in from a coach money just perspective and actually. put a little bit of spice on a football match. i think i wish football stadiums were like this and i play that brilliant assembly and you get an idea about how the atmosphere will be and that
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their role in around the same kind of theme but they are all very different as well very into that one one looks like a u.f.o. than another one i said the stadium is such it looked like a cake. i've been to all the eleven cities yet we were finished or that within the next three weeks. but what i've experienced so far everything has run smoothly and everything is really well organized so my my my advice is to to relax a little bit about the things that we see every day in the western media and then enjoy it but it isn't just the teams on the funds that are preparing for the world cup at the aquarium in sochi they don't fins on the sea lions also be interesting you know reaction showing some pretty rich people skills there but to me too much diving for the purest sense again. and that's what will have the loudmouth vacs with more news at the top of the hour i think.
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what politicians do something that. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be preached. to the right to be press that's what the before three in the morning
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can't be good that i'm interested always in the water using my. first sip. we it's so also not accepted whether. russia and all the us is deciding maybe of what german companies or european companies are investing in or which infrastructure we are building interim in the or in europe i think it's german and it's a european this. hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the art
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of the deal is being put to the test can trump the former reality television host broker a deal with the north koreans will the deep state allow him also is the world entering a new trade war. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victor allege he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have of course dimitri bob and she is a political analyst we spoke to make international or a gentleman crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let's start out well there was the phrase nixon went to china is trump going to at least metaphorically go to korea what i find really remarkable me go to victor first is that i think he did this all on his own he didn't tell anyone and the reaction from his own administration they were caught flat footed and of
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course the media is dead set against it because well there are a front for the for the deep state what's going on here because of course there are some who have sense as might. his trip to he took ill in africa yes right after yes . and it's actually good that he you know if he met with. in the field is the as they were planning who knows what who would have been accused of what they are but with the you know it's clear first of all it's questionable whether the trip will happen. considering goal kinds of all sorts of circumstances of course for the real deal appears ation of the korean peninsula to happen the united states would have to do two things first of all it would have to give guarantees of nonaggression against north korea which is the one they have wanted all along yes but there was going to use would have to be they wouldn't just be words because everyone knows how much words are worth considering what the united states did to
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iraq to libya and to other countries that got rid of their weapons of mass destruction in syria so yes so what would north korea want in exchange for denuclearization it would want the united states to withdraw its troops and pieces from south korea and of course the recognition of north korea as an independent state and boy on both counts the united states is not willing to compromise so i had it in my introduction will the deep state allow him mark ok i want to toss a another alternative view and there it is entirely possible that trump went out on his own in the deep sea it is our fight there is another possibility south korea north korea just had a very successful you know first blush spring of detente with this joint a limbic team and they're talking to each other they've agreed on a meeting in the d.m.z. between the two the two leaders and russia and china russia working with north
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korea and trying to working with south korea seem to be playing some type of tag team to facilitate a process and there's some evidently some real substantial things are actually being disk. about security guarantees and so on among the koreans among the corrino we have mentioned on the show multiple times that we think that the us needs to butt out of this process of the korea's need to keep the u.s. out of the room this may be a chance for the u.s. deep state to interject itself back into a process that was bearing too much fruit and didn't happen to our american. fingerprints all over it and sabotage it to make sure that there is no agreement between a south korean president who seems all too eager for them on reaching some type of peaceful agreement in our view there's a lot of wiggle room here because. it's saying the obvious the trump is unconventional but he basically was replying to an initiative through another
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intermediary i mean there was no letter ok we don't know the terms and conditions and that allows actually trampin the north koreans and the south koreans a little bit of wriggle wiggle room because we didn't actually say that but what i find very interesting is that trump startled the deep state by saying this because there are no preconditions there were always preconditions for talks and then his disposal dispensed with that which is really the real news here. well it's amazing that the american press did not criticize trump when he called him a secret poppy when he said that he is a man on a suicide mission that's perfectly all right that's not what one got it right when he said that we have no choice but to totally destroy what i think they thought only thought it was bad taste bad policy let's listen make that is exile and now they say porteous you know when just a glimmer of hope or
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a dialogue has appeared there's already a huge danger why is there a united states press behaving like that because it is. i do or would you or me or liberal is now conservative which is basically one thing for me it in terms of foreign policy destruction of mankind is not a huge misfortune break in or make it a compromise that serious fortune how can we let this get off the cool that's the most terrible thing for them not the destruction of the community what's really interesting here and i think our viewers are the ones who watch it on a regular basis is that the it doesn't matter what president is in the white house they don't want a piece on the korean peninsula that doesn't have the permission of the deep state in reading the complete collapse of north korea right well i mean the the interesting thing is here is that you know there is talk of unification there's always been talk of you know reunification but under whose turn. it isn't
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the don't want compromises because the and their stand that compromised between north and south korea would mean that the united states would no longer have reason to keep its bases in south korea and go all of the united states of the deep state of the american establishment east get to keep those troops in bases in south korea they're not there so much against north korea but against china and it's a huge footprint it's also called the it's also cost to russia's far east and so there's my colleagues have said here before the deep state is very much against this to in the me still have a very good chance to have that council that mean that it's very interesting here even though mark the thing is the dilemma that faces the deep state is it. if there is an outcome in the hypothetical.
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on the korean peninsula with the initiative on the side of the koreans that sends a message to the entire region the japanese are going to say oh so what conditions in which you withdraw from your troops from from japan the philippines we're going to have taiwan see it is a dilemma a domino effect a domino effect but you know the thing is is that you know i always when i used to teach european history is that you know why did the first world war start it started because of prestige you do not want to lose prestige you know the united states would lose a huge element of prestige in that very important country in that entire region and they they they if that's what keeps them up at night i think there's a degree of the u.s. is always concerned with prestige they're in secure about their self-proclaimed leadership position and over the world but in pursuit of germany they need to keep south korea as as their client state they need to keep their military bases there
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they've got ballistic missile defense these fat systems in south korea now and. the threat of an of an independent united korea historically korea has stronger ties with china and greater animosity with japan however right small amount that is that would be a break in the u.s. containment of china that they cannot allow so that they can't allow this go for this is why i think the deep state is actually trying their behind all of this trying to interject in the process i think they know for what trump was doing now quietly from what i understand south korea talking with china china has been talking about russia and china providing some security guarantees to. north korea and south korea has been making some promises that under theoretically you know far down the road. in the event of reunification korea would join any
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anti the chinese that eight zero design are going to be the ad and they've also promised to limit the number of systems not allow anymore to be erected you know what's really interesting here is that again our viewers may not know this is that under extreme security conditions in south korea an american for star general is in charge of the entire military operation of south korea there are south koreans that want their sovereignty back and be able to make sovereign decisions for their own country their own people and you know it's the people to the north they're related to them they're the same people here all right here and again this is going to be sending messages to other groups and politicians in asia there are within this web of military bases that the united states is created in the pacific there are people in japan will say we should take care of ourselves we're a rich country and of course it would be good for their arms it's just there's been trying to get u.s. forces and exactly over an hour or so i think that the united states are
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afraid that south korea will go all the way over iraq i mean look at their rock yeah they let the russian planes through into syria without the iraqi government taking the decision i mean we don't know exactly how it will stake and probably it was iranian influence probably something else but iraq has shown a certain deal of sobering and they write to a foreign minister last week was in russia and he was received at a very high level why because it's of sovereign country they have shown it so if south korea goes the same world as it seemed to be going on the president came to june i would he is a successor normal it looked like south korea was becoming a still very country tell you that there is a different way of actually going but you know mark brings up a really good point here victor is that if there is some kind of progress. the koreans here it could easily backfire against the americans when they when they
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when they're saying hey we're a sovereign state and we can make sovereign decisions this is where you know we're going to hit a brick wall here and of course the koreans both of them north and in the south they do not want a war of course they don't want to be here before just like the vietnamese just like the germans they do not want to kill the show there they do not want kind of thousands of millions of casualties and of course the only side that would be ok with that to some degree would be the united states because they do not really care . i mean one of the most outrageous things to say i mean this is how empire thinks ok it has no scruples and has no morality ok i got to jump in here mark we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion and some real news stay with our. kids.


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