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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 12, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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it has regained a large portion of that territory pretty much isolating the militants into just three pockets as you can see local suffering under militant rule in these areas have also shared their stories r.t.g. goes done of now has more on the deal that allowed dozens of civilians to leave the fighting. militants in control of the area have let them out almost two weeks after russia and syria opened a humanitarian corridor was not an act of good world on behalf of the rebel factions but part of a deal russia and syria led some anti government fighters safely flee with their families and in exchange fighters in ghouta of would allow fifty civilians to leave the war zone as well. we've been suffering horribly for seven years we all stayed neutral in misrata but we could have leaned can do anything they didn't lattice controlled pressure on us to leave that mr imagine she'd know we haven't
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seen any of the elite sent to us we haven't seen any money nothing they took everything from us. militants treat civilians anees goutam as a bargaining chip making sure that if anyone flees they do it on the fighters terms the gloves were off from the start the russian defense ministry has reported that the paths to safety were shelled almost religiously precisely to prevent anyone from fleeing to damascus trying to scape the house fire between the government forces and militant groups whose fighters far too often side with terrorists. who have all sorts of needs inside the water today the priority remains medical help that we need to. reach with the people inside all that food aid as well.
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gov the other digital block. that started this year. then over security it wouldn't have a not lash out of the. website not even any. sums arsenal's. political analyst i want to be thinks that the best move for militants in eastern greeter at this point is to give up their weapons negotiate terms for leaving the area. dearly it would be great if for the for the these terrorist groups and their
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fighting forces would actually hand over their weapons because anyway there's no chance for them to actually continue to fight the battle on a military on a military level is this is over i mean the continuing to fight. this is ridiculous because it's putting all the civilians in danger there are safe passage is now they are supposed to or the civilians are supposed to leave in thousands from these passages however the fighters are not to allowing the civilians to leave holding their hostages in some way. now russia's defense ministry has released video footage showing tests of its latest missile systems among the new weapons is the hypersonic kynge you or dagger missile here which can travel at ten times the speed of sound and is said to be capable of outsmarting all existing defense systems and is also the rocket to an intercontinental ballistic missile which has a vast range and can carry multiple nuclear warheads. has given exclusive access
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to russia's latest nuclear deterrent. meet satan as natives come to cool this v thirty six and two hundred and nine tons of nuclear ged and it is a paradox that these things evolution. it likely mean the end of human civilization and yet. that very fact the guarantees that new same man will lead the press the red button.
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thirty six m. carries as many as ten nuclear warheads as well as decoys and counter-measures its beat in service for nigh on food see years now he's time for something new something a little more powerful. now
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they may not see eye to eye on everything but when it comes to food and drink it does seem that angle of call and vladimir putin can put any differences aside that after the russian president revealed the two leaders do stand united in their love of the peter oliver as the story. well it was the trade agreement between world leaders that if we body talking what did angle merkel receive in return for sending vladimir putin a few bottles of his favorite german beer well during a press conference that was supposed to be about what was going to be going on in her new cabinet well she was asked the question and she gave the answer it's because it is known that the russian president likes to drink german beer and sometimes there is a possibility that we can make exchanges i have also gotten very good smoked fish.
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so russians smoked fish in exchange for german beer or the beer in question rather berger the it to me of putin said that angola merkel sends him a few bottles of every now and again comes from parts of east germany where vladimir putin was stationed in the cold war as an intelligence officer with the with the soviet union intelligence services he apparently developed a taste for that be a while he was stationed there is family went on a tour to the the village where the beer is brewed in fact and that prompted him to let mrs merkel people know that that would be what he would like if it was if it came down to a tipple of choice and certainly it seems that she prefers some of that smoke fish in return for all of the reporting without a still ahead this hour tensions are still high in catalonia where thousands of protesters have rallied again to break away from spain we'll have a look at that just after the break.
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with more make this manufacture consent to wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round the certainly the one percent. nor middle. route six. told me it's so also not acceptable weather then russia and all the us is deciding maybe of what chairman companies all european companies investing in or which infrastructure we are building intra mini or and if you're up
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i think it's a trim and it's a european decision. hello again there is just under a week to go before russia goes to the poll was in the presidential election and not a starting special coverage. yes . i was present you see. yes i was saying you're such a cop because i still mean that it's just the. next
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thing that you really make everybody looking somewhere. but if you look at it when it was a little rusty any of what you did you could do it but. darn sure. which. we got on the chin much. earlier so you can you should just look at your. stupid look at. the problem because of the significance that was you know. we. would be. what we spoke exclusively to one of the hopefuls there probably couldn't and he's the candidate for the communist party he's a fifty seven year old director of a farm and his left wing platform proposes nationalizing big industries and banks
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to critics say do accuse him of keeping his own cash in foreign banks although that is something he denies he asked him about some of the pressing issues facing russia and its society. terrorism it appears in places where people live in poverty and an environment for terror groups to develop first and foremost we must get rid of such environments people must be employed if a man has a job with a decent wage and cares for his family he won't become a terrorist if he has no job and has fallen for certain doctrines imposed on him he becomes easy prey for terror recruitment i'm talking about the domestic situation as for terror groups existing outside of the country we must fight them very hard the good guy should be strong and pull no punches.
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i think the european union pictures russia is a threat in order to consider data its internal policies i'm getting the impression that the e.u. authorities present russia as the enemy to consolidate themselves while doing so they're lobbying for defense spending why would you unleash an arms race if you already have a lot more weapons than we have and your military budget is bigger than ours i believe someone wants to escalate an arms race even more and for that reason it must be shown that there is some sort of threat in existence. what we can put this issue to a referendum but psyching tell you ninety nine percent of russia's population will be against same sex marriage it's certain so why raise the issue it's like asking muslims whether they're legal pork. although in many other states people eat pork and there's nothing wrong with it but muslims won't be doing it in russia people
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have certain moral norms and we must consider this fact so as of today we don't have any grounds even to propose the issue of same sex marriage to our nation very well throughout the week we will be introducing you to russia's other presidential hopefuls too and how they view the future of the country and the world and then on sunday march the eighteenth to join us for our special coverage election night live here in our international. catalonians independence movement shows no sign of giving up at the moment five months on from the referendum that was branded illegal by the spanish government. forty five thousand protesters attended a rally in barcelona on sunday calling for a new government that will work towards catalonia secession from spain people also chanted their support for the region's former president carter supposed to man in
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four other separatist leaders are currently out of the country and could face prosecution if they decide to return home demonstrators also demanded the release of local politicians to jailed for their roles in last october's vote after the referendum madrid imposed direct rule in catalonia but jonathan shafi from the radical independence campaign says that the spanish government is failing to uphold basic democratic rights. well the spanish government is attempting to do is to grain people and of course it's still not the number one week stock that is to say . what local loosely seems in the but always has been to try and strangle the mood . by using b.d.s. ministry to strangle the possibility of establishing and we have to look at this and actually start to question what democracy really means and the european context i have not seen and not internationally which i have proceeded peening and when it comes to what's going on in paris what it means not only to get the situation on
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picture what you have in peace and you know you have a champion and join the side which isn't in who's been be anointed was the leader and the cats one parliament even be allowed to leave the jail on monday to the team that beat has been ruled by the spanish supreme court so one democracy is under attack in very obvious were used and it's important that the international community the e.u. and protect your rights to stand up on the seat of democratic rates and it's not doing so. a passenger plane has crashed while landing at katmandu airport in nepal killing around fifty a number of other passengers remain unaccounted for officials say the aircraft had been attempting to land when it veered off the airport's runway and crashed into a nearby football pitch the plane was carrying sixty seven passengers including two children as well as for korea. so that brings you up to date they sat morning thirty five men.
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who was was was was . i. love and war hard sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight the battles of the stuff. that you thought credit tell you that because of that have led by felt most important. off the bad guys and
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tell me you are not cool enough to buy a product. of the hawks that we along the border will watch. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox ellis was customs are here permanently all the science is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. opposite the possibilities from zero plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like picasso and modigliani i can't boards and sold in the side this warehouse that's where the report comes in that it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet but also discreet because they concern fraud for some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many
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of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system will never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world black box of the art business. north stream to gas pipeline from russia to germany in jeopardy opposition from europe and the united states can to project survive its core as well as the energy speaker of the christian democratic union party in the german been to stack the fight for. a new russian pipeline to bring natural gas directly to germany
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bypassing transit routes. and states cut out as well as making washington d.c. europe up to four american gas instead. of even more dependent on russian natural gas for energy for all. of the political pressure from all sides will be tough and indifference. or they energy speaker of the christian democratic union party in a german bundesliga welcome to the show great to have you with us lots to discuss germany has given the green light to the north stream to pipeline which will bring the natural gas from russia to germany directly via the baltic sea polland and the baltic states and other even members opposed to projects but opposition to the project comes from countries who currently do transit business with gas from and stand to lose if the pipeline is built to actually about trying to reduce
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dependence or really about lost revenues. yeah first of all i think it's good to have a pro check like north stream too because it brings diversification diversification and to transport off natural gas and diversity and more routes and more diversification means more liquidity in the european market and that increases the security of supply not only for cho many it increases the security of supply all over europe and so basically i think it's a good idea to have to set this new pipeline sharp but why do you think countries in european union oppose it because they're losing revenues or because they want to reduce dependence what is the core cause of the opposition i think i
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think it's a mixture of course maybe a crane to a fear that they do with strengths that capacity or trends. friends bought. peace so but. i personally think that the crane will. be indicated in the future as well but they also have to invest in infrastructure because the perspective is quite old and there as you know if investments need it and there is opposition from poland as well poland fears to be even more. dependent so russian gas but if i think if we have a diversification if we have more routes. a pipeline to which we have finished in one definition to we have a model we have to credit transit we have several. capacities and
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pipelines and mediterranean sea and then we have a lot of elenchi terminals and that the moment they are. not fully used capacity is only used by fifteen to twenty per cent and so i think this brings competition to the gus market and we also have storage capacity all over europe and competition normally brings lower prices and so what the consumer and also always industry can benefit for it and therefore i think we have to convince a lot of european partners that it's a good idea gas a plaster here of have been disrupted several times in the past years because of kiev moscow disputes over ukrainian gas import debt so isn't moscow's goal to avoid the unreliable transit partner legitimate enough and isn't north stream two going
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to bring a more reliable gas supply to hear us. no stream two is the shortest way to bring to gus to central europe and the european union we still working on to having a. single market on energy and on us gas as well and so we implemented for example reverse flow with so that we can also supply. the countries and europe or in eastern europe so hopefully. we will have an additional increasing off to security of supply so of course when it comes to gas and oil and energy in general it. oftentimes becomes a political thing for instance the polish prime minister says nordstrom too as a political project aimed at undermining central europe there's a ukrainian member of parliament his comparing the and as to today molecule ribbentrop pact in the thirty nine how are statements like that
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a fact in the projects perception in your country in germany. we say and we think it's not to put it to go pro checked it's private approach it's privately motivated it's privately financed there is no public finance if you look maybe to what. polish government now at the moment tries to it is that pollution. elenchi terminal they have lent you to me one day old so on to build a new pipe and that this system may be or will be supported for example by the european union and i welcome this brooch act as well because also it diversifies their roots and to diversify. the markets and so it can bring more competition and more security of supply now the european commission wants to take over and not stream to negotiations from germany and
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bogged down in the office ian red tape all the germans insist it's their rights to handle talks on their own well berlin confront brussels over this we are negotiating at the moment and. it mentioned before we want to have a single european and achieve market also and gas as well but we also have a national. energy make so far for example to terminate we decided to face out nuclear others decide to face it nuclear or to stay with nuclear and if the european commission would take over responsibility or they would give the final approval for. pipelines or for oil and cipro checks or also for storage maybe facilities that it would take directly this nationals over and it t. on the energy mix and so i think. it's not
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a good idea to have it for both this perspective of the economist magazine quotes a european commission official as saying that if it was dinner wager instead of oil that would be no problem so this has nothing to do with gas this is a european commission's personal grudge against gas problem right. i'm not sure about this if this is. against gospel but the. european commission and a lot of. member states and also from critiques from the parliament from other european parliament they are afraid to be more dependent to russian gas and so that. because of the resources we have from the european you wouldn't in all see are shrinking a norwegian or in the north north sea or and great britain also in the netherlands and so there it there is the fear that the dependency but
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if you have a pipeline this pipeline you can move it if you like ship or an oil tanker at the he can go from qatar to japan as well as to western europe for example and a pipeline the stairs so i see a pipeline. brings up both way dependence we need the gas russia needs the money for from the gas to and gosper. for the. for the federal of the budget and the two. to do out of i don't think so. i'm not afraid. that that will increase i'll attempt and dependency so like you're saying to europe's gas demand is expected to rise within the next decade with british and dutch production falling and norway freezing some of its oil and
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gas projects brussels wants to pull the plug on gas from here up but does it have a backup plan for the day here or faces a gas shortage. that there are a lot of scenarios and on a lot of perspectives if the gas. demand will increase or. stay. the same nobody knows exactly what we are doing heavenly. we're working heavily on the renewable sector for example but i think gas will play a key role even in the renewable in the future if you look to electricity we need backup capacity and this has to come out from conventional and i think also from a two point from a decarbonising point of few it's better to have gas and makes in the long run then for example a hot coal oil. coal so i think gas is. intelligent patna for
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the renewables and we can also use this pipeline system for transporting hydrogen for example or. things so this infrastructure is not only limited to the fossil age and therefore i think a pipeline system combined for storage capacities and then she terminals all over europe is a quick thing and i would win situation for all participants here paying commission wants to manned the e.u. gas directive and propose changes will actually harm nordstrom to germany saying that they possible amendments aren't applicable under here opinion or international law so why would russell's come forward with proposals that are known to the bat. yeah that's the moment to be negotiated and there. at the moment there are talks and at the moment there are. some lawyers on. bricking on
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that and finally we have to find a solution and i hope that we've. a common solution for europe which in greece is secure to a full blood supply for everybody and went up like the five european companies germany and france united kingdom austria invested ten billion euros in a project should in brussels protect their interest as well we we have a market already. approach in europe we want to have a single european and achieve market and we want to mobilize as much private money as possible for increasing and building the infrastructure. so that's one side and we have to balance it on the other side of course. the european commission is concerned as some of the states were talking about that dependency.


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