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tv   Documentary  RT  March 14, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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how does it work with the schools that have been students in court of cultural video high end quote most of them want things briefed and were being targeted by this morning boys so this is when they deal with one. minute you don't want to yes or. no as on in the. again you. just. you know. i don't want to move the problem talk big people these people which you are because someone come on two of you know me this in this in these i have back need i go to how school fees to take the kids.
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i give them good for them it does mean i was been used to work on my golf to get ahead so i try try to be five in a way you'll let me get ten. still. ok that's a new word about it was. you know so little that he. didn't know. you know why you. ever talk about you. know how. do we still you know. money was. in the business there. yes.
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and this is a i'm going. to let our yes and i was not. yes and i don't know lines up to close enough ones are not done one might have been a top of the definitions and up and back and me. would you king i mean south south. i want to go why me. sam. and their accents got to get to so many i am just my. own it is truly with come once and we lose only to our last and it is mourning because this. is too hard because i know that my mother looks you got. what it is you know i didn't. want to say i really wanted. you to do. that you didn't ever did. that. right things are just
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a lot you need. ok this is it it was because they were defeated by the scituate it to me was the greatest. national leader you know would be one of the boys i'm going to let you know will not be. so i'm sorry well no i'm too old there's nothing there but i don't know i think. i do want me to love what i didn't know if you know me as an away game for my son for right now we have we've heard quite a number of leads and believes that. one of them either that or you know is that when a young man is infected by it's a very hate you sleep sweep i mean it feels like he's clint.
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we've also had to move that missiles on our fleet of the young ladies who are like the house for many partners in their lives so they tend to think that the shoes are practicing secondary infertility so best deal intoxicate it feels when you snipped with national sure according to the young men it feels like just to give people the fight should the loss of their communities or some of the people who believe that will stick with us for sure and your cost maybe you want passed by you if you go and sleep without another granny so it's labeled that the cost is gone. and what. they get can get you good if you get. even a mandate yeah that's you get. it out when i.
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was just doing it for me i love this that you know by learning new things now took you find it is going to help keep going to pay for you going to eat now you have one mission will let you go one do not. know. like india. or between fifty to eighty eight to find one fav yes she can only do the five ball skills they were not played by me i should know the physical skills and it would be to keep you from the south. that is out.
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i did i did i say. when you took a boat which will be still blocks which we have young women or ordered ladies or did order to put on the skin much for though because of insecurity and should begin to be believed about point. this out that is for many kids his hope he will be asked to do with what god may do to you some people the schools dessie oh i was i was i have been betrayed by six people by the people. at school. i
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loved it took a very very distant look at the data that it. was difficult. for. him to say was where he was sure that if he. was there he will. say to me as he should took me into there to me to marry. then i was to go and wonder if i would just shut up for. felix tell me it shouldn't i mean. mostly not the fact that in fact it was so it's just i don't remember she said. the first time it was a prefix because it has it's up to. date on three people to the day. and one of the very well therefore yeah.
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this is dental records of live below our dollar. in their lives and comes from this wall skin business that they do and most of them depend on the dundalk states and also almost all be. found himself to be engaging in crime or even other. places that are not. and that's according. to what i read a thread the. trouble when i do you are yeah i mean. you're a new man then why you are you know. i mean bradley's their. last
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image of the town and i think. welcome for. your little finger as a single. last. month alone raping says i. need to run i'm in now one that really. is not nearly as. good. as off. putting it up it. was one of the lumping. all of the process of the room not. been in a kitchen the going to was months. now and that's where the mates as i see him.
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sasa if an adult how did good work was about when you made your friends on the corner experience had an e.q. or not. it's a good while and bad is to go in for bad conduct. and to go. it's a good feeling tonk lisha don't you. my. main thing is i think you. know my. feet. and you don't know and of course you're sure someone on our show and on the. move you and i do are none and i feel in my early in. this world one courtroom or not if you want. me to me call me.
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now complete not you walking. around a little while cause it. don't require new investors in guinness or to. you know name if you don't work and for a year. or two does. equal. study kind of work and.
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local blogs told you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still exists the new socks for the tell you the celebrity gossip a couple of left field. doesn't tell you on the let's fight. the hawks that we along with all those walking.
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by. the church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop means to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the i and then i included tuesdays out in. its path through their.
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family not. because it would make. it. clear this issue is within five feet of be used now only played out but is yet to hear issue come to see this play out is to. be called seem to me at all because it to me this isn't true at six fifty eight candles teens can still seems vickie's i can't and we still cannot be free in giving one being at that time enjoying life.
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thank you for. that you live. on the interest was. not the only thing the nanny did not leave this is how i began but before you have broad based yes. but we've closed two of them of course overlap of one set is still maliciously that i mean nothing that you can take on even at two hundred people. to take them to because somebody some of them fighting. some of their fire and then you have died because of her debut. i don't. know why. that. was. thank you.
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very much i. was living. on the road that we let loose i don't. know what i have. done i don't have an idea then he was saying i have i have two guys two boys with. guns but yeah you know school. some of the are going to visit one shows classes which hada small baby so we are going to use it to have a town hall to play where she's to be dead the funds. cures
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and better alone. when do i go to get my way all non-urgent you know did i think i don't want you. for wanting to know what you know again this us home. even. though. both. now luminescent accu and i ask who. become who. you know i think mine is that you can be. as an equal number of them as a good many equal began.
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that's all i thought dog would you are to. me again and i got you i see i thought that the young women na-na na-na na-na. na-na to. a thumb in the nothing but. that's no secret didn't. need the end i. wanted to go i don't want to feel what it was come a thought that when you see my missa. i don't know how. you are reading you probably i was i knew and i do funny. to god. wanda but i do gun. that i can be a cop and a friend who. doesn't say to me like. this oh. yeah.
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yeah random people would include having a son he's the one who asked that but you. don't know enough. about this which i wanted to know that well let me just leave and i'm. not going yet i at least i believe i. just know that you're really good. that you did not joke i know i know how it's going to be you wanted me to. the stars were high and i don't want to miss my. magic breakfast. you know one of them are just awful because then i want to delete the number who doesn't but why did he out yes yes when you know enough and they justify what the condition is about boys might be a lot. about not just among the number one
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a bit about the boy that i'm sick with it's what i want to leave out are most likely most i had in that respective areas that is in the fight slums where they walk so our sheena's when they are high and fast they go through what you call clear weeks intensive after that is this true with intensive touch to actually know it was actually the full one mia so they train their own slaves actually no one's been here for one mia as they choke on what's been teaching my youth not to be up find out. about what was going on in the going on now for our. own time off work. you know. when i got this young girl. with this i was out with us out of the for the switch because they wanted to know you see if not you'll go to the bank yeah i'll have to send you to the ministers.
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have put yourself in that direction because you have no place and i know but you got them and i am one going to be going them up one zero. zero. zero. zero. zero zero one two of them in a different. voice and fifteen it's just when is the last and only option. is to be you know not given me. oh. no no no no they head back to the. i have. to this group just snapped if you saw me the next you don't know i when i see a movie by. sam ya. i'm glad to be. that
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enough ok enough to go i need. to know going i mean it wasn't different. you know my yeah yeah yeah yeah king. you know i was not got one. zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. one day he was working from my to go into the house when no one could from behind it just all night and to me i didn't know someone if. i mean behind behind me so catch me let's make the decision to goodell and after catching me i use my hide my hands to bow down and i see what. they actually don't know what they want of the man and the money i make i sound. which make me to
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finish them off and they find their way to my house. when i now must try not to be arsed to not truck those look when i'm out let's go out. she's. funny. don't you know you. could go on that in. the. corner and. i thought. no and. ninety. nine. that's our number.
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you need and go. out in the. numbers. and. there's work to do. with. the. river. and on the.
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pumpkin i mean another for. now you have no no i. haven't. been out. if that's what you say you did at. that point is as an idiot i mean i grew up in the defeat of the tribune and ensures. that even i mean. me. don't. do the. evil mean. the less whatever it is that i mean. right he said that the. deal is a fair deal for you for less but with us. if
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you'll be. if you believe you can be claimed that game over country be a pawn left than it's going to get if we work on speed to win this but if you do you run not supposed to be played believe me you are not going to be because what
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did you discuss to defend your since you can't talk in the mud you kind they were shit you can give money but the people he. was me to be ready to be really easy to be easy to. do that he's good at everything he's doing yes. i do love them who don't ya soup oh he did. but i must say.
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i've. kept by. law. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for. swiss customs i hear but honestly all the science is controlled by them and they impose the opening times the way it was it was a duty forms all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe monster pieces by artists like the town so i'm modigliani i can't boards unsold in the scientists warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet but also discreet because they concern
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fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dog secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world like the our business.
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team valving. state. the president say he's fired because they did not see why. in the cia director mike said to take over. taking the spy agencies reins will be gina hospital known for her role in the cia's torture program. the british prime minister is expected to announce reprisals against russia over the voice of a former double agent and his daughter rejected a midnight ultimatum to answer questions about the origin of the nerve agent. r t. we hear technology that helps.


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