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the cattle dance at the high. people. or is it about horse if it is capone it is letting himself that article. even is going that i said. yeah call form discard it don't see the team so he's off own doing. said. see if i was too soft on the usa birds who get the groovy. i don't have. to force it is have a similar misery go put it in sequester from systems that see something. it is this is just a marquee fortunately because we bought it combusted article by the us mint. as you can imagine after this interview our attention turned to the vatican the holy see the place where the churches longs are made. the place where punishments against pedophile priests are meted out. but we discover that even inside the vatican government high ranking officials have been accused of covering for priests accused
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of pedophilia. after several months of discussion the vatican chose this priest to answer a question. of result an advisor to the pope on sexual abuse issues he also sits on the commission for the protection of minors a body founded by pope francis two years ago you have been appointed to this commission what has the commission don't since then and you think it's enough we have people from all continents on this commission we have experts from different fields so psychology psychiatry law international law social work and theology and we try to discuss what can be next steps to help the pope to set up new measures to be more incisive in the life of the local church and there is still a lot to do you know my expression for this is this is a generational tosk we will not finish within two years or five years we will have
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to work long term which means fifteen twenty maybe thirty years. when lawmakers manufacture consensus instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round the sun be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. lose the real need for. me it's so also not accepted well. russia and all that and us deciding maybe off what chairman companies or european companies are investing in
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all which infrastructure we are building in true many or in interrupt i think it's a trim and it's a european decision. they're not ones out if you know something's off let down one might have made the definitions and i'm behind the. one seeking i need the south. taking the equal to the south just. to give them an onion to bring. only think i'm. young when i think about the way i do now let it be yeah sounds our. next guest feeling if one means a leftist i know the deep but learn to focus them tokyo find it is going to happen to go him.
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out of. his work was because did it because he didn't seem quite a cultural critic i pulled the premise. i want to show you something these are the ten cardinals that are usually considered are the boss powerful of the vatican this is the the c. nine right it's an advisory board and here joe miller director of the congregation of the doctrine and the face among these ten cardinals four are accused of having covered up pedophile priors you know that of course. what you think of it i have no no but to get our knowledge about any of them. i just said to me that you knew it i know that there are allegations but i don't know what what is the the
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background of these cases i am not the investigating if you want me to be more precise i'm sure ok george bell so he's here in australia a few months ago in front of the australian royal commission on sexual abuses within the church ear recognised knowing sexual abuses from australian priors but did not denounce them to justice so what do you think of him being in this he nine with that story i have been to australia last year i've travelled i have been in the diocese i met with three survivors from the school where we are now powell was at that time the vice director of the school and. willing gauge to cooperate with justice and it would cooperate in the sense of setting up a safeguard in measures in the same way he will this is future but he didn't
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denounce sexual abuse it's very far and isn't the scene and it is it sucking for you are not of course shocking you know for him to be in this you nine and not have been denouncing her sexual abuse on minors you know for sure. school it has always in chile here. documents that as you is has waited five years after the first victim spoke out to take action and to remove the prized father correct. and sire father carriage about has been since a proven guilty by the vatican of sexual abuses is here still in the city nine. yeah i'm not responsible for the balance of things what is your think of it i'm not the one who decides on that but what do you think i think today was they as long as the bill wants something that thank you very much it seems then that only the pope has the power to punish his cardinals so why doesn't he take stronger action. maybe
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because he too faced accusations in his homeland of argentina long before his election. when he was archbishop of buenos aires he apparently tried to have a pedophile priest acquitted. him when a serious along with god or rather diego maradona the pope is a star his face is everywhere. and yet some refused to share the sick on a graphical. in the city center we've arranged to meet a group of victims they were abused by priests in the archdiocese appointed serious . they learned pope francis when he was there archbishop.
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this. is it is this ludicrous or will this it's just. it's not the. same. to me. so that. seems to me to have this. still some. even moondog got it i mean. that's. what that's. that is the last you. know they don't know what it is. it's a pretty small town and i think. even you know young kids care to know you know i know. the if that's the only mistake if you look at
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you're going to. be you feel you need something you want to get the witnesses to know. it. as archbishop of buenos aires pope francis was seemingly deaf to the distress of these victims. but apparently it's worse in another case concerning other victims some believe he's willfully trying to divert the course of justice. for father grassa case the biggest pedophilia scandal in the argentinean church secretary who you know says are grassy was one of the best known priests in the country very influential and often in the media spotlight. with a rather less big head. to run a huge orphanage until some of the children there launched a complaint against him for sexual abuse in two thousand and nine he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison still today he's behind bars.
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but the argentinean church did all in its power to have him acquitted. one public eye a go represented father crossties child victims. a trial spread to refute teen years and opposite him the most renowned attorneys in the land but also the catholic church. see no kit no saint that almost in an annual mean this. up by this it will not leave it was. almost they don't know if this will take us o.s.c. feet or miles over what he's going to see at that are going to see him in the open or sort of also what a sight is. don't be fooled by the cover which makes you think it's a book this twenty eight hundred page counter inquiry is a confidential internal argentinian church legal text. inside the children argues the falsifications lies deceit and invention even their own sexual
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orientation is questioned. the conclusion is clear the court's decision was wrong rather to rossi had to be acquitted on appeal. one paragraph caught our eye. this work was commissioned in two thousand and ten by the argentine episcopal conference and i notably by its then president cardinal bergoglio now pope francis. so the pope did commission a counter inquiry to try to have a priest who had been sentenced for pedophilia acquitted. how did it said that he was a bergoglio the future pope actually sent it to the judges with a shrewd sense of timing before father across these various appeal hearings. one of the magistrates received a copy of the counter inquiry agreed to meet us. problems money case
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a former appeal court judge and former minister of justice is today a high court judge. it's the first time he's spoken openly about the cross the case . he remembers very well the day he found this counter inquiry on his desk with a senior there is this this is even so visa as it is they were going through this away and so forth you know in absolute. case in the last. day i know anything. it is in a row now to see what equal that is and that will cost us more we thought of setting out those at the end of that joke you know that getting an idea if i water there. well get what it is he said that said that's what the impetus you also lead up places. where many of the in the fields had to defend their cause to suit the man. but finally useless
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father grassi sentence was upheld at both the appeals court and high court. at the center of the counter inquiry commissioned by the pope when he was archbishop of buenos aires he counter four point four five victim of rafi. since the case blew up in the early two thousand it's the first time he's agreed to talk to reporters. he wants to remain anonymous because he's still afraid of reprisals. but soon i mean i say look i mean i see it i hear it at the table. now nationally custom built on a sort of all of us a show of course us goes up as an island he said also see additional demand. also said as they see what i hope to get but i guess something that's already out in the us already i can't help but i'm a. did that to
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a bit of he'll keep can send these to steven oh you know what i was i going to go with us. as i said let alone in the us alone. it's a little cheap to see. who's listening on that i want to know they will. look into that it is a single make up out of this i think a lot of us think it will go to sort of. the pope has never publicly commented on the grassy case. for eight months we tried to get an interview with the holy father dozens of requests all refused. so at the vatican we tried to meet his holiness. he was to hold a public audience on st peter's square. we want to give folks francis a letter with all our questions on his suppose approach the attempt to divert the
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course of justice in argentina. thousands of people have gathered. will need a miracle to get to talk to the pope. few hours later the pope will be on the rock. the third time he passes we shot. something that. he managed to give our last. few minutes later. he said.
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something that is as old as the i don't think that i included you see saddened to. see sunday that that and castle get out phew i intend that the line through into d.c. out and you. know better get the deal is this to deal and castle garcia. to go but i know. now. despite our quick chat neither pope francis nor any vatican official has ever answered our letter. at the end of this investigation there's one question how can the catholic church retrieve itself from these guilty silences. serge human from a number of countries such as belgium the united states and the netherlands are
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mobilizing and launching a national inquiry commissions on sexual abuse within the church. all victims are listened to and the spotlight has fallen on the responsibility of the bishops. so let us pray may the vatican order a world wide inquiry commission. so that past scars me be healed i may still have faith in the future. for a world cup twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers
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of all judges but there was one last question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you on the us is a huge star in months and a huge amount of fresh camera you'll have to go meet the center of the shuttle with you and you'll solo the great the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down going let's go. a low. and i'm really happy to join the fall of the world cup in russia meet the special what. needs to. be r.t. teams latest edition to make up a bigger. look. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and
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better guarded than for knox customs are here permanently on the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. to prosecute these forms all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe masterpieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani i can't boards and sold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers a deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets they kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business.
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i. met. the headlines international the british prime minister. faces pressure from over her handling of the poisoning of a russian spy on u.k. soil. terrorists under. the syrian enclave of eastern ghouta have reportedly started fighting each other. to separate themselves from
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extremists in exchange for safe passage does follow a deal with a rebel group that allowed fifty two civilians to safely flee the area. a five year deadline to prosecute former u.s. intelligence chief james clapper for allegedly lying to congress under oath expires without any charges being pressed. for joining us here on r.t. international we have your latest monday world headlines. the british prime minister to resign is facing pressure from some in her cap on it over the poisoning of a former russian spy on u.k. soil they want her to adopt a tougher stance on the case investigators think. that it was two and his daughter were deliberately targeted with a nerve agent traces of the substance have been detected at the restaurant whether
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to date before they were found unconscious on a nearby bench. as a former russian intelligence agent he was stripped of his rank over spying for the u.k. and then jailed for thirteen years for espionage though he was released early and a high profile spy swap between the u.s. and russia so we can now across live to our season association to give us the very latest on this can you bring us up to speed what do we know so far. well rory the spy scandal bonanza continues to be all the rage here in the u.k. with accusations and finger pointing flying high with no proof or evidence having been presented quite yet we do know that the british prime minister to resign mayes under some quite severe pressure from inside her government with demands to take a tough stance against russia possibly put some sanctions in place while this whole story is still on raveling and more is to be revealed we do know that me is meeting
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with the national security council here in london today where they are expected to discuss some of the latest intelligence they might have and where yet to hear some details about that and theresa may might be making some kind of announcement following that meeting we do know that some of the options being discussed here in westminster have been a series of different variety of sanctions from things like expulsion of diplomats and spies to our financial curbs to some people potentially connected to the kremlin as well as talk about not having british officials go to the world cup in russia in retaliation to this story and we do know that some here have been quite impatient in terms of taking steps a.s.a.p. when it comes to russia let's take a listen. to prejudge the investigation i can reassure the house that should evidence emerged that implies state responsibility then the majesty's government will respond appropriately. robustly we look objective lee the evidence
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we don't get ahead of ourselves and if there is evidence of a foreign state involvement we will need to respond just be more aggressive and we have to change the way that we deal with it because we can be in a situation in these areas of conflicts where we are being pushed around by another nation. well with all of this talk about who while i when and where unraveling throughout the u.k. here over this latest spy scandal r.t. ended up being dragged into the whole story as well let's take a look what's at that appropriate for you to appear on russia russia today this week given the fact that as we've said there are handful of state actors that could be responsible for this one very clear thing that you could do is stop appearing on russia today which is we describe the what if you rode business as a kremlin propaganda vehicle. well one of those people was the right hand man of
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labor party leader jeremy corbyn while corben himself has taken a much more subdued approach to the whole situation he didn't support a boycott of r.t. and he said the party's approach to this would be quote under review with all of this said we have to keep in mind that russia through this time has said let's calm the hype a little bit let's wait for details let's try to treat the facts without bias and of course an investigation is continuing and we'll be following the story very closely just like everyone else are authorities and i say which i cannot thank you . earlier the reconciliation center in syria struck a deal with some rebels which allowed fifty two civilians half of them children to safely leave the enclave through humanitarian corridors it's the first time civilians have been able to use the corridor as intended previously they were either fired out by militants or resorted to using a passing aid convoy as cover and we can show you what the situation is like now
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the syrian government has regained a large portion of eastern ghouta essentially isolating the militants into three separate pockets and civilians who lived in these territories under militant rule are now sharing their stories to use even to donal has more on the deal that allowed dozens of civilians to finally leave the fighting. militants in control of the area have let them out almost two weeks after russia and syria open the humanitarian corridor was not an act of good world on behalf of the rebel factions but part of a deal russia and syria led some anti government fighters safely flee with their families and in exchange fighters in ghouta would allow fifty civilians to leave the war zone as world even better we've been suffering horribly for seven years we all stayed neutral in misrata that we couldn't lean can do anything they didn't lattice little controlled pressure on us to leave the mystery much of she'd we
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haven't seen any of the elite sent to us we haven't seen any money nothing he took everything from us. militants treated civilians anees good as a bargaining chip making sure that if anyone flees they do it on the fighters terms the gloves were off from the start the russian defense ministry has reported that the path to safety were shelled almost religiously precisely to prevent anyone from fleeing to damascus trying to scape the hell fire between the government forces and militant groups whose fighters far too often side with terrorists. who have all sorts of needs inside the border today the priority remains medical help that we need to. reach with the people inside all that food aid as well.
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gov yolland the building block. for the. europe where that started this year. some stars. look. political analyst to him says the infighting between militants in eastern guta risk caused by the lack of choice they now have amid syria's anti terror operations i
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think because of the pressure of the military pressure of the syrian army which could size about sixty percent of the total area it was up to zero because of that . i think that the boss of those militants to look for other choices one of these choices is the go out of. living or some of that want to surrender because there is and nested it could be reduced by prison with those militants who want to stop fighting that state so this kind of disagreement and because of that not all around choices for those made it dance at this point of the fighting began to. take. place between those militants. the five year deadline to charge former u.s. intelligence chief james clapper expires on monday despite calls from both parties to prosecute him he allegedly lied to congress under oath about mass domestic
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surveillance. does the n.s.a. collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no sir. it does not. not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not not willingly. clappers statement was revealed to be erroneous just months after the testimony of edward snowden's revelations about mass u.s. surveillance american lawmakers have criticized the justice department for failing to open clappers case he and others who have held administrative power must be held accountable to the same laws that govern the people of the united states he admitted to lying to congress and was an remorseful in flippant about it the integrity of our federal government is at stake because his behavior sets the standard for the entire intelligence community.


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